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WED HR 2 062222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 23, 2022 12:09 am

WED HR 2 062222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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June 23, 2022 12:09 am

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I'm going to read these headlines for you guys and then Pfizer's own documents admit that the RNA Coke vaccines will result master populations article by Ethan Huff and it was last week we we had on this about a week or so ago, the latest drop of pages from the secret Pfizer documents revealed that the pharmaceutical giant is fully aware that its will on coronavirus code 19 vaccine will soon result in the depopulation of the world to June 1 drop contains a document called reissue 5.3.6 postmarketing experience.pdf, page 12 of which includes disturbing data on getting Pfizer's Fauci fluid injection during pregnancy and lack Tatian it turns out the 90% of the pregnant women who took the shot ended up losing their babies.

This is either I've heard about this before, and in fact in the number of cases, this is a shocking figure that the US food and drug administration are the FDA apparently did not think twice about when granting emergency you thought authorization EUA ill hit into the jab here you go is another way of aborting unborn babies. Remember what Janice Nelson just said recently the head of the Fed right. She said abortion is good for the economy. If you're pregnant Kelly get back to work that what a wicked wicked wicked woman. Pfizer states in the documentary that by that by 28th of February 20, 21, there were 270 known cases of exposure to the mRNA injection during pregnancy.

Reports expose news, 46% of the mothers 124 expose the Pfizer: 19 injection suffered adverse reaction looming me. I'm the pages are staying together. Courtney note right here you go. Of course hundred 24 mother suffered adverse reaction 49 were considered nonserious adverse reactions were 75 were considered serious.

That means 50% of the mothers who reported suffering adverse creation suffered a serious adverse event, ranging from uterine schedule uterine contraction to fetal death of the 270 tract pregnancies, Pfizer lost track of 238 of them the Lantus but the latest bunch of release Pfizer documents also contain concerning revelation about pregnancies, of which the company somehow lost track of 270 pregnancies. Pfizer was tracking a shocking 238 of them just disappeared from the data set, I'm in the stop right there and help both of you go ahead and comment.

I have another comment, I think that Lompoc treatment might be part of treatment going to put open. I had Gary Marshall medical Dr. pediatric infectious disease held that smallpox vaccine contains over 200 amp engine and behold felt protested vaccine contains about 3000 antigen that we've got it taken on indicated antigens from other vaccine and Ampligen. The definition of an antigen is a toxin, a foreign patent with three cases to respond in your body. Definition of antigen will here's one ready death claims of $6,060,000,000 death claim zero $6 billion. Fifth-largest life insurance company paid out for 163% more working age deaths in 2021 after covert vaccines were unleashed. Let me read that again. Death claims help by $6 billion. The fifth-largest insurance company paid for the 163% more working age deaths in 2021 after covert vaccines work unleashed without.

I didn't think they would have to pay for.

Because these vaccines were were experimental and I and I thought the insurance companies would be off the hook. Let me let me read another major life insurance company as the United States is facing turmoil has death claim sword due to Wuhan coronavirus coronavirus vaccines.

According to reports Lincoln national the country fifth-largest insurance carrier reported a massive 163% increase in death benefits paid under its group life insurance policies in 2021. I've heard so much contracting for counteracting testimony about some of these insurance companies that they would pay or they wouldn't pay rent and apparently apparently they've had to pay on your group insurance policy that working class, age from 18 to 50, 50 thick like that, 60, 90, 58, that relatively healthier people in that data that that are tiny yeah apparently annual statements filed with the state insurance departments which were provided to Crossroads reporting response. The public records request show the Lincoln national paid out almost 3 times as much money in 2021 compared to year's totals both 2020 and 2019 the last year an astounding 1.5 1.45 billion left Lincoln national coffers. This is compared to 548 million in 2020, and just over 500 million in 2019 here so earlier this year. One American in the one America. Another major life insurance carrier reported a 40% increase in death claims after covert injections were released and so the question answer your question, how many people in America do you think that at least two maybe three of the coven shot. I don't know. I don't know you know I talked to course you know my circle of people I talked to my course, I did get out" of human I'm not most, I would probably say maybe 10% of the people I talked to of gotten the shot. What about you John Kearney, billion people in I run with moment very well very very very few very cute pics out there that percent of the US population had gotten the vaccine think that I don't think Sunday night.

