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Theology of Christmas

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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December 5, 2019 3:20 pm

Theology of Christmas

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 5, 2019 3:20 pm

Theology of Christmas!

Christmas is a great time of the year to spend with family and friends! However, do you know the true theology of Christmas? Find out on today's Theology Thursday with Dr. Danny Akin, President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary!


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Everyone I know where reality meets everyday life in your home and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred yellow is your host live will what they hear that. Well that's weird if you did some was blown back at this. It was an interesting talk that does not begin okay.

Restart, back, okay, you may have noticed if you're on Facebook live that the studio deftly doesn't like the radio studio. It looks like a winter wonderland to say the least because it's obviously Christmas season and that's a big deal for most of us and we go through the year and we look forward to Christmas and we have a lot of fun.

We spent time with family was been a lot of money. We know that the Christmas Eve services are, and these are all richly fulfilling away have a lot a lot of fun and very enjoyable great time year but I don't know how deeply we think about the theology behind all this, and now whether you want to talk about the time year you want to talk about the incarnation, which is a fancy way of saying why did God have to come down to us in the form of a man. It was about that and then anything about Jerusalem or Bethlehem of the virgin birth, the line of David. What's all behind that this is Christmas just to take all the stuff together and say okay let's plant a little flag here and I decide to celebrate the birth of Christ, or is it much more theologically relevant a lot deeper than that. Of course one person on campus that's can help us understand that if our good friend Dr. did that mean that son of Ron Dr. Danny Aiken of Southeastern Baptist theological summary the present, a seminary the only one on campus that could all have there some that could do it for better than what it made it sound like you're doing what I Is that because I like how is that a case not God meant it understand what everyone solid you get something wrong so you're just here for one of the few days that happens, that's right, congratulations, thank you see a Merry Christmas. Thank you. You know it's got to have you adjust because last week of the Aiken's do this flip-flop thing in one year we get our family for Thanksgiving.

One year we get them for Christmas this year. We got them for Thanksgiving so is my wife love to call it thanks must took place last week in our house, while 23 Akins residing in our home for a week 13 grandchildren of their moms and dads and needless to say it was an exciting energy packed wing was wonderful, so-so art writer Oman Jesse will have your Christmas go and he said well my Christmas hasn't happened yet. Like I don't think anybody's Christmas is happened yet and I'm like yeah that's right. We may give an EpiPen presence last week and celebrated everything but it was good and things are going great were winding down this semester.

Graduation is next week you will be waiting. Yes, I can hear the shouts and the enthusiasm and the applause all over Raleigh dear Mike is a loud yell out, we tell everybody if they would hold your applause until everyone in this particular degree program has crossed the line. Most of the people do not. I asked but there are always a few rebels out there that I write in yelling way to go dad in her sunrise and for some reason all four noble kids are strong-willed guideline not far from know I called Gina that I got all Gina that's not right right so you were super excited about that is not to write down regular graduate almost 200 which is a large the graduating class for December. That's awesome. So weird. Where is is can be good to have another Aiken bun in the oven that I just see that you yesterday my old this son Nathan and his wonderful precious wife Kelsey announced publicly that they are expecting a little girl, May. So in May, God willing grandbaby 14 or grandchild 14 will join the Aiken household eight girls and six boys so of the boys have got to urge uncle Nate along the future to provide some kid getting you are a blessed and having a very high dose over to look at the theology behind Christmas and I can mention the biggies but where do you normally start what what if we really want to understand this biblically. And just how pregnant Christmas season is with theological facts and realities and really the bedrock of our faith where we start. Well, you will start with Christology from above. Hello are behind your president. I'll use our where everyone let me well. Some theologians believe the best best place to start is with the eternal deity of the son, and therefore there go to texts like the John one Philippians 2 Colossians 1 Hebrews 1, which all start with the deity of the son and then flipping says it so beautifully takes on to himself a human nature so that he's one person, the God man, fully divine, fully human others as we often do at this time the year start from below and start with the earthly stories they go to Matthew wanted to Luke wanted to. Interestingly, the birth of our Lord is not mentioned in Mark and that John starts with his deity, but you can also approach it from behind. He showed me about that.

You can look at the building portrait of the coming Savior that you find going all the way back to Genesis 315 the seed of woman I Genesis 12 seed of Abraham. Genesis 49 tribe of Judah. Deuteronomy 18 prophet greater than Moses.

