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AK Kamara Socialism Left Wants to Divide Us Arbery Rittenhouse DNC Racist 120121

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
The Cross Radio
December 3, 2021 8:11 pm

AK Kamara Socialism Left Wants to Divide Us Arbery Rittenhouse DNC Racist 120121

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Now back to a chosen generation with pastor Grace generation radio or supplements and everything is filtered through biblical glasses. Well, couple of interesting things that that I think deserve our well deserve our attention and focus. I want us to understand the place that we are in and the end and where we find ourselves, what are they trying to do and I think one of the best places to understand this is to understand the push that is happening right now to move us into socialism and I would suggest to you that socialism is a place that we have in fact already gone.

It's not a place that were going to do. It's actually a destination upon which we have arrived these conversations about universal income.

The fact that we have had this situation relative to shutdowns and lockdowns and businesses being closed and now we have attempts to try to open up business but I want us to think for just a second about and I talked about this before it in and it may seem as a radical idea. There's our guest here we go let's see if we can bring him into the conversation.

All right, hey, what were the programs as AK hey I'm very good how are you sir I am doing well but good good good good what's good to have you on board.

Glad to be on. I was just talking to my audience hereabouts how you know people are our talk about communism and socialism and and and are we are we getting there and I was suggesting to them that we actually we are there. You know when you think about while your businessperson so you fully understand this, you have all of these regulations and and I've been in business to add started many companies in my 59 years here on earth. You have all of these regulations. All of these entities that attempt to tell you how you can or cannot do business and you have to pay them in order to be able to hang a shingle and and and do business and now because of this plan. Endemic that we been under we have a situation where individuals are now being paid by the government to stay home, which makes it very difficult for small businesses. In particular, which is Brenda backbone of our country. Can you speak to that for just a second and then we'll get into some of the other stuff that I know we want to talk about yeah you know, I can hear your probably on. More than operated.

I think that there is a larger plan in place that have been employed working toward the goal of your shipping our free-market capitalism toward a socialist dental plan the night.

I think that it happened at such a slow rate that under a lot of people's radar, you know, when you talk about Corporation. You know, kind of. Basically doing the will of of the government know the CEO from some of the huge multinational corporation doing the work of the government and when you get back when you know you don't feel more beholden to the federal government and to their church shareholders or or to the consumer. I think that when you start the transition away from premarket capital lease to pitch whatever the clog I authoritarian mixed with socialism and communism, and I think that that is something I've been concerned about and that I think people are starting now realize as the different rules and regulations come rolling out but you are, you know that the government has all the power very difficult.

The fight again unless you live in a state that has no the apparatus but Lord or attack that are really pushing back South Dakota pushing back the government central planning okay for sure well and and one of the ways to that they attempts to enforce or bring in and and and quote" fundamentally change a nation is to create chaos and animus in the way they do. That is, as they tried to get people sectioned off into groups divide them. Get them angry at one another in order to be able to create the necessary chaos in order to destabilize and and and D structure. The system that you know that that was in place and and and that really speaks to and I have you now have members of project 21 black leadership network, program regularly because these are the kinds of things that we want to push back against. We want to make sure the people understand that you know how they're how they're working to manipulate us.

You know we had I believe to just verdicts in the last week. You know Ahmad Aubrey's verdicts was a just verdict we can not have vigilante justice under any circumstance, and self-defense in the Rittenhouse case is something that that we have to have in order to be able to defend ourselves such as Kyle was forced to do it and there's an even bigger thing.

They're having to do with all of the businesses that were being burned down in and the rioting that was taking place, but talk to me about your thoughts as you look at that picture and you look at the justice picture. What message do you want people to take away from that AK you know I want I want people to take away that our job ingrained right with the belief of what the founder you are certain to be and I think that when you think of America's founding. You had all of the gentleman that came together and how can we create society really going to allow freedom of liberty and justice prevail, and I put together the masterful document the masterful and I initial system is a reflection on that.

So I have always adequately that while there are times in which jury get long and that you have prosecutors that manipulate with the lie. And sometimes you have the correct attorney that manipulate with and why, in general, our system is a great system and so I believe that these two cases which had very differing reactions.

