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January 19, 2022 7:31 pm

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January 19, 2022 7:31 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with guest host Luke Wayne LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- What is America's future and what role does it play in prophecy---2- What is your view of the rapture- When will it happen- Will it be soon---3- Should Christians use violent force to resist evil---4- Should biblical Christians agree to be godparents for the children of Catholic friends---5- Is faith something given to us by God or something we have from ourselves---6- Can we trust modern-day dreams or visions---7- What is your view of the Sabbath---8- I want to stop sinning, but temptation is only increasing. What should I do-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network wrestling. Why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine maps. What why branches called responding to your questions at 877207276 here's Matt slick writer. Everyone welcome hey oils of the year. The schedule of my boys will be deeper than normal so get over a bit of a chest cold. One flexibly speak to them. That's what it is. For now I look if you would give me a call on your life. So January 18, 2022 and nobody went right now, so all you do is give me a call at 877-207-2276.

I want to hear from you, so you all had a good time and do what you think. Look to for the right happy teacher to state a straggler or so to look you on the week.

I actually watched it. I think it a good job. Good job and get a good oh, I should say just a good drowning. A lot of what it takes to radio coordinate and chuckle at the same time, but I thought he did a great job so don't give me call to you thought of him is like you want to hear them on again.

Things like that so I'm sure you do. So there you go. All right wait to get one color coming good and the list of phone all of a sudden everything will tell you I was out of the it. It worked constantly work really well. But God's Providence. My voice was shocked. Last week I could hardly talk like laryngitis type things and you know all the time so it worked out great. That Luke filled and we had that planned and the ideas to get them on once every couple of every three months this week and he can no you show get him ready. Using lines 877207227600 something out before I want to say thanks.

Make sure II think everyone of you who supported us in the matching funds driving. I know I redid what I think it it once or twice and swimming sure that all of you know really thankful very much for what you did.

We had a good turnout and it really is can help us to matching funds.

Reps really can help us a lot will build meter bills for the insurance stuff to do and oldest of all the stuff the standards in ministry, but we think all right, let's get the callers let's get to see somebody more from North Carolina were here you know about doing the will yeah yeah it's as all the nations to be glad to get against Israel. That means America together against Israel and judgment will come. So America is not some special nation that because were Americans. We have special right of special privilege only right that we have the privilege we would we have is is a nation founded on the principle of Christ and the Puritans came over here and so much that a lot of people don't like that but it's is a truth we have the obligation to preach and teach the gospel to the whole nation's allotment to all the world… And I just got falling upon us and will continue to fall upon us and I believe our nation's government suffer a lot because the socialist agenda. This been pushed and other stuff so no interest is nothing in Scripture is that singles off United States, other than to say that I like my lifetime America will you if if the socialists get their way. America will collapse. That's just the way it is people to understand what socialism is the children have been brainwashed in the schools. The leftist media likes the idea of conservatives being punished conservative ideas being ridiculed and the like socialism. They want fairness and equity for all, so they go socialist and we went over to be fair would be a quick okay well when you look at the Nazi party was socialist in Venezuela, which was socialist. You see what happened and the ignorant who don't know, don't study history don't understand that socialism, the socialist people who hold that with a want is more government control more government morality, which ultimately secular and less personal freedom and this is what destroys nations you will come about like a hot know.

I believe my personal belief is which I can be long on is that things are just get worse and worse and that the world is going to bring itself to totalitarian control under the antichrist and that he is going to seek to destroy the Christians and he will probably utilize Muslims to do that and secularists to do that and persecute the faithful. And I think our main life that I hope something like that. Yeah, I see the United you you you I day in will thank you by God's grace. Hopefully we can think a lot okay talk to all right is good to feel from North Carolina fill welcome you on here to do.

I don't yes I can.

All except a little bit of a chest cold and doing fine. I'm just irritating my wife a lot so I know sorry what you know your final hearing echo. You you are okay.

You will do great work. Thank you all. This shows how smart you are asked you I was ready have always held to free flick that is always started a very mild by now that I don't believe you will be more true. Three) the very end of it all.

Christians regret I heard you speak on it. Never got it.

What you are okay about that.

