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Tearing Down Church Strongholds, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
The Cross Radio
April 29, 2022 8:00 am

Tearing Down Church Strongholds, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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April 29, 2022 8:00 am

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Dr. Tony Evans shoes if you won't take your eyes off the passion you can see when you're headed for a crash.

This is the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans on other speaker, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative is there a connection between the church's history and its health. Dr. Evans answers that question today as he talks about ways to keep Satan from trivializing your congregation let's join Miss Baines from God and the book of Revelation. The New Testament is a special blessing of the first three will read the language are written in God tells John about what you see the complete wanted to give its charge regarding function under the Lordship of Christ to the deception of the devil were standing on the seven churches that we understand church and its members should point of the message to the seven churches that some of this Jesus and only Jesus is the standard by which the people of God function so Jesus had seven messages given to church and any church takes all messages will be a charge that beats rather than the church beaten one charge at emphasis.

What is the lesson that we must learn lesson number one that everyone of the risen Christ. Revelation chapter 1 operating in charge. We must program replace passion. This church had a great program church believe all the right thing and add pictures on the right of truth but have first love.

Secondly, to the church in Smyrna.

What you are about to suffer. The whole of all is about to cast some of you into prison, you may be tested, and you will have tribulation 10 days and I will give you the crown of life.

It's a lesson of faithfulness to the church at when the going gets tough.

Standing up for me just be a convenient chart made up of convenient Christians only serve me when that man glanced. Thirdly, the church at Pergamum cultural church is one of the compromising church. The charge that would preach sermons verse two.

Expect to live right lives. The charge that the project temperature but we don't have to live it reminds in church.

One of the reason that we are not saying the power of love, make when you stand. People are going to be uncomfortable in one of the things we must address is reminds I must address in my life. You must address it in your life, because God has called us to a higher standard and everyone is we must deal with the issue of compromise. Tyra Tyra lesson on holiness which is tied to compromise but sensible differently here to the angel verse 18 of the church at Biarritz, right look at the message you give numbers like the deed you love your baby's birth. The deeds of late are greater than at first.

But teaching against you, that you talk to the woman Jezebel any Japanese in the house today literally named Jezebel about a little late wife is using the Jezebel symbolically of the Old Testament, domineering, and she dominated Ahab. She was submissive dominating rebellious honoree mean evil not happen woman with the Bible since Jesus says the problem is tolerating soon after holiness issue.

This woman who was number one out of her place because she was dominating the church something that God does not allow women to do that is acting of the final authority so she was outside of the role of number one, number two, she was teaching. Now we can build there probably some unsaved people right now in this building. The membership plans are people in this building who are living unguarded lifestyles and okay for some people get upset. If you didn't stop when you can control everything that happened in a growing church is that this woman with public because she was teaching everybody else giving us some fitness title, a prophetess here is not simply what Bell was going church with probably that's the problem saying anything dressing and speaking out against taking us based on God church because spread all of the church, and many good things on it with on the judgment of Christů Just aboutů" What about judge Jezebel's children would not take not only to be the physical offspring but also the members of the church following her children is a false teaching and Jesus said I want to judge because you won't. So don't get upset when we judge sin with suppose the judge is worth being in church a serious Sardis chapter 3 verse one to the angel of the church in Sardis write. He says in verse two white stripe.

I will be completed for what you everything you will not break you will not know at what I have come to you but you not know why you don't analogy and will walk with me in white.

They were the he is talking about a sleeping church. Hearing you speak of the lesson of progress, because far too many questions and far too many churches live on what God did just yesterday.

Watch out for Christian always talks about yesterday. This charge was making no grass and they were not completely remain because they were gone yesterday is wonderful yesterday yesterday.

