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MON HR 1 062722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 28, 2022 12:14 am

MON HR 1 062722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Portions of the program may be pre-recorded right now I'm ready about 30 centers in this is where still the voice of the Christian resistance on 27 June 2022 and that we have denied courageous Craig on the board. Good evening everybody and we have with us a good way out yonder in Missouri.

Pastor Joe Larson right to reproach. Every goal quite agree with you already. Joe, as you know today John Holman went home to be with the Lord. John will John was a courageous, courageous, honorable, a good man a medal of deep faith believed in God love the Lord.

Joe is a man who put his family and others. Always before him. John was courageous and he never backed down.

We've been in this battle. No one he lived to see Willie was there when Roe V Wade was overturned and he had fought courageously all of those years alongside John returning, saving babies and working in always been an advocate for the elderly, those who couldn't stand up for himself. He was always a voice for the voiceless and now it was time the Lord says hello. I guess it was time to give more rest, so we took our hero home and her girls were working where one air well done my good and hurtful servant. Yeah, and I'm absolutely sure what to you know we had over the years we had a lot of fun to pray, kill each other and and just to going back and forth with and sharing in getting the news out showing telling people what they were supposed to know. And so, again, are our deepest and most sincere condolences to the family and friends and of the patriots. He was a patriot and the statesman brother John Holman.

May you and I know I know he's resting in peace right now is an agent Joe Rector: bring or alter. I am John return and all the infinity of doubt among everybody know well and we always have to move on so as we move on tonight. The title of the message was the seed of the serpent. The enemies of Christ and his church, and were going to start tonight in Genesis chapter 3 verses 13 through 16 Joe if he would read those verses like a rabbit for your title is perfect doctor last week, but I watched and saw the Lord God said a woman what that about half done and the woman said the serpent beguiled me, and I did eat the Lord God said of the serpent, because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle above every beast of the field upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shall validate all the days of thy life and I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed it shall bruise thy head, and thou shall bruise his heel under the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception sorrow, though, shall bring forth children and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over the let you know that she did. The template called the devil made me do it right and we noticed we noticed everybody has got somebody to blame here and you name game goes on forever. Nobody here like nobody anymore. Licensor, nobody very few decent people but most of the world will blame everybody and everything but themselves.

Joe Biden blades rush into 12.

Like you said, the oil companies he's blaming everybody but you write but himself. And so here we see this one goes on in the Lord God said to the serpent, because thou has done this though art cursed above all the cattle above every beast of the field upon thou thy belly shalt thou go in the dust. Shall thou eat all the days of thy life. Joe, let me ask you because people get this picture of of the serpent, but with us to get to applications is getting a natural application minutes got a spiritual application. So here now you've got this and they get this picture you see Adam and Eve in the garden and you see this big giant serpent wrapped around the tree but was that the reality I don't think. Here in Revelation were about 12 or call the red Dragon and I don't think they look like a red Dragon by Victor to du jour an image was evil but Satan was the most beautiful of all God's creation when he was made the most beautiful of the most perfect and he was thrown out of heaven, and I think for the most beautiful woman on earth. What would she be attracted to the most beautiful creature created exactly so. Now let me ask you this.

You know, what did he have legs was a form that would would it look like a man with is the best year of club diamonds and and that will be used in all of these things as we see in Ezekiel chapter 20, so he would appear in the likeness of a very various is maybe sinister but I have submitted Whitney I've figured off a little later in Genesis. It talks about the sons of God and the sons of all my friends are the sons of God was referring to the fallen angels right out of the daughters of men say they had were changed in their form. There were fallen Angels, but no orders and Savior form was changed know the left of the flood. Well, you got the situation here because what he says from now on okay from now on you going to be calling in your belly for so he wasn't crawling on his belly in the garden. He was walking upright and again the appearance would've been probably of a very, very handsome man because when all of the other angels appeared Michael and all the others. They always appeared like a man. Okay so here you senile and all flooring the Scripture… Satan came without one day run up to heaven. God's glory are doing. I was walking to and fro upon your well actually he wasn't really in heaven. Satan cannot kill go to heaven because he would defile it, but he could be. He was, he had access to the first and second heavens. The first evidence here on earth. The atmosphere, the second one would be out there with the moon and the stars read but as far as being in the third heaven heaven with God.

