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Robby Interview Pastor Hossana Church Ukriane

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 25, 2021 5:00 am

Robby Interview Pastor Hossana Church Ukriane

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 25, 2021 5:00 am

Robby Interview Pastor Dema, Hossana Church Ukriane

Amazing story from Spanish Billy Graham crusade translated into Ukraine... To Bible Study... To Growing Minisitry even to Politicians


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So I know you're going to be thrilled that I get to spend some time with some saints from another part of the world and get some inside and some of the cool things that God is doing to hear the story, so to speak, so I have a good friend in his limit who actually was my Sunday school teacher.

When I first came to Winston-Salem nearly 30 years ago and we shared some cool things. One of the cool things that the Dennis got to do because he learned Russian well he was in the military is he is soon as the Iron Curtain came down and Dennis was one of those people who went over there and and and began to share the gospel in different ministries that he was connected to and so here we are 30 years later and we have with this Demetra and Buckeye Heath who actually behave is in our church that I used to sit not far from them. You know in Calvary many many times.

So that's very cool but they are here from the Ukraine and yes they have a church and yes they have lots of church plants, but I think I'd like to start the beginning, something no such so little about it, so Demetra can you kinda tell me how God got a hold of you first before even became a pastor hello everyone my name is Dema owed with local ethnic I am from Ukraine from Western popular for Ukraine and that last 22 years I have been a pastor in church. I stop it, and that we planted for daughter churches. After this, so my story is very simple. I grew up in the alcoholic family.

I didn't met my father never and them. My mother died when I was in the Soviet Army. I sorted thoracotomy I was there 15 years and from this this time I looking for love and I find I love the Lord, my Lord, save me when I was married with my wife, Natalia, and I was the 2121 years old antics back to that again.

Casey met your wife. Was she a Christian when you matter no how. It was we was the together unbelievers guy and so who who introduced you have the added you find out about right among my relatives invites us to Billy Graham Crusade was in Germany but it was translation. I believe we it was translation for hundred and 80 different countries and one of this translation swath in Ukrainian Odyssey to leave and he was together.

There our relatives invites us and goal God calls us to gather and how do you actually heard the gospel through a translator, translating what Billy Graham is actually saying yes you know I remember only one think you are seeing her, you need to Christ, you have been repaired and you must repent and give your life to Christ. I don't remember anything else from this times but it was enough forgot to touch our hearts and we became your wife at the same time. Yes, on the same Crusade, so I am really curious cousin to stake out a person like your on your way home. It's a bit you and your wife for new believers right at an answer.

You look to her. She looked at you and what was the discussion he remember at all. It was very difficult time for us because as a unbelievers people who became married and the have no understanding what marriage he's and there we had many troubles in our relationships and even in those day we have big big. This communication we don't speak with Rick.

I want each other. Those day and when we go back we still in bed, relationships, but we understand we need to change something because God's gave us chance and our bad family began in became good family in right now in our church family ministry is a very important for our because we know know is that bad but bad relationship there that I want to stay back because this I find is absolutely fascinating for my listeners.

Our church because I've heard some stories I never heard one like this so there you are.

You're coming back from this event in your your marriage has been rocky like most young people's parents, and smart. Quite frankly, especially if we don't have Christ, which I can remember those days.

So how did the Bible get introduced to. How did you find out about the Bible. When did that start getting gonna use my friend but heats for elucidating for me because that's I and II wants to be more deeper, yes, let's get the good translation write my name is Matthew Corwin and member of Calvary Baptist Church and with the sale and for study year sorted so and I still remember the language that they came is to United States its Russian language. So I held. Thank you, but hit it back and posting us up. Okay yeah and yeah, must people see any of my Google group up with Virginia Beebe at these meal messages so after we repented they been invited to their little studied Bible study group and that'll change your life of court can yes and yes even you think the Oscar is honestly able to foster Ypres.

You come yeah but it's me also lethal to commercially sure if somebody would tell me that time that I will be passed and I will be a preacher. I would be laughing into their face dumb if you leap. It was the least you group my link will and witness because Ali and you would look a little near the started to bed, I went for the first time he was offered to leave a small group and Bible study. His wife told I won't come to your group because I have enough.

Hope no blog gelid you need to initiate you and put that human able to share a couple of them and then you do well, God use of wonder so and he gave us the future that the I never thought about. So going back to that Bible study every that's absolutely amazing. I just really really cool that you were saved and then God put you this place where he literally gave his word, we could get to know him and so I'm curious you start to read the Bible and did the light start coming on like about certain things that you saw in your life. Can you remember some experience of that will just go to bed thinking that you know is it should be really up which is in the jail sourcebook would. It is a Nikes menu when using new, but the mostly as is Billy Gallimore from is a novel and you watching her. Frankly I will. Whilst the start when I started to study Bible. I thought well that's will change my wife because I was an ideal husband, but she wasn't there. I remember that event for you And then you dimming your idea but you tell what you negotiate public yet will need your lymph deal with today's Virginia Beebe election looming at use with the summa warming yeah however, while the Bible I found out that the time the inside and elective ups enough yeah and you can you could clearly see the fruit of of that that God is taken that beginning right and and and started as your transformation happened right. You could you could relate because I think it's in Hebrews were talks about that the high priest had to be a sinner big time sinner in order so that he could relate to his sinner congregation right through at at and so you you began this small church after you with the Bible study. I would assume and and so kind to take us up to now you've got churches that you are being planted and I suppose you have other pastors that you're in the point of training right dumb and that you and the subset of content as Willis. It was essentially be an organized church when it was only seven people in pride he could and yells that government should not enough. With the chin new set of muscular new motherboard list on the particularly dark when we did its first church planting. We have cutting 25 people suggest yes to push yesterday after midnight when not finish it. Butch any statically, you've missed you suggest must get the Oracle. Fortunately, so without a choice. We have four more planted churches and overall congregations about 300 people, equipment, the will. My QuickTime 70. I cannot ensure Oracle a piece of Shiraz know about all the new Jake vows next year.

