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Eye Of The Tiger Search For The Holy Spirit

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 24, 2019 1:01 pm

Eye Of The Tiger Search For The Holy Spirit

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 24, 2019 1:01 pm

The Christian Car Guy is Live from Abbott's Frozen Custard in Clemmons, NC. This week Robby is talking about having eyes that are set on goodness, and seeking and searching for the Holy Spirit. We are on the hunt this week with our sights set upon the Father and the Holy Spirit. Listen and be blessed right here on the Christian Car Guy Radio Show.

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This is the Truth Network greatest title in the hole you lost that fight not for all the wrong reasons you lost your family we fought.

I type in which you gotta get back in the way to get it back is a go back to the beginning 11 maybe we could win it back together and feeling very Olympic searching for the Holy Spirit on the Christian so much fun. Bob absolutely so much fun we're live today from Abbott's frozen custard amazing grand opening word you know a lot about that a lot about frozen custard, but we had to tell you about this.

We Christians remember and recognize that opening that that was rocky three and Apollo Creed is telling Rocky that they can do this thing again, but you know we Christians actually do hold the greatest title in the world absolutely. But unfortunately, I do trade my passion for glory and I lose my grip on the dreams of the past you lost your age, I have not Olympic dreams like you know, I can see clearly now from Jamaica to be don't talk a lot about to Jamaica later today, but I need to see again. I need to see clearly all obstacles in my way right.

I need to see for miles and miles and miles with the eye that sat on goodness the Holy Spirit.

So searching for the Holy Spirit. You know there's something and I'm sure you enjoyed this sometime in your life or you just pursued God and your searching in it for me it started Sunday morning as I was in prayer.

I was thinking I just pondering what does the Holy Spirit look like.

I mean really, Bob, what is the elevated fever sit in that chair right there and I wanted to look like so if you look in Genesis 126 you know they say let us make man in our image well you know that that's obviously the father and the son, but that that include the Holy Spirit.

I mean so we made management or if if you go to the three you know that visited Abraham when he was talking about Lawton what was going on inside of no more.

Genesis 18 was one of those guys the Holy Spirit so you know I sadden I pondered and I thought I pondered fire and I pondered oil and I pounded when I pounded in impounded pondered wind but I think I have me right where he wanted me, which was in a complete state of ministry like we have no idea. Maybe you do. And if you do by the way, I would love free to call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 danger your vision of the Holy Spirit. I would you know what what you see when it comes that I really don't think I have a vision of what the Holy Spirit looks like, but I do know what it looks like to walk closely and in that Canada has come and gone in and comes back and have moments when I'm just so close in and I'm just got it down and and lead me through life and ends and and then there's times that I'm not as close and and what I'm supposed to do this to me street and I'm just not as sure about Florida ranch and I as I got exactly when they said when he said that you've lost your age.

It just rang my bail because you know there's been times in my life that I was so much closer than I am right at this moment you and it's interesting the face. If you notice for the Pollock said.

He said we could go back to the beginning and if you remember Rocky three and Robbie, are you really talk about boxing it well you know these Rocky movies for me they they tell a certain story to my heart and they awaken certain things in my heart because they do go back to the beginning if you seen it in and train the way Mickey trained in the way he trained when he was to become a boxer, but I just so happens Netflix put the original Rocky movie on, you know, and so I re-watched it maybe for the hundredth time out of time and there's a scene in the original Rocky movie and I've never noticed it before but now remember that the set up on this as I was praying that morning. Lord, let me see the Holy Spirit was that look like and so I'm watching Rocky and all of a sudden for some reason Rocky's just walking through the neighborhood. In Philadelphia you know that all these hoodlums and stuff are hanging out and he sees this young girl that's hanging out with these hoodlums and he says you gotta get out of there.

You don't need to be hanging out hanging out with these people and he grabbed a hold of her and he starts carrying her out there prepare what she is tongue lashing in the hallway.

This is not going well right it it it doesn't seem Rocky's made any impact but and and then I thought why is this even in this movie. I mean, why, why, when they wrote this movie did they put this scene where Rocky Texas girl out of the hood, so to speak and and and brings them back to her parents telling her about a reputation stuff and she is given Rocky all sorts of language that would indicate this is not make an impact that I thought about it was just pure simple goodness. I mean it was easy to see. It was pure simple goodness. I don't think Rocky handled it all that well of you the truth, but it didn't matter because it was just a pure heart say in this girls that were, she needs to be dumped on.

