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Psalms 119:71 - Good Affiction

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 23, 2021 8:30 am

Psalms 119:71 - Good Affiction

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 23, 2021 8:30 am

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A delight in the fear of the Lord - peace in the worst affliction.

Psalms 119:71

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A New Beginning
Greg Laurie

Hidden treasures of the hundred and 19 first today buying things on today's verse is the seventh verse in the tent section Hebrew letter that means goodness in so many different ways. And so it being the seventh verse.

If we continue on with this template that we been using in the Isaiah 11 anointing's of the Holy Spirit would have on each letter. As each letter is clearly Christ in so many different ways. It's really really cool especially with when we get to this seventh anointing, which is that the light in the fear the Lord and I think you can adjust the light right here with me and what this verse says, although the goodness in it is very hidden, but it's very much there. And I think when you look back in your own life. You'll see what exactly this almost was getting at here. So verse 71 reads in English, it is good for me that I have been afflicted that I might learn by statute.

I mean, it is just one of those that is just pretty self-explanatory in a way but another way is like well what you mean. It's good that I've been afflicted well, there's nothing like we talked about yesterday in understanding the fear the Lord to like oh, from my perspective, the fear of the Lord is understanding that God the boss.

EEs got all this under his control, and eventually it's all coming his way. But the neat thing and the delight in the fear of the Lord is like my dad is bigger and better than anybody in the world and this in an unguarded. I've got it made here even in affliction and in so many ways I can point to that. So those who know my story know that I had been foamer in 1996 and it was essentially five years after I become the Christ that was pretty much a baby Christian and new to the idea of church and Sunday school at all those kind of things can certainly I had not done that. The rest of my life and so at this point I was very afflicted. I had my consent had lymphoma and I went through that I went to the chemotherapy of Adam and God miraculously healed me and I told that story on this podcast before. A few times, and I've even told the story.

I believe of you know when we are celebrating my last chemotherapy treatment. We went on a Jeep jamboree up to the Murphy North Carolina beautiful mountain trip the last day of the Jeep jamboree. I was getting out of the Jeep to unlock the hubs and the person above me allow their Jeep not to stay in well he didn't put it in park and so it came down the input the emergency brake on and it came down the hill and crushed me between the two vehicles about severing my left leg and so that led to really a long stretch of being afflicted with little time and again with surgeries and all sorts of things that were being fixed so that I was in a wheelchair for a good part of two years and so what happened is I was in this wheelchair before I was in the wheelchair wash and say before I was in the wheelchair and in order to get in my house was sort of a three-story house. We lived on the second floor and there was no wheelchair ramp and so I had pretty much every day when I got home if I'd gone anywhere to the doctor whatever I had to scoot up one staring time in order to get upstairs and when your leg is in a bad way, but it was in a cast that was from the end of my foot clear down the might clear up to my hip because they were there issues with both bones and flesh and also to problem so nonetheless, without knowing, and all grading details. It wasn't exactly a painless experience to go up the stairs. Even, you know, one of the time. Slow had apparently my wife or somebody had related this back to my Sunday school class and so all of a sudden one day not long after I got in the wheelchair and not long after I finished my first of the surgeries.

All of a sudden this whole group of my Sunday school classes out there and they're building a wheelchair ramp on the back of my house and this is no ordinary wheelchair ramp because my Dick was probably 15 feet off the ground and in order to get the wheelchair ramp long enough to where you know it wasn't too steep. I mean, they had to go out.

I would guess 80 yards or some with us ramp this was. Like I said, no ordinary wheelchair ramp by anybody stretch of imagination. So here's all these men in their building and hammering. Of course this was not a gift set that I to build something like this. I'm watching all these people do this and thinking of the cost of the word and all that's involved, not just my mind is blown and so this was a statue that I learned okay and I want to learn that Alyssa had been afflicted and it was actually somewhat humiliating like why are all these people out here helping me because I've never done anything for any of them. I mean, yes, were in fellowship in Sunday school, but it is felt like man I mean nobody is ever in my entire life in this generous to do such a thing and so I went up to the Sunday school teachers name was my camera.

I said Mike I just can't believe you guys are doing this, you know, I've never done anything for you.

This is just blowing my mind that you're doing it because Robbie you don't know what a joy it is to do it for you and he said the challenges I've never forgotten this. He said most people don't let us know they have a need and and and aren't willing to let us come out and build a work wheelchair ramp on their house or whatever it is that they would want and when they do that they rob us of the blessing well talk about learning a statute of never ever course you know when you hear the story. Hopefully you can learn from it somewhat, but when it happened to you down in your soul, and so we know today as I have the Jesus labor 11 a lot of different ways. I get to help folks not often think of what a huge blessing it is and if they don't raise their hand and tell me never need that literally robbing me of the opportunity to help them and that this this is a statute that I don't know you learn just all that easy, but I can assure you it was good right it was good that I was afflicted because I learned so much about life right there, you know, this is one of 50 battles and lessons I learned over the 45 year period of time between the lymphoma and then all the surgeries on my leg and get in where I can walk again and then some came back to my brain so there was plenty of affliction. In that time I felt that God know this can like Groundhog Day. I keep living this over and what are you trying to teach me well enough, some lessons are little bit more difficult for the hardheaded I can assure you in my own case, you know you've heard it said it was the best of times it was the worst of times. Man, it I look back on it and I wouldn't trade those days for nothing mean they taught me so much. They taught me so much about how people love me and I really fell for like that was the overarching thing that God was trying to show me was. Not only did he love me and he was gonna send all these people to love on me when I was really hurting, but he wanted to see that he wanted me to see what love looks like. Unconditional love touches from him but from all the people he sent to help me in semi-different ways over that period of time and so this particular verse is very very precious to me and I don't think it's an accident at all lines of light and the fear of the Lord. Thank you. 0.8 verse in the text section and then cool how the psalmist gives us these different annoyances, different understandings of this letter so that we can get some more ideas face on throughout