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How to Claim a Promise - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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May 20, 2022 12:00 am

How to Claim a Promise - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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May 20, 2022 12:00 am

Trust God to be faithful and keep His promises—as He always does.

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Welcome to the intense kind Of internal labor. Friday, May 20 are unconditional. There is only complete certain requirements. Here's more on the basics of how to claim the promise if I should ask you what is your favorite promise and the word of God. Many of you could tell me immediately that if you could not, because somehow you just so they neglected the idea that a promise of the Scripture also close to you so want to clarify some things in order to help you to understand why the promises are so very important in your life and how you personally would be able to choose for yourself to believe what he said and trained that promise now how can we be sure the guy would keep his problems because, listen. He says he will and God.

The Bible says cannot live it's against his nature to live. So therefore by his very character God will not and cannot because he doesn't change if God is perfect. He's always perfect. If he's truthful he's always truthful. If he's powerful he's always powerful and he's holding he's always held.

It doesn't change. Therefore, when it comes to the promises of God and the things that he has a promises in his word I can we be sure yes weekend this year. I love this person first Kings chapter 8 verse 56 because it's true. It was true then and the it's true even today I want to look in the states. I love the statement Solomon's benediction, when Solomon had finished praying this entire prayer and supplication of the Lord. He arose from before the altar of the Lord from kneeling on his knees with his hands spread out toward heaven and one small somebody says when you don't have to deal though you don't. But the holier God is, to your mind and heart. The more desire you got one so kneeling on his knees with his hands spread toward heaven and each student blessed all the assembly of Israel with a loud voice saying, blessed be the Lord who is given rest of his people Israel according to all that he promised what's this not one word has failed.

Of all his good promise, which he promised through Moses the servant, not one word. None of those fail, they have entail and to this day, listen the reason God's promises cannot fail because it is his nature. God cannot fail. We had this treasure you understand that that you have this awesome treasure with its deposited in the word of God and we claim it out of the book and as we said before, if you don't apply it. It's meaningless not he says not one has failed and so the Scripture says he cannot lie, and therefore why should I believe the promises of God because of the character of God that he is absolutely truthful and all-powerful. Because of his ability. He can do anything all things and in time and all times is not a single situation that you can even begin to think about that God does have a solution for any question that he does have an answer for any situation. He can help you in and through no matter what I think about this, we should train their children very early in life. The trust God and to read his word and to build the foundation of their life upon the word of God and not only that, no matter what our age, maybe we should continue to be meditating upon the word of God. This is our sense of direction. This is our compass. This is how would you live, and he was a lot worse things are better in my life I pay how to get better. Will hasn't given the word of God start meditating upon the word of God and obeying him and things have to get better.

That's who he is.

That's what he's provided for so how can we be sure because of what is promised.

Because of his power, then, here is the big question this is real versus minimal time when there's a biblical promise become the claim. When does a biblical promise become mind the claim that all counter promises in the word of God, but when cannot personally claimant you have people talk about. I'm standing on the word. The word of God is the foundation of your life. Tell me something more important your life in the Lord of God.

Where is wisdom, where is knowledge. Where is understanding where his power where where is the awesome presence of God went where we discover that is in his word, and so the question comes this when can you and I when can we claim a promise and say God is what you said. I'm claiming that and I'm in a watch and see what happens. So the number of points on this when I want you to jot them down because my mom said it three times already. Listen, believing a promise and not applying the promise is meaningless and has a question to whom to the promises of God belong the promises of God belong to the people of government seven answer question are you a child of God say men so that means the promises of God belong to you. Amen. Do you realize how rich you are five of you do you be taken for granted. You know you you can you I will name these people multibillion as this, and then they boast of the riches you know what out of the boast of Jesus for the simple reason he will never end. He will never disappoint me. I'll never have a need he doesn't supply and and they can lose all of that quickly is something also about the promises of God.

