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Psalms 119:153 The Wisdom of Choice

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 31, 2022 9:00 am

Psalms 119:153 The Wisdom of Choice

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 31, 2022 9:00 am

Psalms 119:153 RESH. Consider mine affliction, and deliver me: for I do not forget thy law.


The Wisdom Anointing of The Letter Resh, this the first verse share a little of what the letter means and how this verse applies. The my story of deliverance today.

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This is the Truth Network hidden treasurers of the hundred and 19. Fun fun fun now fun. We get to the race. Today we so beautifully. As we talked about the is this idea of closeness to God in both time and space and what cool thing we read a chance to do as we get closer to God, then all the sudden it really helped us out with our race letter raised, the Jews would tell you, it means false because it has to do with the head, but it also has to do with your chooser and so you you know we are making choices constantly have no doubt away we make those choices with our head and so the radiation from my perspective, H has everything to do with choices. And so he's actually as he begins this wisdom verse when we look at the wisdom of the letter raised you can see he's asking God to make a choice which is kind of a brilliant idea that men will get back into this, but first we'll just give it to you in English at verse 153 first verse in the race section which would be the wisdom anointing of the letter raised and so here we go.

Consider mine affliction and deliver me, for I do not forget thy law. In other words that consider minor fleas asking God to choose hell to deliver him and the reason for that is that he does not forget in that word. Forget is probably has to do with not caring like I is not just forgetting about it is like I don't care anything about that law and and that's the real challenge with it it as that that letter Cliff and it has to do with a strong desire is not there for the law that were supposed to have and so he saying I do have this strong desire for by law, and because of that, you know. Deliver me from my affliction.

And so the neat thing about never been delivered from an affliction that may feel like you were delivered. You know from the fire but actually are usually delivered in the fire and set it.

It's kind of a neat thing that in in in so many different cases it's as of the law itself.

If we just get a grip on who God is, by growing closer to him. If we would choose God. In other words, we would use our choosing ability to pursue the Torah to preserve or pursue God's word, which is essentially to pursue Jesus if we choose to seek him. Then you know to be in his presence is fullness of joy right and in the so when you're in his presence is like where's your accusers Robbie they're not here right and and so if were truly truly seeking to the point that we can get in his presence like we talked about in the coach section there were going to be delivered by me were delivered immediately. Emotionally, if nothing else, because we know that hey, this is not condemning us right if it were in Christ and we've accepted him and the main idea of choosing God's is what we're really talking about here, but then the other thing you know that if you look in the 16th Psalm.

I believe it's 1/4 verse it says the sorrows of those who chase after other gods will be greatly multiplied. You know there again if you choose if you you know, if you take your little chooser your race and you choose to pursue some other God or your sorrows are going to be greatly multiplied so soon as you turn back and you and you repent and you turned back towards God. Well, what happens is your sorrows are going to begin the become less and less.

Even though the situation may be as bad as it everyone since it ever wasn't so bright example of that today is in on a personal level it really isn't some he's delivering from me right this minute. I'm actually on my way to boot camp this week.

I got a whole lot going on in the meantime I get a letter from the Justice Department the other day saying that there you know that I still owe them $400,000 on some debt that actually I thought was totally settled two or three years ago. I have other debt that I'm paying on but this when they're bringing up again like I haven't been paying on it and they're threatening all sorts of things like garnishment, whatever. If I don't do something here.

That's not clearly saying God consider my affliction here because I've I've dealt with this. I know I have a wonderful attorney help me get through it the first time because of the there's a lot of illegal things are going on with the process but they're the Justice Department's of what you gonna do so anyway it's it's extremely stressful to some level except if I go back into this and realize now you know you know we we studied several verses in here that can help us like we know that Lord in faithfulness now has afflicted us, if you know these things are in our life in order to cause us to do things and and mostly what they're there to cause us to do is to repent and turn back towards God because as I do. Ryan and I just know I guy I know, partially because of my memories is Asian of all these verses is I know God that your judgments are good and I I know that in faithfulness whatever affliction I've got coming is and I know as I draw closer to him. If I choose him. I'm delivered because I'm healed I'm healed financially. I'm healed emotionally I'm healed physically you know as soon as Jesus comes in a better than be that much better. But as I move closer to God. I get all these healing right in and hopefully make better choices with my money or and all these things and ultimately I just trust God and if I trust God, there's no anxiety right in his presence is forms of joint and and so I know it's really hard for me to think about the know five years ago six years ago as I faced some of these afflictions that I got myself into. You know they were they would wear me out.

But as I move closer especially through our study of the song which I'm so grateful for all of you walking with me through this. Is it that I become more I get a more in-depth understanding that all his judgments are good. And this thing is working out and and I know that in rate of the that what's happening is right and I know that he is going to quicken. I know that he is going to make me alive through all this and I know that in his presence is fullness of joy and so yeah there's all sorts of raging out there that's going to go on today and I can choose to involve myself that if I push into the Torah. If I push into God's word. If I push into Jesus right see how good he is and how loving he is and whatever I'm immediately delivered and and and again if I can stay there, to whatever extent that he can show me the better choices. The other things I need to do in my chooser in order to follow him on the way out of my situation, whatever that may be effective for studying this verse is in the wisdom of the ration is such a fun letter will spend eight versus studying is going to be a blast