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Making the Truth Viral

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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September 21, 2022 7:00 pm

Making the Truth Viral

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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September 21, 2022 7:00 pm

Join Stu and Alex McFarland as they attempt to sweep the nation like a tsunami with Christianity. Learn what they are doing to spread the good word of the Lord.

Truth Talk
Stu Epperson
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Truth Talk
Stu Epperson

This is Darren Cohen with the masculine journey podcast research the ancient paths to find ways that God brings light into a dark world and help set men free from the struggles that we all face on a day-to-day basis. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network where in the world and who in the world is Alex McFarlane. This guy is a locomotive moving so fast I have to just grab a hold of a sidebar in swing myself up on the Alex McFarlane train and I finally caught up in the middle of Greensburg North, your hometown you were in a church that started during the Revolutionary war in the city right now it is all right 1754 Buffalo Presbyterian Church, and you know what they sent missionaries to the Middle East like in the 1800s and the cedars of Lebanon that grows there hundreds of feet tall were seedlings brought back from Israel. In the 19th century modern history there. When I asked the question who is Dr. Allison Farley people see on Fox news Daisy lecturing at major seminaries and colleges.

They see preaching that massive convocations they see you debating an atheist on a huge secular college campus who is Alex McFarlane I am a safe sinner who is excited about Jesus. I'm an extra conformer evangelist peanut butter maker. I love the Lord Jesus, I love my wife, Angie and I love by the best friend I ever had. Outside of Angie Stu Epperson, Junior and I just I love you brother and I know I speak for millions of listeners closely say this Stu Epperson works tirelessly for the gospel merely I met you. I think it was in March 1999 to David Parsons, a beloved colleague and friend. I don't know that I've never known a brother in Christ.

I know a lot of people you you and I grew up around goodness. Josh McDowell: courts and Gary Chapman.

You and I have been blessed by a lot of great people and Stu Epperson Senior yes and Nancy but I don't know anybody that has ever worked as hard for the great commission is you my brother and I admire you Alex you love Jesus your spread the gospel. What is your passion right now. What are you up to.

If our listeners were eavesdropping but were they here when I asked you what you passion all right now what is God doing talk to will my passion is revival in America. Stuart, I just, I pray for the Holy Spirit of God's consternation like a tsunami. We need people say like this young 16-year-old young man, Aiden Sunday night 36 hours ago I was preaching in the church.

Great service time people come to the altar I just say this and I'm not talking about myself stupid. Just every Christian where the privilege of remembering that every day we wake up we represent Jesus, I just saw this young man, kind of like lingering around the vestibule. We had a great day. I preached a bunch of three or four services in Iraq and just a young man I could tell you want to talk to me so we make some small talk and ask if he knew the Lord.

He said not as I do understand the gospel and he said I think I do miss it. You heard today.

He said well were sinners. But Jesus died for us and rose again. I said that's right I said you know how to appropriate that your life how do you get Jesus in your life is that I'm not sure and I said, Matt explained that he gives you three have minutes later he sprang to as Christ in his life student. I am the least likely guy ever. That would become an evangelist you notes to my passenger question is the gospel in America, there is no problem.

This country has a big old dose of Jesus wouldn't solve so Alex McFarlane you travel, you speak you got out your Farley Shepherd on all these Truth Network stations are on a far doing is amazing Sean AFR will answer the tough Bible questions. You know all over the country all over the word exploring the word got a new book 100 Bible questions and answers so just every other listing need a good speaker. You guys will really offer the gospel who puts the cross before the flag was praying for our country turn back to Christ. You call Alex McFarlane. You can also learn more about him at his website, which is really simple.

Alex but did his latest book, Alex. You're passionate you hear. These are stories about kids.

I just heard coming over here that only 8% of our Christian kids will make it past the second year of college will lose their faith.

I just heard a Truth Network pastor say those words on the radio on the way over here. It broke my heart. I videotaped it and I'm in a play back my social media talking something positive you start about this young man ate in the talk about what you see God doing among young people.

I was that young people are very hungry for the truth in our four camps this summer. We were in front of 650 teenagers and detail.

They responded that the third of my fourth camps that we did all summer with 26 kids say that one summer camp to our altar call middle schoolers were tearfully praying for their friends to come to Christ.

