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God will have the Last Word

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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March 11, 2022 7:00 am

God will have the Last Word

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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March 11, 2022 7:00 am

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Pointed words from pastor and author Dr. Michael Gerson is the obsession of getting what you do not have read the straight no matter how much you have is the state and I am thinking just the next thing is going to make you happy and the next thing is going to make it happen. This is the proper the formation of green every day you experience temptations to temptations to have a little more than your friends.

You have a little more than coworkers more than your neighbors. Welcome to leading the way with Dr. Michael. You next you'll experience how a poor man lost his life because of greed and now if your situation does permit open with stupid first Kings chapter 21 in preparation for Dr. Yousef teaching quick reminder it is helpful for our team to know how you connect with leading the way. So when you visit with us. Visit our website or when you call to speak to a ministry representative, please do mention how you most often watch or listen now to join with me in listening as Dr. Michael Yousef begins today's teaching time. The Bible tells us that there are even graver consequences to greed and covetousness. The Bible tells us of unbridled greed produces misery controllable, Christmas results from the Beijing reef life, but the fever more and more and more can only produce a perpetual pain and incompleteness emptiness. I cannot think of a better example about greed and covetousness and then vacant due to a person, and the consequences over this story of I have been Jezebel hearing the story and this juncture in our series, we confront a poor man a simple man but faithful man by the name of Naboth, but just relied here on the small vineyard a small piece of land in the only problem is is abutted up against King Ahab's garden of his summer palace. First, you need to understand what it means to own a vineyard for a Jew for a Jew to all of vineyard is a big deal.

I'm all about.

It was his, and since just as the people of God come out of the desert into the promised land were given inheritance, you who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ have been given an inheritance that is yours for and just as Jezebel and Ahab have tried to think that the inheritance from this man who refused, and even he died for you are not under the command of God to hold our price no matter who tells us to do what no what pressure we have under us know what difficulties we get into that I want inheritance is incorruptible, and we must hold until we see Jesus face-to-face a vineyard was a very emblem of Israel itself. Vineyard was a very sign of fruitfulness toward you in Isaiah chapter 5 God compares Israel to a vineyard all vineyard in Israel is to possess the very symbol of the nation. This poor Naboth when his ancestors came from out of slavery into the desert, then into the promised land. Part of the inheritance with this piece of land know the problem was it was so close to King Ahab's garden and I felt incomplete without owning the whole of the surrounding land. I wanted to hear me accurately enough to misunderstand me, please. Greed always makes you feel incomplete greed will always make you feel discontented. No matter how much you have over how much you don't have you'll feel incomplete unless you get more and more in the more you get, the more incompletely going to feel I have had enough knowledge of the old custom of the law of God. He had enough knowledge in his head not to cross that line but not bailed worshiping Gentile Jezebel.

His wife, she didn't. Jezebel asked her husband I have what's wrong why are you so you can almost hear the wind blubbering you were is notable for just relied to settlement his video but he refused, so meeting someone.

Jezebel was a woman of action. Jezebel was a woman of determination, she made up for the weakness of her wimpy husband and while the king had very little moral compunction because of his Jewish background and his knowledge of the law. Jezebel didn't. She had no morals whatsoever. She never let anything or anyone stand in her way. She was coldhearted and she would lie under oath, and everybody thought she was charming. Look at verse seven of first Kings 21 is what you basically say I give your use of translation get up eat and drink, I will kill to give you what your heart really desires. Verse eight. It shows you the determination which led her to forgery and hypocrisy and treachery. She forged a letter in the king's name and then she stole his signet ring and she stamped that letter and why the media confronted her about all this.

She said all I was doing is helping my husband to do the job that he was elected to do. She told the population of Jezreel to proclaim a day of fasting was at me what you do that well the public relation officer's have explained to her that the Jewish people when they got a call today which they're going to judge somebody they call a day of fasting. So she went to heaven and then have Betty work using the law of God abusing it that she was functioning as a key she was not elected to function as a king.

