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10-6-22 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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October 6, 2022 6:11 am

10-6-22 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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October 6, 2022 6:11 am

Women's Soccer Federation investigations | Your After Hours "Sad Sap" | QB News.


Europe lied a lot done and read every overtime win every game.

Our local experts cover the biggest stories around your team every day on your favorite MLB on the ever you want… Network your team everything I you all could only see producer J right now I'm doing is sometimes I don't want to see freezer J side of the double pane glass company just asked me why do I mention it double pained for a couple reasons. It's very thick glass and when I try to throw things that producers it bounces back toward me. Also my studio is theoretically soundproof and so these are not just windowpanes. These are thick panes of glass and there are two of them to make sure that we don't get echoes and reverberation and bleeding through from one control room where there may be particular noise or or sound going on, or audio play versus what's happening here in the studio so that's why mention it because they are ceiling to wall thick panes of glass and there are two of them with a bopper in between.

Again, meant to help keep this the main studio soundproof. I don't know why I needed to explain that or why anyone cares if you don't just that's good, but at least I was. I was able to explain in a way that is understandable.

Did you know that producer to underwater's double training class last to have double planed civil claim to double pane glass have a split down the middle. I can just be one sheet of double pane glass, maybe because they couldn't buy a piece of glass that big while we knew that fired both of us okay but I'm the one who delivered the punchline to fully give a good upgrade our computers from 1984 I'd be all about it.

Take like a €98.07 work you know you Eddie tell these days you go to their recycle center and they have room falls in some cases the monitors and old TVs that people don't want anymore because the technology goes so quickly that nobody wanted old desktop or tube TV or even TV that a flatscreen but it's not smart TV right at the technology is fitting so quickly. No joke. We can probably go to the recycle center in my town and find more recent computers than what we've got here in studio recycle center would not take our stuff there, do I go now. Sorry we don't clearly I mean they're obsolete. The only place they work is here and that's only hit or miss use work lightly sometimes turn on yet were both getting fired.

If anyone listened which, nevermind, no one actually does listen to after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio how to get back to your responses to our show question tonight. What were the best and brightest moments and memories of baseball in 2022.

So find us on Twitter after our CBS user J is re-tweeting or he's going to retweet because I'm a nag producer J3 tweeting skeleton time on his hands back there by the double pane glass and you can find us on Facebook after hours with Amy Lawrence. We are live from the rocket mortgage Studios you need to know what it takes for a home to fit your budget and your family. Rocket can couple of things coming up in 30 minutes will do a pre-pre-week five it's the eve of week five in the NFL and we got some QB news, I'm sorry. One of the funniest things I've heard all week is Matt rule saying I think Baker's our quarterback. I can't get over it. Just how in the world is that validation it's not even a vote of confidence in its hedging his bets bigger quarterback. Explain why you think Baker is the quarterback. Anyway, that's got to be one of the funniest moments from this week there's another one.

By the way that we are going to label sad sap of the week. This guy you're not to believe it and a video that I spent all my gosh our laughing at my mom said to me, my moms never on YouTube. I have no idea how she found it zero but is what you know we've got it first, but you do not want to miss our QB news coming up in 30 minutes because Baker may build does respond to the criticism and then in 15 minutes here on the show a couple of stories/videos that of course will share them on our social but a couple of moments that will make you smile because we all need that especially Jade. I will mostly J when I woke him up with a was not almost Friday. Narrator not almost Friday.

Yeah, sorry about that.

I would like you already crossed today's world of the spirit. That's why whenever he got on the phone like after two minutes, not even do with the talking to them tear you to bad mood. Yes, because you may be believe it was like, yeah, kinda. Why would you lie, right away I know you better than that scary to for a year now you get that a lot. Okay, stop it. Anyway, I'm in a great mood even though it's not almost Friday, but we are getting closer to Friday and part of it has to do with the, the funny video that my mom sent me that just maybe you laughed so hard I cried multiple times, even though I knew what was coming, so will share it all describe it.