Second Samuel seven son of David, then you get all the stuff you got in the Psalms all the stuff you got in Isaiah, the virgin birth. Isaiah 714 coming all the way up to Micah chapter 5, verse two, which is very precise that God would send the shepherd who was from old and clear indication of his deity in each are now the being born in Bethlehem and she can build it that way. I like all of them. I don't think you have to choose one or the other if I had the chance pastoring a church during Advent season. I would take something from all of them. I would look at the prophecies that provide the building portrait I would look at the beautiful narratives in Matthew wanted to in Luke wanted to and I would look at those great Christological tax. It also emphasized the one who came has always been from a pastoral preaching perspective. Is there one that tends to get left behind from below, we look at it from above. We look at it from behind prophetic mild no not really. Well yes problem probably from behind. In other words, most people are going to preach at Christmas time from the great Christological tax John one Philippians 2 Colossians 1 Hebrews 1 there shortly to look at the birth narratives in Matthew and Luke and so what they tend to do that is so, go back and pick some of the Old Testament promises and prophecies that fit that particular patch and of course that's exactly what Matthew does and what Luke does they go back especially Matthew and will show how Old Testament promises now being fulfilled in this new day when God is doing a new thing. God's been silent for 400 years and then he starts talking again with the coming of his son, which is pretty amazing in and in the view from behind is one that I prefer myself. I think it's because we don't talk about it as much is a great apologetic that's a great apologetic because the prophecies behind it are just amazing so will spend some time in each one of those views as were here today theology Thursday to unpack the theology of Christmas with Dr. Niemiec and Steve Noble will be right back.

Live from the campus of Southeastern Baptist theological seminary were here, of course, and theology Thursday with her good friend Dr. Danny Aiken really unpacking the theology behind Christmas we go to the season. We love the season will know inherently all of us that are Christ followers that this is a theologically pregnant season but I'm working to get the most part some of the sermon same type of sermons that we've heard for a long time and we are going to get the Christmas carols and all that stuff which is wonderful. Not saying it's not worthy because it certainly is, but I we do we take the time to swim in the deep end of the pool and understand just how pregnant an important theology is behind all of this and that's why today were talking about that I would Dr. Danny Aiken so you Danny or talk about, coming at it from above, which is the Christological viewpoint… Talk about the deity of Christ, or from below when you're working to the birth narratives.

In looking at Christ as man and and from behind prophetically. So pick whichever field you want to start and what to start unpacking all this well. I love the great Christological tax when I used to teach systematic theology, and in particular Christology.

The very first thing I would do. Steve is I would start with what I called the four great pillars of Christology. John 11 through 18. The prologue in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the word was God so there is a clear affirmation of his deity. He then goes on to describe the act of creation to the word. All things were made by him and through him so clear declaration of his deity within the humanity comes in verse 14 and the word became flesh and dwelt among us, and so the divine son took on to himself a human nature which then leaches the Philippians were Philippians talks about the fact that he existed in the very essence form nature of God but do not consider that something that could be taken away from him and so he took upon himself the form of a human came in the likeness of man as a servant and so there you have again a clear indication both of the wedding of a divine nature and a human nature in the one person, and that's very important. We want to make clear that when we think about what the Bible teaches about Jesus Christ, the son of God at the incarnation. There were not two persons residing in a body you had a human nature, and eight divine nature perfectly and beautifully join together so that there was no changing or violence to the divine nature. There was no changing or violence of the human nature. Whatever it is, it makes God. God is all of that in his divine nature.

Whatever it is it makes humans, humans he is all of that in his human nature to natures united in the one person about the way the early church hammer that out for us wonderfully well and what we know as the Nicene Creed of 8325 and then culminating in the Creed of Chalcedon in 451 and whether people realize or not. If you're an evangelical Orthodox Bible believing Christian. You live in the stream of nice saying, ciao, Sidonia, and Christology. Look in Colossians really hammers the fact that he's the creator of everything that is ever been made was made by him. I often like to point out that in the watchtower translation, which is the Bible for the Jehovah's Witnesses, they change the Bible and they put in brackets, although in their most recent translation they took off the brackets but they left the word all for all other things were made by him. Why do they do that well.

They are good at the logic if if the sun made everything that is ever been made. Then he himself cannot be a creature he can only be the creator of what they want to argue is what the father created everything through the sun so all other things were made by him. Well, they change the Bible to fit their theology, which is always a bad way to always a bad way to go and then Hebrews decides to place the focus upon him being God's final word. God spoke it many times in many ways to the prophets, but in this last day. He is spoken biannually climatically decisively as I say when I teach that tax God is not going to say anything else you said everything he wants to say in the person of his son.

