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TUE HR 2 111621

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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November 17, 2021 12:00 am

TUE HR 2 111621

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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November 17, 2021 12:00 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR already hasty about that Michigan arose from New York City answered your challenge and she bludgeons 200 thank you Rose.

Rose correct throw something. After listening to her of that tape, you displayed James Odell was one of the first members of the US Supreme Court and he said that the only real security of liberty in any country is the jealousy and circumspection of the people themselves. Let them be watchful over the rulers and should they find a combination against their liberties and all other methods appear insufficient to preserve them, they have.

Thank God.

An ultimate remedy the power which created the government can destroy it.

Should the government on trial be found. One amendments those amendments can be made in a regular method in a mode prescribed by the Constitution itself.

Anyone on we have the security in addition to the natural watchfulness of the people, which I hope will never be found wanting.

The people were to watch the government closely. Keep an eye if you put people in office you can take amount of offices you've allowed something bad to happen. But people have the power to fix that and change it.

Are we not found wanting. Today have. We've not been cowered in the silence over he not been sitting back been turned into observers and not active participants in our own government.

After all, Madison said what we were to govern ourselves, control ourselves paying ourselves according to the 10 Commandments of God. We need to do that, knowing that we do Jill in the unit is.

Let me just say this very quickly again when this whole build back better with they are telling you is they want to completely destroy care America completely and totally down right in and then then build her back is a communist nation but now after what you just heard I wanted to make an announcement here that the Friday, November 19 join us join us healthcare workers. These are people healthcare workers that don't want to poison their.

These are the people have seen a pan first in the first) what's happening with people to shoot with these poisonous vaccines that aren't really vaccines but anyhow I Friday, November 19 at 12 noon and join the healthcare workers in a protest against University hospitals and Cleveland clinic for mandating the vaccine and firing us and we do not comply. We will be starting at Miller Pavilion is Miller Pavilion walking to University Hospital parking can be in the garage on 100 street or any sidestreet. Please consider carpooling. Please bring American flags, posters, megaphones, as many people as possible. These are people that don't want take the poison they've seen what is happening now. I just wanted to say that clip that we play Joe in the cliff that we played the entire time when no, not the entire time actually probably about the two thirds to their them than they lost the video but to.

It showed it showed the athletes dying on the field and it showed.

Here it was it ironic, because you had, and television news anchors and they are sitting there and will all of a sudden the one the men has a heart attack and dies in them right there on the spot.

He's dead okay in them, and so the woman that was with him. She had to continue the program.

They came out in a wholly malignant way. It was really really something. But Tim, it was but we mood, but then again I mention here, you had these those people who were the Surgeon General's during the equivalent of the Surgeon General Atlee was in Norway a measure of the get out and was promoting the fax to take the VAX and said that she had just received the VAX and she got didn't bloom right away.

I did make progress and write perfect timing as a November 5. The errors count that keeps track of things sort of covered vaccine deaths was 18,461 total vaccine adverse events. 1,720,302. We know that Verizon a gift maybe 1 to 10% of all the things that most report so that could be as high. That is 180 something thousand deaths. Listen to this.

Dr. Peter McCullough, cardiologist, vice chief of medicine, Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, Texas, principal, faculty member of internal medicine for Texas A&M University case and internationally international authority on chronic disease, cardiovascular risk is the most published scientific Jill Witt, where were you yesterday. We played him yesterday right requite him what he was clear back years ago.

They say when they had the swine flu. They tried to vaccinate.

In 1976, 55 million people but they had 500 cases of paralysis.

25 best and the vaccine was pulled off the market because it was too dangerous. 500 cases. Paralysis 25 death pulled it here. We have 18,461 deaths and over 1,700,000 adverse effects and now they're requiring shot that now Biden wants everybody to have a mandatory poster is getting ready to make a booster mandatory for all of the adults. This is coming out. This is what is planning so we know of the top doctors in the world is saying a in the past. You can get close to this kind of figure before they stopped the vaccine. This time, no there promoting to keep on giving. Even the children would Joe complain, listen, these two guys out there right now that that is say, listen, you know what I vaccine didn't work, we failed didn't work but don't worry's were coming out with another one. You know those two guys are think I got it I got a clip here that we could actually play that I know they will do it.