You can pick only thing you can't recapture if time you what good yesterday But I Passed All the Day Thinking about My Success Today, Not Tomorrow. The Day Thinking about the Day When I Am Borrowing from Tomorrow's Yesterday Have a Place Yesterday like a Rearview Mirror, You Move toward the Rear View Mirror You Move Forward by Focusing on the Windshield and If You Will Compare the Silence of the Windshield to Our Rear View Mirror, You Will Discover That I Windshield, Toric Rearview Mirror Driving Folded in Your Christian Life. While the Church Are Driving Forward in Our Christian Life in the Rearview Mirror so That You Don't Make a Wrong Turn While You Move Rearview Mirror. She Is in Your Rearview Mirror Quickly and Watch so You Know When Satan Wants to Keep the Windshield.

Dr. Evans Will Explain How You and Your Church Can Press Forward Securely into the Future When He Continues Her Study in a Moment.

Right Now Though.

I Want to Let You Know about a Couple of Great Resources Were Recommending As a Way to Follow up on Today Study Tony's Books Victory in Spiritual Warfare and Prayers for Victory in Spiritual Warfare. As We Been Learning Many of Life's Problems or Symptoms of the Invisible Spiritual Battle Going on around Us and Either of These Books, Coupled with Tony's Current Two Volume 12 Lesson Audio Series Spiritual Warfare Can Help You Find Ways to Work through Those Problems Using God's Tools, Tactics and Power. It Doesn't Matter Whether the Everyday Challenges We All Face or the More Serious Attacks That Show up in the Form of Substance Abuse, Sexual or Emotional Problems or Relational Issues We Want You to Get Your Own Copy of the Messages into Spiritual Warfare Series and Your Choice of One of the Two Companion Books Is Our Gift. This Is a Special Offer Available Only through Monday, so Visit Tony Right Away.

Make a Contribution and Will Say Thanks by Sending These Powerful Resources Your Way Again That's Tony or Call 1-800-800-3222 Were Resource Team Members Are Standing by Around-The-Clock to Assist with Your Request, I Have the Contact Information for You Again after Part Two of Today's Lesson and This Alaska Is Truly One of God's Masterpieces and Unspoiled Paradise. We Can See the Magnificent Creativity of God on Full Display.

August 6-13. You Can Experience Alaska with Tony Evans in the Urban Alternative on a Cruise Will Pamper You with Luxurious Accommodations, Incredible Meals and a Large Variety of Leisure Experiences Taken the Wonder of God's Creation in God's Word.

As You Learn from Dr. Evans and Other Gifted Teachers Spots for This August 6-13 Crews Are Filling up Fast so Find out More about Your Spotted Tony Okay Yeah Probably Love Seven Right to Commend the Church. He Said I Know You Deed. Behold, I Have Put before You an Open Door, Which No Man Construct Because You Have a Little Problem and Have Kept My Word and Have Not Denied My Name. Behold, I Will Call Those of the Synagogue of Satan Stronghold around Say That They Are Jews and Are Not Live I Will Make Them Come and Bow down at Your Feet and I Have Loved You, Because You Have My Principal Will Keep You from You. Think about the Come up on the Test Those Who Dwell in the Earth. We Have the Lesson of Obedience When Christ Puts It. Don't You Make? You Have My Word Testimony for Christ in the Midst of a Satanic Environment When You Take a Stand for Jesus. When We Take a Stand with Jesus. He Said I Will Take Care of St. but If You Deny Me before Men, I Will Deny before My Father Is in Heaven. I Guess What Happened. One of the Reasons A Lot Of Our Prayers Not Being Answered Is Because We Did Not Him All Week Long with Them You Want to Hear from Him When We in Trouble and God Said, Deborah Line Is Don't Play Me for Don't Play with Me.

Nobody Knows Your Christian about Me Your Secret Service Work. You Have No Backbone When It Comes to Leaks, but All Of A Sudden Not Good Enough Is Out Of Take Care You.

But You Have To Hold to My Word, You Have To Say, Thus Saith the Lord Finally Is One the Most Interesting One. Number Seven, and I Find All This. This Is the Lesson of Commitment. Laodicea Was a Wealthy Roman Money Honey This Is a Rich Church.

This Was the Turtle What's Happening Now Okay Discharge Was Rich. She Says in Verse 15.

