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The Great Commission in Southeast Asia

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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January 14, 2022 1:57 pm

The Great Commission in Southeast Asia

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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January 14, 2022 1:57 pm

Stu catches up with missionary, J, who is preparing for a mission in Southeast Asia, a region dominated by Islam, where his goal is to plant churches and reach those who've never heard the Gospel. He also shares what kind of support and encouragement missionaries need.

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This is Hans Schild from the finishing well podcast on finishing well. We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money.

Your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just seconds. Enjoy share but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network, the man I'm sitting next to you about interview is one of my heroes and I can even mention his full name on this broadcast because of where he's going but were to: J and J, let's set the tone, we can tell her where we are is this place is pretty amazing little picture of selves are running this place is called Mill Mountain coffee and it is one of the best concepts that I know love coffee shops.

We are in Salem, Virginia, just outside of Roanoke Virginia Villa run accounting right in the middle. Ron awesome and I to come to this kind of remote place rustic coffee shop with the cinnamon roll. Muffin unbelievable to catch up to J because Jason tell us why we can't mention his name as part of the mission of word God is called him to a place where people don't know the name.

Another name starts with J. The name of Jesus people have never heard his name were you going hundreds of millions of them about his name is correct. Now there's like over 300 people groups that are just made up of thousands, millions of people that have never heard the name of Jesus Christ ever in their entire life and will have a local church that they could go to like. I think about the church that I go to every Sunday. I just go on there and listen to a really good sermon, I'm here, just listen to the other day to be able to just hear about the Lord's prayer is things that people are never able to even hear about for the first time we probably heard about the first coming up. Some people haven't even heard about the first coming. So J your sharp young man in the prime of life in your 20s, college-educated, and a lot of you might be thinking why is this guy not on Wall Street, wisest I not run the company.

Liza Skynet over the new franchise downtown in.

That's not to denigrate or play down those roles.

God calls everyone to be a missionary wherever they go. But there thinking. Why is Jay going to unreached people groups of the gospel in the prime of his life.

You think it well though Alec added one you can think about it like a sacrifice.

But another way to think about is like an investment using multiple going on Wall Street old starting business or putting their money in certain investments will that's the way I can look at it as landowners is possible because, like an investment as you go over there.

You are sacrificing or sacrificing your life, your time, your your resources and in all these things, but is also an investment in the sense that you we are doing this for the Lord Jesus Christ and the fruit that is open to come out of these different ventures that were able to go on.

Now we last collect your hero J months ago you were still the process of raising us or getting churches colognes I getting gracious, generous individuals to help you pay for your missions work is you really need to get you. You can't just go to these Third World countries.

You gotta prepare plan. Pray get fundraising to tell us what all goes into now, so I was actually it was blunt but mellow water. How well it went over the past year a bit aggressive in doing this for a year now and praise the Lord and not be able to still be able to go in March as I projected but that's because there's five churches that are supporting me. There's ever 35 families that have come on board that are wanting to make this venture possible without those people I would build a good intake.

The finance team and takes a prayer team also trying to actually finish out my prayer team but I'm trying to get in 100 people that are my prayer partners for going overseas to make sure that everything is bathed in prayer and make sure that the Lord's fully and everything that that's going on, but it's a full team that's backing me as to why I'm able to do this concept that when a missionary is dispatched is not like you want us to forget about you, and stop texting you like to talk about our mutual friend freeze to Texas biodiversity every morning is that's his name priest John priest you want that he going to meet your charming likes to I need more more encouragement anymore, more Truth Network outlined You and other things like that tell us about how much we can still support, love, pray for encourage you even when you shipped off to the other side will yes I told John priest actually I was like not this is an awesome idea. He sends out a text everything that every single day with just an encouraging Bible verse and just like encouragement from you know something in the Bible as I was I was there nothing about what I want to have a daily habit of prayer at least 10 minutes a day.

Everything that is Isaiah texted John is like a just anyone.

Is everything all day and every time you sent and I think I'm going to start my prayer for that day. As soon as I see it, that's gonna be like my trigger points to get me started in in prayer for the day and so I'm actually some soon to just see if you can actually do it over Wi-Fi so you can do while I'm in Southeast Asia so I can remember to continue to pray about things that are going on with the ministry and and and worshiping the Lord as well. Through prayer as well. You need to keep your tank, your circuiting filled even on the mission field. The missionaries can be literally glossing a missionary was to be the Lone Ranger Christian, but that can happen unless we throw some support and loving you probably have to initiate that you would people through emails and other things to keep the love and the teaching and encouragement coming in the prayers and it happens not just with single people, but with married couples with like eight kids out, you can very easily get into this island mentality, where you're just only hang out with your very selective of people and you because you're not branching out, you become an island that have as a single people have families all across the missionary landscape and so what I try to do is I'm trying to set up basically a team in place that will come like the backing behind what I'm doing and I sound like a weekly prayer update of things that are going on in my life that I need to have preformed so that the Lord is working behind the scenes and and in front of the scenes as well with what's going on on my daily things on doings of the week so set it up for us guys and faithful people been generous churches are behind you individuals you almost done the full-circle of raising your support and your going to ship off here soon the next couple months. Your greatest need right now is my first question.