So all of those texts start with an affirmation of deity and affirmation of his eternal alley.

But then you come to ask a quick lesson on the incarnation because a lot of you will go down this road, not understanding or a struggle with fully God fully man.

Okay really yeah but do we really understand that because a lot of people will think or assume that that Christ fully God fully man. Somehow set aside some of his God attributes, so he was self hindered. He hamstrung himself in some way. So when he was 12 2013 does he know exactly how his diet was at some out to be close himself off that information. I've had conversations like this before and I know a lot of people asked those types of questions was if I wanted to bring that up well Steve there is a mystery to all of that that we have to acknowledge that we cannot completely and fully fathom world safe ground. When we affirm what the Bible affirms a world more shaky grandma we go beyond that. I think the biggest help we get on all of that is found in John 17 five Jesus's high priestly prayer. He prays to his father restore to me the glory which I had with you before the worlds were made and so I often say that the incarnation was not a subtraction of deity.

It was an addition of humanity.

Furthermore, he did not lay aside his deity. Deity cannot cease to be direct so in the incarnation God the son, who is now the one person the Lord Jesus Christ is still completely and fully omnipotent and omniscient not present wholly just eternal and immutable. He is still all of those things. So he did not lay aside his deity, but for a temporary period of time he did. If you like laid aside his glory. I'll often use the phrase that during the incarnation he was God incognito. He was still fully divine. But if you had looked at him and you had talked with him and walked with him, he would've presented himself authentically and gingerly as a man as a human person.

Furthermore, I think it's important for us to acknowledge that the wedding of deity and humanity and the one person is a permanent wedding hits Paul can say in first Thessalonians. I'm in first Timothy chapter 2 verse five. There is one mediator between God and man.

The man Christ Jesus, that he's not denying his deity there but he's laying stress on the fact that it was his humanity and his human nature that he died on the cross and bore in his body of the penalty for our sins. Do you think most of your average churchgoer understands why the incarnation had happened in the first place. No, I think they think is a good and wonderful thing, but I don't think they worked theologically to the point and Sam, the great church father who lived from 1033 to 1109, wrote a magisterial book called Kurt – Homo which is Latin for why did God become a man, and basically he lays out a very clear theological argument, only God could pay for our sins, but he did not have to because he was not owed, are obligated to only man could pay for his sin, but he couldn't because of his finiteness and a course in all of our cases are sinful to so only God could pay only man must pay. So what did we need but eight God man, one who could pay and one who would pay and therefore and Sam argued that there was a theological logic to the incarnation that was absolutely necessary was somehow the right of this white is Jesus's death on the cross. The only way that God could forgive us our sins are. Was it simply the most fitting wife and I would argue it was the only way I can scarcely imagine God sacrificing his son if he did not have to do exactly right not mean who would sell you and I'm glad he is over logic.

It's okay to apply logic to this. Absolutely scriptures can take our logical assumption questions see noble Dr. Aiken will be right that Steve Noble Mary Chris is here in the seasonal sociology Thursday with her friends at Southeastern Baptist theological seminary.

By the way I try to remember to say this every Thursday.

There's all kinds of opportunities for you out here.

Whether your son Baptist or not doesn't matter whether your North Carolina not doesn't matter is that to be generally sincerely interested about going deeper in your faith and there's all kinds of things that you can do online so proximity isn't that much of a big deal anymore. So if you go to SC\radio SEB TF as an Southeastern Baptist theological seminary SE\radio interdental and on the page that pretty pretty much shows you almost exclusively things that you can do online summary pay for summer free and it's just the level of teaching that you just can't let me when I'm back on you. Please do today at the last chapel service of the fall we honored women that have done our certificate program, some taking as many as 15 classes while nine, some 63 force of those who graduate with her certificate were not present you say why because they are scattered across North America and over half of them around the world. Although cool serving as missionaries already on the field but because of technology.

They're able to do a certificate degree anywhere in the world so people listen. Today, so I don't live in Raleigh-Durham you don't have to live in Raleigh Durham we have 6° that can be done completely online, including a Masters at 32 Masters degrees, MA college degree and certificate programs all can be done completely online. That's so cool that's where we live in. And that's why such a blessing. Technology most of the time. Not all the time and I would agree with Afrikaners illustrates only kind were talking about the view from above on Christmas and Christological perspective. Who is Christ. Why did he have to come in and incarnation.

