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MON HR 1 082922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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August 30, 2022 12:16 am

MON HR 1 082922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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August 30, 2022 12:16 am

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Drivers are switching save with progressive save over $700 on average and sleeping to imagine what you could buy so I use the savings from switching to progressive 30 years ago to buy tickets to the championship game between the two teams that didn't exist 30 years ago yeah but big Alaska palm trees which is a team now in the future so switch to progressive and save big, bigger, so savings can add up in the national annual average in terms of the following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program 83 recorded right now flowing by voiceover playbook and to close.

We have so much tonight when I can be taken any phone calls because we have so much information to get out and a bear in mind there are dark dark forces that won't want to take us down priming. They always want to take us down, so we need to get as much of this as quickly as we can because we really don't know you know what could happen and so there you go.

So with that, I've got tonight. None other than courageous Craig. There you go and way out there now under hike at that country preacher Job Joe the parts and left them forever. I am going to work off already. Joe will use before we get started I just had conversation with a good friend of mine who is an avid avid pro-lifer when those heroes of the faith who fought like everything to get the heartbeat bill passed. Gary sheets and Barry unknow finds out his cancer in the pelvic bone and it's in stage IV and he would what I prayed with him today and he said he would appreciate all the prayer he can get so let's do that. Someone asked the folks out there all the folks out there to help us know. I tell you what God does answer prayer and hate and there are miracles today there are still miracles today and folks I know I've been I've received them and so remember every single one of you listening to me right now everyone of you either need prayer. No or you will in the future it'll happen.

So remember what God's Word, the Bible says those that show mercy receive so have faith, believe, believe in and pray with me, as I pray for Barry family for the Lord that I want to hold burial.

I don't know all of them. Barry doesn't even know it. Probably all the doctors don't know all of what what his situation is what we do know this that you did and wait we know.

Father God Lord had all you have to do is say the word, just say be healed and he's healed. And so we will hold hold very up to you probably got it mastered Lord God in every area where he can receive a blessing in every single area where he can receive a blessing. He receives the blessing and learn at the same time that you would be a comfort to his lips to his wife Ellen in the family Lord this time. Again, we ask that you touch them healing and turn his desires toward you. More and more every day in every way in all things at all time in Jesus precious name we asked us. Amen and amen and so here after all yesterday for provocative groceries. The miraculous healing factor when I have that accident by everybody thought that I had no chance of living. And here I am still working on the farm yet absolutely I had my my time to wheelchair in the room.

Dr. told me when you're able to get into this. You got broad shoulders.

He just going to have to take it that you be an interesting life. I told him I said you could take that out the way you brought it in. I'm not going to need and they laughed at me he says and what makes you think so you an expert. I said Lord told me and that he left you will correctly what I told the doctor that was trying to throw me up the emergency room archer archer frightened and I said no doubt that I want to be just fine and stepped there in disbelief and back piece that I have later on he told me that I have been going to church lately, but I'm sure going back this week.

Absolutely, there you go. And so we start out Jonah is what I want you to do once you read Revelation chapter 17.

Read the first two verses and then pause our and there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying under me comehither.

I will show under the judgment of the great war upon many waters with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with wine of her fornication. Jason Jill him. We have two applications. Here we have a present day application. Remember when this was written and at that time Babylon represented the early Roman Empire, which with his many many gods they had remembered in the blood of the Christian martyrs on his hands so that no then you've got. As we go through this we see the in the eschatological application of future events which boy do we see how it really applies to today and how it actually did apply to today in 9/11 here once we get into chapter 18 and so now here he's referring to the great horror that sets upon and then in the next verse he refers to her as a woman. Why do you think he's using a woman. Here is a great horror there something I take everybody understand the concept of hard on women selling their bodies for money or power or fame or whatever and so it works perfectly because the great horror is has worldwide influence in that the lust of the eye, the lust of flesh out influence over the entire world is the actions which we see as sensual, seductive, sensual, seductive thing happening here with Babylon with the nations of the world not remember now, there is one caveat in the lust report that central document in Windows 7 yeah will not remember there's three parts here of babbling ministry part you got the political, economic, and religious and so here now you have this and this is what what you have a part of that with the ice but it's the idea that Babylon three they commit this fornication with the nations of the world, the people of the world and especially the merchants to celebrate. Primary water represents all of the various peoples of the nation's right right the many nations that's exactly what it represents.

