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A Plymouth's Progress Chapter 17

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 7, 2021 12:26 pm

A Plymouth's Progress Chapter 17

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 7, 2021 12:26 pm

Robby discusses his encounter with God on his last vacation. Plus, another installments of Christian Car Guy Theater!



This is Rodney from the masculine journey podcast.

We explored manhood within Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just a few seconds. Sit back and enjoy it, share it, most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network.

Now I have a very good radio show will begin coming on surfing Safari today with the Christian Car Guy show so well surfing Safari on them. If you've ever been on that on a radio show.

That's what were doing today which I think along become clear to you what were doing here shortly but hopefully recognize wiped out by the safaris themselves are safaris I think was way to course Beach boys was surfing Safari and surfing USA which has to do with the ocean which has to do with water which will have a lot to do.

It was today shows about them today shows brought about Hebrew letter aleph and I have been doing this whole series on my podcast the hidden treasures of the hundred 19 Solomon you may know that it starts off with aleph which is the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet, and so that's why were using that letter today and will get back to that shortly. But I want to mention to you that in the last segment today. Great news, the long-awaited Christian car guy theater episode 17 is here. I've been writing for almost since we started the series consists is the point where valiant/Christian goes down into the valley of humiliation and when he does he meets Apollyon and so it gets quite exciting and it's it's it's really was a lesson for me the first time ever read the book on what all happened in the valley of humiliation.

It may be offensive time in the valley of humiliation yourself. I sure have. And so very fun today.

At the end of the show or go see that but you're wondering about surfing today. So like many, we went to the beach on vacation this summer and we sat in the sun and on the sand and while I was sitting in the sand.

I observed something that really still has me quite intrigued, so I don't know why it is but so many families that have brand-new babies on talk about infants, some that could really just crawl others that just barely would walk and in what they do they get them down close to the ocean and what with the kids to arena think that they would run they would strive they reach for the ocean with all they had until they are really exhausted every night was amazing how you know because we sat there in an area where I guess a lot of families were there from the in the same hotels and stuff that were close by so I saw the same kids most every day and then they never stopped. And they never stopped but even more amazing to me, and you may know, I teach special needs of Sunday school at the church. I have done it for about 20 or so I have a real affinity for people special needs and I was saying special needs folks that would come up and very specifically one young man that you know. Again, I guess his family was staying in one of the hotels are close to where we always would go out and he would stand in the water about at his knees for literally hours and he would get so excited as he looked out into the ocean, are used to scared to go any further than where his knees were because waves but he would literally flail his arms with excitement as he looked out into the water remaining was just so excited.

It was unbelievable and I as I watch the little kids and I watched him I thought you know what it this is what a childlike spirit is like when they see water like Ryan I mean and so my guess is, what are they looking at. Well, to me it's living water right there in a way they're seeing Jesus and and they're just so excited and overwhelmed.

I mean look how big the ocean is in and the brown pelicans are divebombing in the water didn't fishing. It's also exciting. So as I stand on the shore. The hundred 19 Psalm) analysis we talked about. You may know that it's the longest chapter in the Bible and you know may know that that to King David wrote it on the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and he wrote eight verses on each of those letters but is quite obvious to me as I began to calm God has me memorizing it that I think King David as he stood there and looked at the word of God.

He got so excited that it was as big as the ocean. It was bigger than the ocean and it is living water that he was literally flailing his arms as he began to write these verses and when you get to the gimbal section the 18th verse he says open my eyes so I can see it.

I many lips like he literally was screaming at God opened my eyes so I can see it so along those lines, I thought that would be a fun place to in a play name that noise because I have annoys him to give you him I normally don't but this noise is connected to why sometimes you can't see in your car so that Sean was play time.

The play defined med beef O or race that I like that hubbub name that is called an planner all right get ready to call Leonid 866-34-TRUTH 87884. That's 866-348-7884 and if you can name this noise. Sean tell him what that went into the winter mean that noise is when a Christian car guy T-shirt from the festering hard drive prideful and silent and profiling with a big red Christian car guy. It looks more like an Superman think the front and on the back has a Jesus labor love very wonderful T-shirts so you might even mention the size that you may want to the call screener when you call in to guess this noise but I guess in order to do that. They got here than I Sean cigarette and play it again. I guess I gave you the hint that it might have something to do with you not being able to see out of your car park is retired about opening the eyes of our heart, so to speak, so that we can see in if you can name that noise you can get T-shirt you call us 866348788486634 and so is we begin to ponder this Psalm and begin to ponder what God's doing. Obviously, in our cars and in our lives in meeting our needs.