I could be wrong. I know the one I know that they just recently they did a survey where they want to lower the age down to between six months and five years old now and they were they were complaining that only 25% of the people said that they would would do that that 75% refused to have their children take the kill shot up and so that sounds more realistic to react and I Believe any in a and I can hit anybody would would be so dumb as to give their children most kill shots in a just unbelievable that they would know that I wonder what your report on the life insurance payout Apple you know able-bodied people still working in America. Just wondering how many of the folks are for the right to bear arms and have no mean, how many are with every retail you know in America that can you know defendant going after the military big time to in no and here's here's what here's what a lot of the chatter has been I've mentioned this several times and and obviously this this is from some of the stuff you're hearing coming from the white hats and some these white hats pretty credible people and so they're actually talking to Wendy about come November, that that the come November, that is going to be a threat to major threat of an invasion of this country by China. No Biden has sold us out. We have been sold out, and so many closely in all of these people have had these dealings people and of gotten major major money from the Chinese.

But anyhow that is going to be a threat of invasion by the Chinese and that were going to be sold out like we been been sold out over and over again in the basically Biden and Austin and Millie will say look, we can't we can never win a war which I know we we we might as well just surrender and you know try to negotiate and try to abide by. You know, there in their dictatorship if you will that's that's what we're here in the now if you told me that 10 years ago I decided you your space cadet but not now. After what is happening see what was happening now. On the other side of that there are you general Mac and Allie neck knowing who we had just played him, he said, look, he said with right now. What is Capt. America. What is kept them from you know going into your slavery because that's what the Democratic mom wanted do they want to put us at the captivity is the that we have 300 million people with guns and this is why they want to go ahead and they want to put a 1000% tax without ammunition.

The government's been buying up all the ammunition and you I think you got a major point there. They wanted to try to eliminate some of the resistance when you think John Paula. No doubt about it. Don't forget all all of the illegal aliens coming in have molded the United States. And I think that they could be a calm, convicted, and that many of them can end up with a good column here. If it turned out that there was a problem, government, and we were also like to use the illegal alien problem against well it's obvious that Biden has been building sleeper cells with them. He's been cold-blooded men out. If you notice it out. Most 90% or better of these guys are young men of fighting age young men of military age why an Internet but my mentor in the regular men of the middle of the night and are taken into these little tells little cities and the putting them there and I think these are sleeper cells waiting now you got this thing remember what the what's his name said Rahm Emanuel will never let a good crisis go to waste. And I think when when they have the death cult. These wicked, ungodly, evil bloodthirsty animals that are pro-abortion provost and wanted to kill babies. These are these people are the scum of the earth.

They there. The ones that are out there screaming and threatening then and Marek Carlin, who is of corrupt. A very a is a crook. He's a very very corrupt silken called cop if you will dispose by the Atty. Gen. He's allowing them to burn down the pro-life offices right to life offices and pro-life crisis pregnancy centers not prosecuting know he's going after patriots that them that very very dirty cop and so their wedding a thing for them to start the riots and do you think will amass both the do think were going to get sold out again by the court is only two on there that I think that I can trust and that Supreme Court if you will to to want to really vote to overturn Roe V Wade I know supposedly Vardy done that. But when it comes down to making the announcement. Clarence Thomas is one and oh what's his name. The Italian fellow tell me how John Alito Alito would be would be the other, but the I don't I don't trust the other eye to eye. I think the other side. I would not trust them. I think that they would win the back off coward cowered out like they did before. What you think water recorder mean that criminal problem in America green corporate recruitment yet know you're talking about sleeper cells. Here you go black power lacks a premise together in Mississippi to commemorate Juneteenth with armed gatherings of these of the great armies here.

You got huge crowd of these black guys dressed in military care carrying minium automatic weapons are Blacks premise in an quest to place a call to standdown because so you know these these people these and those on the side of the death credit Communist Party mob are Blacks premise gathering and notches Mississippi on Sunday. Do commemorate Juneteenth that you virtually no one ever spoke about until Joe Biden made a federal holiday there you go, and shows you his large group of these. They call themselves black kings they go. These are Blacks a premise of it, but that splitting anyone hear anything from the. The fake news media lying liberal news media. You won't hear my the way it is.