Now so you go ahead and so pick it up in verse three and I read verse three all the way through six so he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet covered colored be all of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and 10 horns, and the woman was arrayed in a purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication, and upon her forehead was a name written, mystery, Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and the abomination of the earth and I saw the woman drunken with the blood of St. and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. And when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration I just wanted to make makes it clear there. That word admiration is not what is not the way we use that word today that there in the Greek was astonished the same word that we use our astonished or amazed gave not to not admired okay and so here no. He's talking about.

The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, why do you what you think the that symbolized a well our purple world royalty Scripture misguided represented one of scarlet blood serum.

Yeah new members into sin here so now she had she had a cup and fully abominations and filthiness of her fornication, and upon her forehead was a name written, mystery, Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and the abominations of the year. Now here again you had even today what brains you've got the woke corporations out there. You got the the deep state corrupt government and but today even more so, what is it that set that really is behind a lot of the persecution of the church of the true church of the Lord Jesus Christ is the apostate church is the apostate church that brought it behind it.

Now there's something else is happening today to you noticing there's there's people in the prosperity church, the name and claimant grabbed and stabbed to become very very multi-multi-multimillionaire decay with thirdly cutting out another getting out Joel's teens he's given he's leaving Myers with the name Beth Myers cheese and they're going to different businesses that something is happening out there today and they're seeing because in the world out there like remember how Fox News was singing his praises to Rick Warren here in America after he wrote the Wunderlich Donald savior of America.

All kinds are rubbish.

Not when they build these when when you see them build these prosperity preachers up.

It appears like they they like the prosperity preachers but they don't.

They want to build them up very high. So when they fall they fall hard and what it is that that really really hate they don't like to see the prosperity preachers getting rich. They know you have so much covetousness did they don't like to see them getting rich. As far as the world's concerned, there out there if their hypocrites because they're just like them.

The people in the media and Hollywood know that those those people really are just like us out there, but they're getting Dr. Kurtz yeah but there there prospering more than we are now and upright, not what did TD Jakes, a TD Jakes, a Jesus is our product is what we market out all required and take away the crosses and have a business model. Same thing. Trying to make a business out of the church you and so here so we see this now and here he goes.

I was picking up in verse seven, three verse seven and eight and the angel said to me, or forget about marble.

I will tell you the mystery of the woman and of the beast Rick. Her quick shout seven heads and 10 horns agrees the cow sauce was and is not and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition and they that dwell upon the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was and is not in yet. Okay now here you had those of eight years of a whole bunch of people to know you had remember at this time.

This new processes are was the fifth season there. He was the fifth 90. He had the spirit of antichrist in him.

He hated Christians he hated Christians he used to wrap Christians output among crosses and burn them to light is gardening night and invited his friends over and they would they would look at the burning bodies of these Christians and that they would yield well. They were like Democrats okay went in with happening lately. You notice that they will talk about this other governor of New York. Once all the decent people leave she wants all teach asked all the trump supporters to leave and go to Florida.

The guide is running for governor the death of Kratz in Texas who said that the that he doesn't want any votes from decent people.

He wants no votes for any of the trump supporters no good people and decent people you just had you you hedge Obama. Obama came out called this fascist now there there doing this there's a plan and will talk about what that plan is a little later with this is being done on purpose, and there there there starting like what Hitler did with the Jews to get people to hate the Jews.