There is a movie that was done by Jefferson Moore. I just absolutely love this movie it's called the perfect stranger now the perfect stranger in this movie actually is Jesus and he takes this lady dinner at Chrissy does look like Jesus so much but it's as you see this, he looks. You know he's talking to her and and she doesn't believe in Jesus at all.

She does necessarily even believe in God but as they begin to have this discussion.

He explains to her something that I thought I could try to quote this, but I thought it be better if I displayed this from the movie. So take a listen. The man talking is Jesus and this lady here is trying to find out more about God. What's your deepest desire not sure I want to get into this talk in generalities. What do most people's hearts long for now it big screen TV. I suppose people's greatest desire is to be loved.

I don't mean to be too personal.

Nikki, your experiences another person ever completely fulfill that need for love. That's a good husband is not when asking now is no one's ever really that's because another person never can only get 19 he created people that way now why would God create mankind with his deep need to be loved, and they never meet a great question. Why would God create mankind with his phenomenal deep need to be loved completely and then not made well as I saw that young man stand in the water, flailing his arms. I've seen the guy was meeting that you know he was so excited and as I think about King David standing on the brim of the hundred 19 Solomon is. He said Alice it's the same kind of thing like wow they could meet that so-and-so excitingly got all kinds of folks lined up to play name that noise and so were going to get to that here in a minute but I'd jump into some things that the King David did for us in this Psalm as we begin to look into this again. I've done a whole podcast also to details. In fact, it's got a PDF of the 10 words that are constantly repeated, and if you go to the show notes in my podcast. You can see all sorts of neat things about this Psalm that I wish I could cover the show today but I just want to cover a few things and we come back and were to take all these calls on the name that noise. And don't forget we are Christian car guy theater at the end of the show, so my goodness that you want to attend noise well outside outwardly come back stating your listening to the Truth Network and began surfing Safari did car guys show. So glad you tune in the day were play name that noise got a bunch of those working to do here in just a second, but I want to mention again for those that heard that movie clip and synergy. I'd like to hear that move you again the name that movie is called perfect stranger by Jefferson Moore and if you go to Christian car I put a link thereto where you can find it on YouTube is over 1.2 million views. It's a great movie. I can recommend it enough but also you can tell the Jefferson Moore must've stood on the edge of the ocean at one point in time and flailed his arms with excitement at what God had done. And so in order to see that we got to get the eyes of our hearts opened and that has everything to do with the letter out forget that in the second tube at first got Scott he wants to play name that noise. He's in Raleigh, North Carolina so Scott you're on the Christian car guys show the morning so you play that noise again for you so that you can get all teamed up here we go ride Scott and name that noise might I am. You are the first time ever, Scott in the history of name that noise to be the very first caller to win.

I mean the actual name and I guess my head was to get a break will give you all the current will give God the credit, but nonetheless it's it's that's what the noise is entered in the blower motor of the defroster air conditioner eat or whatever you got that that makes the finger around and around when it starts to go bad.

That's exactly the noise and it is annoying in all raining here it's raining here right now. All my mind. I'm well you have one that's so wonderful. Thank you Scott appreciate you calling out. Thank you alright well I put Scott hold in case we need to get his size on the check out Troy's in Watertown, North Carolina, Detroit Trey, are you still with me. You know I am wonderful I am wonderful Trey so well you know about your toleration after the winter was not gold but he ran around the my guess was nobody. The windshield washer model. The noise one night and it runs dry and it might back down the weird want a fight fire.

You know that's that's that's trach and you know, for all I know women when they recorded that bearing noise they could've been hit in the washer button at the same T-shirt for sure for calling in and and I'm also curious Trey if you if you got been on vacation this year.

I will probably honestly Robbie God is really good. It really boils my Outlook a role in the church just not longer guard and I will that's really been about judging the Marriott really enjoyed fellowship with God's people and will have an idea a little meal part of parts after church service on by Emil Baker, the firefight headed up there. You minute and I'll play what is vacation the money up by what I had a good Trey. That's the point.