Her home, he made intentions right right and is just it was just goodness. So I've been reading Oliver twist, and that's you may know, written by Charles Dickens and it's a long book compared to the Christmas Carol, believing in a completely different book and very difficult to read, especially in the original language because I like free books. You get imminent domain so I get them in the original of the way it was written making whatever so Oliver is this poor. His mother dies at birth and ease raised in what is called a work house, and they talked about that in the movie Scrooge is remember that you are there no workouts as well. These work houses were actually run by the church and so poor Oliver is actually raised by these so-called church folk in these church folk consider the poor people way way way beneath the minute and and honestly Charles Dickens does a great job of showing what that looks like. In fact, they even call them there but you know you need to treat your betters better than what Oliver asked for more food even though he said but he barely given enough to ask you know there to put him in jail. They can send them on a ship across the ocean to die because he asked for more food. That's the church finds right there.

So you see in this is just horrible… Horrible depiction of the church of the time. Whatever it was just breaking me down.

I was really really sad about that and then the next thing you know he goes out to London and he gets kidnapped or essentially dude into this team of of pickpockets, which by the way, the Broadway musical makes are the light of that in this. Not one bit funny. I mean, when you read the actual story mean these people are in the business of trying to take his sold in that's just what they're doing their teaching and to steal to rob and in order to eat. You know he's got to do this or that. The other, and then later on in order to stay alive and assured them if they don't throw them in this house right and select set up in this room. Now here's this kid is been brought no parents. The church is been like I wouldn't want to be one of those Christians. I convinced assure you and now you got these hoodlums at a raisin in the put this book in front of them.

It's about murder and Tony's got it in or essentially gotta read this thing reads like I have anything else to do that day and he gets so upset is he's reading it so disgusted he throws the book across from us kids like 910 11 or so, and he hits his knees and he prays a prayer that is just out of this world cool.

He says God I would rather die than become like these people. Here's this boy he's had no other training. You know how would he know, and moreover I was thing about how to Charles Dickens take this out of this kid get this insight how to get this inside to write this into the book. It was just like that seen in Matthew 18, where the where the publican says you know God forgive me I'm a sit in that same thing. I mean Oliver twist hits his knees and he is saying God just let me be anything but like these people. How does that happen. Well, I bet you if you look back in your own life if you go clear back to the beginning and I did this week after I read these two examples that just talk about both Rocky and Oliver twist.

I went back to all my goodness there was a car salesman at one point in time and he was just like just right in the middle of all sorts of and how in the world that God ever find him in the midst of all that wax.

I tired of searching for the Holy Spirit habits hasn't opened up so got a whole lot of weight feeling very Olympic the Tiger search for the Holy Spirit today on the Christian car – so get back to the concrete was stone, Rocky for me to speak of this, but anyway were to get in the car business here in a minute.

This is where this is going, but right now we got to talk about that on my goodness you know where we are bomb we are at Abbott's frozen custard. Now that may not mean something to just everybody sit out here but let me tell you that Abbott's frozen custard when I was a young whippersnapper of two, three, four years old. My mother would take me to Rochester, New York, where Abbott's frozen custard is on Lake Ontario may have a they have a secret recipe that they've had since 1902 and the line is like all the way around the whole lake area line is long and the idea is it on my goodness. If you could get your hands on these turtles and you get your hands on one of these you know frozen custard at this this stuff is amazing and so it's really really cool that were here this grand opening in today at 1030. The first customer through the door gets the golden ticket and so what is a golden ticket.

While this young lady is fixed to find out because she was here last night. I'm telling you I was I was here yesterday about 10 in the airport. We brought me in about and there she was waiting. She spent all night with her husband here. Now they have a whole crowd out there. The first one in gets a free scoop custard for 52 weeks and if you're in Seattle Washington today same Robbie would have to be with me.

Well, I'm just telling you there is an Abbott's coming your way there expanding and they want the whole world to know that man ice cream is common. It's not ice.