Now he's been barred. He was, he was knocked out and never to return. So here now you go on and out, he says and and that will eat up what is the other. The other application for that would be the fact that yeah you know when you would have let me read this and I will put enmity between the and the woman in between thy seed and her seed it shall bruise thy head, and thou shall bruise the hill. This verse is called in evangelism Christ" is mandatory minimum really the first gospel right it was the first the first gospel. The but the first mentioned, if you will of the church. This is the first mention of the church. Jesus Christ is the seed of the woman and of course we we take a look at what you saw out there screaming these that are running and screaming and burning and loading of these deathly craft these death credits that are burning down buildings is that the grant there. The seed they are the seed of the serpent. These are satanic people they hate God. They you know it's there and have a great life and never found a baby till right and they did so here their wicked and evil to the core now here what you have insisted in the spiritual application is that the antichrist out there. The Democrats are going to bruise the heel of the going to attack the church like their doing their attacking churches their attacking Christians right but the that the head their head is going to be going to be bruised. In other words, they're going to be defeated. You know you can you can live with the Burrows Hill but even a Democrat, even though they don't use it much, they have to have a had to survive right right and what you lose your head and is not much left as her current okay so here so that's the spiritual application to the other and physical but you know what happens when you talking about his seat in their seed when you're out there on your farm in your out and you run across the copperhead what the deal in the copperhead get along very well, generally I know appear behind and in the night about that kind of thing we have a water culture travel and shut up. I will. I won't mention well here when we were in. Years ago I was seated in years, but there the end of the property line you had those little timber rattlers have very long, only about 2 feet if that long, almost 3 we got them throughout your well you know the thing that is there just poison every bit as the big ones the big snakes but but you know we didn't get along II wouldn't I wouldn't put up with one. One time I had another confrontation without cottonmouth water Watkinson and come right at me and not me.

I write this weekend. Big time), then you have to watch out because even if the snake evidence had cut off break and still bite it out. Well, there still deadly even when they've been decapitated and so here that's the natural definition of what was going on.

So here now and he said into the woman. I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception is so, it shall bring forth children and the desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over the now.

The very first command that God gave man defined in Genesis 128 and here is what it is okay is not a not a complicated timber command.

It's in God blessed them, and God said to them, be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it and have dominion now, so the very first command that God gave man was to be fruitful and multiply to be from full of multiple woman figured out right is killing babies by abortion being fruitful multiplying no competitive total entity opposite the antichrist system is rising quickly at its exactly what you see out there. This is the antichrist. These Democrats aren't I are totally antichrist now. So here when he says it and I will greatly multiply thy sorrow, not conception well in the conception was was meant to be a pleasant a pleasant experience and giving birth giving birth here, and it ended sorrow, and it shall bring forth children was meant to be a pleasant experience. Not a very painful experience right but Albert now is for many, many, many women verified that that changed Joe amongst women of childbearing age 1, one week out of the month is is not a pleasant week for many of them in and sometimes it's even more unpleasant for their husbands by horses isn't in the hell so here now and then giving birth.

I remember watching my wife.

They blood vessels interface burst and II never seen anything like that in the it was that she wasn't heaven. She wasn't having it real easy time at all know what but in so anyhow so now it now. He says listen, Joe, and their desire shall be towards their husbands, that Joe, if I asked you what what that desire be towards her husband's is a desire natural desire that women have towards her husband's. What is it well. From sexual and recover the desire to be protected Kurt for somebody who couldn't take care of security well. Many, many women marry security actually it's approval. The first desire all they want is approval and you have the very same thing today, especially with these with the daughters and fathers. They want approval. They want approval of their fathers know and that's why it's difficult if you don't have a father and how to get approval on that very difficult to get approval from something that is not exist as a need something to not necessarily approval but you away approval also they are following in the footsteps are growing up to be a man right they do children need approval but also they need instruction within a go as we go through what was it that now. So the first thing that women the desire that they have from their husbands is the is approval.

Lastly, the natural desire now here when he says this that the and he shall rule over the now. Today what happens with these women that are obedient to their husband.