You have to have an enemy okay you create to create the enemy of Nalco right so here the spirit of the antichrist was was in Nero Caesar that he was the fifth. Not this time. This was the sixth you had the six King is silly. Caesar was and when this was written he was know he was not. He did, he was dead at the time of this writing, but he saying that that that's the one that was, that is not will be the eighth. He will be the eighth okay and so go ahead and I'll pick it up in the verse nine and read down through verse 14 and here is the mind quick with seven characters seven Mountain works.

The woman, and there are seven caring fiber following one is in the other is not yet come in horny, he must continue a short space out part of your medical just just couldn't afford you read through 14 portrait and agrees that was and is not even here the eight standards of the seven and go up into perdition and the 10 horns which thou saw start 10 kings, which have received no kingdom as yet but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength entered under the beast. The shall make war with the Lamb and the Lamb shall overcome them for years.

Lord of lords and King of Kings and David out with him are called and chosen and faithful right that's the church that is referring to those with and he said no. There are seven mountains this to two major cities in the world is set on seven mountains, what are the aroma served on seven hills Lancaster call them out and Israel is really out okay so now well you know it's an interesting thing because different different countries have as far as different qualifications will make some money here in Ohio.

We only have one place where we have what is considered the that hills are high enough to be mountains and but they would not be a mountain in other states make some of the states where the lead had to be little higher than the area highlighted Wyoming, Montana. Yeah but so here the seven hills you note our seven Mountain so you want this Roman and Jerusalem both. That's an interesting thing is though here now it says in the beast that was and is not. He is the eighth, there you go, with no were talking about the spirit of antichrist. The spirit of antichrist is not going to be the same same body of Nero, Caesar, who knows it may remain paranoiac body with but it's that same spirit of antichrist. And so, and that he go down into perdition another 10 horns which thou saw us to 10 kings, which have received no kingdom yet and receive power as kings one hour. The base, this is yet to come. But I think it's unmotivated right now here will make up the new empire of it, absolutely, absolutely. And so then shall he make war with the Lamb and the Lamb shall overcome them.

That's always good and and that by the left. The left really needs to know that, don't think is there going to be in microwave it greatly. Try to tell them that they don't believe Christ is coming back. I don't believe any of the son of God, they're going to become God will Christians talk about his foolishness.

Okay, I'm going to do a little commentary here. Joe so this is the commentary as we go through this we can pick it up right there tomorrow night and as we go through with in a conversation with a leftist individual I noticed what appeared to be a hint of reality set in and I been having conversations with far left this individual here recently. The doctor and delete there's a hint that he starting to figure things out okay but he asked me. He says why I thought that my reporting for my news sources have more credibility than his left-wing sources.

In other words, the you know he gets his his news from NBC, ABC, CBS in he wants to know why I thought that are reporting what we report here has more credibility will of my response was that we believe that it is a sin to lie, we believe that there is such a thing as sin and that it's a sin to lie. Therefore to that for us to tell an untruth is repulsive to us is not it's nonsense. It's not only does it not come natural it's it's repulsive being Christians friend and I told her to work through zero wire shall not enter the kingdom of heaven. So that's why Revelation 21 verse eight.

The last part of Versace's and all liars shall have their part in the lake of fire, and so now here I told him as is, where the left-wing your left-wing news sources I couldn't argue with us. He could not argue with. When I was in the telling next when I said that your left-wing news sources are literally contracted liars there literally contracted life that now they don't call live date they sign in or don't contracted they will speak what they called the narrative. Whatever narrative they call it a narrative, but no matter what it is that could be the biggest lie in the world. Okay I mean it could be the biggest lie in the world and but they're under contract to tell that very lie and this is where the echo chamber comes in and because there are a total lockstep that they all will tell the same light the same time. Okay and I said now that that's the difference that's the reason. And you know what he could argue that he could argue that he couldn't tell me that that one true and so were to stop here and take appropriate documents from any live. Think about it.