I Know Your Deeds, That You Are You Hot nor Cold That You Were Cold so We Can All Local Spit You Out Of My Mouth Because You Say I Am Rich and I Have Become Wealthy, and Have Need of Nothing. You Do Not Know That You Are Wretched and Miserable and Poor and Blind Makeup That There Said That the Guy Really Can See Your Body. You May Call Back If They Could Recognize, but You Cannot Buy from Me Gold Refined by Fire, That You May Become Rich Life That You May Call Yourself the Shame of This May Be Revealed That You May See the Look out over This Audience. I See Some Successful People That There Is No Condemnation. If You Were Caught Going to School and Got Training and You've Climbed up the Ladder, but Let Me Tell You When You Become Too Successful You Become Too Successful When the Blessing of God on Your Life. Every Place God You Are Making Too Much Money When God Has Blessed You so Much. You've Expanded Your Spirit Living That You Have Nothing to Get Back to You. Three Types of People's and I Have Not Gone Dave As We Go When We Last Left Crap on the Mass Commitment from Mass Loyalty from That Job and I Pray the Lord Blessed Me God Said That No Commitment. Listen to Me No Matter How Successful You Are. Money Can Buy You a Bed, but I Can't Sleep No Matter How Successful You Are. Money Can Buy Your Books, but It Can Give You Brains, No Matter How Successful You Are. Money Can Buy You Food, but It Can Keep You Have an Appetite. No Matter How Successful You Are.

Money Can Buy You a House, but It Can Give You All, No Matter How Successful You Are. Money Could Buy You Medicine but You Know How Successful You off Money Can Buy You a Movement but No Matter How Successful You Are. Money Can Buy You Beliefs, No Matter How Successful You Money Could Buy, but I Can Give You a Safe and the Great Challenges Not Ready. God Is Building but It Was so Big That Spent Close Young Man Got Married One Day and He Was on His Way Home from His Honeymoon Tractor-Trailer Rig Pulled out in Front of and Heating in the Cost Started Flipping It Came out Okay but His New Bride Was Bleeding Profusely and He Knew If He Didn't Get This Woman to a Doctor Should Call, I Saw a Little Sign Just a Little Way Away. Dr. Rufus Jones Internal Next. He Said Yes Sleep All Got to the Doctor's House Man Came Jones Man Said Yes I Guess I Much to the Surprise I'm Sorry Son Is Stop Practicing Medicine Many Years Ago, Utensils Years Ago.

The Takedowns Will Charge of the Living Jase's Holy Spirit Don't Make Hospital and I Think We May Sell Dogs That Come with Being a Charge Long Time Ago That the Charge Would Price David's Life Dr. 2011 Talking Today about Tearing down Satan Stronghold in Our Churches Getting the Job Done Will Be Easy. It Is Referred We Are Not in the Fight by Ourselves If You'd like to Share or Review the Full-Length Copy of This Message, Including Material We Didn't Have Time to Bring You on the Air. Check with Us for Details on the Lesson Called Tearing down Church Strongholds. Better yet, Get It Is a Part of Tony's Current Two-Volume Series on Spiritual Warfare. As I Mentioned Earlier, When You Make a Contribution to Support the Ministry of the Urban Alternative Will Say Thanks by Sending You This Powerful 12 Lesson Series on CD or Digital Download along with a Bonus of Your Choice.

One of Tony's Two Books Victory in Spiritual Warfare or Prayers for Victory in Spiritual Warfare.

Just Call Our Resource Request Line at 1-800-800-3222. Get the Details. That's 1-800-800-3222 or Visit Us Online. Had Tony Sometimes It Seems like Nothing We Do Makes a Difference in Satan Is an Expert at Using That Attitude to Keep Our Neighborhoods. Under His Control, Will Join Dr. Evans on Monday As He Explains How You and Your Church Can Break Out Of Isolation, to Be the Salt and Light Community Needs the Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans Brought You Fighting Made Possible by the Generous Contributions Listeners like