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All Things | God Cares

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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May 22, 2023 3:00 am

All Things | God Cares

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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May 22, 2023 3:00 am

There are certain chapters of the Bible that stand out for their unforgettable truth. Genesis 1 – the Creation. Exodus chapter 20 – the 10 Commandments. Psalm 23 – the Shepherd’s psalm. Matthew 5, 6 and 7 – the Sermon on the Mount. Today on A NEW BEGINNING, Pastor Greg Laurie helps us dig in to some powerful words that point out, no matter what we’re going through, God is aware, God cares, and He’s ready to take action. It’s insight recorded by Paul in the 8th chapter of Romans.

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A New Beginning is the daily half-hour program hosted by Greg Laurie, pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Southern California. For over 30 years, Pastor Greg and Harvest Ministries have endeavored to know God and make Him known through media and large-scale evangelism. This podcast is supported by the generosity of our Harvest Partners.

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