I mean, when you can stand on the shore and just be so excited about what God's doing that. You just want to shake your arms. I mean, I think you know that's when you begin to get that big huge place in your heart filled that was meant for God to fill right I hear all about you. But not in findings and whatnot but I haven't really you know Dolman done a whole lot with you working in the house of the Lord you done a whole lot Trey water like them all at the right thing that always rolls around my mind.

I can't get out of it is. Jesus said, apart from me you can do what I know is that I was talking about is what you really want mature and we really going to start a really Lord United but you know God. He added that the help of the Lord by you know we do what we got a date and God you are you not really believe God still giving my defining, absolutely, put you back on hold. Now get your size Trey. Thank you so much for what you're doing and God bless you I Raleigh I enjoyed my embrace.

Thank you bye-bye all right we got Angela is in Burlington and she still with us. I hope Angela here that my audience knows that Hammurabi's intake is I want to know the creative answers that everybody had so that Angela let what were you thinking well it was one reason you couldn't your caller. My thought went to windshield wiper now. Oh yeah But what could possibly make such a struggling and I thought of someone trying to remove a rather thick layer of snow from their windshield.

Windshield wipers, but it wasn't. Having said that, I know, Angela, for all I know when they recorded this. There was this real heavy snowstorm that anyway I bet you if you stood on the shore this year and kind of just been amazed at what God is doing old whale vacation is at least a week or longer at the date by being in so long I was out for sleep for three days with my cousin and her husband was on the fair patient all day and I was on the beach not quite as long as I would really like my, my, Cassie's got it to see if he accepts she does not that sad is this one. How is day for three months for me and I will be right back with a lot more Christian car guy shows taking your listening to the Truth Network and will serve from Safari on the Christian car graph is that I enjoy these calls so much and wow, I've never had such a quick answer to my name. That noise, but that was wonderful and the ideas that now maybe our eyes, and a little bit old, more open now that are blower motors working and we can get the defroster going so were not getting fogged up here, but I first try need to tell you that later on today on the Truth Network Amy combo is coming on with her show on suicide loss with three additional to you meant to be live on the Truth Network. It starts at 1 o'clock and you'll be able to call into her show. Always great Amy combo and her husband Boris, who I dearly love wonderful wonderful talkshow that comes on 1 o'clock but you know I wanted to ride a wave with you for a minute okay so if if you go to the beach.

One of the things that you will see obviously are these waves come in and occasionally there's kids in the body surfing their sons at her bit of got boogie boards and then there's some that actually have big surfboards and so it's interesting when King David was standing on the shore of 119 Solomon.

He was can it take these letters of expression. Okay, so the building blocks.

In other words, God spoke the world into existence and he is the words because in the beginning was the Word and the Word was God.

And so language itself is God, I mean it just is in the building blocks of that are actually the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, so we look at this Alice there.

There they are going to give us a whole lot information about the ocean. I'm just telling you so David is standing on the shore and he's looking at the waves and he wants to share something with you. Now you may know that each letter of the Hebrew alphabet gets eight versus in the hundred 19 Psalm so the million-dollar question obviously is why would why would we only get eight. Why would we get eight. Why would there not be seven. Sometimes the six and five.

Why did they use eight versus every single time.

Or you may know that when Hebrew child is born, they have to be circumcised on the eighth day, and you may know that when they sanctify the temple. I have excuse me the tabernacle that Aaron and his sons that you know that happened on the eighth day so so what's up with this number eight well this is really cool concept that I think God did through cycles and emotions ever thought about it but Jesus came in on the triumphal entry entry on a Sunday and so he actually was raised from the dead on the eighth day if you count that way okay so eight days after he came in on the triumphal entry Jesus comes up from the pit, just some to think about and outthink with me for a minute, is that you have seven days a week to get what you're going to get done done so you got seven days a week to take care of your car, seven days a week to worry about your oil changes in the things Jerry took did such a marvelous job and Bob did while I was on vacation but then there's an interesting thing like here comes this way you're out of the ocean and you got a surfboard. Okay, you got seven days to get yourself in position because on that eighth day he he gives you a ride in my words we do all that we can do.

But then God pushes us over the finish line on the eighth day in so many different ways. When you think about this and so when you really dig into this. I just want to give you this one nugget.