Where where do you think we are in getting close to 50 are where where our life is what what you're feeling well. I look at the church you have said, every decade, the rapture can happen in a few years is been wrong repeatedly but I don't know when the tribulations can become or the antichrist is going to be revealed I'm 65, so it may be in my lifetime. It may not be could be. I had a problem with that could not be any problem with that, but I'm with you I believe were going to go through the tribulation. I don't see pretrip rapture any place in Scripture, I'd want to debate people on and in a polite friendly debate because it's an in-house debate, but I just don't see it in Scripture. I hope that the pretrip people are right. What I do see is when it says two men in the field was taken. One is left that the context is that the wicked are the ones were taken. This is not my radical view, you just read the context in 100% of the time when I've shown people.

The context of that those Scriptures, they've agreed that's what it says. As the wicked were taken and so what bothers me is that Pastor so frequently will quote that at a method 24, Luke 17, saying that it that those are our rapture, when it clearly is not just is not rapture occurs, but that's not the place for what gets me is Jesus says in the Matthew 13 the parable of the weaker tears.

The we are the Christians of the elect and the tears are the unbelievers and Jesus is allowable to go together till the end of the age. See the reversed first gather the tears that really throws a monkey wrench a lot of stuff because it's only two ages the stage and age to come, and that's all motor study is Jesus and Paul says at the end of the age and and at the end of the age is when the wicked are gathered before the Christians are gathered new to a lot of people. They never heard it but it's right there. Matthew 1330 just read the whole contact in verses before 10 verses after so I don't see the pretrip laughter being a possibility. I think we go through all of it. I think if you get worse and worse and dumb. The Christians are to be persecuted heavily. That's my opinion. I call it depressed cryptology depressed. I hired as natural and not hurt not just read on the 24 elders 24 elders are considered to be the church itself with a do in my opinion, is a look at Revelation as though it is the most clear, chronological book and after verse for the church isn't mentioned.

Therefore, the rapture occurs in other words, it's not mentioned. That's why the rapture is pretrip rapture is true even though Jesus said in Matthew 24 after the tribulation of those days G. He will send forth his angels gathers people. It clearly says that in Matthew 24 and so when I find that they'll do not get published.

I've I find that so they read into Revelation what they want to say that my opinion to go to clear stuff.

Not so clear stuff. I will not. I told him get a break hold heartbreaks only] they felt a lot. Most little blind give you call 877207227 such matters. Like why call 77077 tears Matt Slade 76 fill for the great they're still there okay because of what real quick. Dr. so part of my thought process.

The beginning was that I was wrong of me to art my life I thought I was going to be, you know grandma Larry are walking the going into battle with other Christians against right. You know, bloodsport more trade, more afraid of the more all good answers want answered. It was handed to the study was bad. I guess were supposed to go if we are to go through those times, much more like Christ. And when it comes out well word that we are supposed just got not necessarily go to war necessarily okay will you please like me on that little okay let me help you have an article to my website yet. that even should check it out huge working on it for 26 years and got thousands of articles there and you can do a search and the current website or just go to Google, type in CAR M and then type in the Christians right of self-defense. For example, you can come up to the article you can see, and Christians have the right of self-defense to this article, for example, the I've written. I wrote at the request of somebody that we know in Nigeria, where the Muslims are coming in the villages with AK-47s and shooting up Christians and killing people because of Christians.

And so the Nigerians, church churches were teaching the Christians. You can't do anything you can't fight back because that's what Jesus didn't do even fight back.

She can't do anything they fail to understand that Jesus did not fight back because he was sent to Kenya for the purpose of going to the cross when he comes back a second time is coming back with the sword, but in the meantime, he said to the disciples in Luke 2236 says sell your cloak and buy a sword and he sent them out of the world in the world with a sword and insight. Each one of you get a sword, but his body and soul cloak and get a sword. The implication is we have the right of self-defense and not vengeance. So some come in my home when I'm there with my wife and summons kicking down that door. Well, let's just say strong Second Amendment supporters.

Well, I will take care of any intruder that comes into the house because I have that right to defend myself and my wife and there's no sin in that may never happen, but there's no sin, we have the right of self-defense. If someone wants to persecute me because I'm a Christian. I have the right of self-defense, but I like to say to people not the obligation, it may be wise at that time to receive persecution in order to bring the circumstance. What you feel that God is doing doing with you in order to accomplish God's will, but it might be that were supposed to resist personally, I believe all the Christian pastors should be teaching proper resistance theology from an oppressive socialistic tyrannical government, which is increasing in America and I believe the Christians if they sit and do nothing there.