We have a want to know now to get to the people most many of you should've already gotten your 2000 meals DVD should've gotten already and did you ever get women turn melt regarding Pellegrin all right you have to call the office and leave your leave that heavy cat on the machine so and I will make sure somebody gets when Wendy, you got yours did not think you will get in.

I'm I will we've got more on order already and we've got about another hundred that's going to go out right away and I'm I'm asking the folks onto the please show this at your church shortage or library.

Invite people over. This is one way we can get around the fake mainstream news media folks not here. I got an article right here mail and bow balance found scattered all along. Local San Diego Freeway, California men found several mail-in ballots scattered along the San Diego Freeway units were out there last week where they had their primary and guess what, you know supposed those ballots were all for Republicans.

The no member Republican authority corrupt immigrant in the balance of what I'm talking about the ones that never made it never made it to be voted on. They were they were trash, they were thrown out, so already want to go back to. Oh, here's another thing to this when I be curious about this cattle deaths explained. Not so NASA hordes of deadly magnetosphere magnetosphere riffs that allow intense solar radiation to wipe out large numbers of animals on the earth.

Your word about this Wendy. I have heard about this mysterious cattle deaths that took place over the weekend in Kansas now rumored to exceed more than 10,000. I hear it's up about 15,500. Go ahead, cattle rancher said that when you have no cattle die usually don't have them all dying at the same time, though there think and whatever is going on quite nefarious. That's exactly what the fire was that cows don't dial once from the heat. The they confirmed to me when I encountered hot air yeah well it wouldn't with high heat kills cows.

They dial slowly they spread out across many days. Not all at once, and this is of the first time is Vince Hardy, Kansas. I turned out diseases.

If everyone has forgotten that summer that everything we can.

Side of the Midwest in 2000 and it was the Musee try to think it was 2008 I believe it was 2008 I drove down to Kansas know it was in 2008 was when I went there was 1988.

I'm sorry it was 1988 and I drove to the Kansas I remember I got a brand-new Chrysler Imperial. We had that year and in the air conditioner overheated and ugly car because of the heat and yell and but as I drove through.

They had this hate this heat wave and that in 1988. It was a bad heat wave and you had there were nights I went by myself fields of cattle that cattle back then and it was. I remember thinking about that because the Shipley. It shows you where I met 20 years difference between 2000 888 so so it's once a decade or two. I guess it is what you think about all that returning John. I wanted to go back on helping you rake earlier, include, but in here about it and you would talk about insurance report. Remember yeah but that's only one insurance company. What about the other dimension to open their dimension to ensure they're all life insurance and they're not bitter or quiet yell. Very quiet. Why are to having 40% increase for the hundred 60% media well obviously obviously there being pressured to be inside lightly likely. Can you imagine if every insurance company all of a sudden said we better 40% 80% hundred and 20% of all and the why why are they having such a high line number of the bullet might definitely lead back to the so that's why it's depressing yeah that's what it said right in that that article there. In fact, let me see. I just had a medical here. CDC insists severe reactions to the covert vaccines are rare, but there's a survey that proves that is an absolute lie. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just signed off and coded mRNA experimental gene modification shot for young youngest Americans. The CDC's advisory advisory committee on immunization practices on Saturday voted unanimously in favor of the Pfizer by own bio net tech and and a dharna bio weapons injection for children is as young as six months old. Following the Food and Drug Administration's authorization of the shots on Friday. The CDC insists several reactions to code. Vaccines are rare, yet the US government has never conducted any research to determine the extent of the injuries caused by the covert vaccines. The CDC's vaccine adverse event reporting system makes clear that the tenancy agency is brazenly committed to killing us. According to vers, more people have died after receiving the so-called vaccines than any vaccine in all of history that all of them combined effect a new pope always ascended by the vaccine safety research foundation indicates that more than 1/4 of covert vaccine recipients were injured after receiving the experimental shot. There is a loads of sourced in the polling company pole fished a survey 500 randomly selected people exclusively to the effects of the covert vaccine the organization, founder and director Silicon Valley entrepreneur Steve Kirsty ~findings from the survey on his cell stack on Monday. He goes on 20% of the respondents reported they were vaccine injured 20% 20% number is remarkable because there was no prescreening question and only 77.3, Americans received at least one dose.

