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Holiness Has To Do With Proximity

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 19, 2022 2:03 pm

Holiness Has To Do With Proximity

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 19, 2022 2:03 pm

Robby with his dear friend Jerry discuss that the simple act of being near God is what makes us Holy! Stay tuned for the 25th episode of " A Plymouth's Progress"


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This is the Truth Network that is your all about Grover. I'm going to talk to you about, and far Grover going to show you near and far. First is near as radio show holiness has to do with proximity today am a Christian. So I think it is helpful when you have Grover from Sesame Street, making it so simple that anybody can understand it, the more I dig into this, the more my mind is just blown at how simple it really is but holiness clearly has to do with proximity to my remembered years and years ago I did a show about why did Moses have to take off the shoes when he was on holy ground and I came to this and thought back then and I would interbreed more so today that it didn't have to do with issues were in holy and had to do with his feet needed to touch the ground, his feet needed to touch the holiness.

In other words, God wanted and close as he could get him and the shoes were were were in between him and God and the guy didn't want and so you know the old joke and Bob tells us all the time it back in the days and we had and I can say this because I'm a Christian card. I weaved at bench seats we we still have been some pickup trucks. Praise God. But back in the day, you know, the wife would sit next to the husband. We would hope and she never you know, and there was this old couple and they were on their bench seat and a pickup truck.

Satan knows far away from each other as possible and the wife says remember the good old days, you know right after married when I used to snuggle up right next to you in and you know what you always had your arm around me and the old man looked at her and Sybil who moved there you go. A lot is anything that is there's more adept at that. I really ever ever saw, and I have to tell you I'm so excited about will get to do today so in an effort to make us all a bit closer to holiness today shows brought you by the Hebrew letter cuff and that the word holiness in Hebrew has to do with that X could go should starts with that letter and serenity talking all about that, but I also want to start speaking and close to holiness. The 25th episode of the plant up from his progress, which is just really cool even speaks to this issue a little bit as I bring out at the end so we had talked about trying to show last show they did with Jerry yeah and so when did you cry with your whole heart was what that was and we didn't get to all the callers and so since this is another Christian card I show you only have to read you only got three segments to do it and because you're gonna see this has everything to do with proximity how close you are to God has to do with crying and I never put this together my mind. But once you do, you're going to see it so the Jews have taught for ever, that the word of God is comparable to mammoth and you may be in her bed in Christian circles that the Torah and man. I have the same qualities but maybe you never heard this about manna that the Jews teach which I think is spectacular that they talk about that. It was so pure that it was exactly what your body needed that it didn't have any dross it had no waste to it. So the second you put it on your tongue, your body ingested all the nutrients and there was nothing that went to waste an income completely met all the needs of your body issue was you didn't get full and you wanted more. Well, the word of God. I'm sure it's the word of God is that pure and and it's that simple. There is nothing there is nothing that that that that's that's not that's dross everything is absolutely perfect, pure, it's exactly what your body needs it when you can get a good look at it at whatever point you can. The Holy Spirit shows you what it is you go. Oh my gosh I could not be more simple, so why do you think of your thought about it.

The baby cries his very first thing you did by the way, when you are born.

Why did you cry well here's the thing broken intimacy.

You had a relationship with your mother that was phenomenally or completely surrounded your you had the biggest hug going on of your life right is she was meeting all your needs and you could not of felt closer, but at the point in time that you came out there's a broker may literally sever the biblical record and there's a broken intimacy and of course you cried, and of course you cried and so why do you think the psalmist when he went to to begin the letter could've section and only get eight verses that are then described this face of God that is the letter cuff, which is the beginning of the word holiness. Why is the very first thing he says. Writer met that Matt verse.

I tried with my whole heart. Why do you think he did that because he's talking about proximity. He's talking about and and I want to think about this if somebody men don't like it when women cry out to you why zealots I never thought about until it was like.

Of course, when you see somebody crying you immediately are called to intimacy but yet you're called with their crying because of a deep hurt for a deep broken intimacy in their life and its when you go into an intimate relationship in any way shape or form. The stakes just went up really high and you're liable to get really hurt, as you ever noticed it, but I can tell you Christians is a group of the crime is punch people you'll ever come up with a highly agitated Christian man that I've known that you cannot stop these people from Brian.

I mean that they'll tell your story, did you watch the tears come.

I mean, they just there there just that way). Yeah, you know, is the whole story to tell them what's get into this whole thing is that intercessors the way God created us and we try to make it complicated. Sometimes a me what why was mankind.

Why would but God create man can that relationship with him that close as he had dated say why did Christ was the thing he left the you know the Holy Spirit brings together the church. You know this all goes back to that relationship in bringing believers together and hopefully the world that doesn't understand that her just eager to take to have what a Christian has what we have in Christ.