For those that want to provide yet they said in the case of written out that the judge are buried to the end they picked into when they think that justice and I you exactly how to oust the work might not have the outcome that you personally desire versus commitment to care about your feeling that you care about truth and chucked it. Give people an opportunity to actually be presented with information to lift the trigger. I think that's really what you think about it, helping to maybe reimport to have a conversation with people which I've been doing on my social media thing I want you to take the it really how justice work. You know, you don't have to continue the tropic being used by the local monitor fighter that you know Kyle was a black man that he would've been found guilty of you know, things like that don't go out go through that noise is look like a carbon look at the contrast to that they tried to do because what did they say they said Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist right away and then on the car on the steps of the courthouse where the armory trial is being taken place. You have armed new Black Panthers saying we're going to seek retribution. So in other words, the very thing that's being tried in the armory trial which was vigilante-ism and we are family and saying that the lawlessness we can't allow that. There standing on the courthouse steps saying that's exactly what we intend to do and I think on the other side you've got the Rittenhouse situation where there crying Outlook.

This is just self-defense and there's I know this was white supremacy except the problem was that it was three white guys that got shot to kill the one wounded in Iraq. I made a tick-tock video laying out Cory?

He would like to delight the pram of the and Ralph Nader like to grandma the night I laid it out. At that yet a white kid who I think the thing and maybe partly a collar and out.

I know that they're actually true, but specifically the three people that were word in all shot and killed two of them killed one of them entered a white guy I've made the pickpocketing on a blue one by Robbie McNally. Other 70,000 views of a leader, whatever nonsense: when you like. There are people again from the crack that want to divide people that want to divide this push this white narrative to the point that there are average American really think that black people died during the hearing that bring out any of them, you know. Sure, it want you said earlier could be any more accurate unified people and you put them in a little group and a few everyone else. The other America always push fight against the other and in that that I think what Americans need understand that what brings us together, not the immutable traits right Collier Skynyrd or things like that. What it is to bring together value. See American to have the value bring us together and then you know you are trying to take our freedom will be right back. AK Camara is where this right after this Regulus committee on this is Adam and always stay here and we are sponsors of the chosen generation, and Pastor Greg sponsoring this program has been a real blessing to our business and I want to be first to join me chosen generation has to say all his they for once again that Saverio 46624 visits will be blessed as ours is challenging.

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I believe we are all sinners and the God in his grace and mercy said his son Jesus Christ to die for our sins, and that if we will confess our sins, he is just and righteous to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I believe salvation is not just accomplished a little prayer that is found in how transformation is lived out Jesus is to be the Lord of our lives and we should follow the precepts. This is not legalism or works, but a life lived out in love and honor the one who died for my sins.

Faith without works is dead and is no faith at all. I believe that we will fall and that we need to have a repentant heart that God will ultimately bring us into perfect action. Jesus Christ spirit man perfected and so was man in progress. I believe that we are not to live in guilt and shame of the fall, but we were pens and get up and move closer to Jesus. I believe that if our nation will repent and turn from wickedness the God will heal our land. I believe that as a Christian I must occupy till he comes and that's a call evil wicked and to learn about those evil acts as a part of the mandated Christianity fits in love also means to be willing to take the risk necessary to confront a friend with the truth in hopes that their heart will be turned because their life matters, even if it means in that moment they will possibly hate me. It means that I must risk scorn to stand for truth and that I can never sit silently by to conquer the world. God is my everything and Jesus is the love of my life that does not make me weak but strong, silent and not fearful, courageous. Therefore, if you're my friend may not fully know that I share what I share because I care if you strongly disagree with these beliefs. They are not debatable for me and you can if you choose, unfriend me.

I do not say this in anger but in love. I wish for you eyes to see and ears to hear that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation, and that God, not man gets to decide what is truth life and the way God bless you. You can support chosen generation and make a tax-deductible donation by visiting and now back to chosen generation with pastor Grace Hale of the messenger.

Dinner is ready where no topic is off limits everything filtered through biblical glasses.

My guess is AK Camara is a member. Project 21 black leadership network. You can find

Click on the project.