Frozen custard, Bob and Stefan were coming up from here to my taste buds are.

If you have B in the area today in Winston-Salem, High Point, Greensburg. You can just Google Abbott's and Clemens and you'll find us write your appointments. A Louisville Clemens row behind Addario, but in the meantime, getting back to Holy Spirit Bob so is fascinating to me as I was thing about this, you know, here I was a car salesman in my whole world. If you were to know me in 1991 I got up in the morning wanting to sell cars. I went to bed at night wanting to sell course I didn't think about much of anything else but wanting to sell cars. I had a family, but my thing was, I just needed to sell car and whatever that took by the way back to you know those pickpockets and stuff that there talk about an Oliver twist. I get that I actually can feel that you know I'm experience what it would let you know I'm so I picked up you know I'm forever trying to study my field of expertise to figure out how to get better and I picked up a series by Norman Vincent field is called the power of positive thinking. Thinking that this is what I need to do to sell more cars and so it's a it's a tape that it cost me over hundred dollars and I start this thing out.

The first thing it says okay if you want a positive mental attitude. The very first thing that you gotta do is you gotta get up half an hour early every morning. Earlier and you need to read the Bible, but before he read the Bible you need to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand what you are reading now he is talking to a complete heathen. At this point is gone Bible. I'd certainly never read the Bible.

I wonder if all yeah I think I have one of those because you can't ever thrown away once you get it you know you here. Not sure there is a God, the district case, I'm not throwing the Bible) is subject to and so I'm like okay I don't know if your real God.

But, take this advice.

I spent $100 on this tape said I don't think it's necessary to help me to read the Bible, but I invested the hundred bucks now I find out whether or not this is to stop so as you might imagine, I start my journey into the book of Genesis, and that was kinda cool one, and a lot of pretty cool stories bearing to get into accidents in the sky like the movie the 10 Commandments for first and things are good, but the next thing you know, when they're talking about taking fat off the kidneys and they're talking about all the stuff in the temple coming in the tabernacle and I'm like, what does this have to do with selling cars. I'm not sure I'm on the right track here, but what happened was I kept getting madder and madder he got on like if your real this stuff is not making sense to me like you know Aaron's boys. They offer up the wrong incense and the next thing you know their crispy critters and that really upset me like really gone. I thought you were the God of love, what, what is this stuff that your here is boys. I know they made a mistake. But really, are you gonna just burn them up and then it didn't long after that, they finally get into the promised land and oh my goodness, you remember Aiken right. Keep sacred things in his tent and went after him. They not only stone him based on his whole family and I'm getting madder and madder. Bob I'm like oh this is fry my bacon God. If you really, I mean how could this be going on. You're supposed to be a gotta love right and he and I did not know that they tell you that the Bible was canonized and I believe the reason they tell you that is because at some point this cannibals don't come upside your and and it was headed my way as I get to the book of Job, and I thought certainly this book is to be about patients that I heard about patients of Job my whole life and the next thing I know, Satan and God have a discussion that he's going to kill his kids and he's gonna take away everything he and I like what in the world is this have to do with patients and God. This is not right. This is clearly not right. I mean, how could you do this.

This is a good guy. Why are we taking his kids.

Why are we doing all this you know I was really, really, really mad and then you gotta put up with about 28 chapters of Job's friends telling you all the stuff of why all this happened, which was making absolutely no sense to me. Their judgment right and I am convinced this has nothing to do with selling cars, but then God shows up at the end of the book of Job, and he says that interestingly he doesn't say Robbie. I got some answer for you know he said Robbie I got some questions for you since you are so smart you don't think I was posted in a cook. Aaron's kids and I was posted hello Roxanne Erin, I mean on Aiken you know when you think you know what Job needs to know since you're so smart.

I got some questions right now. Linda happens the grand opening 1030 lined up out the door.

Not quite around like him.

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Bob it was pretty amazing girl got a scoop of custard for years like and said she was here last night camping out white honesty that plows mainly with the excitement, I walked in while ago just to use the restroom because it wasn't open yet. The store is absolutely immaculate.

The Florsheim Inglis and it is just an immaculate store and I can't wait to wrap my lips around a little bit of custard.