Neither would clinic them tomorrow, but those two guys that are saying the vaccines didn't do what we expected them to do.

They failed but yet so we had some people die. Okay. And so we got another one will come out with and that was Mr. Fauci and Mr. Gates interesting people. Him we got it so anyhow amount, let me just say this the actual numbers right now, put out by those folks, that in fact the FDA. I played that clip of the fellow who that's that was his job to report can count and keep an eye and how the vaccines were working and how many people were dying and they said it's over hundred and 50,000 in America alone hundred and 50,000. This particular like five figures. This figure variances only 10% reported that would make it about 185,000 but now I wanted to say this very quickly. We have Bob from Wisconsin pledges 100. Thank you Bob US ground pledges for Massachusetts pledges 200.200. Thank you we have Ruth from West Virginia pledges 200 we thank you and and and one of our guys out there at some point I need to know where were at and how much we need to make a goal for tonight so when you get a chance let me know how much more when a because we have approximately 40 minutes left. Okay I have a story. I think people want to hear Christmas Campo over covered in the most vaccinated place on earth Gibraltar across our country folks that's the most vaccinated region 100% of the population is fully vaccinated, almost 50% of received not under their care shots. But there booster and yet they are in a pandemic. There were David given out 279 doses of vaccine per hundred people that are here. We have spiked in cases and they are trying to say.

Now they gotta stop events from happening you got to stay home. Gotta go get another booster shop shot the government telling people to wear masks there for call over to inspect the more vaccine you take, the shorter the period the more covert comes the more variance come the more people are sick makes it worse. I looked at.

We've done several of these the afternoon on the radio and places that have the highest vaccine rate now have the hired highest covert rates of reoccurrence and it seems like the more vaccine the faster people are getting sick in the worst. The population is Jim round the world 2433 dead babies do listen to thousand 433 dead babies in the Bears as another study shows M RNA shots not safe for pregnant women. So lug like you said, they in there is a myth. The only count between one and 10% of the actual number so their number is 2433 women lost their babies because they took the shot don't believe we will talk to some of those and played some of their clips and their and there is they don't have anything they can go to do to get any justice about that me know and and we were doing our best to try to warm people everywhere he will say what he keep talking about so much because people are dying there getting sick. But worse than that.

Jill Larry go study continue because some of these things are the carrier card -itis of myocarditis worst after three years, five years, the district goes way up to Lackland 50% in five years of the future that we got a lot of things that are common that we haven't even seen yet oblate. Listen to this government's own data reveals that at least 150,000 dead in US following: 19 vaccines that listen to this. This means there are probably have been at least 99,753 fetal deaths. Let's babies, babies dying from covert injection.

So far there you go.

That was another words love that it's always about the outfit or event on people for years. The left is wanted to depopulate the earth going way back. As far as I can remember in the 50s 60s 70s world is overpopulated and Keep all these people gotta get rid of all these people that suck up all the money in healthcare. Yeah hey Jill, listen to this one. Listen to this with the of coven vaccines. That's right, Pfizer's miracle pill prevents 9/10 hospitalizations and deaths. According to the clinical trial.

So why are vaccines necessary than when all is said and done.

Most people realize. The farmer tycoons are just in it for the money, money. Maybe we can guess what more and more top doctors and virologists are telling you folks, this is not about coven it's about the money and it's about depopulation what we've been telling people and see what we've been trying to tell people and and they looked at us like a like a what you guys are radicals you guys and that's what we remembered you we were telling people back in the 80s and the 80s you know because what we said in our meetings, we listen to what they were saying the citizens of hundreds of habit.

This is been planned for a long time. Here in so anyhow there out to depopulate the plan and people are taking a poison and people are dying and Fauci was in a ho-hum well Leno did work out well, but will we come up with something new and have Daniel Biden's idea of buying one. The first two shots.