Affirm that because we made a drunk one time we we could do a whole week of radio just on the vote Democrat lives for that week or. Not a hopeless loner just basically going after picking out lie after lie after lie after lie so sister retreated constantly has no defense know he doesn't cut away for a quick break and then will be back right after this with lightning round we got let you undulate down to left cover we get give them right back and sees a naked man things in the messy and everything is green.

The only man know please be gentle. Please believe property is in getting you may not be a family please be only daddy please me. I say the man believed me. Already we are back to Joe and myself to old men doing the things that our critics would never have the courage to do Brigadoon solids like that for one wouldn't have brought you pretty much Joe you remember you have the time I had a run in with the with the dirty cops that were taken bribes and the abortion mill and downright came down and that they didn't even try to hide it.

They walked out holding an envelope full of money and laughing thought was funny they were being paid off when I went on the radio that I gave all they were there. Behind her character by year. Well I went on the went on the radio and I gave the names and their badge numbers out there in the precinct and them. It didn't make you look real good and the next thing I do the next thing I knew what happened was the clean cops the good guys, the white hats they shut up and tell me you know we want to thank you for doing what you did. I was a little concerned at first because what happened after that. When I got out there that was always one car watching me when I was preaching at their debility abortion mill afraid I would save some babies and I and these guys would take the money and so when I go back out now there's two cars and a one of them pulls up very slow in the Driving said you see those guys over there.

Yeah there watching as they always are easy, but it's different this time.

He said there watching you and were watching them because those guys get a contract and you and where watching your back, and we want you on behalf of us on this and clean cops. We want to thank you for which you perform for outing those guys there dirty and in making us all look bad now. I said all that to say this.

Pres. Trump came out today and is urging the FBI is urging those people in the FBI, the ones that still have that have kept their integrity. The ones that still have not gone dirty is urging them to join in with the other whistleblowers the coming whistleblowers are coming out of the woodwork. Now Pres. Trump is asking you to do what we've been asking you to do what we've been asked to see you you you have PI, just the ones that have kept your integrity that haven't gone dirty. Haven't of betrayed your God in your country and your countrymen. You know it it's it's you folks and you suffer because your children don't want their friends to know that your FBI agent they brought a bad name. Your wives don't want people to know that you work for the FBI and so they know and and it's not you. The dinner you didn't bring it on yourself. People like Jim call me. They did it to you Mary Garland that he didn't take people like Peter Strauch and Robert Moeller and Andrew McCabe, Chris Ray.

They're the ones they they did that. Now they need to repent.

They need to repent of that sin but you need you need to come clean and come up so you know what, like those, like the clean capsid. They thanked me for doing what I did. You need to go out and do that you need to say you know what you were not that I'm better than that I'm better than that and you need to join with your fellow FBI agents that have more integrity that have higher standards and and clean that mess up because it it really is reduced as the Third World status and unlit Italian well I will but more can I say Joe. We got a lot of articles we got you covered several of the fact that one up.

I will make your grade drying equipment claims two children, Hunter Biden from program New York Post top FBI Washington Field office reporter Timothy Bible guidebook leverage in charge think it Bible yet. It's we reported on him last week.