And it's it's in a bed. The problem is just like the society does you to further gets away from room from the core of the Christian life. The more things go bad in the more struggles we have had the same thing and in our Christian walk. Also so again I was under these eight verses and I'm a jump ahead go back in the end, but that I want to jump ahead just to make the point that God made with me so in verse 150 it says they draw close. They draw nigh that follow after Mr. Flett mischief word by the way, is just as horrible sexual morality when it comes to this word in Hebrew. Okay, it's horrible and it says they are far from the law, so it's there. There is the word near and the word far in the same sentence. And so as I was looking at these workers in Hebrew. I was like oh my gosh look at the positioning of the cuff right because the cliff is the letter that the holes this particular section of Psalms about one word near and again Hebrew root rides reads backwards to go see that you and I put this on my website to the word near guess what the first letter is it's a cuff the word far guess what's the last letter. His it's a cuff. Why do you think because the closer that you are to God right and we all know this to mean that you producing the picture the wheel before. Hope you have, where get bicycle wheel of all the spokes right.

The closer you get to the hub, the closer you get to God the closer you get together it it fulfills what I would consider to be the statutes, the idea of love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul all your strength and your neighbor as yourself. Bring those two together and you get the hub in the wheel and the whole thing, but as you get any distance from God. The natural result is to cry but it's it it just any broken intimacy. Think about the worst fries you've ever had your life and this is what we are hoping you'll call because knowing and I have two segments now for you to do that at 866348788486634 truth I don't remember crying when I was born, but I sure remember crying and my mom died. You know Robbie is sent him look and I can just see that it is her, but also the joy because we that that is the difference closer to heaven, we can find joy in some of the most hurtful things that the world tell us we should be broken over this like so hard, but we know so we are deal in Savannah Christian card. I shall call us 866-34-TRUTH 7884. You're listening to the Truth Network and in the as to proximity today on the Christian card as showing we are.

I'm so excited because I got calls in the higher these crying stories which very excited about before you that I was just revisit that verse just for a second again where it says they draw nigh that follow after mischief and they are far from my law verse right after that says thou art mural Lord right proximity and all thy commandments or truth and you remember that they said they were far from the lawn here.

They said it all or commandments or truth look the proximity in this because Jesus is the law. Okay Jesus is those words are are truly him every single letter is him every single concept is him right and so as you draw closer to the word of God right you draw closer to God, which means it is in essence you can draw closer to the other people in your life as well and and those things that are considered commandments are actually his love letters.

I mean like this is this is in a how do I love you.

Limit counseling so we have an anonymous call in Raleigh, North Carolina very excited to hear this Christ story so you will well we hope you call back or he'll call back. Whoever was the called 866-348-7884 is excited to hear that. So please call back yet. You know you know Robbie consider doing it. I mean everybody has that story. It is just a matter of know what to do. Had the courage to tell the story and nothing to do it on the radio but yet many be great for you. Call in and do it on the radio because the thing is sometimes life experiences and we have theirs were broken and we see how God is working our lives and just the power of somebody else hearing your story this going through that and that they know without a shadow of a doubt is hoping that there's that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

And of course, that light is Jesus Christ in our faith and just power forming you know that so many times I think myself and I'm Robbie. There's times a week to share a story that could change the trajectory for somebody else's relationship with Christ and we did and we walk off alcohol man. I should have dug a little deeper than that never got pulled on my heartstrings share that for every reason right, which is by the way, intimacy and of itself is like how cool is it that God would would come approach on the shoulder and say you know your unit, you need to do this so they are back. Hopefully your only air with us here in Raleigh I'm in your Raleigh word on society in which I live. I will not cry as agreed. Anyway, I'm gonna Raleigh and grade year I forgot and forgot to get a minute flaky right now. Jerry, Jerry, thank you, when he badly get about yeah it's far as sharing over the radio, but it may count the money out, okay I'm gonna go feeling my mom passed away. That would not bother. Maybe I would've cry harder with my now delay but I was told over the phone and call me the way I recommend that that that absolutely gathered the data and now I make money and in the heart cry that I've been having over on it like one big 828 wrapped it got me to explain how Mac and I went out there afterwards, because the but when I log got me back I realize how much I love the Lord well this is mind blowing that you mention this is what it dear dear call this is to me and kind conscious is because I heard this this week and I'll never ever forget it. You know a lot of people realize that we have a relationship with our heavenly father that someone is been influenced by our earthly father Wright and eyes, and when John Eldridge was pointing out that so everybody, gets that idea that the father wound and those kind of things and and then they talked about that people that had as the issue with her siblings when running other has to do with the relationship with Christ because ultimately he's our brother Brian allow all and so I thought old man man.