According to Fouts. Quote as every month goes by, the immunity wanes more and more so as time goes by. You're going to see more vaccinated people becoming more vulnerable to the virus and I a ID director Anthony Faucher collects fields. The vast majority of breakthrough cases, particularly among younger people are severe planning is not blah blah about the elderly. There gotta have more protection. Well this whole thing was set up there trying to get rid of the old because that's where all the money the government spends the biggest item on budgets either for the state of the federal government is healthcare and it's particularly those over 65 that consume about what 90% of the healthcare dollar and the biggest item in all the budgets of state, federal government. So what you get rid of all the old and sick people.

The government saves huge amounts of money and problems right Jill, I want to see the Roseville New York pledges 100 and beaver Museum pledges 25 90 proposes that the right now they're not ringing but we may need to line up at 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673. That's 888-677-9673.

We really need to hear from you folks because we guide to approximately about 30 minutes left in tonight and I just got the numbers there and we need to raise about 3000 about 3000 so that means we we need to raise in 30 minutes, $3900 a minute. Jill, 30 minutes for R what will make him. I want to remind people you been on the radio 49 years and in that time you've never taken any money for the radio ministry and no one working with you has ever taken any money in salary are all here because we want to return call to serve the Lord to be watchmen on the wall that preaches the gospel now and so when you donate to this ministry you're not enriching anyone. The money goes to the biggest bill we have is the radio airtime and most the money goes to pay that radio bill and so that's really long time ago. This was set up like a real partnership. We do the work present the do the research and try make sure that you know what's going on that you know the truth in your donations. The only thing they do or pay the ministry bills and then on top of it goddesses specifically if you supported ministry. You get to share in any of the blessings of that ministry and pastoring through this ministry.

There is a prison ministry right to life hospice Kings word school of the Bible was radio so anything that happens or glorifies God through this ministry and you donate you get to share in the blessings you have God's work on we can. Thank you, but God can bless one of the other. The major expenses with the radio ministry. Joe is the mailing you know we send out the newsletter and I'm gonna tell you it's you know it's little over 2000 newsletters we send out every month and people we get such good commentary back in the newsletter. People write a solid time to list that the boy they would've never known is that we not send out. They demanded and so they take these articles as information, things like what you hear on his radio program, folks. We send out. And a lot of people take it and they copy it and then they hand amount which helps us a lot right because it's it's not it's not about us, it's about doing what we need to do to try to save this country and some butter children and you know right now how many children everybody that got the letter made about 10 copies gave it to her family, friends, people working for Dave when she read it. Make copies and about to your family, your other friends we could have it all and take a little bit of money and I would go a long long way to getting the word got out absolutely. I see when we have these rose from New York pledges. How much I didn't get that one locate okay here we go. We have rosewood airplanes under the we have Paul from California pledges 200 policy that means we need about right now about 2700. We need about 2700 and we have about 30 minutes to get that 2700 and so anyhow forcefully consider being a partner with us in all but the people could keep in prayer, article this judge in the written houses. The court cases going on there in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The judge, Bruce Schroeder is on alert for his personal safety in these children. She's been getting death threats and they are now threaten his children about payback that if this child is not guilty he will not live long and Dave now all kinds of vile messages going the way that anyone reads them on there really terrible, but there also threatening his children, so keep judge Bruce Schroeder and his family and prayer as violent as the BLM men and teeth that have been I would take these threats. There been. I guess many many many threats. So right now he's under a 24-hour place card and I'm hoping that they will do the same for his children will again remember we started out in the commentary when I was talking about this that the Fox news reporter on Veterans Day when he was there at them in the tumult in those villages there in Arlington and where Andy was saying how this is the first Veterans Day in over 20 years where America was not at war although we were saying we are at war.

Our enemy has become the federal government is being used against us there aiding and abetting. You have this these people there. The IRS TPA the NSA the BATF you have the FDA, the DOJ, the AMA, all of them are deep state. Now they've been they been infiltrated and this really was happening a lot very quickly during one abomination.