Also I did something uber brave on Wednesday, something I've never done before. I will admit I was scared but I did it anyway because I needed some relief. I need some help with the pain I was experiencing and I didn't know what else to do, and someone recommended acupuncture to me so I actually went to an acupuncture appointment. It was very strange and yet I'm so proud of myself for being brave so lots of little goodies to drop in. As we round into a Thursday morning here on after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio.

Many of you are pointing to Albert, who holds an errant judge as two of the top storylines that the best and brightest memories and moments of 2022. Of course we seen mariners making the playoffs. The Orioles with the return to the land of the living.

Big lagging behind for quite a while and so we we are glad to welcome in some fresh blood even though they didn't make the playoffs. They were in that race all the way through and when they got about 500. It was pretty phenomenal.

As Willie points out in her Facebook page, Cleveland, San Diego and Baltimore all have great stories in 2022 and so there's a lot of fans weighing in from around the country and north of the border. So thank you for that again on Twitter or Facebook were were so glad to have you excited about the baseball postseason just like we are, however, I want to make sure because this is important not just important to me but also important when we think about women's sports and youth sports of young girls and young women who are getting into sports. I talked about this. I think it was earlier this week Ray producer date was earlier this week when the US soccer Federation and an independent investigation jointly announced the findings and released an extensive report about what has been rampant sexual abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse taking place in the NWS cell which is women's pro soccer here in the United States. It's a culture of abuse, just the way that it was in gymnastics at the USA level team USA you want to talk about the best and the brightest. Some of these young girls and young women. As we now know were subjected to abuse of all forms and it took one young woman coming forward. One brave young woman coming forward and then another and then another and another until there were dozens of dozens over 100 between Michigan State and USA gymnastics. They became bold in telling their stories and that's how the culture began to change. People were exposed at the highest levels of the sport and those people in some cases were charged with crimes and were put in jail and other cases lost their positions of power and their authority that that they had used and abused against young girls and women. Some of the most vulnerable of our society.

Young girls young boys they should not be subjected to abuse nor should adults in the name of sport, and yet we've found out that that is absolutely the case in women's soccer was not long ago that we had the chance to connect with Becky sauerbraten who is the captain of USA women's soccer and she was in Mexico with the team and they were qualifying for the World Cup, but he came on the heels of the US women's national team receiving equal pay and equal resources from US soccer after what had been a years long fight, and there were some jubilation in that but also some discussed in some frustration that it took so long and now here we are months later in this report is come out detailing heartbreaking disturbing abuse in many of the clubs in this women's pro soccer league.

The NWS cell and yet again, you've got some of the most recognizable names in the sport who are having to campaign for change or having to put their voices and their power behind it. Not to mention their athletes as well and their part of this culture and they've lived through it. We've already seen multiple managers step away from their teams as this investigation goes on other managers and officials have lost their jobs were not talking about one team one club were talking about verbal and emotional abuse and sexual misconduct that has become systemic. That's the word used in the report, and I mentioned to you earlier in the week that I wouldn't go into the six details because it's it's difficult and if you want to know them there in multiple articles that you can find online, but were not talking about a manager yelling at a player that's that's not abuse were talking about using power and authority to make them feel small to threaten them with any retaliation if they would speak up to treat them as lesser people essential to control them and that type of a culture as someone who went through a lot of discrimination and and sexual harassment earlier in my career.

It's demoralizing when you show up to work.

You're not your best you're always looking over your shoulder.

You're afraid to speak out or trust people you don't know who is going to turn against you when you have people telling you you better keep quiet or you're the one who can lose your job.

All of that is so detecting and so discouraging and depressing and hear these young women who are supposed to be thriving at the highest level in performing at their best to represent team USA and their professional squads and yet they're having to stop all those emotions and all that abuse down and somehow play. Despite that, and so it's disheartening to know that it is still happening and I once again proud of these women who found strength in numbers to come forward and expose what is not only rampant to be used for criminal behavior.