These women that are obedient to the husbands there up there mocked by the feminist movement, the feminist movement came from the pit of hell.

The feminist movement has wrecked more marriages wrecked more families done so my children and in the feminist movement has let up on a bunch of wicked and selfish to selfishness in the High Park receipt within the feminist movement is just unbelievable.

Now you know the interesting thing till we see that the High Park Chrissy, Joe, when you you always hear them criticizing. That's my body it's my choice, I've got the right to kill that baby. Well Joe the these are the same people. Joe there to say was that are saying you've got no right not to take the poisonous poke you've got no right not to take the kill shot in the very same there's a wickedness of wickedness in these feminist is a very boorish type wickedness to its own… Made it quite clear when he said they'll start paraphrasing Gottschall knocked out most not will not shed innocent blood. The amount describes, that is, as murder and on the burger is very very bad sin in the eyes of God.

Well, actually it's barely right but what is referred to in the Bible is the transgressing the transgression of God's dominion right and so if you go over to me you are killing a being who was made in the image of God for your transgressing God. People are asking Pastor what is wrong what is wrong with those those people out there screaming and yelling and like what like total maniacs.

Well, if we go to Psalm chapter 2 Psalm chapter 2 will find the answer to that insult Chevron to so let's go over to Psalm chapter 2 when we read the entire entire Psalm verses one through 12. So Psalm two why do the heathen rage and people imagine a vain thing for kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord and against his anointed thing let us break their barefoot thunder and cast away their cords from us. It fitted from the heavens shall left the Lord shall have them in derision then shall he speak under them in his wrath and vexed the many sore displeasure yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion I will declare the decree Lord has set an AMI thou art my son, this day have I begotten day ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance and the uttermost parts of the earth as I possession thou shall break them with a rod of iron and also – an increase in like a potter's vessel.

Be wise now therefore or you kings be instructed the judges of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling justice unless he be angry and you perish from the way when his wrath is kindled but a little blessed are all they that put their trust in him already going back to verses that one.

Why do the heathen rage and the people.

Imagine a vain thing okay so what you think the vein. The thing is Joe that they imagine well I come to mind. They want to be like God and have the power of life and death.

They want to have the control over the grill is given to God won't be the ones in control. Well, the answer yet you right, but is found in verse three let us break our bands asunder and cast away their cords from us. In other words, they think that they can be free if they can just get away from God.

If they get away from God and get away from those noisy Christians that are preaching against sin if they could just get away from them within. There is no judgment for them. They can do that and live the way they want God or their rental character cannot read or write. Yeah. And so here they go on and give the interesting thing is, it says that God Nate well you do for those go back where it was, as the kings of the earth do we see all the rulers of the earth that we see Biden and Trudeau.

If we look at all of these people are they at the turn totally against God yeah okay there. So now he says he then set up in the heavens shall laugh now God is laughing at that. The fact that these idiots come in and their fools think that somehow they can get away with what they're doing out there that they can go unpunished, that there is a way somehow that they can get away from got a go unpunished for the sin in a said the Lord shall have them in derision or that we do not believe in hell fire. They don't believe in damnation and the side that they don't want to believe that an American going to do whatever they want without document. We know there's always judgments okay here. What is referring to that would have been there have derision where there they release the hold that he's get a hold of them in this and derision. Is there absolutely deluded there deluded Joe, they've got no rework of the liberal very they are deluded great line they still they treat they stand there and tell bald-faced lie on camera and don't even flinch and they just stick by then they just keep telling the same lien if they tell a promo still playing long enough and loud enough stupid people. Shirley will believe them right right so here now. Derision got a lot to do with is that exactly the same as them reprobate or being depraved, but now he says this then shall he speak to them in his wrath and vexed them with a sore displeasure.

Yet, if I set my king upon the holy hill of Zion I will decree the decree. The Lord is set into me, thou art my son, this day have I begotten day now. This was a unique one time happening one time event will will that ever happen again.

There were never very cold front came forth from the spiritual father. We have no idea when that happens some time way back in the beginning, whatever that was. If there was there because God is timeless. Time is irrelevant to him before all this, the physical came forth from the spiritual. Now this next first Joe has two applications is two applications.