This man of sin is what they been again weapon nice against us here and solely take a look at them. National school Board Association conspired with Biden's White House, the crafter of domestic terrorism letter that resulted in the end of the FBI and the DOJ targeting parents of hear the Biden regime is picking up right where Barack Obama left off fully weapon icing and already compromised the state apparatus to target American political opponents Obama weapon eyes the Department of the IRS TPA the NSA the BATF so so far. Joe Biden is starting with the Justice Department and the FBI. And so here he goes on to say in late September, Biden received a letter from the National school boards Association, which officials complained the parent showing up at local school board meetings and demanding answers as as to whether districts have adopted the vice of sexually inappropriate materials like critical race theory and in books with sodomy and sex between boys and men in their and so the national school Board Association was so far as to deem the parents as domestic terrorism and of course that's exactly what is happening here we have in a week but but we have to stand the witnesses terrorism tyranny and we have to stand against the tyranny people you know you can't.

It is you, not at the point anymore when he can say let somebody else do it if I was just set back in just a dollar element. Or maybe somebody will do something no, you deserve it. You're the people to deserve this. Not not the people to stand up and fight back know you that do nothing you that do nothing. You deserve that right Joe right affect backup Mercury saying I went looking for something that Greg Erickson attorney. Analyst for Fox.

They've got new released internal emails that reveal the national school board Association coordinated with the White House and Department of injustice before they sent Pres. Biden that notorious letter that compared the parents to domestic terrorists and they've got emails now that show the NFPA that's national school Board Association coordinated with the White House for weeks. Several weeks before they sent this official letter and basically what the whole story says they White House helped write and tell them what to say in the letter that they were to send back asking for the Department of Justice to protect them from all those terrorists. So here we have you know Bly's deceit collision that this is real collusion between the school national school board, the White House and then they send the letter claiming the parents are terrorists.

So you see how this government is not your government. This government is part of a revolution. They are trying to take away control control of your children are trying to control your lives are trying to force you to take vaccines that you don't want don't need shouldn't have insisted no way do you need them and is a revolution and you have to wake up and realize it's time to fight or the next time you wake up will have a country that's got the yeah we don't were running out of time people have to stand in the have to fight his we are running were running out of time flows there.

Obama Biden in the deep state are working as quickly as possible to completely destroy America to completely destroy America all right rose from San Diego pledges 50 things done to 2650 we need and then hear Vince from New Jersey pledges 150 that takes is down to 2500 and then sewed Woodward down to 2500 votes. Thank you Vince, thank you rose thank you all you ball all you folks out unhurt from Florida or Arkansas Little Rock or Florida locate other places. I haven't heard whether or not where we been taken down and we take indenting boy.

Glenda gives a report. So after everything we are looking at Detroit Portland New York Michigan Florida New Jersey Denver San Diego now. I think we're back up. I'm not hundred percent sure we haven't heard any confirmations yet brother K know why some of the places we haven't heard any pledges because we have been knocked out there folks, this is war. They do not want you to hear the truth.

They do not want the stuff that we are telling you to get out there think that we have the FCC. This Federal Communications Commission are archived, government agencies, rules, regulations against attacking your way. And yet it's happening. I know there's been complaints made and the federal government is doing nothing. The attacks that are happening to this radio ministry.

Do you think if a liberal radios program was shut down and walked in different stations there wouldn't be a all heck to pay the powers of the government come running in to make sure it never happened again. Let me know what we hear crickets right right I want.

I do want to say this, I listen to Ted Cruz and going after Garland and I listen to ramp all going after Fauci and and Jim here from Ohio and one with senior moments. Jim Jordan yeah and and he was going after both of I mean and he and praise God for these men. Praise God for those that they really are and we got a handful just a handful, I do.