In some cases it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio bring up Becky sauerbraten because she's been very vocal about the fights that that women's soccer has engaged in over the course of the last few years we had her on the show just a couple months ago and now she's addressing this report about women's pro soccer we really want to thank the players both named and unnamed that came forward and shared their stories and will quite possibly could be the worst moments of their careers and very easily their lives, and we also want to thank the other individuals that came forward to participate in the investigation that shed more light on the course of an abusive nature and culture of the end of yourself and because I imagine will get this question eventually the players are not doing well. We are horrified and heartbroken and frustrated and exhausted and really really angry. We are angry that it took a third-party investigation.

We are angry that it took an article in the Atlantic in the Washington Post, numerous others were angry that it took over 200 people sharing their trauma to get to this point right now. Not only is Becky a long time member and captain of US women's soccer, but she is a member of the Portland thorns. So when she says we she's not referring to the entire sorority that is women's soccer and and pro soccer in the United States know she's a member of the Portland thorns. Portland is one of the clubs that's already seen coaches and managers and officials leave the team or get fired or step down. Portland is one of the teams that's been named over and over in this report and so when she says we are exhausted and upset and angry and not doing well. She's referring to her team and her her squad. These are her teammates that she is constantly with we are angry that it took Mina and Sinead and Aaron and Kia and Alex and Kristin and San to repeatedly ask people in authority to take their abuse and their concerns seriously and I think for so long. This is always falling on the player to demand change and that is because the people in authority and decision-making positions have repeatedly failed to protect us and they have failed to hold themselves and each other accountable and what and who are you actually protecting and what values are you upholding you have failed in your stewardship and it's my opinion that every owner and executive in US soccer official who is repeatedly failed to players and failed to protect the players who have hidden behind legalities and had not participated fully in these evanescent investigations should be gone and at the bare minimum, the recommendations that are in the Sally report should be immediately implemented by US soccer and by the leak. It shouldn't be on us any longer. We deserve an environmental reader to go out and play and enjoy doing what we do and we deserve to be an environment that safe and protects the joy but I think Becky all the players according all players in this league deserve that and so we go moving forward as is address the leak takes proper steps in and everyone involved takes proper steps to remedy these issues. I think were really only in the infancy stages of remedying the problems that have been addressed. We have these emendations down. We have to move forward with them. It's on the league is on the teams on everyone involved to make sure those are implemented year Alana Cook on the heels of Becky sauerbraten and again Portland is one of those places where the offenses have been egregious and just so you know they have tried to speak up. There have been members of this organization and other clubs around the Delta, the NWS L who reported the abuse.

Do you know that the thorns owner and former GM are they are included in the report because they covered up the abuse that was happening under former coach. So there were women who did speak up and it went nowhere and they were silenced. They put their careers at risk. They put their well being at risk and still it went nowhere and again as someone who's experienced that trying to speak up to a manager and being told you better keep your mouth shut your urinal is your job. I understand it's it takes boldness and bravery just to speak and then when you do and you're squashed or you're ignored or you're treated as insignificant. It's even more demoralizing.

These are some of the best athletes in the world and they been subjected to this. So I appreciate once again these women speaking up and coming forward.

It shouldn't have taken hundreds of them to do it and I'll go back to USA gymnastics. The number of athletes who were willing athletes and former athletes are willing to come forward has opened up this Avenue were more women are going to refuse to stay quiet in the future. Not so important, so important. You can find me on twitter a lot radio on our Facebook page 2 were so glad to have you along with us. It's not almost Friday, but it is almost Thursday.

Many of you. It is now your early Thursday morning and half weeks into moments dog videos can vary often make me laugh. Well, my mom sent me one. Don't ask me how she found it.

She's never on YouTube. I laughed so hard I cried.

