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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 29 - How Do I Stop Lying?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 17, 2021 8:57 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119: Verse 29 - How Do I Stop Lying?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 17, 2021 8:57 am

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First the humility of the Dalet to admit we do lie, but then the faith to believe God can help me to not only stop but get on the path of Torah..

Psalms 119:29

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Treasurers of all want to walk where we hundred 19 Psalm verse 29. Oh my goodness this is the fifth of the verses in the Dollard section and I think you'll agree with me that it takes an believable humility to pray this prayer but it's a really good one to Beverly before we get into bad. I just want to say a few things that if your just tuning in, or you just been in this a couple of sessions, a couple episodes and you feel confused, it might be helpful to go back to the beginning of you know I I started this with just the overall matrix of the hundred 19 Solomon and the idea behind the eight verses in the different words that are repeated and that might be helpful as well as his come along with us, but either way I I did place in the show notes.

Always the PDF of the different words so that you can see those in Hebrew, but also is my email address and I would be so delighted for your feedback or your questions. Like Robbie, what did you mean by saying this, or maybe you think Robbie are all wet with this.

Would love that. I would absolutely love that because the last thing the world I want to do is teach God's word wrong out wrongly or in any way shape or form. So again I put my email address in there would love your feedback. Would love to have a discussion with you about anything that we've been talking about here. I'm so delighted that you personally tuned in and always just cool to see what God is doing. So this 29 verse seems on the surface extremely easy and it is and so don't miss this extremely easy, but is extremely hard so the verse reads remove for me the way of lying and grant me thy law graciously again were in the Dollard section, which has to do with the door of humility that leads us into spirituality, and how much humility does it take admit were liars and the sad sad sad sad sad news is the person that we live to the most is ourselves right. Robbie and I can be able to do that, you know, I know God lost God's loss as to do that. I know that I'm not supposed to lie in this situation that I'm under so much for all the lies I turn myself in and in a John Eldridge teaches along this line that when we're lying were essentially agreeing with Satan any locks in two areas of our lives as we put these lives out there. Even if lying to ourselves, especially when relying to myself I would suppose that then he has a right to that area of your life and so if if you feel like wow you know I looked at pornography yesterday so I'm definitely you know the horrible sinner.

I'm not going to heaven.

I've got no reason that I could possibly talk about God's word.

While there are several lives and there are several things you needed I will.

I've been there I've done that, and I certainly needed the repentance, but I needed God to remove from me the way of lying in those lies that until myself and and then you gotta love the second part of the verse. Now that we know there were all liars which we really it says grant me by law graciously.

How much do we need grace when we really confess that only our week we lie constantly and especially to ourselves. And if we can break those agreements with Satan. By the way he no longer has an authority in that area and so when you're aware of a lie that you been telling yourself just break it and say I'm announced that that's not true. Satan got no area right here to work in because I am going with the log grant me the law graciously as so much here that I could.

My goodness, but the way of lying when you look at that word in Hebrew. It's essentially the false path. It's it's the counterfeit, which we often take unfortunately it's not the way so to speak, as we need the actual Derek of you know Jesus there you go. He is the way and so we can take away the false path right then it says grant me thy law graciously and I love the word great so I hope you do to you and that word in Hebrew is so absolutely beautiful.

At first he says law and that word is Torah and of course, that is Jesus. And so you're asking for the get Jesus and he's full of grace and so it only makes sense that those things go together, but that word grace after Torah. There is this sense of planting the seeds of faith that there is a head which means life. And then there is a none, you know, means faith, but it also is very much a seed and then there's a good and another none of final and actually the in the word graciously, which is a little bigger expression of them just the word grace is a graciously bad another unit, and they had a another none to give you that real solid like this is this is planting seeds of faith okay. Which makes sense that if if he's if he's granting us in the word grant is just to ask is just a letter in in Hebrew which is know this cough which is this crown that's kinda coming down when you think about being crowned with the Torah. All my notion or how wonderful would that be if he could take out of my life. The false path that lies an adult. Tell myself all is think and if he could replace that with the truth. All my goodness, how powerful would that be coming in so many different areas in so many different ways right. He's giving us the key to salvation right here, by the way, that if we could just remove from us the way of lying and granted by law, graciously which is all about what Jesus does in the cool thing that really gives me hope in the region want to pray this with you this morning. Is he wouldn't pray it if it wasn't possible in this is the word of God and King David was under the spirit or DOS almost was in the spirit of God when he wrote this, and so we know this is truth.

We know that it's truth that God can remove from us the way of lying and he can grant us the Torah graciously. I've hit what he promised and what a prayer. In fact, I pray that for everybody I knew this morning and individually because it is that is such a beautiful prayer such a beautiful thing and I would point out that it is the fifth verse were certainly leveling up in humility, but you can. I think you can see if we can open the door to humility, that of all the lies that we really are telling, especially the ones were telling ourselves and then God can remove those we admitted right we get humble then he can remove and replace that I close my prayers for you today and again I would love love your feedback by email is there in the show notes.

I would love your questions anywhere you want to honor me know when. Thank you for listening