She bribed two false witnesses to testify against this poor faithful man of God. Naboth is one of the 7000 you remember from the last message that God told Elijah that he has the 7000 people who have never about the bail will never kiss the feet of bail and here's one of them faithful man holding on God's inheritance for him. He was not going to let it go for anything, even to the wicked king. I have so she brings his two false witnesses put him in front of Naboth and bring false accusation with the boss to be blaspheming God and to be blaspheming the king that is a capital crime punishable with a capital punishment of stoning by death. I can only imagine. As I looked at this again and again. I'm going to tell you why it's so graphic for me and why understand the picture of astonishment to and horror in the pit of his stomach is as he stood there and heard these people telling lies about human and imagine how he was in the theater with false accusation this wicked woman should an innocent blood.

Why, greed, covetousness, jealousy, now this is a play. This would be the end of act one in the beginning of act two, when Jezebel heard that Naboth was now dead. She went to I have and she said the vineyard is yours. It's our anniversary present and he was coldhearted in its verse 16 he goes down to take possession of it. Please hear me right the word of God, never, never, never denied that it is an eminently realistic book, the Bible never takes its character and clean them and wash them and dress them up and wrap them in cell phone and then present them as untouchables know the Bible is an eminently realistic book in the Bible said that there is pleasure in sin for a moment for the season.

If someone coverts another man's business or another man's wife or another man's possession.

There is a moment of anticipation and when you are riding the wave of sin of covetousness. You may feel that you are larger than life that you are living above all the circumstance but it is only for the season. It's only for a season when you look at this and you see what is happening, you have to ask and say where is God where is God when the honest man like Naboth is unjustly killed.

Where is God where is God when this bailed worshiping woman Jezebel defiles a whole nation where is God where is God when vacillating wimp liking.

I have gotten drunk tonight because vineyard and enjoy the fruit of his murder and greed. Where is God.

It is a legitimate question and it's a right question. In fact, this is a very question that the psalmist in Psalm 73 asked. In fact, even only asked that question.

He comes in and confesses at the end and he says I've almost lost my spiritual footing of almost flat of almost forsaken God and my faith, he said, because he looked around and he saw the wicked seem to be getting away with their wickedness and and he saw that there were wearing their pride on their index is a necklace and getting away with her teeth, looked around, and he saw them screaming and mocking God, and they seem to be getting away with where is God in all of this, this and carefully God is there and just because he is merciful. Just because his long-suffering does not mean that he is not just the judge by appearances. Don't think that this life is all that is be patient and wait, and you will see the goodness of God first Kings chapter 21 verse 17 the word of the Lord came to Elijah that this report go down and meet I have king of Israel who rules over Samaria. God knew what he was using his right that Naboth's vineyard where he is going to take possession.

He knows what's happening is what's going on what what lysates I have Vista's are larger you go down and tell him not to enjoy your vineyard too much as my own translation. You know what I mean is I don't enjoy it too much because the dogs lick Naboth's brought his gun lick you don't ever ever confuse God's patience is God's weakness or God's indifference God's unfairness don't misjudge God because God will always have the last word. Can you imagine how I have felt after he heard this message every time there's a dog. The box name is Doug Bucklew. He was say to me what Michael does this God always execute judgment immediately like this. Usually not usually not. It is an exception that Adam is confronted by God in the garden. There is an exception that came was marked as an exception that David was confronted with his sin is an exception that Herod the great died rocking inwardly because of the slaughter of the infants. It is an exception that Ananias and Sophia dropped dead right in front of the apostles. When the light of them, these might be exceptions, but the examples are examples. There are enough to remind us that the consequences of sin can be immediate or delayed. But make no mistake about it, no one will escape the justice of God. No, God will always have the last word.

Some of you may be so indifferent to the face and you never submitted your life to Jesus Christ says where I'm getting old all do that later on I'll do that because you blessed in your life you don't see a need for believing in you think you getting away with it the voice of God speaking to you concerning don't think my patience is going to be forever. You might think that you are getting away with your life of compromise that you getting away with your life of in the world and all the world and then the church should be a different person. Don't think you get away with that, because nothing happened to you don't misjudge God.