What about the virgin birth to me through that when America okay well first published note this again.

The birth of Christ is not mentioned at all in Mark he jumps immediately to the ministry of John the Baptist people so he did know about the virgin birth. That's a silly argument because he doesn't mention it doesn't mean you didn't know about it.

I had a different intent in his gospel. John starts with the prologue, so we start with a Christology from above, emphasizing the deity of the divine son the divine word. The low cost and actually even though we think of that philosophically John was using that I think of evangelistic leak because that made an immediate connection with the Greco-Roman world. They had a concept in the theology of low-cost was this divine principle, who was responsible for everything being in order and in reality. Eventually John says you're almost right but is not a principal he's a person is not up there where you can't get to him. He's come down here and lived among us.

He has tabernacle among us. Matthew and Luke start with birth narratives and they are complementary, not contradictory, but they are different in that Matthew tends to tell the story from Joseph's perspective. Luke tends to tell the story from Mary's perspective, but both of them emphasize and teach the truth of the virgin conception we call the virgin birth for shorthand, but actually Jesus was born normally normal and actually like anybody else, but he was conceived supernaturally by the overshadowing effect this morning, and chapel.

We talked about the fact that in spite of what some radical liberal feminist theologians will say today, there is no scintilla of truth that a divine rate took place.

According to the gospel accounts.

The language is very chase is very beautiful. She was overshadowed. The Holy Spirit came up on her and brought about the conception within her womb of the Lord Jesus Christ and so Luke is especially interested in telling us the story not only from Mary's perspective. But Luke alone grounds the whole story in history. There was a real city called Bethlehem.

There was a real Emperor called Caesar Augustus, there was a real governor named Karen. Yes, there was a real man named Joseph a real woman named Mary. This has none of the trappings of mythology which again is what is often phone are faced by those that don't accept the historicity and inspiration of the Scriptures so you get the beautiful human story. Historical story both in Matthew's gospel, and also in Luke's Gospel of Matthew shows perspective primarily nonexclusively. Luke Mary's perspective primarily but not exclusively. It was interesting because you know you probably remember that I was in Israel.

About a month ago and there wasn't. There wasn't.

We had a Israeli historian, archaeologist was one of our tour guides. So we got that deep rich perspective there wasn't. And we had several others that had been involved with archaeological digs in some Jews Israelis by birth, not a single one of them argues about the historicity of Jesus. Not a single one of did he live yet that he was a crucified. Yet, was around here yet. Now you get into the resurrection. That's another story. The resurrection and the virgin birth of the historicity of it. They have no problem. Note that that today it would be a a fringe radical not much respected historian who denied that there was a man by the name of Jesus, who lived in the first century to travel about teaching, preaching, maybe even a wonderworker may be using some kind of deception to give the appearance of miracles crucified first trouble. Yes, they start drawing the line at two places the crucifix having the resurrection and the virgin birth, which is why during the modernist fundamentalist controversy of the 1920s and 30s the virgin birth was strongly defended as a nonnegotiable by the evangelical Bible believing Christians of that day digression making wrote a classic defense entitled the virgin birth and shows that there is no corollaries at all between the biblical account and the other ancient mythical accounts of some type of God coming down rate being a human being who then gave birth to an extraordinary human being. The stories of Matthew and Luke are so foreign to that as to be virtually incompatible in any genuine sense of the word so the virgin birth and I agree was deemed to be a nonnegotiable in terms of a bedrock tenet of the Christian faith. I said today and chapel if you deny the virgin birth, you at least come very close to denying the power in omnipotence of God. You absolutely did not. The integrity and truthfulness of the Bible. That's a dealbreaker if you write so when I'm interviewing someone for faculty position. Not only will I asked them about their confessional is on but to be precise, so do you believe that the virgin birth is a genuine bona fide miracle that did indeed take place in time space in history that you find this interesting thing just kind of a month when I was in graduate school doing my PhD at the University of Texas. I had a class called faith and reason with a former Roman Catholic priest who shared that when he could no longer quote pedal. The product he gave up the business. We left the priesthood did what a lot of liberal former theologians to get involved in higher education are having a class one night and a female student says Dr. Porter, do you believe in the virgin birth.

His response was always talking about it. Historically or theologically, while she said I know there was a different he said there's a big difference if you're asking me do I believe in the virgin birth as a theological construct that indicates that Jesus was deemed to be a very important person in the first century.