That's why you can't neglect, so we talking about these promise that we claim so you listening when the promise fits a personal need. God has promised to fulfill his promise to give you direction. For example, looking back in Psalm 32 verse eight. Listen lists all of us need this. I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go. I will counsel you with my eye upon you. Nobody promise you that God so is this year, when can I claim a promise I can claim a promise when a personal need that I have is promised me in the word of God and he says if I have this need for instruction and guidance and direction. Make a decision.

I have the promise cannot claim God's promise to me. They give me direction.

Yes, because it is a specific promise given to those in the word of God, specific promise by him to be a personal need in their life and all of us have those personal needs and secondly when the context of the Scripture allows. That is, you can't just pluck a Scripture as abound, so I'm on a claim. This, but it what's the context of let's take one. A good example of that would be first John chapter 5 verse 1415 looking that for a moment you problem I'm trying to pick at these that you most familiar with. He says in verse 14. This is the confidence watch this this a promising God. This is the confidence which we have in him that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us and if we know that he hears us. We know that we have the petitions that we desire. Listen, that is a promise of God that in in its context. The context is what that I come to him and I have a petition and so I'm asking for direction about this and he says if it's his will and the reverence for those God promises you to go to the Psalms, especially in government, the sun. 37 for more than this is also a familiar one and look at the promises here. He says in the verse four. Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart easily.

Can you just pluck that out you not to pluck it out.

Listen what he says if you delight yourself in the eyes of the Lord which means that he's first in your life that he's the most important one in your life that the desire of your heart is to please him to live obediently before him to walk before him in a godly fashion. When you do that he says here give you the desires of your heart you say will dispose. I asked something that is not of him. If you delighting in the Lord's not going to do that. So you can say will best serve in context and then we could just go through passage after passage after passage in the Psalms. For example, listen this.

He says the righteous cry and the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles. The Lord is near the broken hearted saves those who are crushed in spirit. Many of the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him out of all of them cannot claim that yes why because that's the love of God and expression. That's a promise of God in whatever situation circumstance you not in we get in those difficult times in life.

He simply say I'm going to help you through them you look at the 23rd Psalm the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. Is that a promise absolutely so when the promise is so crystal clear, as it is in these and when the Scriptures are there that allow it. I can claim that something else is very important as this when fulfilling his promise honors him if I asked God for something that is not right for me. First of all, he's not going to do it and I'm asking for something selfishly doesn't honor him.

I can claim that and so if it's something that honors God. We have a right to believe that he's going to fulfill that promise. So let me ask you what you find yourself asking for most in life and when you come to those times when you're really in need and you asking God to provide that need do you asking to provide that need and go to the word and asked him to speak your heart, and his word because is what happens. There's something about reading the word of God feasting your eyes upon the truth itself and letting your eyes, taking into your mind and your heart in your spirit, and it's one thing just to hear, and this is why said you don't come the church with no Bible and no notepad come the church with the word of God is something about you reading it you see it for yourself. When I read it.

If I have something on my heart. I'm troubled about them asking God to give me some direction I'm going to the word and I want to read it for myself. God hears what you said and if it fits who I am in Christ, if it fits.

For example, what his word says and it it fits his will and that honors him and listen if it's consistent with his immediate will for my life which is one of those conditions, it is consistent with his immediate will have a right to ask important as he said, for example, let's say that you have you have a real need financially. Do you have a right as a child of God. They claim a promise from God that he will meet your need. At that point.

Yes you do. Yes, you do watch this careful now but suppose God doesn't give you what you asked for for that house. At that moment use the yard and answer my prayer. Mark this down.

I've have is to have in the mid many times in life when I didn't get what I thought I wanted God always is.

Give me something better than I ask that Siri is throwing samosas will will he denounce my petition. Would you rather have, when he gave you what you asking for he always fulfills his promise to let me ask this.