That means if you were vaccinated, there is a 26% chance that you were injured 30% of the households have vaccinated have a vaccinated injured person and 45% of the extended families have a vaccine injured person, 87% of the cases where there was a vaccine injury. There was either a doctor's visit or hospital stays are both 54% of the Internet still impacted today 45% of accident is that it would it would shorten their lifespan. 41% of the engine on are unable to hold a job, only 70% said their injury was minor what you think of that thing. And yet it's it shows you that the fake news media did you think the fake news media has this information here and it shows you how willing they are to betray us all and you know it here it's I followed their prayer and the new media paid no attention to. No one paid any attention to quickly that the couldn't be verified and a lot of it was trying to come against recoated shot. No.

Why would anybody not against the covert shot because of the covert against the shot and told me quickly.

I never heard all the years they had it going and took some shots down because people died from no one question that in all the media didn't question it, despite the Greek community in court. They went along with all the best shot in one year.

They had virtually more of neglecting their folios going back like 1990 I think it would combine the just handed why put it down because it was so dangerous: proving how dangerous the gunshot was ordered well Wendy, what you talked about. Listen to this.

This is an article by JD Hayes out of the natural news. He says that the okay here you go federal government data indicates: 19 vaccines increase in cases of shingles by more than 4000% rate. It's all natural.

A single, pretty quick. Well, so okay.

They should have that one about a case of the people that that have have been faxed and they get the shingles. Will that work on them. The thing while it protected on the ganglion nerve.

See that's what shingles is the covert diary, activating it usually it activates when you're under Durrant. I don't think anything more stressful than a vaccine like that. Yeah well this is burning. Yeah I posted on my blog that and will June 3. According to vers records 28,714 people died directly because of the covert shot say that never again. 28,714 surprises that higher than that empire putting only a relatively small crowd.

That's right vers usually reports that we wanted to present one of my right so and then out 1990 all the other vaccines combine with 9779 and in your they reported 44,821 so between Europe and United reporting valve course that only a fraction of the 7070 something thousand people have died from the culture you supplement that yeah all yeah I can. What you again which were up. This is the and it will even tell you about it for years and years and years back in the 80s I was talking about this whole depopulation movement. That's what it is and so here again this is a worldwide depopulation movement and I have an article hereto about that Mr. Fauci which is really an interesting article, but I got where were up against the heartbreak will be back right after this the local way and you see these time span are all just lying way these things now in mind the years I a a a and B a and B and you have hope.

I got a big announcement to that is doers of the word church will not have an evening service. We we will be baptizing a number of people this coming Saturday, not Saturday, Sunday and is so we will be having a baptism and along with a church picnic which will go it well into the evening and so there won't be any in the evening service at doers of the word Baptist Church this coming Sunday and so we are looking for. For all you folks come out the ones out there will pre-cut.

Everybody can about the folks at the come out and not come to the picnic and watch your brothers get baptized. Women baptized a lot of people in engine and John and Wendy are coming from these churches where the pastors are telling the people not to get involved in politics minimum that some in the coming in and saying you know what they been in the church and for long time never been baptized and so they're looking for an activist church and for a couple reasons one letter and of their learning what the Bible teaches into the they feel that there is security being around people that are bold what you think towering okay here you go. Why the tale of Ashley Biden's diary should rule in Joe's life. This is an article about Joseph Ira and that we judge Jude John. I was with Joseph Farrell when he first got started when world news daily back years ago we were. I had them in the radio program when he was first starting that for 25 years will daily broken, boldly brought you the news that really matters.

And that's true. Now here before Joe Biden thoroughly rose our lives. Here is another scandal you should know about. I know there have been plenty of bad judgments in the severely affected in the US from the Afghanistan withdrawal from his insistence on canceling fossil fuel opportunities in America to fight climate change, the inflation nightmare.

His secrets of don't ask don't tell policy of inviting record amounts of invasions of illegals from all over the globe into our country.

The supply chain crisis the baby for me to shortage record climbs blaming Donald Trump is supported for insurrections and capital that nasty nasty Pelosi planned and well lots of other by the way that paddled there. That is the most illegitimate, the most illegitimate. I wish there was a way John.