It's it seems like they've got a really really good plan and a product year-end got a soda jerk thing like my dad used to work when he was a kid like they got real sodas that there make been there with the Abbott's frozen custard so you can get one of those floats are some just amazing stuff and so wow that's happening. We don't want to miss out on everyone.

We left our hero Robbie.

He was in the book of Job, and he was totally confused and he was mad at God, and he was thinking God you got some explaining to do, but it was the other way around. Because when God showed up to talk to Job I will know and I think it's extremely significant that he doesn't give Job a single answer. What he does is asked Job a few questions which are were aimed right at my heart. By the way here was the cannonball of Scripture, that Robbie's heart and God knew that for me to get where I needed to get the Holy Spirit would take me right this place where I would be totally angry and totally misunderstanding and God says to Job well, if you're so smart. Robbie Gilmore, why don't you make it snow one time or maybe just bring the tide in if you break the tie and you get me but the real thing that he said put your hooking about home now. I had you know you can imagine this car salesman reading the Bible and put in a hook in the Bahamas.

I have no clue what the heck of a home as I hello speaks in the ass have Google in the day, you know, so I'm like, how do I find out what about all this will actually this is greatly when I go to a Christian bookstore and I by Matthew Henry commentary is asked the guy how do I figure out what about home goes okay, will you need this book right here and give me a Matthew Henry commentary on what about home which is actually probably a dinosaur, but Matthew Henry said it was, like a super hip problems. Have you ever seen a scarlet hippopotamus, but if you want to put a hook in my thing you would have use of right but the point was that all of a sudden I came to the conclusion that I was not God and that I really wasn't all that smart because I don't think I could I could go to the storehouse where the snow was and I know for sure that I could make it rain and and all these things that he asked Job. I didn't have one single answer, and I for sure was mechanistic hooking about home. I feel like I changed the way there for at this point I am just what what I was sure of then very quickly was that all my goodness this God has a really really high standard of what sin is and I'm falling like tremendously short of the standard and mellow and so this gave me that edge that Rocky needed right there like I am looking for a way out. I'm looking for the loophole.

I am looking for some answers because I am all of a sudden come to the conclusion I need a short yeah I cannot make the grade here and so how in the world am I going to not end up like Reagan's kids or or or appearance. So fortunately if you keep reading you get to the New Testament, and I finally understood why Jesus has all my life. Wondered why in the world would Jesus have to die him. If God was really God did come up with a better plan until this kid. I mean this is right, but once I really understood what death was which. Matthew Henry once. Once I had that book in my hand that I got because I wanted to know what about over. The Holy Spirit is guided me through the whole thing and it took this little Oliver twist car salesman guy that was just in the middle of hell on earth. Essentially, and gave me a look at goodness and oh my goodness Bobby changed everything and and you know speaking to goodness those people are walking in their did you notice man they're all in the middle goodness in our turn is coming and I don't see anybody running a I'm sure they will. I'm sure they will. So that's coming but Bob yelled for you. I just felt compelled really today to share what that was like you know when Rocky went training at the beginning with making the chicken and all that stuff that we all know and can communicate run up the stairs.

You know there was a point in my life is like that you had to get up early and you had to drink the eggs in and get in the Bible it and begin the figure out what is what is the deal here when I was in a hurry after seeing that maybe I cycle I can do that. I developed that just crack a couple eggs in a glass them up a little bit little salt and pepper and and that way if you had time to get a piece of bread down before you ran out the door. You had to eggs and toast direct air United etc. that it had an impact on my life, that's for sure that it is, you know, in other words, those early days when you first start to fall in love with God and maybe you're like me you went from this. It was a love-hate relationship like that. I'm not getting this all all of a sudden all my goodness, what is that feel like for you. We would love for you to call in today even though her live. We can still take your call 866-348-7884 were talking I had the Tiger search for the holidays, Holy Spirit I've mentioned it before the time of one of the times in my life when I was closest to God's. When our business back down and that we just had so many things going on and and just I found such drink and and it wasn't just for the day of the fire.