Don't be tempted to think that God doesn't care about your sin simply because nothing has happened yet. The Bible said that God commands all men everywhere to repent. For he has appointed a day in which he will judge the world by this man, Jesus Christ, God disasters repentance frisking 22 verse 34 a have goes to the battle disguised that he gets shot in the battle. I don't know what you translation your Bible said there are no accidents with God. I guarantee you that arrow probably went all over town and come back and found the low spot God said it, please listen carefully to the details of the customer's it's an example of what God will do encounter congenital social forces get out of the battlefield take me out of here mourned it. He runs out of the battlefield in the blood of his mood begins to flow into the charges on the floor of the chariot, so after he was buried, the chariot gets washed in the pool in Samaria where the prostitutes were blazing in their the Bible said the dogs licked up his blood. Just as the word of God said God will always have the last word in others, and irony here convinced the Holy Spirit, the author of the Bible for the day so you can understand that I can understand it, they have introduced the worship of bail and compromise in the nation and brought in cultic prostitution to the nation of Israel, so the dogs licked his blood from the pool where the prostitutes available basic.

Shed blood. The blood of Naboth cried out to God and who publisher I want to tell you this and I'm going to conclude there are basically three judgments. There is an internal judgment that is between you and God you judge yourself and come to God in repentance, God will forgive you, but then there's an external judgment.

External judgment when consequences of your sins.

God doesn't get nurse liquidated his own to do now God doesn't do that.

I explained that once before so simple. If I don't like is not the text far as afar is going to burn when the kid will testify will happen about God says what you going to get is the consequences of your choice. God is vindictive God sitting up there with you.

Oh, it doesn't work that way. This is not all God, but the external judgment of your sins and become, and if neither of those happen work or lead you to repentance.

Then there is eternal judgment of God forbid, not a person listening to me today what ever end up in their eternal judgment. The best judgment of all his seat, internal judgment, why because you judge yourself and because it is done between you and God. I don't know what it is that you need to judge in your life today. Perhaps it's a relationship that does not belong in your life. Perhaps a processional or money that is not yours and doesn't belong to you and your holding. Perhaps it's a an unbridled lust for someone or something.

Perhaps it's an anger that is absolutely eating you alive. Whatever it is the Holy Spirit is very able to tell you and tell me what it is that we need to exercise internal judgment. The best thing that could happen is when each of us exercise internal judgment because the Bible said that if we judge ourselves, we will not be judged by God.

It is the desire of a merciful loving compassionate caring God. The very moment that you are convicted of sin is a very moment to repent of the Lord is bringing on the conviction today. This is the very presence of God, do not harden your heart to know how you can measure your spiritual growth at the your way. But what you can measure your spiritual growth.

How short is the time between sin in your repentance and forsaking of that sin. If internal judgment does not happen. You will be judged externally and if it does not work. The worst of all of all judgments is eternal judgment. And if the total judgment is the only option you gonna leave the God that is the only option that he will offer back to you. The Bible said the blood of Jesus Christ his son cleanses us from every sin, thought, word and deed, whatever it may be what I'm talking about here is not another renewing of your commitment to God. That's what I'm talking about. I'm not talking about a momentary decision that you make based on emotions and then when you walk out of these doors you forgot all about it.

That is not what I'm talking about. I am talking about that phone call that you need to make.

I'm talking about that letter that you need to write and talk about that visit that you probably drank, but you need to make on talking about the restitution. God is been telling you need to make you to pay you to do it now. You have a choice whether you place yourself under the internal judgment of the external judgment of eternal judgment. You have a choice whether you place yourself under God's mercy God's judgment. I want to tell you what I'd I deserve nothing anybody close to me know that Norma Hart but are often said to the Lord, Lord, I deserve nothing but your judgment, but I will place myself under your mercy anytime precious heavenly father you know who we are what we made of your binoculars reaches all the way down to the past or present in the future and therefore Lord withstand the testimony I stand here is a testimony, Lord, to seek to seek internal judgment floor. The tie judge myself there.

We judge ourselves.

Father God, whatever it is that we ask you to empower us to rid of the side walk afresh with you today. Father I pray that this be not just a mental decision but active decision. Father I pray that the loss of joy and peace. In fact, evidencing like I am sometimes in both like brass and the dryness in our spiritual life of giving you today we go out in these last days making no father of Jesus, God will have the last word.

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