I remind people the problem with it. The Republicans you know they go after him and they really coming as of the IDS. So once we broke the law. We broke the law. We lied to Congress but were Democrats. Who's going to was going to prosecute us, the Justice Department cannot hardly write the Justice Department as a part of the Democratic I'm his party's. It is no longer an independent agency abuts the we have to fight with everything we have Fauci got it we got it taken back let means we storm the school board meetings. You gotta keep on storming the school board meeting for an on Friday you folks in Cleveland you need to go out and take a stand with the healthcare workers who we need to have thousands of people out there and look don't take that poison a quick yell of let them fire you, and then Philip let them fire you, the medical Association today. The AMA has lost all credibility is gotten no legitimacy. It is got absolutely no credibility. We are actually at the point by the way Joe there in our Arizona. Here they were exposing a number of these people in the medical boards they got caught talking about how they've got it decrease the quality of medicine and virtually got caught talking about. Well you were going to have to kind of eliminate some of these people. They said in such a way as is you know where latest, they come right out fact, kilo, but that lowering the quality of healthcare let let more of them die off right so all those people that are circulating the integration there caught let them die because what if too costly to save already. Those that are older and coma have no other health problems and Marie from New York pledges 50 that takes is down to 2450 Edna Edna pledges of the again C: in the pledges $10. That takes down to 2440 and we got the lessee, Nella Miller from New York pledges 200 well. Good that takes is down to about 21 something 2190. I believe it is and so praising the Lord folks 888 we're running out of time again privately 20 minutes left. 888-677-9673 888-677-9673. I don't know maybe muddy Andrew can tell us that I was like he's on the phone. How long do you know how long we were done only stations okay everybody, so Detroit, Portland, New York, and some others have said they come back, but they said they came back around 1107. How long do you have an idea how long we were down so I would say in between 10 to 50 minutes okay will praising the Lord the will back up on the stations. But how much they do not want the voice of the Christian resistance heard and felt a lot of music and reappeared on the podcast. If you missed it you can go to the word. I think Andrew will have it up on half hour after Roth there yeah pretty much pleased with so yeah I think so can hear the podcast or something people can do their time is did you to ever talk about Stuart Florida. What they do down there. I can remember we do we cover a lot of things that they're having a Bible reading marathon in Stuart Florida are that had it.

The story came out the 14th started Veterans Day and what they're doing is they're reading through the Bible and are having people of all ages sign up for 15 minute increment to read the Scriptures and are starting it's going that that happens around the clock and they started in Genesis and they go through the final Amen, and this has been approved by the both the counties and try to remember the start Marion County. The counties have endorsed this event's been going on now 21 years and that something people could do in their city. There County their community. This you know if you're one of those areas in certain community of church all kinds of people. Get busy and do something like this in your own backyard. Read the word of God in public and from the way Jill went down Ryan from Texas is pledged to 50 Mary from New York is placed 100 so that brings us down to about $1600 and they were down about $1600 so praising the Lord shout out to Stuart Florida and some good Christians down there in those two counties and hope to see that All across the Country Right Now. We Got Marie and Ted from Florida Pledges 50 Know That but Places I Think That I Think Were around 1550 Right Now Somewhere in an Area so All Right 888281 We Have Approximately 16 Minutes Left. 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 Double Things I Wanted to Hit on the New American Civil War.

Not Terribly Unlikely. I Know You Want to Talk about That in Nation's Malaria Swamp of Strange New Faith in Craig's and Soothsayers Them. Resident Joe Biden Participates in a Meeting of Cybersecurity Wednesday Is What Is Not My President. I Don't Recognize Him As President of Rome. Okay and That Here As We Go Ahead under Joe Biden Presidency, the Nation Was Told during the Campaign, There Would Be No Unity.

Remember, They Always Tell You the Opposite Clear Nerve Moderately Repair Moderate Right Bring Us Together in Our Lifetime.

Obama Was the Most Divisive, until Biden Kilo and a New Moderate Path That Would Bring Americans Together As One Big Happy Family out with the Years, a Division under Pres. Comes, You Know, Here I Gotta Say This Jill People Are Begging Pres. Help to Come Back There Begging Him to Come Back in and Save the Nation before It's Too Late. Inflation Is Growing at a Rapid Rate. Gas Prices Errors Skyrocketing. I'm Talking to More More People That They Can't Get the Can Get Materials and Things They Need Business Agreement Close down Here to Try to Force This. Basically, Even Though the Courts of Rule You Can't Do That. You Can't Force Is Not Constitutional Bites.

