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How ‘The Chosen’ Series Makes Ministry Impact (with Greg and Cathe Laurie)

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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December 4, 2021 3:00 am

How ‘The Chosen’ Series Makes Ministry Impact (with Greg and Cathe Laurie)

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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December 4, 2021 3:00 am

In this special promo episode, Pastor Greg Laurie joins his wife, Cathe Laurie, to discuss the Christmas season and to share the unique ministry Harvest provides through Harvest at Home, our online church community. They also review the powerful series, The Chosen, and explain why it’s an amazing tool for evangelism. 

Listen tomorrow for the first message in Pastor Greg’s Christmas series, “With God, Nothing Is Impossible.” Hear it on this podcast or join us at!

You can request The Chosen, season one, when you make a gift of any size to Harvest Ministries this month. Your donations help support this podcast and other outreach efforts. Just go to


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I'm Grigori this is my wife Kathy so you know Kathy, this is the time Christmas were there's a lot of joy there's a lot of happiness and there's a lot of depression and a lot of loneliness.

All of the same time and not everybody can join us in person for worship in church. Some are at home there unable to get out.

Others have other challenges you had something you were telling me earlier today about that.

Yes I received it a text from a dear friend who's going to some really difficult times. Actually, I have several dear friends that are going to difficult times right now Dragon trouble comes when it comes and it doesn't always take a season off and although Christmas is a time of celebrating and rejoicing and many parties and gatherings. There are people who cannot get out trying to gather cannot get out to celebrate in the way we think of celebrating and and they were saying how thankful they were that they have harvested home due to illness in G2 and delayed loved ones they needed to be at home this season and they were so grateful that they have this ministry, coming to them in their home and were so grateful for that and we think about all those who cannot come to church right. It's ideal when you can. We love that it's important, but at the same time there are those who cannot go. So for that harvest home is there and we are so overjoyed to be able to provide this ministry on a weekly basis, subject and I think people expect Christmas to do more than Christmas can do what you need is Christ, not Christmas, that's oral about telling you about Jesus and how to come into a relationship with them about speaking of that, we have an incredible offer for this month of December. It's a DVD digital download of the amazing series about the life and ministry of Jesus, called the chosen have you seen this yet. If you haven't you got a watch will know you can watch it you can watch a whole season when you want to watch at this to me is a fresh powerful presentation of what Jesus was like when he walked this planet. I read the opportunity to get to know the actor who plays Jesus, Jonathan Rumi and spent time with them and talk with him and this guy that has captured lightning and a bottle. I think it's the finest film depiction of Christ that I have ever seen.

You know Kathy, it humanizes him but but yet there is great respect and reverence for who Jesus was I to think that Douglas Jenkins, the director has found the perfect balance don't you absolutely, and I think what is really exceptional about it. Greg is that they portray the disciples and the people among whom Christ watched as ordinary people just can relate to. So often we see depictions of the saints are having right in our mind of what they might and like that in this series we see ourselves in some of these disciples and we see how Christ came into this world to redeem us and bring us that message of hope in every situation and I think I'm we find ourselves identifying with these men and women are portrayed. That's right so we want to send you this resources DVD digital download of the chosen for your gift of any size. I have to tell you that we had to pay a little bit more for this resource that we normally pay to get it to use. So I'm in ask you to be extra generous for a couple of reasons.

Number one because hey it's Christmas.

It's a time to get number two.

It cost us a little more but we want to get it into your hands and number three. Most importantly, this is the time for you to offer a generous year-end gift to help us to finish strong and enter the new year running. This is been an amazing year for harvest ministries we have seen literally thousands of people, jaw relationship with Christ and we have big plans for the future, but we need you to be a part of this Psalm and ask you to be generous. What you're able to send and will rush to your copy of the chosen season one so you can start watching this by the way everyone in your family's beloved older people love it. Younger people love it even kids love it. This is really special. This is one of the most important offers we've ever been able to put in front of you.

I hope you all take advantage of it and get your copy of the chosen on DVD and digital download