Go ahead and get out your 25 year veteran it already been on leave on the FBI. They said he was escorted out of the field office to headquarters working type that he was the one who was hiding Hunter Biden protecting that story. It's just interesting that somebody is doing something maybe some those people are stepping forward, but did you hear what Biden went did you know those new 80,000 IRS agents with guns of the company like FBI agents hired the call flax served as the chief of staff for the acting IRS Commissioner Stephen Miller, member the one fired. Mr. cover up scandal of not letting the conservative organizations get a 501(c)(3) or whatever you call flax is now going to be in charge of setting up a new division agency will establish a new centralized office to implement elements of the bill including the 87,000 new hire agents and this flax will be the deputy commissioner in charge of the large business and international division of the deputy commissioner will lead this new centralized office. So here we have a former Obama pack when they were going after conservatives and through the IRS and not one of those is going to be in charge of all these new arm date so goes right along with what's happening to the FBI is happening in the IRS. It's is when the IRS is kind of the dirty for long time for another to be armed and dangerous. Just like the FBI connection is something more going on here and what what you're seeing happening. Joe is this the again as we so with the governor of New York came out and referred to from supporting such people to leave when when the. The fellow that's writing for governor of California above Florida against the Sandoz wind yeah one by one by one. They're coming out and they're trying to fill in the 90s Christians. They wanted billing as all Christians, all conservatives are not using the word Christian states to say and trump supporters and rhino who supports trump Christians rights of person conservative patriots and some so here the idea is there to try to create a feeling they're trying to influence and make it up because it is a lot of people out there that don't think.

I mean, this is what you know, we know that like intelligent those simpleminded, the simpleminded hear things and they don't think in so they're trying to do like what Hitler did convinced that that the reason for all of the problems you had in Germany where the Jews and this is what they're doing. They want to provoke.

They want to provoke an arm resident and and use the IRS code. The IRS as taxes they want to come against small businesses, churches and small businesses.

I mean real churches and small businesses.

They wanted for the power in the country near the independent small business manager takes charge of himself and his life for herself and the church is that's where your conservative fundamentalist Christians are there not an American entertainment centers and the small business of the backbone of the American economy.

So yeah, that's where you attack and eight and a figure well, people are not going to unite and I can and will go after one at a time to come up when time not going to unite look what we did what we saw what happened there in January 6. It was a test case we got those people right now with their living in squalor. In fact, you hear some of the articles we have talking about the conditions that these people these patriots are living under then and whose standards are so much higher than American garlands or any of any of those. This extremely corrupt people in DC and so there are negative closure that we would never do that. Democrat records are documented another wrong yeah and so will actually do the referred to, and not second Peter and also into the book of Jude is beasts. This piece anyhow got breaking 37,500 affidavits delivered to the wind that county Georgia election board 20,000 challenging the 2020 election which never should have been certified.

That's exactly what trump was tell that's what we were telling people where were going out exactly press release out this morning with a 37,000 affidavits were delivered to the Gwinnett country Georgia election board challenging voter rolls in the handling of the 2020 election is affidavits included 20,000 from the 2020 election is affidavits prove without a doubt that the 2020 election never should have been certified in Georgia.

We SAY Annette remember Pres. trump was right on the money studying total 37 500 affidavits were delivered to the Gwinnett County Board of elections office and challenge the voters rose your docket to hear a word of this at NBC, ABC or CBS of not a word handling of the 2020 election. These affidavits included 20,000 challenges tactile votes that were certified just after the 2020 election. They were certified just after just after they submitted affidavits only include Gwinnett County vote challenge still the number far the number far far exceeds the presidential spread for the entire state of Georgia and confirmed the 2020 election should have never been ratified or certified to a month ago. Table patriotic Georgia residents came together to reach research election process to determine if the repetitive narrative regarding the safe, secure and honest election.

There you go you got that word narrative, repetitive law, I Georgia represented the truth. The results of the investigation prove otherwise. The team found that bloated voter rolls of voter fraud here in Ohio and miliary. She had more more votes that he had people Joe Gwinnett is the second largest county by population, Georgia, and the team he created on the data early on white background. Election night of the night after wait a minute you can have more people voting then you have registered voters something wrong.

Yeah, that's exactly what you said, it is 18 by population Georgia team expects to deliver approximately 18,000 additional additional affidavits. Once research is completed, the team of volunteers were diligently analyzing Secretary of State voter rolls. Voter history files in 2020 voter absentee files, data to ensure accuracy. There, he got me. It's the corruption. But here's another criminal hell in a way except to wake people up there are going to try and do the exact same thing this next election, I figured that got away with it once.

