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The Parent Trap Syndrome

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 17, 2021 12:40 pm

The Parent Trap Syndrome

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 17, 2021 12:40 pm

Robby welcomes Jerry, the Christian Body Shop to the studio.  This weeks program is brought to us by the Letter BAZE.  They talk nesting.  Spiritual nesting. 

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The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

Role here when you train one pastor and some donor friends are standing by to train the second-best call 833-443-5467 or go online and train a Every gift counts and now every gift is double train a hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned in a hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network radio show and more.

You hear that song. The more you will like it and you get a chance to hear the Christian card I show today show a bit of a different title is the parent trap syndrome or car heaven today. I'm a Christian card I show you might've heard that was Brian you know with the Beach boys Wilson right go to heaven.

In my heart.

You might remember that song well you know the parent trap. If you ever saw. There's like three versions of it. Hayley Mills is the original one and and so were going to dive into why that is God kind of rigs life, but quite often we start find ourselves in the parent trap, and that has everything to do with car heaven. So today show is often is brought to you by the letter days. You might've heard that letter refer to is that in Hebrew, and you might also know that the letter days is the second letter in the Hebrew alphabet, so it's like Alice days just like a B and so not coincidentally, it has that, but sound and so it is the second letter did you know it also means to so it has to do with duality because this is really cool you might know the word blessing starts with a purpose sound and in Hebrew, it's Barack.

And so in order to have a blessing it takes to you going to have a blessed sewer. Have a blessed see how delays help as we talked about a few weeks the last few weeks really takes a giver and taker, but you could have a blessed sore and I bless E and the reason why this has everything to do the show today is the letter days means house that the whole Bible itself. The Torah starts with a base because God wanted to have a house. He wanted to have a nest right and so you might've heard the nest is best there. That's green bean productions with SOS duty and the more you think about God nesting you just go back to Genesis 11 and see that God was making an estimate I came across something this week. I just lit me up like like all my goodness I hadn't thought about that.

We all know that in the beginning God created the earth, but I don't know if you ever thought about it that in the beginning God created heaven to and so he created something physical when he created something spiritual right and in where made in his image. So we all have a physical nest. Don't me. We have our houses in York probably kicked out of your house when your you know at some agent in you and you had to go get in the new nest with your spouse or whatever the situation may be your nesting to this day believe your but you also have a spiritual nest and there's people that you will not let into your spiritual nest just like God won't let certain people in his spiritual nest so that it is as we get this concept together.

Just think about while there certain people. I would let my house there's other people a lot more people that I would not let into my spiritual nest where where I hang out in this whole idea so you go Robbie. What does that have to do with the parent trap.

I'm glad you asked to bring it in, but I hope you got to see it at some point in time.

Of the many ways that it is been made its Walt Disney production and deadly but what happens as these two girls look just exactly alike infected played by the same actress in both cases, and these two girls hate each other, they are not letting each other into their nest whatsoever and not letting them in both but but they get in all these fights and then the unit they do the Thing where they put shaving cream all over each other and molasses and all the stuff and so they get kicked out and what what does the leader do but stick them together in the same cabin right and what happens is they find out they not only love each other, their sisters right here sisters it was and so once they come across this unbelievable parent trap syndrome. Like, I bet we can make this work with her parents because her parents are divorced and so they set up and so when you listen carefully.

The song you know it says if you want to make them dig got a rig the parent trap.

So now that I have it totally released and you understand the theory of the parent trap. Okay what God is doing this in a way to all of us all the time. So if you ever been forced, and here's therefore what the stories to come in today I want to think about.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to go on a road trip with somebody that clearly would never let your house and you would never let men your spiritual nest. In other words, all my gosh I have to drive to New Mexico with us in and and and just to give you an example okay to say God example.

Here's an example you may have heard me refer to my mother-in-law time or two on the show is where it were just not two peas in a pod of wives. I was thinking about this parent trap idea like oh my gosh. I remember one time I had to take my mother-in-law to Texas. It was just me and her and it was about a 17 or 18 hour trip and I remembered. By the time that we got there we were two peas in a pod. I mean we were having the best time and we talk so much and I really to get back there. That relationship with my mother-in-law. But when you're actually find yourself in the nest with somebody for a period of time. Then all of a sudden you see that that person is not just all that different from you.