Further, weeks and months and everything after the fire. This when we started flying the Christian flag were again and just so many things happened to this let me know that God had it all the way and if I would shed a interest him and try my best walked right path that he would guide me through the and bring us to amazing things that any deed and it's just been one of the biggest impact in my life and I admit when when I'm further away from God that I was at that point I'm I'm jealous. I'm hungry for United and no I don't want to burn the business that that it was a deer in that time when I needed him.

At least he showed and he just carried me around when I could walk and that showed up again extra-base to strength I needed to get to my son Stanton and just when I needed the most. He is this really showed up in spades for me in that image notices, like the worst of times, but the best of times and getting back to you know wow how how you wind wind that I trade my passion for glory that that's a great line in that somber survivor you know that that whole concept actually you know speaks to my heart and maybe not Rocky fan, but you've got something that's that's like that in your life.

We would love to hear less.

It's about change in the weather while ago. It has been 100° or 90+ pretty much all summer long and tomorrow where having that Genesis Cindy Ada at our church is this the end of the summer celebration and beginning to school celebration, then the volunteered to be in a Duncan base and and I think the high temperature tomorrow is like 70° and I'll be in water.

Most of the afternoon. If I have anything to do about rumor has it that the dunking booth.

You don't have to throw the ball to make Bob go in the water when we went give the kids say a little advantage United they if they throw their bows and don't you know submergence mean they will they allow you to just punch the thing with their hand and make me get get with whatever it takes you not, so there's a lot going on in this area and I bet there's a lot going on where you are today.

If urine Seattle you know especially how it might be one out there compared it's only 70°, 68, 65 so yeah Bob, it might be that tomorrow people but it's still custard whether I'm absolutely certain of that. That you know this is an opportunity I have to tell you that when I was just, you know me hydrographs we lived like this for my mother would take us to this thing for called and that is chocolate and knives and custard caramel and chocolate in knots in custody, frozen honesty to titles placed my order one where North Carolina actually know the eye of the Tiger search for the Holy Spirit, what can you only imagine that's going to be like yeah you can imagine Jesus, maybe a little bit. Imagine the father. Now imagine when it comes to the Holy Spirit that's that's discovered be more than awesome. And right now I'm imagining what the turtles in the taste like just minutes in and I'm so excited. You know I don't normally times. I don't know maybe once or twice I've ever had.

My boss Stu Epperson with me on the Christian Car Guy sure what data have you on our inaugural show in Omaha Nebraska today what K CRO unbelievable were so grateful to Brad to team up there for care. The Christian Car Guy show to talk weekend and what Omaha Nebraska. I bet you it's very hot there right now because it's like 65 in Winston-Salem, Clemens North Carolina were worse it all over the country. The whether you praise God for the letter you have a look at it. I was with 100 golfers just a little bit ago before. Cannot your doable devotion to prayer to get him off and they were loving it will be glad you know in August. People had coats on Indians lectures so the links but this is so cool were Amazing Frozen Custard I Was inside Their Smelling It. I Watched the First Closing Custard Be Served up. And While This Is Just so Neat, but Is Neat When All Kind of Goods All over the Country of Different Businesses and Industries That Support the Partner with the Truth Network Christian Car Guy Show Because These Guys If You Went to Jamaica with Your Jamaican Out Of Robbie That the Holy Ghost Is Doing in It. A Lot Of That Is Neat How the Holy Spirit Uses Business Owners Yellow Blueprinting Ultrapure Bottled Water. Their Help and Support. This Thing You Know Water Help with Their Party without a Seat over There Whole Soda Thing Which We Get.