I still have even shown, producer J which I need to do because I told him he would live to his presidency was a little cranky on Wednesday so worried as you're with you all on our twitter and overly our Facebook page 2 because I want you to get the same joy out of it. Also the sad sap of the week will be revealed is after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio you are listening to the after-hours podcast is left golf with us so small no use and it will be a good night.

I love Kevin Harlan we love Kevin Marlowe. That's actually a fairly toned down play-by-play of what he normally does when streakers get out on the field.

My point in using that memory for Westwood wine and Monday night football is that the fan who ran the field got full out and by Bobby Wagoner member. There were times of tweed and social media responses to that goal by Bobby Wagoner against Joe know who without one field with some protester or another with pink smoke we stated before and pro sports. And so Bobby Wagoner knocked him to the ground in order that authorities can get you on that with Mexico City and is now filing a police report against Bobby Wagoner. Are you hating me.

You must be joking you trespass disturb a nationally televised game to you all for you so you can protest something or other. You're on the old where you're not supposed to be and you had to be escorted off and cough because you are violating a myriad of crimes and yet you think Bobby Wagoner should have been more careful.

He laid them out. He laid you out somehow that the Sultan battery in the eyes of this whacked out protester Theda Blair at Santa Clara police have confirmed the police report was filed Tuesday. It's an active investigation.

So the information will be limited.

TMZ sports has all the details. I don't actually care about the details you want to protest to do it where it's legal now legal for you to be protesting in the middle of an NFL field on a Monday night. You are trespassing just like you going to someone's home and attempt to rob them, they could use whatever means necessary to defend their property. Bobby Wagoner was using his tools and his talents to defend the field.

And who knows if that guy was the head straight for some of his teammates. I say big hit and I say sad sap dummy that to actually got his feelings hurt all sad sap the week and after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio. A lot of what we talk about here on the show is sports related sports dominant.

But if you listen to the show, you know, we definitely get outside the wheat we color outside the lines we get outside of the world of sport that I tell people all the time. It's because I'm not one-dimensional you're not one-dimensional.

You don't only watch sports and think about sports your entire life 24 seven. Neither do we. And so it what you want is is only sports there are plenty of outlets we can get it. We are more of a full-service operation here, although it's really difficult to be a full-service operation when you're watching MLB network and then someone else in the building changes it to a Spanish-language channel and it covers up my MLB network anyway. It's fine I'm breathing over someone else in the building comes in every single weekday morning and change is one of our channels to Noticias, which is new is in a spaniel known not just that you can't watch it with your dad in the middle of doing something else prepping for yourselves a wire you screwing up my channels comforting for the backlit screw with them. Like when you're so let's say someone coming in a garage and some authority in the house. The person turns on the light the garage the person inside the house. Turns off, not realizing it. Can we try generative or will channel tug-of-war because I'm getting nothing out of Noticias, I anyway, so going scores going back into full service and the fact that we talk about music we talk about food we talk about holidays we talk about travel. We talk about our families. I make fun of producer J.

This is what we do here on the show. We also talk about dogs a lot because dogs make us laugh. Penny hates the water, but there are a lot of dogs who love the water and my mom sent me this video of a pitbull who refuses to get out of the pool it so it's just an account that has not even 300 subscribers were just talking about a local like somebody's family account but it's been seen by nearly 285 death of the people actually quite that many because I watched it multiple times. Producer J is in there watching it right now. This pitbull is crazy about the pool and he's older it in the pool with him. His name is Brian is older is in the pool with them trying to lift him out but he refuse this on the second that is owner loosened his grip. The dog goes diving right back to the pool and will not get out and then the best part is he splashing around like he's either a second-grader or J that he was like a doll for the dog there splashing around. He's drinking the water he spitting it out like a child.

