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Car Songs! the Encore

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 9, 2022 11:00 am

Car Songs! the Encore

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 9, 2022 11:00 am

Listen again to the amazing episode  Full of good songs but even greater stories with the Christian car Guy.

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Not cuticle off the Russian nightmare know the devil's nightmare here from it's time to man up challenging men step into their true manhood. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network. This is good Truth Network welcome to the prison card radio show we are up dating the studios here at truth broadcasting and so unfortunately, when I remember broadcast the live Christian card I show so please sit back and enjoy this encore presentation really one of the most popular shows I've ever done. As far as podcast downloads. It was called car songs and sell again this is not live is recorded, so there's no sense and call him. I want anybody here to answer your call.

And of course will be back next week with the Christian card. I shall live.

We are so grateful that you listen to the Christian card I show early Monday morning I will be living a grandfathers dream. Yes, right now right now anyway in my life on Mondays and Tuesday mornings I get to take my six-year-old granddaughter to school.

She's in the first grade and it will go down something like this much fun as we head out the door. The first thing I must say to her is Lila United terrorized those cats. Are you in a course to capture wait to be fed, so she immediately starts chasing the Direct and then after we feed the cats to look out now say why would you want to take grandma's banner. Do you want to take Grandpa's truck then you know what she does it every single time. Pop I want to shift to shift. I want to take your truck. You see usually attend this thing for years like to the matter Garth Madagascar song is that you got to move it move it was. She does this, I got to shift it, shift it because you know when she rising Grandpa's truck.

I have a screwdriver, a manual transmission and I allow her to pull it back from you know first and the second my letter put back from third and the fourth and that's a huge thing if your six-year-old on the way and then as we get in the truck as we sit down.

I get her in her car seat and she gets alleged in and if you know I don't read. It's a 95 1995 Dodge Dakota single Was Just Me and Her.

This Little Bit Area and She's Getting All Excited, and Assuming She Gets Start Going out the Driveway. She Can Say This Every Single Time.

She Says the Same Thing Papa Were Gonna Be There in a Jiffy. Apparently She Likes the Way Jiffy Feels in Her Mouth and She Loves to Say Work on Be There in a Jiffy and I Know Yeah Lila Were Gonna Be There in a Jiffy and Then of Course Working to Shift It Shifted.

But Then My Favorite Part of the Whole Ride We Won't Get Halfway down the Street and I Will Start Singing.

She Will Be Coming around the Mountain When She Comes in She No One Knows the Enthusiasm My Granddaughter Has Only Sing the Song We Had A Lot Of Emphasis Especially to Know When You're Gonna Kill the Old Red Rooster and She Gets All His Enthusiasm and She Gets All This Excitement and by the Time We Get to School. We Have Had like the Time of Our Lives. So Just for Fun.

This Morning I Was Thinking When You Were a Kid and You Are Heading out on That Trip. It May Have Been a Long Trip.

It May Have Been a Short Trip, but What Was the Song Was a Song That You Love the Saying Yes That One That Just Popped in Your Mind the One Man You Just Knew It Was Common and You Were so Excited Because You Got to Sing. We Watched a Call and Ensure Your Song Your Memory This Morning. What Song Was It for You. We Got Lines Open. We'd Love to Hear Your Song, 866-348-7884.

I Promise I Won't Make You Sing Unless You Want to, but We Would Love to Hear That Memory of What It Was That You Used To Sing When You Got in the Car and and Very Exciting. I Have Songs from My Producer Johnny Angel Heat He Shared with Me What His Song Was We Got That Coming up at the Bottom of the Hour, but the Other Thing That I Think That Even Perhaps I Am Absolutely Convinced That God Is Right There in That Truck Is Pouring out That Enthusiasm in the Lila and My Spirits. I Just Feel It and It's so Cool to Ponder That. Maybe, like Me, II Thought about This over the Last Couple Days, When Did God Take Me Just Me and God on a Truck Ride like That and He Poured Something like That into My Spirit. I've Got a Memory like That All Share during the Show. I Would Love to Hear Yours When You Think about When God Just Took You out like Grandpa in the Truck 866-348-7884 I Would so Love to Hear That Story. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 the Course. It Is the Christian Car Guy Show and Spring Is around the Corner.

