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Passion For Jesus!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 18, 2022 7:00 pm

Passion For Jesus!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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May 18, 2022 7:00 pm

Stu is at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Texas, and is joined by speaker, author, and host of PowerPoint Ministries, Pastor Jack Graham, to talk about the church's mission and share a word of encouragement for pastors.

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Hello this is Matt slick from a match look like podcast road from the Christian faith and lay out our foundational truth of God's word through Trojan Truth Network Ponderosa starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it.

Sure it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network likely you've heard this man preach on the radio you seen on TV using their website you read his book. I'm sitting next to him and his church, the pastor and try to figure out am I in an amazing restaurant coffee shop Chapel Fellowship Hall Jim school or church every this place is something well is a very exciting church and our goal is to be a place for the family. Everyone in the family and people not in families.

God says he says solitary and family so we have these fantastic buildings that are people giving sacrificially over the years of couple location actually and so we do things always to exalt Christ and preach and teach the Bible and provide an atmosphere where people can be discipled and grow in their faith and where kids and their parents and grandparents can enjoy life together where very committed to being a crossgenerational church. So if you just look around here today in this room you see people of all generations from younger to old. I think I just passed the World War II veteran out there is 102 years old. He was out there with friends I having coffee so we do all this to exalt Christ to evangelize and then build up the church to strengthen one another in our faith. You haven't figured out yet. We are in Preston Wood Baptist Church and without is Pastor Jack Graham who is just been preach the word for so many years and bring ensuing people to Christ. I was in your baptismal and it's a baptismal injection being used every week. Pastor a lot a lot of dunking going on and also not talk about the Mavericks right are the doughnuts now other method that okay. But now the baptismal is very central to what we do not believe that baptism saves in any way, or even help to say, but as Jesus commanded as we baptized new believers and thank God were seeing a lot of new believers.

People come to Christ and and even in this last year. Couple years that they the pandemic.

We just need the such an emptiness and loneliness in searching and seeking and again were on one thing really and that's that's preaching Christ in teaching the Bible and then growing God's church just need to see this happening — already with not one but like to Bible. She has these Old Testament stands out in your café here having coffee studying God's word.

There's all kinds of fellowship and pastoring. We talk you talk about covertly. This is been one of the most difficult trying times you hear all these stories here about pastors designing nearby churches enfolding you hear about struggles people dying in his is the real course, there is this overly inflated political thing.

This run-through but he almost can't win Reiki master mass vaccine a vaccine. You know I have my 15 shot to shaken but I'm just just kids with pastor have you been able to navigate through that what got done here in the middle that well, you gotta start with the fact that we have incredible people here Preston Wood and they love God and other church there supportive of me there pastor have been here 33 years now so it's just a great love story of the pastor and the people working together and so we make decisions back when the pandemic yet nobody knew there was no playbook to navigate this so we were like Indiana Jones and that same where make it up as we go along getting through this crisis. If you remember that scene in the movie with the little guy and he want to do now is that I don't know what it would make it up as we go here and so that's what we did what we did pray a lot of course and and again great people that said we're not going to allow the political world, or the culture to dictate what we do and we were blessed here in Texas and in our region by a governor who proclaimed that the churches and codify that the churches were essential so we were fighting like and others. Other states to just try to stay open. We went down for nine weeks and then came back came back strong and we actually grew during the pandemic over time. We just saw several thousand people come to Christ.

During this period, and so our church is coming back united and reignited with a lot of of the power God's got your amazing ghetto leader for the broadcast PowerPoint amid all your staffers.

One common thread that is it your pastor and his skin a neat and in Scott. It is what he said he will. How do you say Scott, you said you spot this is about what we want him to be the pastor and he lets us do all this other all his other fun stuff. He preaches on Sunday. What we do on Monday is take it out and see people coming of Jesus through it is learn what they do is curate and put together an amazing program called PowerPoint. The TDF TV you have all the social media list and of Jesus.

That's been your passion with these books you have some great reading.

On the way back to North Carolina from Texas pastor Jack Graham pressed without a church. Each of these books I noticed near and dear to your heart and give me a sentence.