I Don't Care about the Constitution Right US Circuit Actually Came out Three Member Panel. They Made a Ruling and Then They Upheld the Ruling and Said This Was Great Statutory Constitutional Concerns about the Mandate on a Major Court, the Fifth Circuit Is Not yet Known for Its Conservatism. That Mountain Said It Is Not Constitutional Guidances Who Cares Their Cart. There Is a New York Pledges 100 Joe See That's My Buddy Josie. We Need We Keep Praying for Joe to Josie Lee Pledges 270 from New York Pledges 40 I Think Joe Them Ranges down to about 1300 during Closer by the Minute You and so We Got up Approximately 13 Minutes Left Were Starting to Look at Was Case a Journalist in Sweden. Malcolm Collier I Think Glasco and Basically Wrote a Long Piece about Possibility of Civil Conflict in the near Future for the United States and He Said the If It's a Question Answer May Be Very Well That It's Not Terribly on Likely.

And He Wrote That America Is Nearing Its 250th Birthday Go so Well. That's the Point. Historically Were Empires Either Slowly Start to Fade Away or Vary Very Quickly Fall Apart and Dissolve and He Is Saying That America Is Currently a Malarial Loss of Strange New Faith Create Soothsayers Itinerant Prophets Computer Vaccine Scientism through Various Forms of Pseudo-Gnosticism, Centered around Trans People from Big Words but He's Talking about Is to Get People Talking about Civil Conflicts.

The Session Civil War and He Said This Is Now Mainstream Conversations in America Hired Somebody in Texas They Have Certain Things Happen. Texas Would Consider Him Seceding from the Union and It Was a Big Name Politician so It's Interesting People around the World Are Looking at What's Going on and He Said If You Look at What Happened. The US Is Now Seeing the Notable Horsemen of the Apocalypse That Historically Herald Strife and Revolution Decided Political Divisions among the Elites Increasing Loss of Legitimacy of the Government in the Eyes of the People Military Defeat Abroad and New and on This Crisis in the Economy with No End Date and Site There Now Saying This Transitory Inflation Is Not Transitory, It's Way Higher Than They Tell You It Is the Last A Lot Longer Than They Tell You, and Hear Biden's Doing Everything, Cutting Another Pipeline Gas Pipe like They're Doing Everything They Can Definitely Economy and Make It Worse for You. Make It More Costly to Live. That Is Not Damages That Are There $1.2 Trillion Plan to Flood More Dollars into Basically Reading Energy Which Will Not Save Us Will Not Keep the Country Running and We Are Looking at Some Really Hard Times Ahead People.

If We Don't Wake up and Put a Halt to Something by Some Civil Disobedience. Invite Outrage If We Have To Take to the Streets and March in Protest Jill Were down to Tony from Woburn, Massachusetts. Pledges 100 and Bill Ohio Pledges to Hundreds Would Not about $1000 Were Done about $1000. What We Need Right Now at 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 Arizona Local School Board President Elected to Resign over Dossier Kept on Parents Whose Vote against Policies and School Board Meetings, Scottsdale, Arizona Today, Although It Was Expected. The Scottsdale Unified School District Pres. John Mitchell Agrees, Where He Would Resign from the Board and Enclosed Meeting Last Night.

He Refused to Do so. Greenberg Did Resign His Position As President, but He Refused to Resign His Board Seat Altogether. Even in the Face of Enormous Pleasure Pressure from the Parents and Initially Reported by the Scottsdale Independent Greenberg Was Responsible for Keeping an Extensive Opposition. This Is Exactly What They Didn't and Nazi Germany. This Is Exactly What Was Going on and Also in Soviet Union and so It Opposition Research Style Dorothy Appearances Spoke up at the School Board Meeting Criticizing Board Support of Several Issues Related to Curriculum and to the Health and Safety of the District Children at Schools. Fox News Reported the Dallas Area, Including the Couple the Complaining Parent Social Security Numbers They Had. They Got Their Social Security Numbers. Joe, Their Background Checks and Divorce Paper Mortgage Documents and Trade Certificates and Screenshots of Facebook Posts of Positives Also Reported That the Dossier Included 18 Folders Marked. This Can Network in Reference to the Community Apathy That Were a Group of Parents That Form Last Year Advocating for in Person Learning and against Mask Mandates Refers to Parents As Wackos Wasn't.