Their story has something to do with what that is and they begin to see something else you're not all that different from them now while you think about your story. I must call in it.

866-34-TRUTH 87884. That's 866-34-TRUTH 87884 nature stories Jerry's thinking up his when he went on that road trip right now in his ghost stories.

This inner thing is it that you know to talk about us so many towns were forced were forced to talk but also were forced to listen. I guess it for me. That's a big part of it now it meant now and that other person feels like you've listen to their and and there's is natural connection that just begins to happen okay so now I want you to think back to your nest what your calling and I don't see any lines that appear 866-34-TRUTH 7884.

What you think back if you're like me and you want a Christian. At some point in life you can remember back there now I'm fortunate I guess in that I can remember there my wish I had spent 30 years without Christ. I came to Christ about the age of 37 right and how many people were in your spiritual nest at the point in time Christ came in to take the throne of your spiritual mess that you Robbie, but that nest complexity that nest changes quickly. All my gosh I was thinking about it. There was, I might've had a friend in this world one but I'm sure wasn't very close to them and there was a lot of things that I would never talk to them about you know and and and I just think back to all my goodness, look how many people are in my nest since I came to Christ. Look at the difference of how I feel towards people in general. But when I when I think about all my brothers and sisters.

Although the Hayley Mills and that there that are out there that I feel ended up in the cabin with our that worked out how many of those people are now like dear friends and and oh my goodness what a difference it makes when you bring God into your nest and let him shepherd you on your home nest building procedures so now I'm really now think about your road trip she got to its 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and you know, Brent talked little bit about the Jesus Lane for love.

We had a really neat neat event that happened this week.

That's car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis. If you're familiar that ministry is a Christian Kardashians and talk about that so when did you go to heaven with somebody in a car you you thought you were headed to hell, but it was heaven, now 866-348-7884 will be right back was so much more parent trap syndrome you're listening to the Truth Network and loves a teachable that you love the nested have to keep this think so, today's Christian car guys show the parent trap syndrome car heaven today and you know the nest as best as we can talk about maybe it's not because we have John is calling in from Everett, Washington.

I'm really excited to hear Jon Stewart Johnny say you had the opposite experience.

I like that. I got bland union together until we grow Denver, Colorado and I would trap her car all week. The late unit you know he had worked out, and with the opposite of night from the London eye board on the drive.But here we go live date at the diet and I though you still live but name. You know, and that by the all know, I know how anybody could believe the Bible.

I don't think there he went on for a while it and when did you get.

I got Dave, I got bored again after throwing up the night did not make an all I got the like there might really like to get bigger like the freethinker because I actually read the Bible on blackboard year you've read it, I'm sure all the way through the drug was no big, but I could give that with our weekend together small town in Iowa that we we didn't wind up finding that we were much alike we found out how different we were didn't really want to hear about now.

I am so glad that I am just thrilled that you call John consistence this is a perfect example of how you know we need the really seek God and in winter. In these situations like man and and so how long ago was that road trip all about five years ago now which we are where the grant of the family being and that we'd had this wonderful family reunion would like to fight people in it are there but let's do this again, but it will. There wasn't a hotel big and it brought with it. What do the rest.

Well, the one thing I would I would throw Americans. I guess on the eternal optimist is that and I I used to do a Bible study at one of the dealerships that I ran and there were some people not unlike your cousin who used to tell me you know how exclusionary Christianity was in all the different things that they might tell me and one day about 15 years later I had two different people on the same day come to me and they said you Robbie actually one of his name was Tony ringing today Tony, Raheem, today I saw him the other day. He was a Muslim in any city wanted me to tell you that he's been born again. Another was that was the message that he gave somebody to give to me and then the same day.

A few hours later and I can't member the ladies name but she used to be our public relations lady and she told somebody to go tell Robbie deal more that I was born again and now we have it at all.

I keep it up, but it did and what I do. I love her arrow.buyer love which I said to her, though. You know why I've read the whole Bible, have you in and that's got a sticker across somewhere you know that like well maybe I need to and you know if she reads it.