Why would they not tried a second time. Well if they can't stop the election that's exactly with the going to do everything they still have those all those machines and everything is still out there that are still in place. Okay. And they been working with ways to corrupt again.

The deaf Democratic Communist Party is completely corrupt. There is not anything at all. There's not anything within that the collective that is not corrupted. This is completely and totally corrupt.

You, here's another article criminal complaint filed with Wisconsin election commission against Shady Claire Woodhall evolved over illegal ballot collections and back alley. Listen to this in the early hours of November 4, 2020 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a batch of 143,379 balance all every single one for Joe Biden was dropped to the state of the last category operable even in a highly democratic neighborhood impossible. It does not happen right last August, we unearthed the email they show the culprits behind the drop were laughing about what they had done. After the bell drop. We all know now what the many states the draft huge numbers of balance stealing the race for Joe Biden.

One morning on the morning of November 4 America woke up to the survey results of the massive fraud and multiplying swing states in Wisconsin over hundred 44,000 ballots for Joe Biden will were drafted. Milwaukee, giving Biden the lead. This is to say folks like Norwalk. This is why it is so important to have independent media and because we are not in lockstep. We don't come together and say will what is our narrative can be word we don't all report to St. they were not a part of the communist collective were independent with a wide area occurred because our boss, our Lord and Master servant remarked what all the people recruit recalled to be watchmen on the wall and he said if the reader not clear what he called us to do.

Honestly, what will be on our confidence any for telling the truth is sure is that we referred to this fraudulent had to guess the drop and roll.

In August, the Gateway pundit uncovered an email to Clara Woodall Woodall fog Executive Director for elections in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the email sender Ryan Chu from the election group shared Claire you have a flair for drama delivering just the margin needed at 3 AM. I bet you had those rose-colored at midnight and just wanted to keep the world waiting coming. Go in the goes on to say I'm as clear as Executive Director. The election commission of the city of Milwaukee. They were laughing about her late night ballot drop our humor yeah it black. The clearing trump of your help treating her knee election. The Republicans got Russian art collusion colluding with Russia's L3 celery salt they had been using all recall projection behavior.

Weevil respectability security also doing what they're doing and for more years than I can remember grievance and looked at what are accusing the work with the left accusing us of doing what they're doing and this is been going on for more than 30 years that I can remember I'm getting old town.

Remember too far back anymore, but this is something that happens over and over and over again people, you've got to see when you see a pattern like this that's been happening for 30, 40 years. There's a reason these people use this process whatever they're doing wrong, they always accused us of doing that this is the communist method that's been going on since, marks probably now and you've got to wise up and learn absolutely. Go, this is Seth Connor breaking China working with cartels to kill Americans.

No kidding, no kidding, really, let me tell you who's working.

First of all, the Chinese owned the Biden crime family that it the just like when you see in those movies with the God for what all the families meet and there's one family. One guide is usually in charge China a note owns the bike. They've they've admitted they've admitted that they own the Biden crime cartel, the Biden family crime cartel they've admitted that they own you know what kind of levels over government control over that. Now speaking with that. The big guy okay that the Godfather of the drug cartels and human smuggling cartels. Those that like in Lincoln the month it would it would buy the crooked police chief or they would buy the crooked judge.

So what they do is that he got the word and he's got maracas out there making sure by the way of making sure the 4.9 million, 4.9 million illegal aliens crossed over open border to the US in the first 18 months of the Biden regime. That's roughly the population of Ireland. Joe and note. So here CLEARLY correct called it really got me up on this country and attack right in the Biden crime family is working making sure that the doors are left open, making sure the doors are wide open for the drug cartels to sneak and fit no that knows killing the young people in this country and and Joe Obama and the Biden crime cartel is making sure the doors are open and they can get in here and also the human smuggling.