He said this, ask me and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance in the uttermost parts of the earth that I possession now when he saying how, when the he then forwards narratives. Joe when people hear the word of God. They hear the salvation message being preached and they receive it okay do they become joint heirs with God, with Jesus, that they are virtually transformed by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit by the forgiveness of Christ, and they become sons and daughters of the living God and joint heirs with Jesus and everlasting salvation. Now the other part of that. The other application is those that reject that word of God.

They rejected he says this, they shall break them with a rod of iron Mitchell – them in pieces like a potter's vessel out here they would become putting up a great throne of judgment you will bring judgment and it will be hard to currently wise now, therefore, all you kings instructed you judges of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling justice unless he be angry and you perish from the way with his wrath is kindled but just a little blessed.

All they them put their trust in him. Now remember, when you hear it all the time out there from the prison he preaches Jesus is just love love love and Jesus is by God is not judge mental and is tolerant Hilo healing allow you to be just the way you want to be well that part about the great white throne judgment and drivetrain your heart, your work for me. I never knew you wanted statements about Scripture well Joe, when it comes to sin when it comes to right now what the heathen the death or credit Communist Party is doing. There was never a man that walked the face of the earth that was with some more judge mental when it comes to sin and and and judged it like like Christ is going to do when he comes back one minute tell you and is his return is imminent, the Democrats are also the one who wrote the law and fed the wages of sin are death and he is going to give the law we realize we cannot live by the letter of lot number and Joe here and we been telling people to go to a break that we come back I will explain what we been telling people about the death of Kratz running with their sleepers.

They did did that out here the run their sleepers as Republicans.

They get on the ballot. It will will tell you more about that.

The way to go to the break and this is a song for John Holman and Hines just below of little is no book in said we as a and no I just I just as is the local election came dynamic. We can probably God. We know me at the light now we can wreak havoc gorilla from the inside out from the inside out. You cannot take back somebody actually local election.

We need to raise money for my campaign black people in mining campaign black brown recognize the right bill black that they are now cannot talk intelligently Kindled in circles by black people have to take my feet in a lot of ways you might not affecting where all black art finds down an eight the body.

We live about it. Don't make me pick it up's already Job that what is a woman named Crystal Matthews and that she is the Democratic Senate candidate in South Caroline teacher wants to run for this U.S. Senate in South Carolina and here she is again as as most Democrats are very very vulgar horse. We had a blooper to use the F word probably is as much is that of those that's what those women and that's what you know these are these are unclean, very very horse women now so she's telling him like what we women warning people Joe about the sleepers about them running as getting getting the Republican ballots readiness because they come right out next they notice that a million Democrats have changed and going over right now it change their status yet because they wanted they wanted to get away from money and want to get away from the Democratic Party okay because it's there is no more Democratic parties turned into a complete Communist Party is so here she's talking to a prison inmate here and that was February 13 Matthews he's a prison inmate and he reveals what she what you want to do now. She's also talking about dope money community gets adult money and she continues to use of the F word and and the N-word to continues to use this all through their but she says Matthews complained that she is not getting enough money from black folk saying where the course. The profanity is my black people with money.

I want my money. Okay anything I don't care about no. Just no dope money then they go on to use the fort again where the duffel bag boys okay and she's talking about. We gotta get these out there that are willing to go out and and nighttime and dressed in black and steel. Still, the signs of the people's yard Republican signs. Now this is the type with her that she is the typical type of what is running for the Democratic I'm his party there totally complete, completely, absolutely, completely corrupt. There's nothing nothing from Joe Biden down. I don't know if there's even one within that that could be called anything less than completely and totally corrupt. Joe already been telling people for a long time now. This is a communist revolution you are living in the middle of a revolution about whether successful or not depends on don't really our listeners are Christians out there whether there will render the battle stand in the gap fight the fight. This is a revolution taking place.

People are showing us their ugly site. Their hatred and it's it's real simple. The communist learned that if they want to take over. They have to cause derision they have to divide the people to conquer them and so they have used the race and abortion. Whatever policies to go along with the race to create the great divide because even Scripture made it quite clear a house divided against itself cannot stand.