I Don't Listen, Don't Not Be Must Not Be Intimidated, Folks, You Must Not Be Intimidated Listening to Your Children Are Is Are Are Not Your Children Worth When You Live Then You Must Resist. The Bible Says We Have To Resist in the Blood Meeting unto Death, and Were up against.

In A Few Folks out There.

You You People. If You Have Self-Respect in the Integrity You People That Work for the FBI.

If There Is Any of You out There Left and I Know I Know A Lot Of the Kind I Used To Know Some A Lot Of Good People in the MPI and Innately Felt the Same Way We Did, They Were Proud to Be Americans in the Today in an and There.

Still, I Believe Those Joe That Are out There Returning Things. There Is None Left.

But I Think There's Some Good People Still There but It's the Management That Is Sold out the Window Whoring Is the Top Ranks That Window Whoring, but If Any of You at That MPI a New People There at the Top You Better Understand Something Which You Did You Took an Oath to Develop All the Constitution and Believe Me, God Is Watching You Not to Get Away with It. God Is Not Mocked and You're Not Going to Get over on Him. If You Have Any Honor Left at All. Any Indecency and Integrity. God's Word, the Bible Very Very Clear Where It Comes to Betrayal and in God's Gonna Deal with It.

You Need to Repent of That You Need to Repent of That and and so the Same Thing with That of the People Work in the DOJ. If There's Any Christians up There Left and the Good News for the People of the DOJ, Only the Loss Can Get Saved Right That's What You Need to Do. Okay, Here We Got Let's See Lawrence from New Jersey Pledges 50 Those That I Think Where We're down to about 915. We've Got about Seven Minutes Left so We Got about Seven Minutes Left.

We Need to Hear from You.

The List Is One of You Just Want to Pledge 950 Go for the Whole Thousand Rounded off Right and Then Know That I Can Save the Rest of My Voice so so Many out There Help Me Save My Voice Right Now to Voice out Here Tonight. You Have 20 People Will Know 30 People Give Donate. We Were Talking Earlier about Domestic Countries. In One of Things That People Are Working and Here's Why. One of the Reasons IRS Delivered the Fifth Child Tax Credit Payment This Week to 36 Million Families. They Delivered $15 Billion in Child Tax Credit. All These Parents Expect to Receive Extra Cash. They're Getting K This Is the Fifth Round of Payments from the Expanded Child Credit and Are Handing It out in Case the Monthly Installment Worth $300 a Child Is Issued Via Direct Deposit for Most Families 15 November.

So Think about That You Get from the Family. Poor Families, and 34 Children Three and out Data 369 12.

That's A Lot Of Money per Month Than A Lot Of the Families Don't Have To Work When They're Getting at, Extra Money Coming in, and Low Middle Income Parents Can Reese Expect to Receive about 3000 for Every Child. 6 to 17 and $3600 for Every Child under the Age of Six. With This Expanded and They Were Handing the Stuff out Member All the Extra Money to Me. All Right You Know a Jill Tony and Patty and Tampa Pledges 1000 We Made Our Goal. Thank You. Thank You Tony. Thank You. Patty and This yet. I Know What You Saying That the Incentive Not to Work and This Is Exactly Remember What Antioch Said That People That Don't Want to Work Should Have Two People to Do Work to Support Those Remember One Abomination Said Need Completely Wondering Transfer the Wealth from Those That Have Earned It to Those That Deserve It.

But the Scripture Says God Wants Everyone to Work As They Are Able Right yet Lazy Again Buddy Doing Something and the Early Church.

He Wanted to Eat You Had to Work Everyone. Communism Is in Total Opposition to Whatever God's Word, the Bible Teaches.