Any 20s. This is a 30 day per challenge book Lord hear our cry, ask and it will be given ideas. Seek and you will find knock and it will be open at the ask ass and then all things new. The revelation that it means and why it matters how timely gets it matters because in the midst of darkness. The promise of God is he will make all things new. Amazing. This is a book called choices, life-changing wisdom from the book of Proverbs by Jack Graham. What is a pastor, grandma.

This book is tackle all the issues biblically from abortion. Sanctity of line capital punishment alcohol use.

You want to name the Bible addresses that it would take that and make choices that are honoring to God. You have a shunt back from these issues out there when it comes to life when it comes to marriage you stood up strong and people usually are being political will, maybe life does matter to God. Amen amen it does and we been in that battle in a long time since my days down in West Palm Beach Florida in the 1980s and here for the last 30 years we established pregnancy centers to save babies everyday overcome evil with good.

This next book, unseen by Jack Graham Angel Satan heaven, hell, and winning the battle for eternity. Others like an amazing book.

Well, that's one of my favorite books because it deals with the invisible war talk about the culture war that the battles that were facing our country. Ultimately, we know there is a heaven there is a hell there is a devil.

And there is a spiritual battle going on in the battle is the Lord's, and is an unseen battle, but it's very real. That's what that books about love disempowering up the fulfillment and fruit of a God you'll life Jack Graham Tellis sits on this book. That's about the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. They the filling of the spirit of the fruit of the spirit and then finally and if you hear the noise but we were in a café. This is beautiful were the chubby elsewhere.

We are and what is this place mean you that this this particular section where got these amazing lattes and hot chocolate staring at us and these brownies as these is food well we know most churches have a fellowship hall right from the smallest of Baptist churches and that that is where ever again and I but so this is a fellowship hall on steroids.

It is a big food service and and we do buffets here we have a copy shop but is the same mission. You know you want to get people together around Christ as so much of the fellowship that Jesus had with his disciples and Bowser was around tables and and and you you you I say you learn something on sitting in rows in church, but you probably learned more sitting in circles with fellow believers will call this a sanctified ambient noise house that sounds got okay then reignite. I really love the name is I can't read this is your most I believe your money.

Most recent books, fresh focus for enduring faith reignite the I would call this my my coded will keep you well because I when we begin to see just the emotional struggle of people everywhere, and the mental health issues that people are facing loneliness, anxiety, depression. I realize that we needed to help people reboot in reignite and I really set out to write this book about perseverance and resilience and to tell that story is almost like a kind of a life perspective for me.

Of you how to keep on keeping on. But as the code would in the pandemic hit. I felt like telling my personal story would be important.

So the first 60 pages of this book describes my battle after cancer surgery in 2009 that I had with the anxiety and depression as so I open up about that and how God healed me and brought me through. Thank you for all these books and others even more books but I was I was overwhelmed and walked back in the resource room with Scott down there. The PowerPoint world headquarters is immature book with annexing a wino with a stack and so I got a lot of reading in a minute let family members release as well. Without a time pastor Jack Graham were at Prestwood Baptist Church where you fill the pulpit every week you're on the radio you're on television your passion at the end of the day is what to exalt Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and proclaim the good news the gospel to the nations which were the pastors out there about the importance of regional word and of people out there about the importance of being under that kind of biblical preaching the ball.

Be courageous is like Paul said to Timothy, and Timothy was struggling as protégé apologists with his divinity is his his lack of boldness and and Paul said to him, look don't have a spirit of fear but with love and a sound mind preach the gospel of Christ and so I would. I would just say to pastors everywhere.

This is not a kind time to huddle up. This is go time and that we need to go in the name of Jesus with the word of God.

The sword of the Spirit in our hands and with love reach our neighbor so many churches you know I have abandoned evangelism and personal witness and training people in personal witness and an baptismal's are dry and invitations. Often public invitations are not even often given and is not the only way to invite people to Christ. Of course, but I'm just saying a culture of evangelism in the church is greatly needed as pastor Jack Graham, author Pastor family man and just the radio minister also on TV. God bless you. Look look look them up Graham.ordinary go Jack and you'll find them in and then push play as soon as you get to the site in here. The man of God bring the word of God.

Things are my pleasure. Right Cenestin this is the Truth Network