I hope the block to my brothers and sisters based on the relationship that I had with them that that you know that's portraying our brother and if you think about what's the one time Jesus cried. The one time we know that Jesus wept. In fact, one of the few times we never heard he laughed. I would love to go by the I have somebody alert okay but but the one page of emotionally know he shared was over the loss of her brother whole right now. Sorry I I have ever memorized heterodimers as your question, I was it you know the thing is one of the weep. Was it because of looser brother because of what he knew that he was about to do a bring them back to this have to you know it's it's a beautiful thing that you know that it had to do with intimacy. I mean this is a very very intimate situation and and you know that you see that in that moment, I think it's beautiful that you called him and brought this to my mind all in the same thing because I think it's just a really cool understanding it and let the Holy Spirit they say has to do with your mother because your mother is the calendar and that people that struggle with the relationship of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes there there they didn't get the comfort that they may become got through their mother's a good ass be praying that God would help you with those things as well. So wow, thank you for your call you blessed my socks off. God bless you my love for you to call and join us today, 866348788486634 truth. We need to hear your story. Jerry put it on all his dollars dollars when needed. Somebody needs to hear you're listening to the network and all in the holiness has to do with the Christians car guys show and were also talked about, you know that holiness is writing and you know that that concept of you know, when did you cry with your whole heart. We had an amazing call here the last thing when we got another one we got Jaclyn Ward is got a steer story to share with us Jaclyn you're on the Christian car guys show good morning. I wanted a guy program, probably at my week around today because of the light like a lady for you like okay okay I Holy Spirit company but in doing so, and that only 13 and a like a mother.

My my cat on my I left home when I was singularly drug. Think it was going on in the household and I'm thinking I went grown and had barely get with her and and actually hated her when I left at it. Years and years.

He needed a nap. I gave my life the clay he started working with me and think than I thought it giving beginning to giving a 90 change in part about my mother at the big band he worked with me to write a letter and I had the little threat. The writer wanted it cook like maybe thinking she could not get long enough and filling it down on the Pournelle lactic. The paper was when Lloyd gave me. I love the clock on my mother, even the world and them about everything loudly well again my heart that her and tell me that I love God. I did love her to date to my mom and I'm not going out.

Take out Catholic. At the Galactic bag one yesterday and have their date with what's her name with your mom's name is not a big bottle in nearly everything we live it teach you know yet EL generally prefer right now. We can do for mothers now and all that they are in our lives and I think you for the reconciliation between Jaclyn and her mother and and write our mothers in a tough place facing in the stuff that nobody ever wants to go through and we just pray that you would touch her in a way that she knows it's from you from your Holy Spirit, your comfort. I pray that you would be with those surgeons and that that everyone their senses. Your presence like the heaven and the whole life that that did that you would be as close as they could possibly be to everybody in the situation.

Even Jaclyn as she is, we can hear the tender place for she is for her mother and we ask this in Jesus name, amen I you I you read my mind I was thinking man I gotta find this poem you go for the road to my love I have never been to Constantine and I live to let someone know that we can't go very dear and always know that you EL if you have given to my mother long, it's okay. It's okay. We all will don't let him know that right now. I know God is the author of everything and I have made my people, my mom, I really haven't weep talking about the Lord and have no prayer on Wednesday night and if I didn't get enough time and I know you do to jury right you're going through similar thing with her own mother. Okay, here is what I want Jaclyn to do is believe me, I'm in a post is a Christian car today, but I need you to email the kid can email do you have access to email. I okay do not do not use your phone and you take a picture cannot take a picture the palm and text it to me okay and a lot of people on as I develop my, my mirror, but I'll have a problem with my cell phone number okay.

Can you write it down. I know I want your call but I wanted posted a Christian car today.

Okay, so here's my cell phone and its area code 336 area code 336909369092779 take a picture and text that to me and I will post it after I do think I have to do another show to do after this, but by noon. I'll have it up there at the website so people can see is called seasonal rose yet.

I can hardly untie you know that's Elizabeth just really cool part of this call Jaclyn and and thank you for trusting us with your heart because I know that's I can cite you know everybody knows that that's really difficult place and you know I'm not unlike you and that my relationship with my mother wasn't what it should have been when I was younger but did God redeem that for me and anybody who heard the show back in.

My mother was alive she was my biggest fan. She would always call it shows: until some stories on your house and then he really would with Jaclyn. I got another call to thank you for calling him because luck is admitted that somebody attested a special way. Besides just us to others to thank you, God bless. I look forward to that text about our I forgot Trey Jones is I'm doing good. What you got for she gotta go quick I would I have all of time your mom and I don't care what you Revelation chapter 20 oh good.