So How about Some Spring Maintenance Tips I Got Eight Monsters As Spring Is Come upon Us That We Need to Do to Our Cars to Take Care Of and Make Sure That They Last As Long As Old Red Will Be around 20 Years Be Able to Sing about Grandpa's Truck and That Kind of Thing. Also, You Know, We Have the Jesus Labor of Love. Ministry, Which Is Free Car Repair Labor for Single Moms Widows and Families in Crisis Notices the Labor Not the Parts, and so Often I Have Opportunities through the Week to Engage with Folks That Need Help, As Well As These Places That Are Helping Us in Some Cases Not Helping Us the Story along Those Lines, I Always Love to See How God Comes through Frozen Prep to Get to See A Few of Robbie's Weaknesses in the Middle of the Story Will Be Sharon Mad about the Jesus Labor Love Again Car Repair Labor for Single Moms Families in Crisis. As Part of the Ministry to Christian Card I Show Then Coming up the End of the Show in Our Appraisal by the Real Black Book. That's Where We Search the Bible for an Treasure Cry out for Discernment, Lift up Our Voice for Understanding the Faith of a Child in a George McDonald One of My Favorite Authors. He Spoke Much on the Subject and Here's Another Free Tip for You Okay a Kindle App Is Free. Really It Is on Any Computer or Phone or Tablet, You Can Just Go Get a Kindle Is Free and Then Very Cool.

All of George McDonald's Books Because Apparently Their Public Domain Because It Was so Long Ago Written All of Those Sermons. All Those Books Are Absolutely Free at Kindle George McDonald and One of My Favorite Books He Wrote Was Written Sermons in His Opening Chapters 1 Written Sermons. He Goes on and on about the Faith of a Child, Even Mentions How He Believes That the Child Jesus Brought to Him in Matthew 18 Was Peter's Child and I Can't Help but Think That CS Lewis and Tolkien Who Absolutely Adore George McDonald No Doubt Got Their Inspiration for the Chronicles of Narnia and the Lord of the Rings from That Childlike Spirit That They Got from George McDonald so Were Spend Some Time in Matthew 18. As We Come into Our Appraisal by the Real Black Book Coming up to Be in the Show. This Is a Christian Card I Show Bringing the Kingdom of God through an Automotive Platform and on the Show We Talk about Things like Racecar Driving, Not Speeding in Following Jesus and We Love to Stay Out Of the Bondage of Card That We Talked about That and How to Take Care Of Your Car so That It Will Last As Long As You Do, You See All Tractors out There Any Element since the 40s There Still Running Well That's Because Somebody Loved on Him and They Continue to Take Care Of Them. Of Course, All This Information to the Website. The Jesus Labor Love All That Is a Christian Car Most of All, This Is a Live Show so We Love It When You Take Part in the Show and Were Asking Today When You Are a Kid and You're Heading out on the Trip Short or Long. What Was That Song Collis 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH Truth. We Have I Think It's Pronounced Sheila Sheila in Raleigh, North Carolina Chile Here on Christian Card I Should Help Me with Your Name I'm Sorry but I'm Afraid I Botched It so Shall Okay When She Would Tell Us Your Song. What Was It That You Guys Would Think Me by That Time down Here Being Now Only Strong That Is an All-Time Classic and What a Wonderful, Wonderful Song Who Was in Your Life That Was Helping You Sing That My Car so You and Your Sister Driving along Singing, Jesus Loves Me That's a Memory and It Ended so Cool to Think How Simple the Faith Is of That Song, but It Is Perfect with What Actually Is. He Really Is. Well, I Am so Grateful for Your Phone Call This Morning Shelling out. I'm Grateful for the Program of God Go up for an Angel. Thank You so Much God Bless You and Appreciated Right and I Just Want Everyone to Know. Well, and You Can Still Sing in the Car with This Is Cool Thank You but I Don't Know Now I Know I Will Play Little Game.

