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When God Overruled Sin

The Truth Pulpit / Don Green
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August 5, 2022 8:00 am

When God Overruled Sin

The Truth Pulpit / Don Green

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August 5, 2022 8:00 am

Have you done enough good deeds to outweigh all the bad stuff you've done in your life- When you stand before a Holy God on judgment day, will you be good enough to get into heaven- Listen on as Pastor Don Green continues the series, -Are You Good Enough for God--.--thetruthpulpit.comClick the icon below to listen.

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The Truth Pulpit
Don Green
The Truth Pulpit
Don Green
The Truth Pulpit
Don Green
The Truth Pulpit
Don Green
The Truth Pulpit
Don Green

The fact that you are here today in Christ when your life was like that in the past is an indication that God graciously overruled sin in your life.

Enough the outlay. Bad stuff you've done in your life when you stand before a holy God on Judgment Day. You be good enough to get into heaven hello and once again, welcome to the truth pulpit with John Green, founding pastor of truth Community Church in Cincinnati Ohio I bill right today is Don continues teaching God's people. God's word to bring our series titled are you good enough for God to a powerful close with a lesson called when God overruled sin. Be sure to stay with us till the end because God is going to share a final word on this powerful subject. Right now, here is our teacher. With today's message from the truthful guy invite you to turn to Colossians chapter 1 Colossians chapter 1 just to kind of see a before, during and after perspective. On the way the God overruled sin in our lives.

Colossians chapter 1 verse 21 says that although you were formerly alienated and hostile in mind engaged in evil deeds.

Yet he is now reconciled you in his fleshly body through death in order to present you before him holy and blameless and beyond reproach.

If indeed you continue in the faith firmly established and steadfast, and not moved away from the hope of the gospel.

You have heard, which was proclaimed in all creation under heaven, and of which I call was made a minister, whether you lived a long life of sin are a relatively brief life of sin before the Lord saved you. Let's consider our lives.

In light of these verses you see a little bit of a spiritual biography for each one of us that are in Christ in these verses, Paul says that that you were formerly alienated your hostile in mind engaged in evil deeds.

I should ask as a preliminary matter, have you made that's kind of self assessment have you judged yourself in the light of Scripture and said yes that's true of me that's that's part of being a Christian is that we disclaim. We reject any kind of claim to self-righteousness.

We are born into sin, we cannot could not would not have saved ourselves and as we as we grow in our physical lives as we mature in age we we develop a bit toward sin that expresses itself in different ways in different lives. There's a spectrum that would be represented even in this room. Some show that they are alienated from God by their outwardly wicked and sinful and defiant lives in you can see it in its there for everyone to see some show their alienation from God in the spirit of self-righteousness that says I don't need a Savior. I don't need the gospel that's good for you but I don't need a crutch I'm fit for heaven.

Just as I am, and I don't want to hear about your God. So there self-righteousness is a display of their alienation. Some show there alienated from God by by their passive lack of interest in Christ or in his word. They have no real affection for Christ. I have no desire, no understanding for the word of God are not interested in spiritual things. Their life is built around this life. They may be outwardly moral.

But there is a difference in there there cold and hard, and stony heart toward the Christ who gave his life for sinners is a sure sign that they are dead in sin and alienated from God because no one who belongs to this Christ truly could ever have an attitude of indifference toward him.

Those illustrations simply remind us wherever we might fall on that continuum. Scripture reminds us in these illustrations remind us that there was a time my Christian brother, my Christian sister. There was a time before Christ saved you where you were hostile toward God you were alienated from him. Your life showed your heart showed it your your cold and dead eyes were display of the fact that you were alienated from God in the life of his spirit was not within you. Your life was not marked by love, joy, peace, patients, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. All of those fruit of the spirit that Scripture speaks of what I want you to see as we reflect on that as we look back on our lives together that that was no small thing that was not inconsequential. The outcome of those things is death and eternal judgment prior to your salvation you were helplessly and hopelessly lost and unable to save yourself and unwilling to save yourself even if you could have said in the past you were in a black room with no windows and no lights and blindfolded and Dedan totally unable to see that was used spiritually and yet here we are, and you find yourself in Christ. The fact that you are here today in Christ when your life was like that in the past is an indication that God graciously overruled sin in your life. Somewhere at some time you were brought under the sound of the gospel somewhere someone spoke the word to you either in a sermon or a private conversation on the printed page, perhaps over the radio, television, whatever the case may be the outward circumstances are inconsequential compared to the greater principle that were recognizing the Scripture speaks to hear that in the gospel in that active someone somehow bringing you the good news that Jesus Christ is a Savior of sinners that he died and rose again for sinners just like you and that he gladly receives all sinners who come to him and graciously gladly grants them forgiveness with no prior conditions.