Yes, I affirmed the theological tenant of the virgin birth, but if you ask me do I believe in it historically and biologically blank. No, things like that don't happen, so I fear today Steve that although pew foundation took a survey about five years ago.

74% of all Americans still believe in the truthfulness and the reality of the virgin birth, but if you're not careful. Theologians can be slippery with their words. They will use our vocabulary but a much different dictionary and so you have to press to make sure all we really sailed to say thank you and talking about the St. John's wort sauce on that note because it word and I will have to break but how do we our Catholic friends.

We we we differ in how we approach Mary. Obviously us and not every Catholic is a problem that I think is generally there but how should we as Bible believing evangelicals. Most of us, how should we look at Mary we should revere Mary. We should respect her. We should honor her.

This is the one woman in all of history that God chose to set his grace, appalled to bring into the world, our Savior, she was a godly woman.

She was a holy woman. She was a wonderful lady in every conceivable way.

She was not sinless, she would therefore need a Savior just like every one of us needs a Savior's well.

Furthermore, there's nothing in the Bible that would indicate her perpetual virginity and there's nothing in the Bible that would also affirm what the Catholics later, much later developed theologically as her bodily assumption or she never died was taken up into heaven, so she was not sinless. She did need a Savior. She was, not ascended into heaven, like the Lord Jesus.

In fact, if she were sinless and I guess we have to raise the question will could she have been the right to die for our sake, I had two options. Not one. And there's nothing in Scripture that would even indicate we should even look at walking down that role. I think one day I'll meet Mary in heaven to be like what was that like what if I bow down your I'm pretty sure she'd say put you doing exactly get up to go find myself by my side.

You see him or to talk about David next and that Joseph will be right that sociology Thursday as it is every week with our friends at Southeastern Baptist theological seminary here in Wake Forest, North Carolina by way beside the seminary itself which is outstanding.

The largest seminary in these goes one of the preeminent seminaries in the face of the planet the college at Southeastern is also here. So if you're a parent or grandparent, and you've got to the kids coming up towards college.

I would strongly encourage you to check out the degree programs that here and this isn't just tape to get a worthless Bible agreement on the go to something serious. How this is also about biblical worldview training. I would prefer to see a lot of our students if not all of them get really solid theological training for couple years and then if you want to going to a degree program somewhere else and go finish up that's fine. But to have that basis. There is becoming increasingly more important in the world, especially in our country that is coming increasingly secularized. Just your Sunday school in your youth group and being a good church attender, Inc. I cut it not for much lies not cutting it now. It's not good at.

Definitely not a cut in 15 or 20 or so because it Southeastern or something. I also want to check out our here today talking to Dr. Danny Aiken is the president of the seminary we mention right before we hit the break David came up because of Joseph so why why Joseph why the line of David and some people you go does that even count. Well, you're back again to doing Christology from behind when you realize there are three maybe four but certainly three great covenants in the Old Testament that look forward to a fulfillment through a person of the first and the foundational one is the Abraham it covenant that God made with Abraham in Genesis chapter 12, where he promised he would bless all the nations through the seed of Abraham.

Then you move forward and some would see a a mosaic or Palestinian covenant found in Deuteronomy. In particular, so that that where is Abraham's promising a spiritual blessing primarily the Mosaic covenant promises to Israel a future land promise, then actually the Abraham.

It covered covers all of the land. King and spiritual blessings. Let me see Charlie go at it like that because then following the Mosaic covenant. You have the Davidic covenant that you're alluding to Andy second Samuel chapter 7 where God says to David from your lineage or from your loins from your seed. I'm going to raise up a king who will reign for ever and that Don Carson used wisely, save for there to be an eternal throne coming from David. You either have to have a succession of kings that go on forever and ever and ever. Are you have a king who is forever and ever and ever. I got a course finds its beautiful film and in the God man of the one Lord Jesus Christ. So where is the Mosaic covenant promises land. The Davidic covenant promises a king and then you have the new covenant of Jeremiah 31.

He promises spiritual blessings to be poured out on both the house of David house of Judah and the house of Israel in their the spiritual blessings all again. Looking back to the Abraham it covenant so the Davidic covenant. In particular, is talking about the fulfillment and the promise of a coming king who will be the seed of David who will reign forever and ever and ever. And of course if you go to initial today they still David is the one that they still look to acknowledge it.