The second question is tell everyone exactly what you'll be doing. Obviously, protecting identities needed detracted locations, but generally the part of the world will be in in the demographics and kind of what you'll be doing the things that I really can say that's good be in Southeast Asia and there's a very large Muslim presence.

There's no as with a lot of Asia there's a very large Muslim presence there, and so that's got to be one of the things that were trying to do or trying to plant churches in these indigenous people groups so that the Muslim influence is not the thing influencing those people it's it's the Jesus influences as a Christian influence work actually planning a church. Establishing mature elders that are able to take our place that were not just staying there for the rest of time or actually having indigenous people running those local churches.

The biggest thing that I'm meeting right now just people who are out there praying for these things that come to fruition. Church planning is so close to the heart of God because you're going in your establishing something that the gates of hell cannot withstand your staffing something that's going to be there when you go back and you can move on to other places and watch what God does to his church is nucleus on this planet is organization that is so so important and then you got a way for people to pray with you and connect with you through. I guess a Facebook page is a secure Facebook page. Basically, the way that you would find it just type in journey to Asia and Osaka Goinia my identity or anything like that. But to start typing on Facebook journey to Asia and then I can get in touch with you there, so I also sent out a weekly email that I give just a video update and do some things that are going on for the weekend and when I get over there.

I hope to continue to do it every single week. But that's that's really the biggest thing is having a team that's like they're back in.

You know that's that's and this is a huge quality will listen to this podcast and and this radio show are like huge prayer warriors.

Some looking for like some really big powers out there like him support the Facebook jury Asia young people God may be calling you to join my friend Jay here to go to parts unknown to share the gospel to go into the marketplace mission field to go into athletics and coaching some great friends and partners are coaching, leading people to Jesus through sports know things jam so encouraged by you and is such an honor to introduce you. Maybe for the first time in 20 everyone hurt us on the previous podcast he did broadcast to all our listeners. Now this introduction. Your hearing friends today is because pastor Hicks in Winston-Salem was a camel city barbecue factory with this tall strapping young man in the Intel is about what happened there. He introduced us. So you give it was that I was at first I was like wow I thought we were here to have lunch Kevin as he does every text to use to come back to Thales I had to talk to this guy because he is like on the calls guys I know is I want to introduce you to this guy because he's a really good got a meet and so were sitting there will have in our meal we finished our meal and then we go over to your table that you are hang out with some folks in the camp there else is there really a good time to get to meet you guys that's basically how we win that meeting and then knowing what I was able to come on the podcast a few times and able to come the winds and the word and I'll answer itself from that to ask was a huge part in putting that together as possible. Its network is what we call Truth Network networking over truth were connecting people to Jesus. He is the truth. You are about the network truth to hundreds of millions of people who've never heard about Jesus. Our prayers are with you were grateful for your brother, your quick closing challenge to someone else.

There that's bombed about their life there believer their navelgazing. The rep said it was no longer depressed or down to challenge them, and if you wake us up a little bit about the need to spread the gospel in the amazing adventure. What happens to all of your life, health, sure you balance when you start to spread the joy Jesus solicit a love that you asked the question that was actually the contest that I idea that I had to spread this message of know there's a lot of people out there that just haven't found their mission in life gathers people that are missions minded that want to see this mission of God go forward, but they haven't found their niche in the in the great commission that they haven't found how this out their specific calling in the great commission has been found yet. So people if you feel meaninglessness or purposes. This is partly because you have to find your place in the great commission yet to find a place of how you're gonna accomplish making disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. And that's what's going to pushing forward into the 2020 2B. No doubt that if you have Jesus Christ in your life. God is calling you right now to share the good news of Christ to be a missionary everywhere you go you can go to Southeast Asia than you can support J.

Pray for him given money supporting get them to come speak your group like I've had them come speak and share with you guys. It was in a work I love what one pastor said. He said every single human being upland or either a mission field or a missionary. Which one are you and what you doing about it a J thanks to my family on some this is the Truth Network