The comestibles and also we approaching thousand people in different spheres of life at that the keys for Habakkuk with missiles and you will need the machine logo with the premiere of maize nonsensically illumination at the center of Nestl precluded. For example those people with disabilities in one of our plant churches actually worked with that blind missiles in the communion pixie that they will know Sachiko shipwreck.

The net the most of this was exceeding several combustion will just also serves the orphans and we have many a good project to serve the orphans eat yet you would be just text syllabus of cathartic muscles and more so Simeon only on the result of new program with I'm not going to at least all the spheres of our service at service. Recently I found one that bothered me. Yet, little store with Micah Christiania as Susan woman argued sphere when dealing with cheaply cost me practically orgy mugs for I found out that as Christians we do surfing many many fields and the beautiful fields. Yeah, it is absolutely beautiful and really really cool because as I and listening. I'm hearing that the intimacy of the small group right, you didn't lose that trio as you began to plan other churches where people feel like this is my pastor this is this is people that care about me and this is people that are walking with me as I'm transformed into into Christ. Whether that's people with disabilities or orphans. Or, you know, and it's interesting because I my own life is very similar. Next thing I knew I was working with special needs people people down syndrome and autism and that kind of thing at the same time.

I also help out a nursing home and there's just different places. It Christ gives you once he begins to, you know, enlighten your own so you you you get those different opportunities so I'm curious when you think about the audience that you might be speaking to. Right now, so there might be people there are people in India whether there's people in China. There's people in Vietnam is people in England and in and in actually over 50 countries that could be listening right now, not just the United States, and I hope a lot of people in Canada and Mexico. So that audience the hope that Christ is given you these people are planted in strategic places just like you, what would you share with them that you feel like God gave you in order to grow to be the light post at your know she was up when you much Gouda oak of the shoe meaning of some of war very important for you to understand from where God out yet what she could also perform new cookware Buddha share. Scott is swimming as a doll and normally will okay.

Anya, I clearly remember what kind of future mind if I wouldn't depend E, but the mostly at the form you yesterday double do you Skype the accuser, Jacob thought every goes off my governing email will be sure from which even a Buddhist in Norway bullish and because I remember that I'm looking for the people who don't see their future. Just like I did so, but they will have hope. It's beautiful.

Yeah so maybe you're listening to this today and you don't know who this Jesus is, but you can hear clearly, this story of a man. It came from alcoholic parents in a marriage that was struggling and all the sudden God got to him through translator), you can hear the translation yourself. If you listening to this and maybe you understand this language better than I do. Yet at the point of it is God as a way to talk to your heart that God has that way and you two could come to faith and know that you cannot only begin to enjoy this life, but then spend eternity with God and and so what would you share along those lines of the gospel. Essentially, with those people that might be listening right now we don't even know who Jesus is, what was it that Billy Graham said through that translator that granted new EST court of God at the sheepdog. You will be divorce is within the book. I could submit you sweet shortly and say God loves you regardless of what you feel because I just something we discussed on the notebook somewhere better goiter student will Willis is easily will sinner. Some of us, and to prove that he gave his only son for you yet does not is not install new B+ boys are thrown at them sick once anytime you boys seven items, and that means that he loves you most of all, most of everything that she created yet does not two things are stored in using some of them will get in the court use a subordinate book, he made bullish in the Cuba and also means that regardless where you are. What's your situation, God has the future for you personally. G. Borge CP is at the Belushi e-book that you back to get process some. I was just fine. Lord, grab it and God will reveal to you what a promise that is in and so if people look up your ministry or find you. Do you guys have like a website or someplace they can find you on the web or somewhere they could connect with you. The move will not solicit civic EST fickleness up the site and set hosanna hosanna.Monarch that UA hosanna that org that UA HO S a N and a power which I suppose would be the Ukraine but give me give me the chance, please give me the chance to share with you 11. More will only show a DVD and convertible to the crewmember quite at the ocean court of so politically share in the divisions that they have genes a chance to say this since you do think it will generally little stomach except a few times. This was HCM news serum Nugent company make moves that absent group on the ceiling in them was a bully and yes Kentucky group. So I told you before that outsourcers all kind of people all their needs, but we forgot about couple groups missiles in Vietnam was losing in Benin with Susan Williams the DeSimone mom is away at the Q group of cathartic mission time, especially me, knowing it was a nude so recent we serve to poorly served to you. We serve to the needy that we forgot about people who where each and was think they have ever's still asked what you think about politicians, many of us hate this people at many of our think this is a group of people who don't need to hear the gospel, but I believe they are people. They are human to date they have our broken hearts and broken lives and that last couple months. I am trying to serve the politicians and they have vision how they can to hear the gospel and I ask you to pray for me about in this tuition because it's very difficult but last last in our last election more than 300 good Christians was elected and they I present at right then I presented the team who tried to serve the politicians, pray for us and help us to grade Gutknecht networking because maybe in that close future we go with those guy to United States and Shogren show them really good and strong Christians pray for us and the embryo of the politicians. Yeah, I love what you said.

Of course God wants to read the richer think that the rich right.

And certainly he wants to reach the politicians and am so glad that he's given you that vision and I'm so glad that that we have the chance to share with you today on nano in this podcasting and so pray all of us what what a neat thing. God is doing. God bless thank you thank you