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Being A Championship Father

Family Policy Matters / NC Family Policy
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May 5, 2016 12:00 pm

Being A Championship Father

Family Policy Matters / NC Family Policy

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May 5, 2016 12:00 pm

This week, “Family Policy Matters” features a portion of a keynote address on responsible fatherhood that Carey Casey of the National Center for Fathering gave at the North Carolina Family Policy Council’s Major Speakers dinner event in Greenville in 2016.

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Adding approaches the children they are aware and their involvement in the children's lives. They know was born on this is family policy motors with Nancy family president John Weston thank you for joining us for family policy matters. This week we are pleased to bring you part of a powerful presentation on responsible fatherhood delivered by Carrie Casey, the CEO of the national Center for fathering. Mr. Casey was the keynote speaker at the North Carolina family policy Council's major speakers dinner event in Greenville North Carolina in March 2016.

We hope you enjoy it.

Casey is with the Kansas City based national Center for fathering and through his work across the country. He is well known as a compassionate ambassador, particularly within the American sports community. He is author of the book championship fathering how to win and being a dad and general editor of the 21 day dad's challenge.

He serves on the White House task force on fatherhood and healthy families is also a member of the executive committee of the national fatherhood leadership group which promotes responsible fatherhood policy research, advocacy and practice.

Casey joined the National Center for fathering in 2006 after 18 years in various roles with the Fellowship of Christian athletes including executive director of the one way to play program first ever national urban director and president of the FCA foundation. His career has also included serving as chaplain at the 1988 summer Olympic Games in Seoul Korea, chaplain for the Dallas Cowboys under Hall of Fame coach Tom Landry and chaplain for the Kansas City Chiefs. He served for five years as co-pastor of Lawndale Community Church. The inner-city church in Chicago's west side that was recognized by the George H. W. Bush points of light foundation in high school. Carrie played in the 1971 Virginia state championship football game which was later dramatized in the award-winning movie remember the Titans and he is still friends with former Titans coach Herman Boone. Kerry received the most important thing Carrie received his bachelors degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is running back. He helped leave the school's football team to the Atlantic Coast conference championship in 1977, and ladies and gentlemen, I would invite you to join me in welcoming Carrie Casey, young lady. They need their day. Don't think that a man just raises the boys they need their mother as well.

Think about it.

God did not make a mistake when he made his.

He did not make a mistake when he made a man and a woman, and that a man and a woman. I'm normally preaching to the choir but I'm reminding you because there are those that will move to our block. There will be those that way.

Even Don.

Great see the details of higher learning in traditional credit would God literally built, no man, no woman to women are to me and and am not belittling anyone. I'm just talking about what our creator who made me and made you UK messing with it and expect to have success. It can happen as brilliant as we when we say in this 2 1/2 pound sponge and mob head, called a brain can hold more than the greatest interior ever made in all that they have on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter snap chatting. You can go all down through which you cannot mess with God's laws and expect to read lands broke our research shows when our fathers there when the head coach steps up to the plate. We take care of the basics not be domineering to love our wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her, but as we care for our brides. We function without children, we will win the world change raise my children I'm 60 but I'm raising these children and we have three grown children Having fun. Now we get chance homeboy is 19 a freshman in college we have nine grandchildren. We haven't five big towns now here's what I'm saying girls when their dad is there. Research shows they are more confident they are more secure. We got data. This shows that when a dad is that they do better in math. True story when the pots in the home also now this is a list. Girls it had their dad there. Every child is a father, grandfather or father figure, but every when dad is there, the girl will probably marry a guy with similar for facial features as their day.

But here's what I'm saying. All the research notes but here's the thought that last verse in the Old Testament before God spoke to the right is to write the New Testament in Malachi 4 and six. He wants to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children hearts of the children to the fathers with the land will continue to be curse do the research. Read the newspaper or someone.

This committed a crime, do the research probably did not have an involved father is not just the fathers that are not there physically, but there are dad make boatloads of money successful in the world's eyes, but are not engaged in the children's lives. They need their dad. Bottom line, and that mother needs that support I am so very thankful for what you all are doing and all that. I just heard but I want you to know. Think about what they said as far as babies born out of wedlock.