The one Surette fault because they're the ones who know better, and the Christian pastors should be teaching periodically as the word requires it. The obligation of us to defend our homes, our families and and when necessary to defend our rights because were losing them in this country.

It's a big deal. The big deal we do this peacefully we have the right of self-defense right now. If you have personal rights granted to how you need to actively Trixie I can actually get area I live in Idaho so I can carry and have taken years of martial arts some well-trained and well capable of defending myself and others, but what can happen in a real situation. I may do absolutely nothing and allow myself to be injured. I will let my wife to be injured or my children are my friends if you know that me, but when it comes yourself to different issue then what you do you have the right of self-defense, but not the obligation, but it does seem that we have the obligation to defend the helpless and that article talks about the article talks with the obligation of Christians to defend the helpless and so if I'm in a store and I'm carrying and I hear gunshots in a store, I'm going towards that sound as it away from the sound that's how I am 70 ARM yet Christian apologetics research an interesting drag. It's had 147 million visitors a year like a great program. Let them know it at tell Truth Network that you appreciate what they do because it's a good group will got blessed when absolutely right. Hey got you up in lines 877-207-2276.

Now we have three open lines as we lost somebody want talk about faith which is been really good question God's let's see my connection in Wayne after that solicited the mic will let's the third trumpet like flies for open lines folks 877-207-2276 give a call okay let's see Wayne a McCall cleaner if you're on the way. Where in San Diego I slid in San Diego selecting a straightaway writer I slid in Escondido miss my area okay so what so that they might all work more.

But my question is, who married couple and one not like the other Catholic couple out the Christian you got there though I didn't find an article on our site. If that buffet that I got there that after that I got what I would do so and I folks with open minds. You may call 877776 we write back after mass, like why call 77077 back to the show we have open line 72072276 Wayne still there. There are right that a break there.

So glad you made this comment about the Catholic godparents think or in their on our current document. Not acting expense on a non-Christians can't participate in the heresies of the Roman Catholic Church that cannot participate in either not their sacraments are false except for baptism, and of the Lord's supper, but they say the Lord's supper is the Eucharist actual body and blood of Christ which is not true Violet Levitical law and the sea.

Baptism is the means by which you get saved and that's in paragraph 2068 you obtain salvation through faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments is of the Roman Catholic Church is a false church is not a true church is it's basically a humongous cult and it teaches a false gospel. So if the Christian wants to be the godparents or agrees with the godparents of Catholic faith of Catholic people, you little law down say I will not encourage a love child can encouragement Catholic theology to I was asked once.

For example, to be a Catholic wedding because I hope the guy in a very serious situation and long story short, he says looking to get married now. Would you be in the wedding. I said I would be glad to but I can't participate in any of the ceremonies that are what I believe to be unscriptural. I said I'm not to be mean, you know he understood and so they had its place in the ceremony where everybody the wedding party went over and bowed kneeled before a statue of Mary and offered up substance Mary, I just stood there and everybody. The church saw me standing around, but also over that and he was okay with so you know you can't compromise your face, but if they would let you be the one to take care of the truck children if and when something would happen to them. You cannot say galleries in the Catholic faith course I would raise him and something that would damn them to eternal hell. You can't make that will traditional reading for that of the parent either. I have no problem with old and I have no problem telling them that I love you all be happy to pick on. I'm not going to get it but the other thing you are in a ceremony that read ceremony that now that's a tough one. So I personally affirm infant baptism, but not for salvation. I firm as a covenant sign some a covenant theologian and if you disagree that's okay. Whatever the Catholic view is that it removes original sin and saves them in that process so if I medic Catholic Church of the baptize of baby someone asked me to go and watch that I would go and watch it. I would not believe that the baby was saved because of that baptism and I would leave that the Catholics there were all in error but I could go to be polluted by go I would not participate in it like to ask you at the want you to come up and be in the in the party sorry can't do that kind of effect except for my research. They're not obviously on the where they either got it right. They must belong to a church paper, not The godparents going to do that right happening, but they did hello that we do have to take the whatever any Laugh about it and I will learn more about it and it's all on our part sure not. I would probably not fitting either by line your right getting giving outward questionably to heretical doctrine doing something that everybody know of a friendship. I think I believe absolutely easy-going that class and you could learn nothing was going to a Catholic class on what that means to them, you would know what areas to say sorry can't participate in that that I can in this you don't violate the Scriptures, and to think if it works great. It's much more of an opportunity potentially for you to be able to witness to the true God and true gospel. Later, should we not to be one thing that happened. Should something happen to the parents).