I'd say absolutely phenomenal to me I could get off my mind the whole vacation is that the different words that are repeated. One of those words is called statutes and the Hebrew understanding of that word statutes would be best for baseball fans called the high heartland.

In other words, these are these are laws or commandments that we don't really understand why we gotta do this, but we gotta do it and we don't really understand what's behind that but we know it's what we gotta do and and so these are things that I really don't understand but somehow or another, God is asking me to do this and so it's kind like those high hard ones and those are called statutes. Okay so when you look at the verses, the first eight verses on aleph you'll see that David takes to swings that this high heartland.

Okay, it you know, first of all, he says all that you would direct my paths. Oh that you would direct my ways to keep your statutes. In other words, I don't know, to do this but you gotta help me okay but come down to the eighth verse and what is he say somehow or another, God pushes him over the finish line on the eighth verse and he says I will keep your statutes all forsake me not utterly now the idea of aleph and what we told you that the shows being brought to you by that is this idea of learning and it when you look at the letter itself. It is a good going down the unit going up those little dots and they essentially God's finger-pointing down in God's finger-pointing backup and in between those two is, of which the Hebrews would tell you is the word of God itself. So if you think about it, it's the finger of man trying to reach up to God to learn. It's the finger of God, trying to reach down the man to teach and in between is what the word of God or Jesus himself and so what's the connection between the man's heart that is yearning to be filled like we just heard in the Jefferson Moore film or for that young man standing in the water, flailing his arms desiring to touch God, desiring to know God what's in between is Jesus okay and that letter is the aleph and and and the very first building block to David build his Psalm on this masterpiece is it says blessed happy wonderful are the undefiled in the way. Okay, how to get undefiled in the way will the way like John Bunyan's gonna talk about in Pilgrim's progress.

A minute is the narrow gate is Jesus himself so happy are the perfect that that's the WordPerfect that are in God's way, your you're in the narrow gate you're on the way to the celestial city, your your blessed are those in the way who walk in the law of the Torah of the Lord. So here we have the very beginning is is David is standing on the edge of the word of God fix and to show us this big wave that's going to help us all to understand God better and and and as he gained understanding as a man who sought God with his whole heart. There was a big wave that was welling up just telling you it is a huge way at an and as it was welling up the building block that it was gold built on his Jesus. Okay.

And so, if you're listening today and you don't know how to fill that ache, you realize I know I never really have been fulfilled.

So what is this with Jesus will Jesus literally died for you. He did okay.

That's how much he loves you. That's how much he's been seeking after you and he has given you away through his word, which were talking about this hundred 19. Some of the whole book is set up to teach us more about how Jesus really did take on the wages of sin and death which ran talk about in this episode coming up with pushcart I theater in the words Jesus paid for you to be able to begin to fulfill that relationship and you listen to the show today is the beginning of a wonderful fist. If you don't know Jesus and you just like man. This sounds like what I need not God can fill that need. Take a look at the ocean and and you're going to see that while this is so amazing, or if you're sitting on the rim of the Grand Canyon at you're gonna be flailing your arms at the how awesome is God how unbelievable we just looked up into the stars and go. This is amazing what that God can fill that place in your heart that you have longed for to be accepted to be loved, to be appreciated for all that he made you to be eight he states he made you so beautifully so special that young man that was fine if you didn't see God when you saw that young man you you misprint you are missing something and and and so that young man to you know has this opportunity to reach out through the aleph of his finger, reaching up and with Jesus in between the finger, now then he too can rise on that wave and on the eighth day P pushed over the finish line of how wonderful is that wave that we get in the in the hundred 19 Psalm again all kinds of details on all the words in all the way visit, those are all there in the new podcast and then called hidden treasures of the hundred 19 Psalm and I think I may have, 13, 14 episodes of it already been amended continued to do it as is.

God keeps me on this particular path I am certainly just amazed at what God has taught me so far. Indeed, so honored you to come along with me on that journey again Christian car us or any place you get podcast you'll find hidden treasures 19 Psalm and mean I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the Jesus labor live as well.