That cannot happen in the future and you always community when I was five years old in 1960s African-American babies born out of wedlock in 1960 I think about it was point it was 22, 25% in 2016 it said is at least 72% of the country cannot win that way. Think about the Caucasian race if you will. We talk and 37 to 40%. Right now, what is moving quicker than the rate did in the African-American community within the Caucasian community is moving quicker even that we have to cut off the curse you are listening to policy not as a resource and to listen to Armenian show online information resources have a place of persuasion in your community to our website only collecting we have to get into the game. Here's our research at the center, thinking about his research.

Thousands of dad. Here's what clearly comes out three things clearly come out of our research at the national Center for fathering and that is this right here is that the is that the dad loves their children they really do love the children love the child's mother, even if their divorce. They still respect that mom of thousands of dad. This is what takes place not think about our young chance.

Our son, whose 19 when he was 10 he came to me and said daddy Marcella's play football, you play football.

I don't like football. My son you can strap on something play football and is not your daddy, rumor Lois Taylor North Carolina Senate. But anyway, but he was not impressed.

He still isn't the next night.

True story went to speak to the Kansas City Chiefs before the game and got chance went with me and Jared Allen, who played for the Panthers. In fact, on the just retired. He was with the cheese back then he walks over to chance and is a chance to play football.

You can play for the cheese and chances 10 years old and he looked up at him. He said no I don't like football never play football. It's a dumb game and he just my son don't do that.

This is daddy's job. This is how we get paid next day comes to me looks many he said daddy, do you still like me and love me.

Although I don't like football and I said son if you never touch a ball your daddy see son.

I love you so chances and unbelievable are to see is a very dancer and singer in all of this and so were just so proud of chance. He's a freshman in college that what you love your kids, but then not only that you love them you all in his room will get out of here as quick as we can now go home. Tell your children, and some of you your grandparents like me you call grandchildren when you're with them, you'll have two children, a judge very important title even talk to Judge do and he would tell when they walked before him. He's a wonderful man of God, but he would ask me questions where you from, who your parents. He would drill down the African-Americans, the Caucasian this planet. No matter what their color was or is the commonality of common ground daddies were not removed along the got in trouble because they didn't have the conference there.

My father right now he die the same day as coach Tom Landry. My dear friend used to go to Cowboys and I was chaplain at Baltimore 75 Baltimore men of God, both of whom are married to the bride 50 but they pass February 12, 2001 was right. One was black when I was around. I didn't just know my dad is just like Landry, their character, they can speak so loud that they would even use mere words sometimes that could just look at daddy raises me more now from the grave there when he was here. I can hear his voice when I'm ready to stay in the street part used to tell me, son. Don't ever get opportunity will come when it comes, will you notice it. If you notice it. Will you be prepared failed to prepare, prepare to fail used to tell me, son, if you gonna lead the orchestra you have to turn your back to the crowd got a listen to the right voices love you children but then you coach you children, not just on the feel, which you coach them.

Tony done Jeep disinvited me that a day to the Hall of Fame to be with he and his family.

He's going any six days older, Tony said yeah great coaches aware and involved in their players lies in the daddy coaches the children. They are aware in their involved in the children's lives.

They know was going on.

That's what we have to do in his room and we raise up the next generation we do that as well. But we coasted not only that we must love them but the coach then this is what research says. But then they also they model for their children. You love the coach in your model but you encourage a child in your neighborhood young lady young man that does not have a father or mother, who the kids in your neighborhood that does not have a father in the home to love your kids you coach them you model for them. You encourage a child without a dad and even the fifth point.

Encourage those fathers. They want to drop out of the game and save my family does not need me on that a chain trade map writing for a new and a younger model gentleman you may be tempted.

The devil will live to you but I want to let you know as my dad was a son is not greener on the other side of the fence is nothing but dirt.

God bless you, thank you for close alike to follow the North Carolina family policy Council on Facebook.

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