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Twenty eight years ago, in a conversation with Jerry Evans, we got together with Carlton McDaniel and Richard McKeel and began practicing. As a result, we started The Glorymen. During the past twenty eight years there have been changes within the group. Some of the members who became part of The Glorymen were with us for ten to twelve years. Over time, members would leave and there would always be someone who God would bring to us to replace whoever left the group. During these twenty eight years many who left the group would come to me and tell me God was leading them in a different direction, either to be with family more, to work in their church or to sing with another ministry. I always told them, "you better do what God is leading you to do, no matter what it may be". Having said that, during the past six months, God has been dealing with me about a promise I made him forty six years ago. In December, God opened a door and then confirmed what he was leading me to do. As a result, beginning the first of the year, I have joined with Mike Bolen, Chip McCaa and Tiffany Shealy to continue as The Glorymen... Thanks to all of you who have supported The Glorymen, and we would ask continued prayers that God will use us as the vessels to sing his praises.