You know it, so that's what shape it all out really bite your light Tory and I picked it up like that is all you cricket all right.but Well that's beautiful John. I am, I applaud you and I thank you for your call and it just goes to show you that man there's a lot of stuff going on and it's important that were there certain people you know would Jesus said don't cast your pearls before swine.

There certain people that don't belong in essence, if this is it keeps you safe from harm. So what happens. It's sad that women it's really a thing that that is the importance of just sowing the seeds summing as Rhonda said, you know, maybe just mentioned that about read the Bible and you shared your faith and mean that had the time she thinks about you think about those conversations and that may be what like that. I that's awesome that you John God bless make it. What I'd like get to it all go, let's go have a great a great day provide all right so maybe you had this experience, we know you're thinking about it.

So just call us have the courage it will be fun. 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

866-34-TRUTH is my wife will tell you when she hates my service.

I'm quite often wrong but sometimes I write to and so you know call in and let me know if you have a good experience you had the bad experience. We know you had one, but you got a call asleep got a get in on it again to tell you about this Jesus waiver love event, which was absolutely remarkable and see God in math and we got so much more Christian part I show coming up so stay tuned and call 866-34-TRUTH 878. You're listening to the network and loves a teachable thing some plays out as a member for me because we as backdrop music on mission trips and stuff and on the rain going back to keep birds warm and keep them from harm. II think they did a great job writing those words today show is the parent trap syndrome car heaven. Where was your road trip with somebody you never want to just that.

Oh my goodness I get stuck with this person all the way to their and the next thing you know you you let them in your nest and it's it's it's amazing thing or you didn't, as the case may be, as we heard from John in Washington we got actually good friend of mine Andy with a mass concerning radio show must been listening to a set called in to share his story and am so glad you called. So you got a story for Sammy law. Obama on the list. Thank you.

Like well if they do I have a story tomorrow trips is rubbing those or me and God pretty. There it is, yeah, yeah, they are story know recently was about two years ago, our family has recently from where did our family and family reunion in Arkansas but my family is from. So my daughter decided she wanted to go to that and I was off work is about. I was about her age and younger. I went to the family enjoyed the experience. Those like sure will will go. We had been home for a while as you see it and we get on the card. I would take off. Go through John Billy to be more like we don't want this awkward silence. And we have a great relationship that you know it's like robbing a long cardigan that we got there looking for some listen to.

We can agree only the audio book finally she come up came on treasure Island.

Okay I will. So we listen to it all the way out. I think it took us all way out only by going to North Carolina Arkansas to Missouri and back to North Carolina. I think we finished right before we got home but it was a great experience.

You know, it was fun and the fact that we got to use our pirate voices are sugar me timber that kind of thing so it was in the I guess that my version of secret and it really was. It really was. That's that's a big thing to be Arnel my way yeah that's that's really cool really could come up you taking anybody with you on now. I guess it's mean God when it's running and so thank you for calling him Andy and I look forward to seeing you a couple weeks of boot camp absolutely got blessed so yeah 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and I could point out it doesn't have to be a car, you might've been sitting next to an airplane. I could tell you about when I got I went on a mission trip to Jamaica when all of a sudden you know he looked at me with this really strange looking size because I've seen something, and I thought this could not be good or maybe you don't lose your your talk about any got a small group family that signed up and you like about these people come into my nest and ponder we do that 40 databases and beaten homes and step in people sign up and there's always been times it. Somebody sign up in my group is a might have been a kind of may know bit think how mannish Zambia yeah a rough rough five weeks are silent and you know and as time goes on in and I think is you mentioned earlier just been in common sometimes is not what you're saying to the conversation just sit back and listening and step and you get out of there and coming out a there's times when thinking you know what when I want to be going out to eat or anything but a whole different respect for somebody and step in lot of things that you think you know about somebody you really don't know until you spend time with them and that's that's kind of the beauty of it. I mean even in our business. When my guys will get a will have somebody of Colleen and broke down a been in an accident and our need to get towed somewhere there all stressed out in there in the middle of a crisis in my dispatches like Tribble say something about how the driver you know just noted this zombie there upset and just you know just really just don't say anything.

They're having a really bad day and I know that the drivers know that they want to come back till Dilts multiple times are coming to share a story that somebody would tell him about how bad of a day.