I chose kids. We do think all viral triplets. Your truth gone viral.

So every kid in a list of this book, you can start a viral truth club and I'm can have a big zoom call on September 15. I'm going to do is zoom call until kids across the nation how they can start a Christian club and if you want to be on the same call on Thursday, September 15, this soon call that I'm organizing. Just email me. It's very easy Alex set out some product comments to the good news is kids are hungry and kids respond to the gospel because they want something to lift… He's on television is on YouTube is on all the social media channels is on all the Truth Network all kinds of people to carry truth talk like a fark wonderful of affiliates that you are brave enough to carry this crazy radio show quick as we close viral truth is amazing how viral the gospel can be and isn't it amazing how our entire country and world shut down because of a viral disease because of a virus, and yet what Jesus Christ brings the gospel. It doesn't kill people. It doesn't destroy people's body, but it actually changes people. If anyone is in Christ is a new creation. All things are vastly all things are become new. And even at outs of our hotlines going off.

Alex closes out here on the importance of God's word being viral, being contagious, being contagious Christians.

Every other listing does music I'll never get out tomorrow and I'll never be able to share with vaguely.

My neighbor challenger went out there on these last days before Christ returns on how to continue to be contagious for Jesus with the greatest message ever about the greatest Savior became a diver. Great centers left me student, I was very blessed Bill Bright of campus Crusade taught my evangelism class at liberty, Brad Wright, his son is a different mindset that that was the last time. Follow 1990. His dad taught a college class.

I was very privileged. I was taught it personal evangelism bill right now. Bill Bright used to say this is every Christian right now would lead one soul to Christ in the next 12 months and then that person would lead somebody to Christ, that in under eight years, the whole wide world would've been evangelized and I so sure that it was station student.

He was alien that could never happen.

This of this February 2020.

Nobody had heard the word Cove by March 2020. They were mere wearing masks in the jungles of Zambia in six weeks. The entire world was brought under a message because it so I meditate the great commission.

A good tell the gospel to every creature.

Mark 1615 Matthew 28, 18 to 20 Christ would not give us something that was impossible to achieve. Do you know this whole wide world could hear the message of Jesus. Honestly, in a matter of weeks now although I cemetery that the thing that changed my life now. How does Buford Smith he's in heaven now he was an elderly retired pastor. When I got saved I was 21 or so I've been a believer about a month. I was going to church on a Sunday night because number one least of church on Sunday night.

Anyway, if the world is getting worse and worse. Why are we having church less and less anyway.

But I'm going into church and Buford Smith rested so he looked at me. He said young man will anybody be in heaven because of you and stammered and said anybody in heaven is because Jesus is a good answer. He said young man do something with your life so that somebody would be in heaven because of you and that drives me every day I get up and I say Lord Jesus may this be the day that I can tell somebody how to know you listen to Alec to follow and explore the word all over AFR all over the country listen to his theology of our own show a cutting edge appeared every weekend of the Truth Network and be occurs go to Alex McFarlane… Alex Fernando has brought who we pray for it. We were given this amazing gospel booklet in Spanish that your ministry is providing KDC dealers day knee ally Sharon Cornell God wants relation with you. He is brought artillery and is renting a picture of this self forward again regarding trade. Thank you for your ministry friends keep spreading the gospel and thank you thank God for for leaders and in men who do it by example Dr. Alex von Alex

Be sure you don't of this podcast share with everyone. We can get the covert spread rule plotted both in reputation and in fear at all. That why can't we awaken people to the greatest cure the greatest salvation is the best news ever God loves us so much he gave us his own son died on the cross for our sins in our place. Rosalinda conquered death and he is coming again is not just be ready.

Let's take some people with the same MN and you know what whenever I get to sleep. We got a brand-new event preparation manual. We will coach you listen when churches looking we coach you on how to have a PR committee, a prayer committee, all the logistics you reach out to if you got my website out or just email me… To January edition we get a Crusade in Wichita, Kansas. They said can we use your event strategy to do another one. I said yeah sure. So listen when you book me to speak in our team comes in or not.

Just reach out house and you are brand-new event preparation guide and we will help your community get mobilized to win people to Christ Alex this is the Truth Network