I could, I could get locked in a room like the doors with those people. I would just love to preach them. Heaven help heaven sweeten how hotly guys were the Bible says about lying. You know God's Word, the Bible is very clear about lying in the Bible says that all lawyers will have their place in lake of fire. That whole bunch all all of them in their would be heading towards the lake of fire.


What we've come to in this country today so he goes on to say, well, lots of embarrassing situate decisions.

We can even take the time to get into here so let's not forget about Biden's illegitimate president to start. He is an illegitimate. Biden is as illegitimate and we have that big side right out there in the church that makes that very clear that Donald Trump is still the legitimate president of the United States. Biden is as illegitimate as illegitimate comes he had to know what the 2000 m film throat while the rest of the media covered covered it up.

The Democrats who actually plan to rake the selection. The FBI did dirty work on cleanup another walking Biden scandal. Note that does not include the investigational Hunter Biden which seems women telling people of the FBI is no longer an independent organization is simply a part of the Democratic Party. He goes on to say, never to be completed or acknowledged this time it was his daughter Ashley, I'm looking at a picture of her here now. She had a diary. You might recall the FBI blame James O'Keefe of project Veritas journalist Alyssa blower for having it in its possession, it would not be illegal to have it in his possession. The diary discovered by Amy Harris in Palm Beach halfway house in admin left, thereby Ashley Biden apparently carelessly though the Biden family reported stolen. Harris is not been investigated for stealing it before selling it, but for selling for $40,000. Do you want to know what the juicy about the diary. What did the FBI care so much about. We've already reported of this will do it again. What the FBI doing for months or years fourth of searching with countless agents involved in another embarrassing embarrassment for the Bidens. The diary relates to how Ashley Biden recalled showers taking showers with her father and she said these were not appropriate showers. That was something that something appropriate and then she says that she detailed her drug use and related sex addiction and winded. Harris discovered under the mattress of Ashley Biden's bed in June 2020 when it would have proven very embarrassing for someone asking Americans for their vote. The die revealed the shocking and sensitive information finally broken days ago by the daily mail such as details about Ashley's chronic drug abuse, sex addiction and being hyper sexualized in her youth. Now 41 Ashley Blades Biden for affairs outside of marriage in our finances were down to the wire and how she made Joe cry with worry over her head of the Democratic primary debate. Her writings also show Ashley may have been using drugs when helping campaign for a father what's basically you know Joe Biden is a pedophile and anyone who would make their teenage daughter take showers with them all the way through lunch. He was a teenager. That's a pedophile. What you think. John well Ernie what you're saying you can't think that they can cancel little kids strictly little girl that he still doing it has these meetings and of the little eight-year-old girl so he makes a beeline got his hands on so that that mean it's weird, it is normal in the they just don't and now this here, but the diary and going on with his daughter and she seemed to hold back Pasternak Pecos more to just Ms. Moore through its mission.

That yellow This is what he was so afraid this is what he is so afraid he didn't want this getting out and that Wendy, when you think about that making your daughter take showers with you creeping thing like normal dad and let it out.

Remember the one secretary he had that she accused them of the drug basically raping her and of course that was no place right cheek about she got paid off and then you have a pardon no.

Beyond that now thinking about it and he would purposely walk naked and liberal treated in front of female FBI service. All that's right. And and then he apparently at some but they had a Christmas party for the Secret Service agents learn is this place there and he couldn't keep his hands all quantities Secret Service agents wires and the guy attacked Biden FS burning yeah a when asked. Actually, it was his fiance. I believe you like that yeah yeah and the impact Biden thought in this guy has been a problem. I mean big time respect boundaries have any compulsive pain doesn't have any restraint you think that's above Hunter's problem to the same problem probably has the same tendencies I would think that's in here again.