21 icon and you'll find the AK Camaro over there. He also does a weekly podcast called black Republican black Democrat and encourage you to check that out and if you're residing in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area well. He owns a small insurance agency there. You might want to reach out to him and see if he can help meet your needs. AK we were talking about has so many different things in there I I'm interested. I think it's cool to bring into this because you you were all you're in Hawaii right now and I was just telling you that I had a friend of mine that was gonna be on yesterday and we had some technical issues but they were in Hawaii and he was saying man I'm telling you Hawaii is like Australia and I'm man if we don't if we don't stand up. It's going to be right here in the states, but talk to me about some of the things that are going on in Hawaii that people really need to know about and then I'd like to get into our conversation that we had about Black Friday and some of the some of those things that happen to because I know that you're a you know I great line order supporter and the analog of your love, your video Highway it's time to pick a side law enforcement or BOM. I watch that in was just very impressed by that and then I went from there to watch a number of your other wonderful ideas that you have up on YouTube rather self but no go ahead, please talk to me about so what you're what you're seeing in NY and the transition to Black Friday so why you show your paper or you happen to show proof of a negative and 24-hour of your flight you want to fly to Hawaii and it was never going though.

I have never gone anywhere that required me to have to show anything. Let me articulate in a in which United States operate right like oh well three American beer hear about it now. People I live in New York after spirit that we haven't been that extreme you know there I would not format for God.don't like. Thereafter your going to a special that what I don't like that when you get Hawaii you have to show them that you do your vaccination card or you have to show them that every single person political line and in any kind of practicum people and can't get preapproval type of thing.

You get a wristband. People in line. Probably too proud to make land in Hawaii when you're asked again why you're driving around every single plate have format you want about the kind of day is like $500 fine per person, we went to a luau just like might actually go out and out in a dead lawyer, Matt, in between plate in between drink it knob $500 ahead if you really like what were doing and I know what I'm to cold water are good Mike.

I will do it in my hand and in object you could draw relatively cosmic.

Like I have a map interesting remark. She went to the template you go the entire. Different you know because now they held her so great a colored and it not the business. I don't think you got a government to change what they feel, and this was my perfect spirit, and I don't want to get out how to go to work, the value, but not you like know the more you like to make gave you a flower, no laying all that made into and you know what outer walking around and trying to go and prepare to everybody, Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt all the time.

It's ridiculous but you're right that may land you look like a lie. You will notice there.

So the contrast that I live in Texas right so on. On Friday, and I don't get out a lot since my accident that I had in the car accident when have you and me and I will try just I don't get out the time getting out with a more now, but I went out and a friend of mine invited me to lunch on on Black Friday, so we were up in in Kerrville is just up the road from us and went to a fairly popular Mexican restaurant there and sat down and had a meal and and that I had to get rolled over to to the restrooms. I rolled through the end of the main lobby area and I mean I'm looking AK and the place is packed. I will split and and there is no there's a few scattered masks here and there but for the most part nobody has masks. People are sitting right next to one another. Having these, you know, having conversations, laugh, and having a great time and I made a comment about it. I might man it is so nice to see people out enjoying and it was so cool I got like three a man's comment from people in the lobby on yeah that great man you are free you know what I mean and I just say that to suggest that you know that the contrast is you're saying is you are experiencing what you experienced in Hawaii.

The contrast between a state where the people have said, we reject these mandates weren't were not going to be, you know, imprisoned in our homes were not going to be in for a look if somebody wants to wear a mask, knock yourself out if somebody wants to get an injection, go right ahead were not saying don't do it where Jim simply saying no one, no government entity should mandate and if an individual business wants to say hey you can't do this or you can do that in my business that's on them as well. We make a decision as to where were going to go eat and who were going to do business with. Based on those ideals and that's what a free America is all about AK and what a lot I have it, the people you know you got delivered earlier.

I and everything that I already got going on, but I think we have more converted conversation talking things that we are diametrically about buying the thing that we agree with unlucky no old tropical agree to get the creek right should I think a lot harder to do.

But when we talk about certain thing such as what what people tolerate and what will they tolerate in the name of safety.

It brings up the interesting place where our argument about about their conservative persuasion or freedom, partly it's very simple. We don't care what you wanted you putting up again you're not putting other people I think are we don't care what it is that you want to do what I mean.

I think I need by correcting out like Mike.

I'm talking about trying new appetite.

And you're right. Putting other people literally danger or stealing going into stores okay and cleaning off their shelves so you can go in and sell it on the black market. That's not cool and you know and lawlessness and I will rent him to get in them, but I know your big law and order guy and I really appreciate that about you.

Now I can Kamara be sure and get over you. National Center for now. Maria Van writer and cohost of breakpoint this week. Your weekly conversation on news and culture from a Christian worldview perspective inviting you to join me on Johnston Street each weekend right here on this station for a 30 minute look through what's happening in our world and how we as Christians should risk aligned with truth and love