Good for you rate it was like to read article on this letter.

Lectern Vista among them. I'll bet dollars overnight and I lived in Escondido my dear. I say that it was illegal gambling 60 in San Diego and that we had winter on Tuesday done so it was nice. Alright buddy appreciate it and hope it home think that all right, hey folks, we have for us to meet you for open lines 877-207-2276 20 McCall and then we can talk was good to Andrew from Chicago. Andrew welcome you here on my… Thank you for all the lark question in regard to faith. Being that the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit of God… Not that godly. I understand how I'm confused right away and confused face being an attribute of the Holy Spirit. I correct I don't know what that means because an attribute of God would be something like his omniscience, omnipotence is on the presence face is something that he grants to slippage 129. I don't know of any issue where God has face correct, I wanted to call you what you found it not.

My question what they are. While the nature faith that I sent you an attribute is is not the right word.

In that context. No, I understand your sex you say isn't the work of God's only read some verses to Philippians 129 says to you is been granted to believe what you believe in him, but also to suffer for his sake.

It has been granted to believe in has been granted is was called the aorist passive indicative that me just the past tense and that the person who's doing that believing is receiving the action were God's granting that they believe they do, the believing that God granted to them. It's a spiritual mystery we could talk about and Jesus says in John 629 this is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent. So if you believe in Jesus, the true Jesus then is because God is granted you belief and it's the work of God, that you believe so. Notice what it says is the work of God. He does this work in you that you believe you're actually doing the believing it's weird that process. My question what what what our 555 are the working of the Holy Spirit that allowed to be able have a and God the father in Christ, five, and the work of the Holy Spirit yeah I like that all sounds good. You given all the glory to God we actually do the believing that God works in us. It's a bit of a mystery paradox, but there's ways to unpack it but I buddy there's a break and you God bless man loves a folks through lines going to call 87776 max Y77077 pairs maxillary line 7776 with Zach from Florida Zach welcome. I got through reading right either. The grandfather thousandth thing. You can leave cream like a four thing to do her thing that happened with this vision of life at the moment. I was wondering if there's anything sure that other than like God talking to Joe for his dream but that the only thing that I didn't have God actually does that today. Yeah, he does next to version 17 peters quote in the Old Testament, and he says your old men will dream dreams and and the like. This is in the last days so that yes is going to happen.

Just so you know Muslims all over the Middle East are having visions and dreams of Jesus coming to faith in Iran has were the largest underground Christian churches because of suck. No problem now is this guy getting real dreams doesn't sound like to meet his father and grandfather's appearing to him in dreams and telling them stuff he really causes me that to worry about that now is looking to dreams as his source of truth and direction instead of Scripture. And that's a problem I so sounds to me like there's some problems there and to curse what you want to dream. I mean, is it hiding us from God or not, how you notice it's just your own desires, manifesting in dreams so you know this can save believe it will little probably happen with him. It'll get further and further into heresy and move away from the Lord's mom is doing with the dreams and move it may be moving to a New Age movement where dreams and visions and entangling tune with the other world becomes more of an issue. I keep on reading your mind up.

I'm not well right tell him to subject the dreams to Scripture because that's the final authority, not his subjective dreams, how does he know them from coming. God you can believe the Army doesn't mean they are.

He has to go to Scripture's always pointing to Scripture is the final authority for us today here in a world that's what we need. That's what needs to happen and when people get away from that final authority. They start believing all kinds of stuff all God's wrath right, but God blessed hey we have love for the lines for open lines of one guy waiting – so do I do call eight 772-072-2760 McCall Tosha will compete on the feeling a little bit better.

My voice is on the comeback so my wife likes it when I talk to her now. Normally, just like me talking to keep away from me and throws things that will get you when I have a voice like this that you want to hear me say something. Usually it's a great she is, I'm in trouble now go ahead with like you knows nothing will know our Sabbath this Sunday know I have a friend who won't buy or sell on that on Sunday and exorcist. Just think he doesn't put anybody else get off the table to the movie on Sunday just can't do it electric for God so what that's what he wants to he doesn't push anybody else is free to do that are free not to do that, you're free to work up worship on our city to work on Saturday.