They really were having an alley. You know, just just needed time to just simmer down and then then step because we don't understand really what people are going through and where they're at in life and step and is the first color mentioned. Sometimes those opportunities just plant a seed, you know, it may be something where you think they brush it off and don't even pay attention to you, but it comes back to them if you show Grayson that know that you feel God's him to get them through that and that's how you would get there.

It is having a relationship with Christ and just I went out the seat sometimes it's all with house yeah I've heard that it's a divine conspiracy that is somewhat like being put in a stone tumbler with another person at times, and you know you and you knock off each other's rough edges if you get close enough to each other to bump around on each other and often the next thing you know you know they're going to challenge you to look a little deeper like what what is behind this feeling I have and and and often for me.

I realize I feel like I'm 12 years older all feel like I'm 17 and like this is the rebellious Robbie this Robbie is is is feeling like I did when I wanted to get even with my dad or something on it and I'll begin the process that my God is there some forgiveness stuff in my life that we need to work through and it's really like a check engine light you know to make a car analogy. It's like a check engine light going off like why this is making me so mad and that it's a bad situation but there's more to this then what I think and so what is this telling me and it's amazing how much healing is available when you go to Jesus and say what is this and and actually happily situations. About a week ago with the client and they really made me mad and I realize that very thing.

And all of a sudden I remembered a situation when my father that was really some helpful stuff that he and I actually got kicked out. You know in it where it was a situation that needed some healing.

And while you know, maybe the reason why you're so upset is God's is point is you are trying to get something in there that's festering that you don't even know his festering and he wants. He wants some healing in there so that you can be more of who you were designed yeah I'm that mean so many times in it for all of us as humans and and in mankind we you know what what what is on the surface is just what is on the surface. Many go so much deeper mean so many issues we all will feel like is that that would be in dominated by really has nothing to do with what the real issue is step I think that time why I think yeah yeah the God trapper got consorting gets us off and and and if we can be honest with ourselves and honest barges let our emotions come to the forefront and step in and and and pray about it and get in Scripture step is amazing to me and I speak for myself. How many times God appoint me right back to what the issue is, and has the most time has nothing to do with what I thought the issue. Yeah, he has an amazing way to do that in the good news is if you listen to Truth Network today at 1 o'clock Amy combo has a show coming on called bit where she could be talking with an abuse counselor. So if you've wondered you know she's actually an abuse coach says you wondered you know how to do better abusing know this is an actual coach for this I'm kidding. Robin said that okay it's an abuse coach, but coaching you through how to get the healing and all that stuff she's gonna be online at 1 o'clock so you can call intranet and so you know there's a kind of things that happened, but again, we need your call consuming out one segment left.

We know you got this road trip story right when one has everyone, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH we have this one thing I was to tell the Jesus wavelength and so that's common. Plus your stories which would make a great ending to the show.

Think how great it would be it would be like crescendo you're listening to the Truth Network and loves a teachable. I the parent trap syndrome today on the Christian Car Guy show/car heaven and you know, as we mentioned the very beginning and show this show is brought you by the Hebrew letter bet our babies is the bidding on. You may hear it from different people in different way. But it starts that Bubba sound, which we talked about comes from Barack like a blessing which it takes to as the second letter in the Hebrew alphabet and suites as we described in it has a duality to because there is a blessing, or in a blessing. He writes that somebody gets a blessing and somebody receives a blessing and that may be you on the road trip remained on the other situation, but in the case of the Jesus labor laws. It was a great opportunity this this week to have that situation again.

If we don't have people that go to Christian Car and have the humility to say hey I need some help right then we would rob the person that gave this car the blessing of being able to give a card to somebody right or you would rob the person that gave money to the Jesus labor.

Love the blessing of not being a help this person that needs it and then the real blessing that I see every time is that Scott or volunteer is praying with these people when they call in and we got a chance to bring God into a situation and you know this is the ultimate.

I mean this is God making his next okay it just is and and and it's in.

You know you try to keep this bird safe and warm and dystonia set up so this is a deep story a few months ago we had a situation work where somebody donated a car. We had a lady that we gave the car to but unbeknownst she had a sister who wanted to give her car but she didn't have enough time because of the sister was in a desperate need for a car to get her a car and so when she found out that it was our ministry that gave her that car, she began the process to give us the car she was going to give her sister took some time.