He's flapping his pot dating up like a squirrel on his back legs in the pool and then he knows what he is older/dad comes near him. He starts barking dog goes below average I get the mirror because he knows the owners about to try to get it out of the pool, the wife of the family is filming and laughing your rear end off while her husband is a W get their big deal. So so acuity so happy in the water but not even tempting with dinner to get them out of the pool until they finally gave up and they stop filming, but it is but what is it to have minutes or so. 2 1/2 minutes of pure mirth and joy and and just laughter. Maybe some of you have a dog that loves the water. I do have friends with dogs who would adore chasing a stick into the surfer playing in the water. I don't producer J's dog loves his kiddie pool and also loves to stare at the fish in the pond is accurate, but Penny wants nothing to do with the water.

Although it's not really anything we could do about it. We had caught a downpour on Wednesday morning – anyway we call so pretty certain that you make the call so that way if we believe we get fired. I'm not getting fired alone and I'm just teasing. There are a couple of swearwords out. It's not like the guys screaming the F bomb but there's a muffled F bomb on the video so I didn't share it because I was worried that people would get offended do think it's it's okay or it's okay. It's mostly phone numbers there's nothing really malicious about the video you could put a little*with the and it was the acronym not safe, are not suitable for workers like that if you want to just be really safe but in here we are watching at work well here you use worse words than that. So I have have. Anyway, let's hear from our show twitter account after hours CBS because it is guaranteed to make you laugh. If you have any hard and you have a pulse.

It is guaranteed to make you laugh right will not get out of the pool. It's amazing and I'm I'm thinking we could shared on Facebook to actually we should be able to do it on both silver either one of those accounts. If you need a smile this morning or at any point on your Thursday I'm telling you this will do the trick again keeping in mind that by mom is the one who sent it to me. My mother has no idea how to find anything on YouTube so I don't know how she did this, but she sent it to me and then she left her phone at home so she actually told her husband to send me the link and tell me it was from her bedtime.

She doesn't know YouTube she forgets her phone all the time but she was determined that with the one video to send you a yes. Check it out. Plus were laughing at the sad sap of the week because he actually thinks that he should file a police report after he was the one who is breaking multiple laws and Bobby Wagoner flattened him. I feel like he's lucky it's only Bobby Wagoner that flattened him for heaven sake. What were the best and brightest moments of baseball in 2022 were asking you to find us on either Twitter or Facebook. Lots of other goodies. They are now straightahead a preview to the preview of week five something in Europe fans follow their line aloft on Network daily podcast and see average grade every overtime win every game. Local experts cover the biggest stories around your team every day on your favorite MLB on the ever you want on podcast network your team everything in the NFL courtesy of QB you are listening to the after-hours podcast FL got major-league baseball postseason blockading matters this weekend you medium enough room in your life for all of the in October.

I rarely do that, you upper week five with a little bit of a preview through the eyes of quarterbacks because were upset rule about Baker Mayfield as his starter.

I think bakers are starter that I think Baker is our starter. That's not a resounding vote of confidence, a bigger quarterback exactly. So what is the response from Baker Mayfield about the criticism he's received for the. There is one in three stark and abysmal offense that may be putting it nicely for all to go to it in a week know just which has be better middle I've said before your pride myself on being a guy that elevates the guys around him and being able to lead an extremely high level officer that has not happened yet, so I'm working really hard and that and the Sgt. be just doing my job very best I can and then go from there. So will take a lot of points about and I consistently will right now she is completion rate is 54.7%. Also, he's had a ton of balls batted down at the line of scrimmage and people attribute that to his height, but it's more than that there are other quarterbacks in the NFL were shorter or not seeing the number of balls batted down the is so far this season.

Right now he's quarterback rating is 75 and so in almost every category. Career lows.

Most importantly, the Carolina bit is all that is scuffling and they are now one and three. So, let's go. How do you fix it, nobody's happy were plain and simple, but it's new harp on it and look at to fix it and get better from it. So we just which is overall have to be better. It's consistently after looking at the tape we just did your job better than a higher level it's time for offense actually play well and instead of just relying on a defense and special teams to save us and bail us out with play well with execute so and when the next punch is how it's a diversity goes for me. Things are going to happen.

