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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 38 - Prayers For Our Children

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 30, 2021 11:39 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 38 - Prayers For Our Children

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 30, 2021 11:39 am

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Robby shares a miraculous answer to prayer that illustrates this verse

Psalms 119:38

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The hidden treasures of the hundred and 19 this first day on hidden treasures treasures every good I am so excited about this verse this verse gives me personally a huge amount of encouragement. I just one of the best I could have in the things that really concern me in my world. So 38 verse which, if we are following along in the hundred 19 Psalm is in the hay section meeting in a beautifully this is the expression of God's mountain and King David is praying these annoying things over this particular letter and and so the sixth anointing of the Holy Spirit in Isaiah 11 is the fear the Lord and so this one clearly lines up all that well with the fear the Lord is this verse. If you read it in English established by word under thy servant, who is devoted to thy fear and oh my goodness.

Is there a treasure in this particular verse so like all the scenes like King David was such a student of the word, that is, he usually loaded up these first words to tell you kind of where in the Bible.

He is getting the information that is getting so in in this case when he says establish or establish, depending on how you want to say that the King James version that word. The first time that you see it is when Cain raises up to his brother in the field.

In other words, the idea of establish is to be raised up in to raise up and then interestingly its use. Time and time again to talk about the covenant that you know that God would establish with Abraham that God would establish and again they use this very word of establishing confidence and so here is he's not only asking for God to raise deputies asking for that kind of promise, a covenant promise of the word and and here he uses the word Amira. He doesn't use the bar like we use quite often in this. It is from the Hebrew standpoint, Amira is an Alice and MM and a race which is essentially the three letters which would be God the father, God the son and the mama Messiah. And then there are race is often the Holy Spirit says, like, and all that expressed and so it literally is God expressing himself in the word that that King David undoubtedly would have been excited about that. He wanted established was the one where you talk about what his kids would be right. Eventually his child would be the Messiah. And so that would mean that his kids would have this holy lying to them and I don't know about you but it's one of those things I really am praying every single day that God would establish right his word on that. I servant and and then he gives us a real treasure in that he's giving us sort of a commentary on the Bible every time so he says unto thy servant, who is devoted to thy fear. And here I don't want you to miss something that is really the nugget in the verse okay.

King David is telling us that there is a connection between the fear of the Lord and God's handling of your family. So if you look in Deuteronomy 410, or if you look in area. Interestingly, he taught this Psalm obviously to his son Solomon, who in Proverbs 1426 says in the fear the Lord is strong confidence and his children shall have a place of refuge right you see that that Solomon understood because King David and showed him what was said in Deuteronomy in a 410 and so and there's several places that that later on, speak to the same connection. But here's a connection of for me as I think about wow what if I look at my own life. What is one of my biggest concerns and that is my my children would walk with the Lord. I mean it just is and and so here's a promise that if that if I will be devoted to thy fear that he is going establish his covenant with me these promises that that were talking about these very verses. So interestingly, the way this plays out and I want to give your story along these lines that I saw happen in real life. So before I was a Christian, actually my wife Tammy insisted that I go to church and in you know it was a car salesman in my day off was Sunday, so this wasn't a great idea in my book, but nonetheless I wanted to marry her. She was beautiful and distant wonderful girl and I'm like okay I'll go to church in the very first time I went to church with First Christian Church during church in Greensboro and Dr. redhead was speaking and I can't tell you a single sermon that anybody preached, probably for the next three years, but I do know what he said that very first time was made all kinds of sense to me and impacted my life greatly, and it certainly along these lines was. He said that you have two ears and you have one mouth and so when you pray, listen twice as much as you talk. In other words, do the math you got to. Here's one thing God gave in.

The idea actually that this prayer that he kinda taught us was this just perceived that Jesus is there wanting to say something and just listen.

Just listen. In other words, if if you don't think that like John Eldin said in interview that I did once within that try with your wife if you think that you can just talk and never listen okay is the work out to get in any relationship and and so it's a beautiful thing when you listen Zoe.

He had said that and then he said, you know, if you really and situation to stop and and try to listen for God because he's very aware what's going on. While I thought it was really cool.

I thought it was brilliant but it didn't use it for long time, until one day my son ran away from school. Leslie he was eight years old. He was supposed to got off the bus that they did get off the bus, but after that, he disappeared. Nobody know where he went, and so that particular day, you know, my wife called me like 4 o'clock. We don't know where Leslie is.

We don't see where he got off the bus.

You know, we went and talked to the neighbors yet. He got off the bus, but then he ran for and we can find them and so we began to search all over Greensboro where we lived at the time. I mean we drove up and down the street and you begin this frantic frantic search will by 7 o'clock we were fairly terrified we call the police and said we were missing our son in there like you might imagine what we can do anything. No Antilles missing 24 hours will put it down. That is missing, but you know, and there was a lot of hope with the police and so we kept driving.

We kept looking.

By midnight we driven everywhere. We need to drive. Think about all I can think. We drove home and I was just terrified and I run out answers on my own and so the only thing I knew to do was to this crazy prayer on my I never really prayed, believing God set foot never had this experience until this particular night when I was totally desperate and so when the bedroom by myself.

I just sat there, put myself in that position to listen and that's all I will come.

God is God. You know what's going on what you say and after really about 20 minutes of just trying to settle down and hear God's voice I heard in my heart very clearly. Robbie, I got this. It's all good to be okay as you can imagine this kind of comical really me walk around living room.

I wife sit there in me being the heathen that I was car salesman, not even a Christian at that point, I can assure you I am telling Tammy I just talk to God and he told me he has this. She looked at me like you Dr. got us and he told me he's got this. It's all going to be all right. Well, sure enough, he established his word is that my diet, I got scared and I got a little bit devoted to his rear and not seven or eight minutes after I had that discussion with my wife. There was a police car pulled up in the driveway and down.

Leslie was in the backseat. The policeman said Borat you know this is really something, because just a few minutes ago I was driving down Lee Street, which is no place you would want an eight-year-old child to be in Greensboro North Carolina that year by themselves. I was driving down the street and I saw the schoolboy get in the car with some people.

I thought the that doesn't look right. He should be given that car so I stopped him and checked in this little boy turned out to be Leslie and I said and how long ago that it's all I know, 15, 20 minutes ago and I thought oh my goodness it is lined up exactly with my prayer that it it was just like an it what he made such an impression. As you probably met. Imagine me that I have never forgotten that and in I want to think with me as I recalled the story this morning. I thought you know what Leslie was lost he was lost and he got found right and so I don't know where you are with your kids home but I know this this promise here in this particular Psalm is established by word on that. I serve was devoted to thy fear. In other words, I know my end of this deal was to be devoted to your fear and is in the end the deal is to establish his word and I know the confidence that I walked out that night like I knew that God had, and I'm hoping that you can pray with me that I know that we can all have that no God has devoted hope that encourages you to day hundred