21 and 23 directly ghostly letter is over. No more tears from around, and I will be no more data on the once horrible crime elevated and more plain times are close to one Lord 1000 in the hospital and she was battling really really closely mom too much time relationship is not easy, but I got hold it together so you mom mom really well are you what I went and united it was you don't you pleasurable along with chapters that are Revelation 2120, Naomi, you get a glimpse on it only finds you know you wish to anybody you know specially whatever my baby is to get their assignments: only the good points that were in that tries to see that clearly as we get to spend eternity with you.) Me in the Lord's church, you will be able to play black ball right when you sleep for know you know sincere you know there's not a wishy-washy one. She and I and also your name, but you're really not going I admire you know you don't have a lot of time. I know hey we got to go try Trey, thank you for college and Sharon that I love are no more tears that I so thank you and we've got a postcard. I have since 25 him enough so stay tuned for the houses were so grateful for these powerful calls today and I will get that. You're listening to the Truth Network and so dream valiant.

Faithful things I about their new acquaintance. Remember the problem. Please see the kingdom of God is not that Impala talk of repentance and faith in the new, but he only knows how to talk about his family and Evans both at home and his hunger is empty of religion as there is in his garage, no prayer, no sign of repentance for sin PA is says God far better than talkative.

He is the very state approach and saying to true religion. No one who knows it has a good word to say about the common sedans who know him say this about us Devlin told his whole family knows what a tyrant he is completed. Someone with the sentence and they need to know what to do was say to him. Sedans that have any dealings with him think it is better to deal with the go with. They still have Farah dealings with the Hugo which are known to try to deal with the dead, talkative. This, again, talkative. If it be possible is less and far surpasses the West criminal with his ability dial in different matters. Bless. He brings up his sons to follow in his tire tracks and if you find any of his children attend concerts calls them full and blockheads and by no means will employ them in much and make some career them before others. For my part, it is my opinion that he has by his wicked life calls maybe to crash and unless God predicts it will be the will might draw the volume down to believe you, not only because you say you, but also because like a good Christian you make your reports of sedans. I cannot think that you speak these things. It really will want because he's even so, as you side well that I just met him I might perhaps if your opinion of this sedan that I received about about talkative from the duties of religion which we know often happens and falls from bad sedans grills upon good sedans, names and professions. Well, then I would be aware of that prejudice and I would have called it slanderous about talkative good sedans that they can call him brother nor friend the very meaning of him. Among them, plus they know him to be what they say no, it's true. Not to mention a great many more things that are just as bad that I can even deal. Well I see that saying and doing all two different things, and arguably more careful to observe the difference in the future. They are two different things in the end are as diverse as the soul and the body, but just as the body without the soul is that caucus, so also see without the doing this so religion is the practical working religion and undefiled before God and the father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world is talkative is not aware of this truth. The things that feeling and talking will make a good Christian. And so he deceives his own so I hearing God's will is indeed so not talking no response to that is not enough to deceive is bearing fruit in our lives. That is be very certain that at the sedans and will be judged according to the fruits it will not be said that. Did you believe what will you do was talk is only and accordingly shall they be judged the end of the weld as compared to harvest. The harvest of us and you know minute hobbits we got nothing but fruit.

Anything can be accepted that is no true faith that I speak this to show you how significant the profession of talkative be at that day Springs tomorrow morning. What Moses said, by which he described the beams that he's clean clean beast is one that both paths. The shoes the cod not the beast that is only one or another the rabbit choose the cod but yet is unclean because he parts not the and is truly resembles talkative. He choose the cod. He seeks knowledge shoes upon the word body divides notes on who he parts not with the way of sinners, like the rabbit he retains the foot of the dog will bear and therefore is unclean.

You have spoken well and I know the true gospel sense of this text is another thing I'll call some sedans. Those who bring talkers to sounding grass and tingling that is explained in all things without getting found things without life without the true faith and grace of the consequently these are sedans that sailed well in the kingdom of heaven among those who love the children of light. Even though this is a fit with the voice of any well, I was not so fond of the company of talkative at first but I am sick now what we do take my advice and dues.

I usually find that he will soon be sick of your company to list good touches on what would you have me do my go to him and into into some serious discourse about the power of religion in his complaint he has approved that whether this is something that is truly looking itself out is in his home garage and his behavior faithful drover again and said the Toronado talkative. How are you doing very well thank you I thought we should've had a great deal of talk, but for the next exciting venture in the Plymouth progress now and Randy radiator to review today's episode three, talking man responded. You may be a talking tree you will dialogue all dialogue I have my being like daddy that the roof of our faith have root. No means no root, no fruit, no root, that's one way that we can tell, we are abiding and have faith in Christ. There you so is this episode of Christian car guy theater taught talking does not necessarily lead to intimacy. Have you here. Can you join me in our shoes that holy. This is the Truth Network