I mean words I country going to when we have we got pedophiles in the White House and you know in another interesting thing that we we just talked about that I'll be preaching on that here we have 100 senators were asked to vote for if they would vote for Bill passing a law making it illegal to have these oh these people they come address the transit drag queens. You have to get drag queens making it illegal for these to have these drag queen parties and an drag queen story times only one senator out of all of the hot 100, said that he would vote for that bill that the sum of the millions that they were they were. They believed in it, but only one said he would vote to pass legislation to make it a crime for them to have the said transit police drag queen storytelling type. That is pathetic isn't you know the name. Actually I could get it in about two seconds, I've got it done. Not far from certain. Another table in the studio. If you hold out a minute. Talk to Wendy John Judd Wendy talk to John a be back in one minute your old remedies that you have very important never know how care is expensive when you go there. I keep on lightning sometimes the remedies worse than the problem. When you go there. I didn't like the medical equipment based on the length years. I mean you are directly all right here we go ahead, Wendy okay got helpless. We asked every U.S. Senate if they support that any kid friendly drag shows only one said yes this is an article by Lexi Purdy. Few people have the spine to stand up to evil one Republican senator has showed to be an exception. The Western Journal reached out to every U.S. Senate or after the horde drag the kids to Pride Event Took Pl. in Dallas in June for the event featured a provocatively dressed transvestites strutting around and dancing in a sexual manner as children looked on in the footage of the event.

Children can be seen handing handing transits transvestites money as if they were at a strip club. This way this as well may have been I see okay here now let me see that senator's name hold on just one minute I think is in the last page.

Okay, here you go.

His name is Marshall. I'm looking for his first name. Can we asked every U.S. Senate and only one has something of substance say it goes on okay GOP Sen. Roger Marshall of Kansas said striking declaration of his stance is Marshall said. It what happened to the innocence of children. The hyper sexualization and grooming of young children have become an obsession of the far left in this country in a respectful parent would never allow a child to watch let alone participate in pornographic drag shows the tell is been wagging the dog for too long with this garbage and the dog is about to bite back the words resonate with most conservatives, many concerned parents are feeling the movement of the moment it only when U.S. Senate was brave enough to under them. Okay there you go.

That was that silly was Roger Marshall so anyhow so comment commentary. Why were in trouble in the nation mean. You assume all the Democrats are going to go with and now you have 49 senators. I won't stand up to protect the children from me like these monsters submit shows you why. Politically well-worn in the Victorian and and were noticing lately to is what is a cauldron and of course Mitch McConnell that you got. And of course Lindsay Graham. Although the rhinos and saw the set how many how many Republicans voted for this rag red flag law.

14 fourteenths 14 sold us, sold us out on that 14 Republican senators sold us again.

We have to unit were baby every time I'm so tired of being betrayed. I think the whole country is so tired of being betrayed by these people, but were out of time for tonight John how much time do I have over there.

Craig, John, you got three minutes Kitty given imitation of three minutes. I want to live among sure my friend John Bowman would be okay with what I'm going to say because I spoke with him on the Monday and return it to him on Friday and we didn't. He said he wasn't feeling good, but there is no indication of our trouble and then the next day.

I didn't speak: and then today he had a massive heart attack and we don't know how this is going to turn out with just praying that the little newbie and that he will recover from, but that's life. Folks that's why that's the reality of life, but John didn't think it was an Apple order needed no eating figures that have artifact two days later, but he did and he is in a condition where he may go into eternity but with him I know he's anchored in Jesus Christ as Lord.

The Bible says whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved and that we will have eternal life, like John will have eternal life is awarded God which says he believed Jesus Christ died on the cross and shed his blood paid a price for arson. He received that he did repent and Eve easily requirements for eternal life.

He confessed, listen to believe that Jesus Christ is the only begotten son of God. They also believe that Jesus rose bodily from the from the bed any spelling again for us so that the warning that I want to give to everyone out there listening that we don't know folks. We just don't know we have this moment right now that's all we have and am encouraging everybody how to think of eternity to focus on it and think of eternity is turning in eternity what what places are there. What two places are the heaven and hell is only two right right and God have been as big enough for everybody on the sound of my voice is whosoever God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

So whosoever folks in the plea coverage insurance. Please realize that in and confess it to God you believe Jesus Christ died on the cross and paid the penalty. Pearson was God's holy and no sin cannot be in his presence will and that's why Jesus died and paid the price for our current demand eternal. Amen we are out of time for tonight John, thank you for that and then Wendy, thanks for being here. And so, as we say always at this time. Good night God bless and always always listen to it keep fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance once right what's left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WR WL not on the next time for meditation, once right what's left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content