I Can't Wait to Check the Sodas out but Also You Know the Holy Spirit Led Him to 10% of All the Proceeds. Yes, That's It Goes to Really Help Special Needs Families. He's Got a Really Neat Foundation That Help Special Needs Families Keep Their Kids in Competitive Sports, and Other Charities As Well. And Then so You Can See God at Work in so Many Different Ways Even out Here in the Frozen World Conference Right There Want to Go to Pick up Custard All Habits and My Buddy John Is Right There, so That's a Good Idea to List It Takes about Custard to the Life I Smart Man There's A Lot Of Gold Love It, but so You Froze Because of Your but yet the Giveback Is Awesome I Love That 10% of Opening Date of Acute Day-To-Day Is Going to Go to Helping Special Needs Families. Other Really Cool Ministries That I Think You Know As Long As They're Open Robbie to Ticket to Just Make Us a Statement That They This Is Lord Visit That You Guys Are Doing the Show I Was inside with the Mayor of This Town the Clemens. I Was inside with the Owners Delete the Leadership Team a Bunch of Great Fans and We All Held Hands. We Did a Prayer Dedication for the New Average Frozen Custard Clemens North Carolina. We Gave This Every Inch of That Space to the Lord Because It's His Anyway Right so Were All Dedicated to Him. I'm Just like 19 Just like This Brother Here Bob, All He's Doing Man, One of the Huge Things the Holy Spirit Is Done Is the Jesus Labor Love Which No Bob Is near and Dear to Both Our Hearts His Car Repair Labor for Single Moms Widows and Families in Crisis and You Know Almost Every Week Know There Is Some That Just Blows Me Away and in This Week.

This Lady Desperate Need of a Car She Had a Baby When She Was 15 and in a Living at the Poverty Level Lost Her Car Because That She Lost Her Job Now Just Coincidentally Right Just Coincidentally God Put Remaining Anonymous Cufflinks Puts It on Somebody's Heart to Call Me and Say Robbie I've Got a Car Right at the Air Conditioner Doesn't Work, but It Didn't Matter Today. Seattle Is a Matter but You Know It's Amazing How He Shows up in That in in in so Many Different Ways. But Bob, We Got a Need to and and That Need Is That We Honestly As the Jesus Labor Love Car Repair Labor for Those People in Omaha Never Heard of This. It's a Ministry of the Jesus of the Christian Car Guy Showing Your Find of Their Christian Car the Jesus Labor Love and and We Have People Fill out an Application There If They're in Need of Car Repair Anywhere in the Country and the Way We Meet Those Needs. A Lot Of Times Is through Your Donations and We Are in a Situation Where We've Grown to the Extent That All My Goodness, We Could Use Some Donations and for Gift of Any Amount Any Amount That Tax-Deductible, Tax-Deductible Gift Because It's a 501(c)(3) Furnace. We Will Send You a T-Shirt of Your Size. Because We Now Have These Christian Car Guy T-Shirts on Stalin Profiling One Today Right Bob Absolutely Beautiful British Ancestries like Superman Following Entry Is There a Linda's Conan from Port Orchard.

We Better Get around Real Quick Got a Minute. Go Ahead Keep If You Would Mind Putting Clear Linda Yasser My Show That I That's Right I'm Looking Forward to Hearing Holy Spirit That Pairing the Dolly When I Was about to Go out on Figure out How I Can Wait You Know Where We Got the Body. The Lord Is It Really, Really, Sincerely Something: in Today for Your Faithful Listing out There. The Statement in and I Shouldn't You Know You Guys Are You Stationed in Seattle Is a Key CIS 30 N ISAM 630 Great Great Stationed in Seattle Washington. Thank You Port Orchard Is Very Black Side and Find the Address He Wanted to Help out with the He Said so Yeah Yeah If You Go to Sleep 11 Christian Car Go to Christian Car You'll See the Jesus Labor Love It for That Address. If Anybody Wants to Smell from It Is 238 Sarai Essay.

You Are a Lane in Winston-Salem, NC 27107-2710 70271 Is a Labor of Love. Now One of Miraculous. Those of You Who Are Not Aware That Happened to Be in Case You Asking about Has a Song That You Gotta Think of Everybody They Don't Get to Hear It You Know Is Often Going about 788-9122 Will Come Again, and All Guys Want to Sell Some Cold Ice Cold Frozen Custard Little Ultrapure Premier Bottled Water Taken Great Robbie Is so Fearless to the Truth Network. We Will Be Right Back with Those of You Listening to. We Are Really so Grateful That You Turned in Today and I Pray That You Will Think about the Holy Spirit, Someday Get Me Either Tiger Looking for Him Wherever He Looked around They Saw Will Click the Family of Harvey Davis Harvey Pass This Weekend. All the Friends and Family. Just Have Her Thoughts and Prayers. Great Man. Remember, Slow down, Walked Everywhere He Went, Got on the