You want something that is not his will. Raise your hand right but remember this, if you ask him for something that's not his will for your life you're asking for something that he is not going to contribute to their watch this you can weasel your way around and manipulate the circumstances and do things that probably are not right away or not legal whatever might be and get it, only to realize that you built your own trap you drinking your own poison that you devise.

But when you and I walking in the will of God we have the right to claim the promises of God because we know it's not his will, its obedience to him. That makes it work so if I'm asking for something that fits his will for my life and for example all of us have prayed for things we got old are you nondevelopment or F. You pray for a couple weeks or so. God shows you that's not my will, then the next question is God. What is your will. Will he show you.

Yes. Did he not say asking that you be giving you seeking knowledge. He wasn't there with you looking for direction in order to obey him right. Therefore, he's obligated to a child of God to answer that petition. He's a promising God now watch this next I would like to claim a promise when I'm walking in the will of God when I'm walking in the will of God, and some others. A lot of the will and will not, yes, you do know it's if you get real honest you know with you being disobedient to God and you know what the UN as well not you know what's over him. This in your life it's covered in camouflage and you can move is over here and we are obedient to God when it's convenient know where you got something that you want to God is and what you know what your skin color. Watch this when you are walking in obedience to the will of God, you have the right the privilege they claim the promises of God in your life.

Because if you're walking in his will. You don't want something that is not his will. So I repeat that for the simple reason that people come up several alliance got so uncertain he didn't do it.

Would you ask for most of that not all the time when they tell me what they're asking for that.

He didn't answer until a more because if you'd gotten that look what would've happened if you're walking in his will think about is how foolish is it to get out the will of God, because it's what you do watch this. Here's God reaching down to answer your petition and when you get out of God's will is what happens. God's willing but you not in the position to receive it, could put it this way when you say young.

Here's what I want. He can give you something that is not his will. I said again and again and again the will of God is the plan of God. But in this particular situation. Listen this on the situation in your life that God is interested and not a single one is not a need. He's not interested in.

There's nothing he cannot provide for your life. But we have to decide am I willing to do it God's way in God's timing and if I am God has made me a promise he can not fail to keep window I have arrived. I have a right to claimant we listen the spirit of God within me confirms that the watch this when I'm asking God about something. I don't have his will for me is like static in are you cutting ready all you got static will. There's nothing good about static business. Nothing good about that.

I know in my spirit and I'm getting static and the truth is you do to.

When the spirit of God within you gives you that sense of quietness and you sense and he will help you to since this is the father's will do that. Listen. That's the reason you and I can make request and walk away confident, and I would say one last thing. None of those the Holy Spirit do that, but he gives us a sense of peace. I know that I have a right to stand on this request.

When there is peace in my heart about what I'm asking for an hello I know what it's right or not. Well, is there with what God supplies is with the word of God allows does it fit watch this visit for who you are as a child of God.

Now, when claiming a promise what's expected of us. We expect God to do all these things there are three very brief answers that watch this when I'm claiming a promise from God. This crystal clear in Scripture for I have three responsibilities number one obedience number one. Secondly faith, that is, I must believe in. And thirdly, patients must wait for you know that he's going to do what he promised you got to believe that he will.

You must be patient to wait for it, and often times people pray there pray in the will of God there praying the right thing. God's hearing our prayers and they make a terrible mistake. I gotta have it now I gotta have it by next week is the watch this he who created time is in control of time and he who created time, created his will and purpose and plan for your life.

God knows future past, present, and everything in between. He knows exactly when this all happened in your life, and he knows exactly how it's going to happen and listen and he oftentimes test us with time that we will trusting watch this if I step ahead of him.

It says I don't trust all yes undernutrition on the no if I trust him.

I will trust his timing better than my time because his timing.

Like everything else about Almighty God's perfect. Thank you for listening to part 11 how to claimant promise to know more about Charles Stanley for intense ministry, not by intense tantalizing podcast is a presentation of InTouch ministries Atlanta, Georgia