Communism Is Satanic Is a Satanic Hole Is What It Is and so Now and so You Listen to This Jewish Rabbinical Court Prohibits the Jab Absolutely Forbidding Early and I Call the Jambs by Jewish Court Here a Promotion of Vaccines Is Also Prohibited, and Pregnant Women Are Warned Not to Take Them Grammatical Ct. in New York City ruled that it is absolutely forbidden to administer or even to promote this: 19 injection to children and less agenda men or women.

The rooming, the ruling entitled official translation of the Hellenic elimination came from the listing to eight hours of extensive testimony from experts in the field. The document also referred to testimony from fellow Jews and suffered injuries and also how this injection is harmful to precut re-create credit pre-creation and fertility filled rationale. So there you go and find out about time we hear from other groups all standing up and saying something well they are but they've got it would increase they've got to do it more quickly because like you said here with short right.

The communist of the antichrist and then anti-American communist forces are there doubling down to destroy America as quickly as possible. I know it's hard for let some people just don't understand how, why would they want to do it. They live here in this country when they don't understand people like Biden and that there promised billions of dollars and ended another life in another country but just take America down. Take care down there.

Don't think the enemy will take over. They think they're going to just destroy the Republican they can build us back of the communist socialist satellite and will be part of this one world government and they still believe this fake narrative. This dreamless utopia they can bring back this perfect society without God. They are blinded. Well, I'm not planning on giving. It reminded the truth. I'm not planning on giving up any freedoms I've been I've been fighting for much many too long and ended and folks out there. I am again like you say to where scenes were seen some action out there all across this country.

In fact, on tomorrow's Wednesday and then Wednesday of their aunt them run 20 Mentor Nicely Rd., Road 20 Mentor Nicely Rd. next think it's every Wednesday they have.

I think it's from 10 in the morning to 12 they have of them think about their people, protest against the force faxed agreed against the mass so of unscented joining keeping growing keep it growing up there. Yeah, that's what you need to see absolutely in my neighborhood we couldn't get thousands together because there are thousands remarked that a couple hundred. We got everybody in the F account all right John in Massachusetts pledges 100.

Thank you John and out right now we are at that point where folks that we come to this time every night. The most important part. First of all want to thank all of you and we were only down for about 110 or 15 minutes. I think we were done very long so our people are side push back against the forces of darkness, but didn't want to talk to all the people were from different stations and they always tell us, for the most part it only happens to our program and that so that tells us something that is in a Jill but anyhow folks would come to the point of the program where everything we've talked about tonight will be forgotten everything that we said will be forgotten someday. The only thing that will be forgotten is what were telling you right now. The time will come when the only thing the only thing that will matter to you is your personal relationship with the Lord is a there are absolutes in your either saved or your lost your saved a year lost and we we get to this point every night everybody listen to me out there right now is good sometimes gonna die.

Maybe tonight you may be your soul may be required of you tonight for millions. It will be required. All across this world tonight you may be one of the question is, is not is not a tragedy to die were all gonna die. The tragedy is to die in your sin, so ask yourself this, if you died right now where would you spend eternity is they will your good person that will get to their Bibles is your best righteousness like filthy rags. The Bible says is only one way only one way to get to the father in heaven, and as to the Lord Jesus Christ and so I don't necessarily believe that once again you will you will. There's no chance in the world that you won't do is I don't care. We are out there you're going to believe that you can believe that he neither heaven or hell. But you believe right.

There are no unbelievers in heaven or hell. Everybody there believes it now. So what you need to do is you need to get real as a boy.

You know what he's got a point.

If I was a died tonight where would I spend eternity in believe me hell is not a good place. So what I would do if I were you. Tonight I would do exactly is the only one that can get you to heaven. The one that took your place upon that cross said that's very simple he says pray to the father prayed doing tonight, repent, repent, prayed to God the father asking for to forgive your sins and then asked the Lord Jesus the Lord of Lord and King of Kings to be the Lord of you live all of your life without any exemption if you do that you become a new creature born again believer in air. The kingdom and indwelt with the Holy Spirit.

If you don't do that you're going to have all of eternity and wish that she had so we want to say is we do every night. At this time.

Good night God bless and always, always keep fighting the fight fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance once right to left posted by Pastor Ernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry.

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