That's It. That's the Spirit That's What I'm Talking about. Let's Not. We Have Ellen, Who Is Also in Cary, North Carolina Ellen, You're on the Christian Car Guy Show the Morning.

I Am Fantastic. I Am so Excited to Hear Your Song, Not a Christian Song Become a Christian Found over the Years Have Gone Light, However, Need Meaningful Me.

I Think It Makes Me Think Well Alan, Can I Just Tell You I Can Feel the Enthusiasm and Spirit That Were Talking about That Wow That Beautiful Morning.

You Know It Came from Jesus Right and I Love That Feeling and We Can All Experience It Today In Spite Of Here in North Carolina It's Raining or Open Where You Are. It May Not Be like the Rain but Ellen Held Her for What You Call in with Your Song.

We Would Love to Hear at 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH You're Listening to the Truth Network and TruthNetwork.Com Together.

Every Time You Hear Really Really Make You Think of It All Together and Doing What Was the Song That Used To Hang in That Makes You Think about When You Think about God Riding along with You in the Car That's over Talk about Today in the Christian Card I Show We Would Love to Hear Your Song You Call Us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH We Have Lots of Lines Open and We Would Certainly Love to Hear Your Song Were Also Going to Give You a Springtime Maintenance. Musts for Your Car. When We Talk about That and We Had a Jesus Labor Love Story and Also Another Story I Want to Share about a Time That God Took Me on a Trip like That and He, Saying to Me, but Right Now I Got My Mom and She Taught Me A Lot Of These Songs and She's When She's Got so Mom You're the Christian Card I Show What Was Your Song, on Childlike You're All Great.

I Never I Never Heard You Think That on Your Grade in My Really and It Your All Great with the Blue and Will All and Not Clover Will Ride out to Dover Golden Wedding Day Will Bill You Get Really, Really Old and I've Never Heard Out Of the Context of My It's a Precious Memory. Oh Yeah, We Had on My Mother and Father Put It out on the Road.

There's a Story There You My Amazing Mother out on the Back Warned You Don't Get on the Site before They Went around the Neck and Waited for an Iraq and We Were Headed Back. We Weren't Going to Help You Hear about What I Am Excited about the Songs Are: Remove Thanks Mom so Much. God Bless. Talk Later 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH Tell Us Your Song, Tell Us Your Memory. I Know That It's Right There in the Tip Your Tongue. I Wanted Just Popped up.

We Would Love You Don't Have To Sing It like My Mom Didn't Sing It but If You Want to Sing about Me Saying You Call Us. We Got Lines Open 866-34-TRUTH 87884 but Getting onto These Springtime Maintenance Musts You Know My Good Friend Jerry Redgrave's Body Shop Is Always Telling Us That When Springtime Comes, You Got All That Salt You Got All That Stuff All over Your Car Sort of inside Now and so It's a Great Thing Good That This Is a Time to Go to One of Those Carwashes That Allows You to Kind of Spray upon a Need to Get That Stuff off the Car and Get the Salt off and Then There's Nothing like You Just Applying a Regular All Hand Wax like a Meguiar's or Turtle Wax or Something That You Note to Protect That Finish Again Because A Lot Of That Stuff Was Taken off by the Chemicals. The Harsh Chemicals Are Used To Keep the Ice off the Roads and so Yeah There's a Spring Cleaning That's That's Involved in Another Really Cool Thing to Do If You're like Me and You Got a Older Car Is Really Really Important That You Keep the Door Hinges Agrees. The Real Easy Thing to Do.

There's a Product Called Lithium Grease. You Can Find It in Any Part Store or AutoZone or Whatever and It's Just a Look at Spray Camp like Stuff and It's Called Lithium Grease Is Different Than WD-40.

Stuff like That Is Is Good for Certain Kinds of Lubrication but When It Comes to Doorjamb Hinges and and and You Know the Stops That Are in the Doorjamb.