So they are trying to destroy America. They want to destroy what we have our capitalist system they want to destroy our form of government. The Constitution make it invalid may want to like the Phoenix bird get rid of that old Constitution come up with a new socialist democracy where they rule and so were watching this in real time DOJ Stasi agents accused of direct threat against the judiciary.

We mentioned this last week here America in a very, very corrupt, dirty cop. The a very, very corrupt, dirty cop the stodgy agents of the US Department of Justice directed under Joe Biden and Mary Carlin have been accused of issuing direct threats against the judiciary. The confirmation code for my conservative it's a media personality and political commentator who posted on social media.

The DOJ does not issue statements like these disagreeing with the Supreme Court rulings it doesn't happen. It has no lawful basis. This can only be seen as a direct threat against the judiciary by Stasi agents goes on DOJ and so what are you talking about the Supreme Court's of the Custer's rights are not conditioned by proving a bureaucrat that that without one deserves to be able to use them now. The DOJ's response. We respectfully disagree with the court's conclusion on the second amendment forbids New York's reasonable requirement that individuals seeking to carry concealed and gain think I must show that they need to do so for self-defense. The Department of Justice remains committed to listen.

Now they don't yours Crockett and you're as corrupt as good as crooked and corrupt gets right now what God's Word, the Bible says liars will have their place. Mary Garlick, that is right by God's word okay and so here it goes on to say that Barbara just remains committed to saving innocent lives were alive. What ally by enforcing the defendant federal firearms.

You know what Joe, you know you always hear about how many people are shot and killed the guns but Joe, you know it you never hear how 10 times that amount every year, 10 times that amount of people's lives to save because people were armed and protected themselves from Democrats. I agree only I think you're way off. I think there were far more than 10 times I think it was somewhere around were closed throughout northern situations a year where it if they didn't have to use the gun just brandishing a stop. The problem yet so we know that it's quite the current time ended up in the justice it is not in any way to go in and come out and have a ruling against the Supreme Court there.

They have become totally weapon iced and the entire Department of Justice have become rogue. They become totally Road anti-God anti-American anti-Constitution, and especially anti-Christian altar was parked. Jeffrey Clark was the former, formerly of DOJ prosecutor writers write word had the temerity to investigate claims of voter fraud during the 2020 election rating. The target for the January search committee and the sky oversaw about 1400 lawyers to divisions and they called and trader who tried to overturn the results of an election yeah and they arrested him and they removed the cell phone without showing him a search warrant now. Disguise a lawyer and pennies can have a massive lawsuit and find a court for the Army were documented crooked court will find limited but he needs to go after these agents personally. He personally not in another department, but them because they know better. They know that what they're doing is wrong.

They know what they're doing is against God and country against the Constitution against fairness and so here there's another one.

This is by Joe Newby, martial law, the death or grad senators demand Biden use full force of the federal government to undermine the Supreme Court and stop the states from restricting baby killing the murdering of innocent little children. Okay. Does not have the power to do, not given to the executive the executive job is to carry out the laws of the land not make long somebody did read the Constitution today know they didn't.

That's on Saturday 30 days 30 corrupt 30 very corrupt antichrist.

Democratic senators sent a letter to his lying demented fraudulent dictator wannabe Joe.

I think those are my words. That's from that's for John W.

But I agree with everyone of applesauce applesauce braids Biden demanding he use the full force of the federal government to keep states from restricting child killing. We call on you to combat these attacks and take immediate action to use the full force of the federal government to protect assets to child killing in the United States. The letter said the full force of the federal government does that include the use of the military sure sounds like it.

They also state efforts to regulate child killing is dangerous and horrified. Yeah, these are animals. These are based. You know he tells you in the book of Job agility refers to them as as base very clearly and so here Biden in a Biden always gives then he bows down to a rock and of those you know the that that the squat those hussy from hell.