It always does.

To you know get a donor and a donee or a blessing or in a blessing together.

It's a dual thing. It's a letter bet. I mean, Tanya, and so you know if you ever thought about this. You know it's not good for man to be alone. You know how got me that he likes it better when he's not alone. He likes to have you.

He wants to have a relationship with you. I can assure you he does and and and so you know. Here was this opportunity we had because another person had the humility to call in and then then this dear lady who began her sister got a car.

Now she was giving this car and she was very generous. Not only should give the car she paid a lot of money to get the car fixed. Make sure that it would be a really good car for the recipient.

There was a lot that was involved in it.

I wish I could go in all the details but I'm just going man. God, I mean yeah God like how cool that you know he was able to do that and the reason it is because of your prayers.

Your support right all the different things that you know you heard about the Jesus labor loving is sitting on God I love that pray from it or not. I love that I wanted. I wanted to give a little bit or whatever the situation may be, is a Christian Car and I just it's it's made. What a blessing you spend us right. Jerry wishing it through the year. Yeah, you know semi times weekly citizen just just as this story note. The card is just the tool to bring people hope and in ultimately make sure the people understand that hope isn't that caused hope in Jesus Christ and all the volunteers you and and Scott and everyone is just a just a told the thin instrument to God is able to use and probably with it that give something and you know may be my go online and give a dollar or they may be able to give a car. The Mayville give $1000 note there's a blessing and that all set an end step and so the man for a little ministry that you come up with a lot of years ago and a lot of that is, you are mentioned. I remember, she codified his fix cars and how do people know that come from you and humming to make sure that I don't just want to fix cars. I went up want people to us to see what a generous guard you are in a civil call it the Jesus labor love it. Literally he gave me that name very specifically and I've always just treasured it but I can't tell you the times that I sublime with the Jesus labor, love, and immediately that gets a reaction at it both ways wrecker driver in Kentucky or somewhere and he said I am not going to tell a car for Jesus and it was like the unjust judge I was Kentucky right in my shoe. I said I understand that that you wanted not want to car but you're the only wrecker service in this town in this lady's car broke down. We really need you.

I am not caught towing the car for Jesus. I don't know I guess it was just a salesman and they wouldn't quit slick manicure you are my only hope to help this lady and you know it would be so helpful. What's her address planet is hey Rob, I am telling you know it in. Then there was another time that was in Texas in Fort Worth and I got the call at it in this guy's answer to the incident with the Jesus labor to ghost got, you know, Texas sanitizes you mean to tell me that you talk about Jesus Christ on the radio and I said yes or not in knowing what I was quickly get to go all sans I will fix that car on and help that because you know you okay get in man. This man was preaching a sermon in about two seconds and this car.

I I never would've thought this particular situation. It was like two days before Christmas and all the sudden this man steps up he goes to this lady's house and fixes her car that it was it was a body shop job. It was her. Her fender was on her tires yet busted battery because we the cart hit the he put a battery in the car.

He fixed it her fender and this lady was making payments on this car because she didn't have insurance right it was just a horrible situation and I was like man do not never ever as long as I ever forget him saying you made a tell me you talk about Jesus Christ was like I have no idea where this is going. But you know you know God works it out and God works it out and in the word is blessing okay which has everything to do with house like God wants all of us in his nest to keep us safe and warm and and and the thing of it is is once you get in that nest right Jerry.

Then you bring other you you you can't help but want other people to come in here with you, it being the Nessus pin that Burda may not be that nest free-roaming God will assist you know there's times when we need to have the worms brought to his fad and we need to keep warm in his times is as we mature is God wants us to spread our wings and fly and then do the same thing for somebody else and that's what you know the story talked about the Jesus labor love with the woman in the car you know because she just turn right around and bless somebody else right and also because how Octavia chiefly for like she just missed a blessing because of we stepped in the first half and then she ended up getting a blessing anyway. How beautiful I mean I've seen him Christian Car and see this podcast shows all those things but you know I I am to think about how how can I help bring other people into my nest, both spiritually and as far as physical.

Thank you for listening so grateful for each and every one of you and how will be back next week with more fishing pressure. Remember slowdown. Jesus walked. Everyone got all done in 33 years.

Thank you Karen, this is the Truth Network