Some things that again you can't control but some things a lot. We heard ourselves we can control. He goes on to say have been here before referring to his walk on days at Texas Tech and his college career finishes with a Heisman at Oklahoma and being the number one overall pick to the Browns quote I'm pretty comfortable in this position right now the painters are the NFL's worst ranked offense is after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio, a quadruple header Sunday week five begins with London Aaron Rodgers has been floating this idea out there of potentially teaming up with Odell Beckham Junior member Odell making the rounds. He's starting to delay even made a visit to the giant facility this week apparently was just about visiting someone not about unofficial visit. He's been all over the place surfacing here and there on the Pat McAbee show on Tuesday. Roger Lexi spoke about OBJ conference for a number of years known so we can and can't start. Often we talk numbers times over the years I was clear like you always open the time we play together, but I was really happy for last year CL use them in a letter from your brain and Odyssey was dominated start the game on until injury.

There will be no OBJ in London in a Packers uniform, but the whole is still there for a lot of different clubs letters the Giants will they have Daniel Jones when they get to London to take on the Green Bay Packers who practice some sewers that I think he's made a lot of progress since after the game and the treatment room for consistently throughout the last couple days so open about their giving some reps sewers up sounds like he still day by day.

Day to day as most coaches would say it but try to get him ready for that starting week five. Despite the tweaked ankle shifting our attention to all rookie will get his first start for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Kenny Pickett replaces Mitch Stravinsky so far though.

Got all the right words to say about that relationship is one of those tumors but it will come across a truly grateful to have him in his room and supported him. Tony was in there is going to say from the no concern you and I were deftly good friends on the field.

Off the field so that was so only known throughout this whole experience and is nothing great it's one thing to come at halftime and replace starter that nobody really wants on the field and have the raucous cheers of Steelers fans serenading you from up top is entirely another to go into Orchard Park and take on a bill defense that has Von Miller who likes to eat quarterbacks for lunch.

This is his first start in the NFL.

So welcome to it. Rookie goes overone of those results over and over and knowing there was confidence when you're hungry we can be more detailed execute a high levels also going to take care of during the week of one of the shots… The details of the little things you guys want to ride out to be on time give a great ball of the major players, a lot of parts are to be doing on believable job on your also have a teleconference and those guys was delivering during the 111 and not know the Steelers are one and three.

The bills are three and one and Josh Allen says hey were not to take that lightly.

Don't be fooled.

Pittsburgh and also the record doesn't dictate a good team. They are some ballparks and secondary in defense of front their stout missing missing major piece for their still being very productive on the into the quarterback, forcing a lot of turnover so the advance of our game making sure that no were signature-based rules and trumpeter Bessel Ford Mustang protection in our game plan, but it's running a passive motion about the next student and try to triumph about him. The Baltimore Ravens are home this weekend which actually may not be a good thing and it's Sunday night football under the lights against the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC North. The last two games at home. Lamar Jackson's ravens of coughed up really sizable leads in the fourth quarter that offers video to the home that is really some room to write up as well, but understated will be rocking at a bank rock and I'm looking forward to trip and show them off. I believe that the Raven like every other team in the AFC North. I still have a real good chance to not only win the division but turned things around there it to into bangles and browns at the same record Steelers are the only one in that division, the right one in three. And honestly, if you look at the AFC.

Right now it pretty ridiculous.

The dolphins of the bills are three and one along with the Chiefs that the best record in the AFC. Then you've got 1234567T of the AFC is to into okay the comfort the thick around the middle and only day back of that page reads the Steelers Vegas raters are one in three cults have untidy and there's like is technically their percentage points better on my gosh if we do it to be a crazy year the AFC. It is definitely heading that direction is after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS sports radio something in Europe fans follow their team lied a lot done and he prayed every overtime win every game are local experts cover the biggest stories around your team every day on your favorite MLB on the logon podcast network your team everything