Car repair for single moms widows families in crisis and we had some Scott Barton my volunteer that so amazing. I was on vacation he had on so many situations, prayed with so many people and and I'm so grateful for all of you who give all of those of you who prayed some really neat texts from people tell me their plan for the Jesus labor level is on vacation so I feel like like Smith to sit here and do this so thank you that you get to hear Christian card I theater the Valley of humiliation is coming up. You don't want to miss it stated you're listening to the Truth Network and and now time for I theater today's episode of Plymouth progress episode 17 jimmies on his dream was now totally arrayed in his full armor, with the assistance of the Lord of the ill and the stainless that I am Valley and asked the Porter good packet bulletin you seen any of that Plymouth pilgrims passed by. Why, yes, I didn't see one praying. Did you know I asked him his name was Plymouth faithful.

Oh, I know him. He is my townsman occludes neither comes from the place where I was born. How far ahead do you think he is. By this time I think he should be below you could put the Lord be with you and increase your blessings for all the kindness that you have shown me then value will forward this famous examples IP LTP Entergy deluxe wanted to accompany him down and then continued driving on together. Remembering and repeating their former just came down. Is that going down to be as difficult as it was claiming it is difficult to come down and began to go down very carefully and yet even with all his caution and assistance he almost slipped it jimmies on some damsels drove along with valiant and upon arrival, Heidi said communion kind of fine nation celestial city attorney's most non-three sedan now in this valley of humiliation or value, for he had gone by the little wave before you spied a foul fiend driving over the field. One is apology and intends to Emma seen bended valiant begin to be afraid.

And the captive mind whether to go back is brown.

He spoke to himself and knew my trunk.

The greater advantage with ease to PSB with his dots. Therefore, I will stand my ground for I believe that even if it does not save my life. It would be the best way to value pulled forward in Apollyon tends to Emma seen. Now he intends Emma seen was a hideous thing that the hole he was clothed with scales like they are is pride.

He had wings like a dragon wheels like us not to bear path. Israel is the mouth of a lion. Apollyon beheld him that this thing, and then began the questioning that you come from you going I am come from the city of destruction which is the place of not going to the city of Zion is one of my sent all of that country is mine different than God, that you have driven away looking to be my service. I would strike you now.

I was going indeed just sent this was hot sedan cannot live in the wages you pay the wages of sin is death. Therefore, when I grew into a greater understanding. I did as other thoughtful sedans have done such to see if there was a way to make myself into the sedan. I should be is no principle so easily lose his subjects.

No, but she complained about the service wages be content to go back but country can afford. I can promise to keep GQ that I have given myself to another, even to the king of princes and how can I in fitness go back with you as the proverb says change that bad, for worse, but it is very common for those who profess themselves the servants to get him to sleep after while returned to me and if you return to me everything will be well with. I have given him my faith and swollen.

My allegiance to hidden how can I change my mind now without being named as a trait you get the same to me and I'm willing to let it pass, if you will now turn come with I promised you was done in ignorance signs that the Prince under whose that I now stand is able to absolve to pardon me for those things I did while this signs destroyed Apollyon to speak truth. I like to send this is wages sentence is this company country better than you will is absolutely on, and therefore she can stop trying to persuade me otherwise I in his sent and I will follow him down what you are likely to meet up with on the way you were chosen. You know that for the most part servants, when the transgressors in my way to shameful dance you count his service better than mine and he has never come out of the place where he dwells to deliver from my hands and serve him many times has the world very well knows delivered from him on those who have faithfully served me. Likewise, I will deliver you soon for another exciting adventure in the progress.

Now here's Danny dipped and ran a radiator to review today's episode when he pulled it would be within those like now I go to describe in the book of Job describe the Dragon probably on represent, and the spiritual forces of evil that oppose God just like Satan to be constantly reminding all to To try to agree with now that we can't really be saved fly is where will need to put on helmet and all that that you there really something I can get behind and I will and you will have fun was that today you might've noticed a new character by Ben Webb in Apollyon on he did a fantastic job. There were Jesse Corti is always as valiant those actors are amazingly talented as well as Alan Johnson as Packard Porter and am all in Vanessa or and Lila Davis are all the voices of the said damsels any radiators Brian half-baked, and yours truly is Danny dipstick and the narrator is always you can find out all about Christian Car Guy and the cast and crew page as well as podcasts of my latest hidden treasures of the hundred 19 Psalm but also Jesus laborer love car repair labor for single mom. Thank you for going on safari you're listening to the Truth Network and This is the Truth Network