There's Nothing like Some Lithium Grease That Will Stay Put and Seek and Find Cancer That Your Auto Parts Store and You Know Go into Those Hinges Because Again the Salt and All That Stuff Is Working on Those Hinges and It's It's It's a Good Time to Remind You to Go Back and Do Some of That Stuff We Have Kathy in North Carolina. Also We Have the Songs from North Carolina. We Got One about Illinois but You Know We Would Love to Hear Yours 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Kathy Year on the Christian Card I Show Good Morning Will I Am Excited to Hear about Your Song. Oh, Oh My File and I and Every Week Darrell and Paul, I Think Really Well Let's Hear It in Spanish Because I Don't Think I've Ever Heard in Spanish. It Yellow Right Now. Right Now, Well, He Answers Prayer Right after That.

If I Must. And so I Have To Ask You Your Music Teacher in a Public School or in a Christian School. All I Get Sure. Please Order Green, Trying All Week Night and There Have a Very Wonderful Music Teacher Share That Song and Then the Thing I Love about Your Story.

Kathy Is That You're Singing That Song in the Car You and God Alone. Just Feeling like You Know, I Know the Feeling, and It's Just so Amazing, so God Bless You and Appreciate You Called, Insomuch Kathy God Bless You.

We Need to Hear Your Song 866-34-TRUTH 87884. What Is That Song That You Say or That You Sang When Your Kid 866-34-TRUTH 7884, You're Listening to the Truth Network and TruthNetwork.Com.

We Are Updating the Studios Here at Truth Broadcasting and so Unfortunately, When I November Broadcast the Live Christian Card I Show so Please Sit Back and Enjoy This Encore Presentation Really One of the Most Popular Shows I've Ever Done. As Far As Podcast Downloads. It Was Called Car Songs and Sell Again This Is Not Live Is Recorded, so There's No Sense in Calling and I Won't Be Anybody Here to Answer Your Call. And of Course Will Be Back Next Week with the Christian Card. I Shall Live. We Are so Grateful That You Listen Card. I Show You Know I Gave You Said, Guys Get Together to Go on a Trip. What Was a Childlike Faith Thing That Went on in Your Life. I Asked That Question of My Producer Johnny Angel. Yesterday I Said I Looked a Bit behind Us and Now That Song You Know the One That Immediately He Came out with Digging up Bones Which I've Never Heard This before but I Went and Listen to It or What an Amazing Talent. Randy Travis, I Guess. I Hope I Got His Name Right Really Just a Fantastic Voice and a Song That You Can Obviously See That Was Fun to Sing. So Johnny, That Was His Memory That We Would Love to Hear Yours 866-34-TRUTH 87884 We Got A Few More Spring Tips to Call in with the Tooth to Share with You Guys. Of Course I've Got a Couple Other Stories and I Want to Share in the Jesus Labor Love Free Car Repair Labor for Single Moms Widows Families in Crisis.

All That Stuff's Christian Card Died out, As Well As All My Spring Tips Are All There Christian Car We Have an Who Is in Edmonds Washington and You're on the Christian Card I Show I Was Anxious to Hear from the West Coast. The Sgt. Got Me Little Different. Now There How Are You This Morning Asking, What Is Your Song Okay.

I Went and Became a Christian. After I Lit after Going to Divert Young and 30 and I Had to Little Kids to Rates That Make up so the Song That I Cannot Relate to That That When I Went. Right, Where Could I Go Back to the Lord.

It Belong so Sinful World.

I Hear It, and Try to Base Camp on the Way.

Go to the Plan Goes on Later Today. Go the Eating Area.

My so Needing to Help Me in the End Anyway.

Hello Well so There You Are with Your Two Children. How Are They Now and I Bet That That's a Precious Memory for Them. I Know My Mom Sitting in the Car with Me or My Parent. You Know like My Grandparents All Those It It It Takes Us to a Place That's in Our Heart That Just Feels like Heaven Run When I Play on an Old Ukulele That Handed down to Me from My Father Had a Bunch of Times I Played on Lately Just One of That Is so Awesome and Thank You so Much for Calling in Today. Your Courage and You Sing Beautifully. Thank You.