You can just come to Christ and be saved. Today, this moment, words to that effect were shared with you what I want you to see brothers and sisters, is the personal and the particular providence of God that he used to bring you under the sound of the gospel. Born into a Christian family introduce you to Christian friends. You wandered into a church off the street for reasons that were unknown to you at the time. Somehow you get the point. Somehow God brought you under the gospel and under under the sound of the gospel.

You heard that the Lord Jesus Christ safe sinners.

You heard that, he shed his blood as a ransom for sinners just like you and there was a stirring in your heart that says I need that I want that I'm drawn to this I must have Christ in you asked him to save you and what did he do. He did the Holy Spirit convicted you a sin. The father drew you to Christ. Beloved understand that if you are hearing Christ you were saved, not by an act of your human insight, not by an active something that you did unprompted because remember, look back at verse 21 with me, let's not forget where we came from. You were alienated, you were hostile in mind and so if you were convicted of sin and you came to faith in Christ. What has happened to you is nothing less, than the God of the universe, the creator of heaven and earth, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, intervene personally in your life, and overruled sin, so that you might come to Christ be saved and be welcomed into the family of God. That's great. That's wonderful. That is amazing Grace, and if those things are true of you and you do belong to Christ.

Look at yourself now as we look at the present aspect of your biography. In this wonderful passage from Colossians in verse 22.

Notice the past and present dimension past tense. Verse 21 you were formally alienated.

Verse 22. Yet he has now reconciled you in his fleshly body through death in order to present you before him holy and blameless and beyond reproach. Fellow member of the family of God as we gather together we look at that and we remember Scripture teaches us that as Christians, Christ has reconciled you to God with his own lifeblood and in the church of our size we can say things like this and know that the circumstances of which we speak is different painful things in life have affect our body, the church over time.

What I would remind you of and what I would have you take comfort in is to remember this that the sorrows of life, the disappointments of life, the griefs of life are all by their very nature temporary. They don't last forever. The gift that is been given to you and your salvation is an eternal gift. The outworking of which the fullness of the blessing of we haven't even begun to see yet and what you have in Christ.

What you have in the lovely Lord Jesus Christ is April a great price. It is that is worth far more than anything that happens in this life, be it good or ill we have in Christ. The greatest treasure in the universe and God has graciously gladly willingly given his son to you that you might be brought into his family and that means that there is that there is hope in the midst of our sorrows. That means that there is something of a transcendent glorious wonder that has a value that earth cannot take away and sometimes it's when life takes away that which is dear and precious to us that we are better able to see more clearly the wonder and the value of Christ and his in estimable worth in his great complete sufficiency for us to satisfy every longing of our broken hearts in Christ we have the greatest of the great in Christ we have the blessed rose of Sharon, the lily of the valleys in Christ we have the one dearest to our soul in Christ.

Beloved, you have a Savior you have a friend you have a brother in heaven who will never be taken away from you that's sweet and precious in this life in this broken world in which we live is reconciled you to God with his own lifeblood. The guilt that you felt in the past over your sin has been settled. The accounts of been settled with God you don't carry that any longer. My sin all the bliss of this glorious thought my sin not in part but the whole is nailed to the cross and I bear it no more praise the Lord. Praise the Lord, O my soul see that is a ball for a broken heart to realize that a gift like that has been given to you.

It's humbling yes because we didn't earn this we didn't deserve it but we realize the grace and the love and the mercy and the kindness and the patience of God. Because Christ made the made a full payment for the penalty of your sin. For everyone who would ever believe in him.

The blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin. First John 17 says this passage that were looking at. He is reconciled you in his fleshly body through death, though once she were the enemy of God. Now you have been reconciled and made his friend as I love to say we have a brother in the throne room of heaven representing us. Even now, before a holy God carrying out and interceding for us in an unbroken way until were reunited with him and see him face-to-face a friend who sticks closer to a brother a brother who gladly owns us in bears the name son of God and shares with us in Romans chapter 5 verse eight were reminded of of this past and present nature of our salvation Romans 58 says that God demonstrates his own love toward us in that while we were yet sinners past tense, Christ died for us, much more than having now been justified by his blood, we shall be saved from the wrath of God through him, for if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of his son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by his life. The gospel never gets old as the wonders of Christ never become a tiresome thing to hear again and again, do they to the redeemed soul.

We never tire of looking at the world which unveils to us.

This one who is more precious to us than life itself marks this that it's it's not just that he's forgiven our sins, that would be wonder upon wonder enough.

It's not just that, though he saved you in order to transform you into present you before the throne of God, blameless and beyond reproach look at it there in verse 22 is reconciliation had a purpose beyond this life. The day will come when he will present you before the father holy, blameless, and beyond reproach.