The coming that and you know the entire the entire debt the credit. These these folks of really I mean Joe there is nothing when you say it's an amazing thing, but there's not anything at all about that party. Now that is not been totally corrupted. Nothing. Nothing amazing print example in New York City all there in Manhattan called percent of the staff district. The 8800 Cricketer Ave. left their job overall of all over New York. The hundreds of prosecutor they didn't have the figure are quitting the DAs office because of these criminal justice reforms and we got the figures of three-man Brooklyn 67, left Brooklyn and all of 94 got some conflicting figures on this report with their fleeing the difference of the Bronx and Brooklyn, Manhattan, and their losing huge amounts 12 to 20% of the DAs in those different or the call girls in New York are resigning and left and many output in their paperwork. The video leaving soon so there are people who cannot stand what is going on with the judicial system and what's happening and of this New York is just a mirror of the Department of Justice. That's the same in all the major cities across the country pretty much okay here's a troubling calls for Clarence Thomas, assassination spread across the socialist media. After Rosie diverse individuals have been calling on socialist media for the assassination of the US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas after he issued a separate concurring opinion on Friday.

The ruling that struck down Roe V Wade got blasted Clarence Thomas. You know I was wrong.

Joe, I thought that there would only be to withstand the ground. I I was sure the others are going to tuck tail and and bow down, but they didn't. Six of them stood early didn't and I was amazed that Roberts actually did. I was really amazed by him well. He tried to go a middle-of-the-road little route rendered something a little less drastic, but the others were to go along with himself rather than fight with the three radicals he actually had to go with the conservatives.

The other five that wasn't correct that figure was a decision on his part, not to look to know online. I don't trust that he tried to get them to change our ruling and make it up a lot left us, don't cut it down some abortion activists have also publishes home address and others have called the burn down the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court overturned two landmark abortion cases Roe V Wade and Planned Parenthood versus Casey return the legality of child killing to the states. Justice Samuel Alito wrote for the majority, Justice Thomas wrote a Sobel current opinion in the which he argued that the Supreme Court should also reconsider rulings on contraception. Same-sex relationships and marriage American also. Also, sodomy they go they left that went out rulings on sodomy to so here it goes on since will update you because there's another article here and then it done from life and cited tells the whole gives you the whole thing. And that's one of the things he wants to make sodomy illegal crime again for thousand 6000 years sodomy was a crime and now they're trying to normalize it. You know what they just did in Seattle, Washington will be taught will be talking about that here this week to so here says that individuals on socialist media have over time is to be assassinated.

This comes after one California man who attempted to kill Justice Brett Cavanaugh, was arrested and charged. It also comes after groups of call for violence to be committed against pro-life groups, individuals and churches in response, Boyd visited this Joe. The FBI and knows what it was investigating such threats. Yeah, but we got a lot of faith in that that we are out and cut Congress passed a bill that Pres. Joe Biden signed into law extending protections to the members of the justices families. So here goes back to life parallel.

So tired and portraitist. All the compass care, pregnancy center, New York was the victim of third resident firebox by the pro-abortion extremists. But instead of wrapping up the investigation to locate the purpose of the state of New York are planning to investigate the pro-life center itself and I'm convincing about two pages the potential to demand information on donors, clients, affiliates, money, all the things that an organization has and there are as of today over 600 pro-life centers nationwide. They use materials without by compass care and that's why the organization is worried is going to get worse because they supply very like life material for all these other centers now the legislation or trying to pass there going after the center simply because they will not commit or refer people for abortions, so legislation allows the commissioner New York to seek invasive information and unsolicited slick couple pages of it boils down to all their private information donors money clients and all blah blah and so here we are.

We know that the New York Aramark $35 million in taxpayer money to expand abortion increased security at the abortion facilities you want to guess how much is better for Kerry no Lynn, not a dime you got a benders there investigating the crisis pregnancy center after giving million $35 million of New Yorkers of your listening your taxpayer monies expanding abortion increase security. There, but there saying hey open season on crisis pregnancy centers go and I'll burn dilute goals through whatever pushing for Civil War pushing for Civil War Biden Mary Carlin all pushing for Civil War than I can like it when it comes to not good like you. When it comes so here going to be going to have a break in a minute.

Joe and then Col. will we get back. Col. Richard Black Joe. He he was a well I just wanted he was the head of the Army of US intelligent criminal division of the intelligence where they investigated and death. A criminal criminality, and governments, especially Kevin. And so here, and he was also a US senator and so were going to be taking a look at when we come back because he's got some things you want to listen very carefully to I will get to do three segments with him. One will be a 20 minute segment will we come back soon and he's going to talk about what with the well you'll hear thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the

The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry.

The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next