There's all of these children that are disappearing. What's happening to the children. The Democratic Communist Party is flush is flush with pedophilia and again they were another children know they found a whole bunch of great from all patrols are like candy. Now they are. Making them colored rainbow colored they look like candy and they are up and sees Eric McAllister port of entry last week and order people said this could be the start of the trend with trans national criminal organizations what she's cartels. People don't understand they are in 2015 to 20 nations of the world.

It's not just Mexico. They are international crime cartels and now they're pushing these pills to look like children's candy.

Why go to the children.

They want younger victims.

They want more victims. So there after your children, your grandchildren and you better decide to get a little angry or you watch your children and grandchildren thigh should be about we get to that mid minute here. Joe, you know what the Democrats have changed the word of pedophilia. The pit of pedophile. They've changed the word from plaintiff. 29. Her attraction it's called a clear call it. No minor attraction.

This is what the politically correct. This is what you'll hear at NBC, ABC, CBS, who are all part of this they will use the word pedophilia use the word minor attraction. Remember that "[meaning to write 813 90 words will be the weapon of our new work character. What brings socialism and communism to America by changing and shifting words.

Words will be the weapon of war by changing and shifting these words through change and shift the meanings control the debate change the attitudes. This is how they said they were going to attack us then recall the political correctness. It was cultural Marxism, mallets, wall chasms, they just keep doing this over and over in the film shape, do not seem to catch on the worst criminal warning tonight.

Stop being na´ve start to figure out this is a revolution taking place in your backyard, your future of your children and grandchildren at stake. Nothing could be more serious or important already here studying 4.9 million illegal aliens cost open border into US in the first 18 months and begin of the Biden regime is roughly the population of Ireland here. This is again the Federation of American immigration reform issued the following statement as well as a deeper dive into the growing boarding crisis based on data quietly released yesterday by the Biden regime earlier this month of alleged president Joe Obama Biden took credit for the July inflation rate being only 8.5%. Now the July board member numbers are finally public in the White House may take credit for the fact that only 199,976 illegal aliens crossed our border, and that in that month, down from 207,416 in the month of June.

Minor drop in the border incontinence is still not encouraging. Traditionally numbers drop in the hottest summer months in the last month. Figures actually represented 325% increase over the average number of July apprehensions under the truck administration were significantly July numbers bring the total of illegal aliens crossing the border since Pres. since alleged president, Biden took office, to 4.9 million, including temporary grab wrong because they failed to mention that there are over 900,000 other words, almost a million got away. Biden took office or you can add pretty close to a million got a ways. This is where they smuggling the real terrorists. The real trafficker real bad people so that figure out a million to make it what 5 1/2 million, no, no, that would you add to add that million two and that would make it over 6 million 6 million nothing or nothing or stay here folks.

No big deal just 6 million people. Good grief already water is brown urine that I just thought of something they had what they picked up 66 people on the terrorist list. So how many other terrorists out of another million got away if they caught 66. How many more were in that almost another million all and by the way, I found out that there were cursory countries in South America remember we were supposed to be looking at the core problem, El Salvador, Guatemala, H president of each country, said there has been no US contact with in the past year from the Biden administration. Not one phone call. Not one contact even with the State Department so were hearing lies from the Biden ministration big time. I jump really going to legally come back we're going to have as quickly as we can. We we got two clips will play two clips about 15 minutes apiece and and in these two clips because we want to do what we can because we know that the Democratic pride to take them down to take us down when we know we what were watching what's happening.

Okay, so we need to get the information out as quickly as possible and then for tonight. Anyhow, we would get so much to cover.

We need to get this much information out tonight, so tonight we will be taking phone calls, folks, we just we got it. We gotta get this stuff out tonight again like I said you don't know how bad they want to self the year and that's why we is why we need your support. The way we do and so also get a report very quickly that we have the heritage, Northeast Ohio does have a second well I have to wait till after the don't have enough time to make this announcement make it to blackmail so go ahead and get it done.

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