And just as you have confessed Christ here on this earth. He will gladly confess you before his father say that child belongs to me that one belongs here. My father, so to speak, blameless, without reproach, there will be no shrinking back for us at the throne of God because we will be clothed in the perfect righteousness of Christ. That is why he saved this is for that ultimate destiny in all purchased at the price at Calvary 2000 years ago that will remember with these symbols in just a few moments.

So here you are beloved you now stand before God justified declared righteous declared in God's sight that that all of the demands of the law have been satisfied in your life not on your basis, but because the righteousness of Christ is been counted to your benefit, your guilt, your sin charged to Christ account and he paid for on this cross that we remember 2000 years later. So your guilt placed on Christ where he bore the stroke of God suffered punishment in your place here. You are now with his perfect righteousness credited to your account. Nothing more to be demanded at the bar of God from you. God has declared you righteous beloved.

That means that God accepts you in Christ and the reason that you are in that position is because God by nature is a loving God toward his people you know God sent Christ because he loves us. It's not that he loves us because Christ died for us, as though as though he needed to be changed by an action by Christ for the father to love us his disposition toward us was always loving.

That's why were here in the love of Christ, the death of Christ was an outflow of the love of God. He so loved the world that he gave his son and one day beloved's one day soon enough will be done with the evils of this world will be done with its sorrows will be done with our own sin will be done with our own lukewarm inadequate lives, we will find ourselves in the presence of our Savior sharing in his glory, looking fully at the face of our beloved Scripture says we will see him face-to-face. You will see the face of the one who changed your life and rescued you from eternal damnation. You'll see in just a little while longer.

Beloved BC how God has overruled sin and its consequences in your life, you should of been banished forever from his presence. You should have by what you deserved shared a destiny with the devil and his angels but instead, this glorious before you with a foretaste now fully belonging to you. Don't you see that God has overruled sin in your life. Look at this unseen work as it is unveiled and revealed to you in Scripture and give him thanks.

Give him your praise. Give him your worship. What happens between now and that entrance and the glory you walk with Christ in you, growing his grace with verse 23 says, if indeed you continue in the faith firmly established and steadfast, and not moved away from the hope of the gospel that you have heard, which was proclaimed in all creation under heaven, and of which I Paul was made a minister Paul here is describing the natural consequence of the new birth, those who are truly born again will continue in the faith, so don't read that persons think that somehow God now leaves it up to you and between now and glory. It all depends on you to make it happen. That's not the case. The grace of God is so encompassing and so certain in his his love and his purpose of your blessing is so settled in heaven that God himself guarantees the outcome he will perfect his purpose of presenting you in heaven. Holy and blameless and beyond reproach. This is a work of God that he will carry out to the end.

That's how beloved thing about it this way. Think about it this way, the same God. The same Christ who overruled your sin in your unbelieving life.

The God who overcame sin in your life as an unbeliever now will continue to subdue sin in your life and sanctify you until you enter safely into his presence. Philippians 16 I'm confident of this very thing, that he who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 213 for it is God who is at work in you both to will and to work for his good pleasure. The spirit given to you as a down payment of greater glory to calm. This is overwhelming to be on the receiving end of such undeserved love and undeserved kindness. Undeserved patients undeserved mercy were greatly blessed. So of course we pursue righteousness in the years that are days that God gives to us, but we do so is a glad response to this gracious work, not as a work that is necessary for us to's finish the work of salvation on her own and by ourselves.

God is at work in you, beloved and and and take heart gathering in the full picture of all of this glory because we all need it. As we stumble our way through our Christian life. Don't we as we get weary of our own sin as we get weary of the struggle not just with circumstances, but the struggle from within, battling sin from within, feeling like there are more losses than wins in your spiritual life beloved look at all of this and see the great overruling purpose of God in your salvation and realize that he is favorably disposed toward you that this is a God of love and grace and patience toward his children.

He knew your sin before you committed it and he saved you anyway Christ went to the cross, long before you were ever born, so he knew fully in advance what you were like and received you anyway import all of this grace out on you anyway so that's what we remember God is at work in you to accomplish his purpose and to make sure that the work that he began his finished will be completed and you will never be lost from his fold. No one. Jesus said complex amount of my hand. That's a position that you're in. If you're in Christ today purchased with blood at a cross.

2000 years ago that's done green bringing our series called are you good enough for God to a close. You're on the truth pulpit friend if you'd like to find out more about Don and his ministry. Just go to the truth. Once the true pulpit and friends that's all the time we have for today. I'm building right inviting you to join us again next time. As Don green continues teaching God's people. God's word here on the truthful