I Bless You. Okay, We've Got Let's See We Got Pam Is in North Carolina. Pam You're on the Christian Card I Show the Morning.

Tell Us about Your Song. Well, Not Really like It. Uncle and He Thought I Don't Remember How but This There Is Not an Uncle Is He Had the Childlike Spirit MRI Is a Classic List of Tape That Several Times and See If I Can Accommodate That. It's That Kind of Stuff That Just Makes My Heart Come Alive. I Think the Turn That into a Promo and That Is so, God Bless You.

Yes, We Know That There's Something You Want to Call with Yours. It May Be Something in the Touching Moment That You Had with Your Kids and Those Are Absolutely Wonderful. It May Be Just Fine That You're Having All Those Things Are Bring Us to Heaven This Morning so You Take Us There. 866348788486634. Yes, I Got a Get A Few More.

The Spring Maintenance Tips. You Gotta Check Those Fluid Levels. It Is That Time of Year to Check Your A Lot Of Folks Are Running Low on When She Washer Solvent. Obviously Coolant Is a Big Concern. And of Course Oil and Transmission Fluid. Those Kind of Things. If You Have Not Been Using Air Conditioning.

The Defrost Mode a Good Time to Do a Pressure Test on That Your Battery Terminals and a Load Test and of Course the Tires Always Check the Pressure and Take a Look to See If You're Still Alive Mentor You See Some Cupping That Might Indicate That There How to Balance the Belts and Hoses in the Windshield Wiper Blades Are Always a Biggie for the Spring Because A Lot Of Folks in the Eye Starts Tearing Them up and You Want to Be Able to See. That's Kind of Critical to Being Able to Get down the Road We Have.

Angela Is in Burlington She's Got a Song for Angela Janik Christian Card I Show Good Morning Good Morning I Will Call Where Good Literature and Good Music Were Part of My Growing up and Not Grandmother Hundred 28 Mild from Where I'm from Back and Think like a Very Very Long Trip and Again He Would Thing the First Line of All and I Would Have To Fly and Body and We Plan to Bring the Hope Altogether and the One That within the Cart. Every Time I Think That It Is Great. Very Memory. What an Amazing Man That He Would Have That Song As One of His Favorites.

He Taught Me about Opera ECopy about Broadway When You Get Concerned about What Language You're Childlike. Now and Very Very Special. He Kept Waiting and Really Made Him and That I'll Get Back A Lot Of Memories. I Think for All of the Sand so You Taken Us a Little Bit Closer to the Throne As We Think about Your Dad Sing That Song and Now He's in the Garden Itself and Enjoy Matter the Level That's That's Unbelievable but Praise God for Fathers like That That Took the Time and Had That Childlike Heart to Enjoy Those Things in the Spent Time with You.

I Appreciate Your Call so Much That It That Just Touches Me. God Bless You, Thank You Real Quick Please Right-Click about. God Got Me Going Flail Okay. September 28, 2013 the Lord with Me Doing A Lot Of Really Great Things in My Life and Our Next Door Neighbor Been Checking out Her Mail and It Happened to Look up There with a Heart Shaped Client Now Feedlot the Client That Reminded Me of Thank but Actually in the Shape of a Heart and Creation with You and and the Creator of the Universe Where You Already Know What You Need and Love She and Is Awesome and He Was Going to Let You Angela and I Mean I'm Not One like That but That Moment, I Am so Glad to Share That Because That's a Great Segue to What I Was Some Talk about Next Now That We Have Thought about the Songs That You're Singing with Those People That You Enjoyed Life with. How about Thinking about for Me with This Next Segment When Were You on a Trip like That with God, You're with Him in the Truck and He Sang a Song into Your Heart and You Could Feel Him Having Fun. That Childlike Spirit COMING up. This Is the Truth Network