No problem, work, work on Saturday. Make money for your kids. We can do that. It's good to have one day a week where you dedicate in the Lord and usually that's Sunday but what if the job you've got to provide for your family only allows you be off on Tuesday and Wednesday then what you do you get the job and you have a worship day on Tuesday or Wednesday arresting Mother's Day to give the Lord okay. Romans 14 is telling us when the illustrations I give the people's let's say that some people on a plane and in on the crash in the middle of the ocean and there in a rut.

They graphed five or six of another and are just for days and days. I got enough nourishment stuff that they barely survive and they forget what day is what the phones are all dusted their watches are all dusted date you there just after the landowning island. What day is it not sure. Okay, now what they do for the worship loan at worship on the proper day with the proper day they got one in seven chance of getting it right. You think God can hold it against you get the right date you had to guess, but got it wrong what is now Romans 14 talks about Sisk except the one who is weak in faith but not for the purpose of passing judgment on his opinions.

One person's faith that he may eat all things, but he was weak eats vegetables only one who eats is not to regard with contempt when it is not eaten what he does not he does not to judge the one who eats God has accepted him.

Who are you to judge a servant of another. One person regards one day above another, another regards, every day alike.

Each person must be fully convinced in his own mind. So if were supposed to worship on ours have one day particular day like the Sabbath day on Saturday, held above all the others, and why does Paul the apostle say one person regards one day above another, another regards, every day alike.

Each person must be fully convinced in his own mind if were obligated to worship on a certain day. Paul shouldn't say that Satan, each person must be fully convinced of his own mind, you should say what you got worse but this day but he didn't. The reason is because were free, were no longer under the law, and we don't have to follow the law in order to please God, because Christ is our Sabbath. He is our rest were free to worship on any day and were free to work on on any of those days and is good though to have a day we set aside in order to give glory and rest to God. You're welcome. I can talk all right okay go blessed by all right, that was Natasha, and let's get to Clyde from New York to Clyde welcome you on the air. I you that I would have you ever been persecuted for your faith, evidences, and Mrs. actio that I don't want to see it anymore like tracked by people though work this evening James no I don't want it anymore like I was in I was put in a Como diabetes and when I got out I felt like I was tracking device which will be because everywhere I go is people topping up to walk like a clock. Homosexuals like actually to come to the board stuff. So you're just telling me that you been persecuted for your faith leg out I was tracking devices with all I see the same everywhere I go, you track by people that you have are you going to church try to look for church okay when I'd like you to do is to find a church in your area and Charlie. Maybe you could put the link in there.

It' man I want to get the address I can tell you to go on the web and look for a website that will tell you what the churches are in the area and they exist and it's called minutes right there took my tongue Charlie will put it in the text or I'll and I'll tell you what it is but you need to find a good church in your area you need to be involved with the elders of the church you talk to them about this so it's right and then it'll get on that homepage and will have a link for finding a church right against cafeteria account.

You get a stick up soaking. Are you I'm sorry that I get a good persecuted because you chose not of course the letter sent anymore a mess different than being in a situation where you don't want to participate in somebody else's sin and the mock you for have had that happen many many times I've been swatted with people called the police and said that I shunned to my wife, and that the police, the SWAT team showed up at my house, guns drawn and everything I had to walk out the house backwards and everything that's happened have been followed in cars been threatened with lawsuits that Satan is threatened to kill him.

My family and me.

Yeah, have had I been kicked out of Baptist Church for teaching, for affirming that God predestines people because the Bible says I've been threatened by Mormon with death. Not that all Mormons do that they don't cut this thing a Mormon is threatened with death by singer Dan nights are still around and they knew who I was and the advent persecuted by Jehovah's Witnesses threatened this part of being a Christian does speak up and I'm not sure what's inside of silicon are capable of receiving what's inside of you. You're saying things that cause me to want to tell you to get involved with the churches are talking to the elders you to find a good church go to okay go there and look up the church. It's on the right-hand side it's the Masters seminary TMS and you can go to the search thing there and you can find a church, but you need to do that you need to involve the church because I can tell you get involved church need to have the elders, minister to you about a lot of stuff to run okay. You're welcome very much all right hey we got about a few seconds left the show blocked by God's grace would back on there tomorrow and I hope that everyone enjoyed the show and up thinks of those who prayed for me. My sickness or Michelle had a great time and the Lord bless you and by his grace back there tomorrow folks talk to them. Another program powered by the Truth Network