Meyer has such a prophet. He and Moses there. The two big giants of the Old Testament.

I would argue, have such a prominent place in the history and in the storytelling of this real and, of course, is synthesized both in Matthew and Luke through Mary and through Joseph that Jesus is the lineage of David. I've often said Mary provides the biological link back to David.

But Joseph as the father provides the legal and therefore the wall you'll leak back to David so he is a Davidic king whether you come from Joseph R.

Whether you come from Mary yeah and that's obviously then that's weird. I'm out that the can of a view of the theology Christmas from behind. Yes, looking at the testimony of the Old Testament pointing forward to space and in space and time is it a sling that we now celebrate this Christmas. Yes, and again I was in the Luke passage this morning in chapel and it says again the angel speaking to Mary speaking up of her son.

He will be great will be called the son of the most high theirs is deity and the Lord God will give him the throne of his father David.

Theirs is humanity and he will reign over the house of Jacob, which is looking to the Abraham it covenant and he will reign over that house for ever and of his kingdom there will be no end that Steve is not only a promise of the fulfillment of second Samuel seven's also promise of the fulfillment of Isaiah 9, six and seven for unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government be upon his shoulders and he again will reign over that house and over that government forever.

There will be no end to it yet. I think that's as you as you study the Old Testament. That's where I think we've got a miss the boat for a while and then, especially in the American church is that we got the Old Testament book of the New Testament to understand where the new covenant, but the Old Testament provide such a foundation for the all you want to do a series of Christmas messages from the Old Testament. You can start in Genesis.

The realm I could make your way to Genesis 1249 go to second Samuel seven jump onto Jeremiah 31 and then of course my goodness.

Isaiah Weatherby Isaiah net seven. The virgin birth text Isaiah 9. The wonderful counselor, the mighty God, the everlasting father, the Prince of peace. And if you like and jump to Micah 5 and do a message on a little Bethlehem, very small, insignificant obscenity out of which will come a shepherd who will coming from old will shepherd my people Israel, and you could do a wonderful series of 567 messages easily on Christmas just out of the Old Testament is there is is a ridiculous question asked if we should really come to focus in on one particular aspect of Christmas theology.

If we really want to come to take our understanding and experience of Christmas to a deeper level than normal. No Steve I don't go to my question is is there a perspective that we tend to gloss over or perhaps gets left behind.

That's a great question and I do think that we tend to give our attention to the Old Testament, to the exclusion of the old and that's a mistake. And we ought to become pragmatic Gnostics saying will the Old Testament, God was a cruel, mean, vindictive God. The Old Testament is not as inspired and not as valuable as the new we would never say that if we have a biblical understanding of inspiration in our practice we ignore and look I confess I've never preached a sermon on Micah 5 but I'm going to but I have preached on Isaiah 7 I preached on Isaiah 9 I actually haven't done though a Christmas message out of Genesis 12 are Genesis 49 worries promise to be the king from Judah, or even the Davidic covenant passage of second Samuel seven so I guess I have to say I'm guilty as charged and what you're doing. There is your freshly sewing the seed and plowing the ground that then comes to beautiful fruition in Matthew and Luke and tell you this, any Jewish person reading the Matthew account in the Luke account would immediately be jumping back. He's the one he's here. This is the fulfillment of this text. This is the fulfillment of that title for your sofa. That's what they would have done so we shortchange ourselves if we don't do the same thing. That's where there's there's so much power and inch. I mean talk about this. Go back to George Bush, 43, a shock and awe. Yes, once you really come into a decent possession of the Old Testament picture of this coming Savior and then and then some people it and I don't how accurate these are but some people have determined okay if there's three or 400 prophecies that all of come to a culmination in this man Christ Jesus. What are the odds of that happening which are like ridiculously astronomical, so much so that they are in unfathomable and impossible apart from some type of divine orchestra just doesn't exactly what we had at me again when you read of what comes to fruition in the person of Jesus Christ in Matthew and Luke. You have to throw your hands up and say this was all God's doing.

He was orchestrating this. He was painting this portrait of blow-by-blow picture by picture a brushfire brush and then here it is.

My goodness. We should've seen him and his that's the sad thing they should've seen this coming along and in fact is we know from Matthew they are in possession of it — yes, well, we got this promise from Bethlehem, which is why Herod then sent his soldiers down and killed the baby boys under two years that I wasn't worried about it. He would've done it exactly exactly. The other ones on the one thing that ever illustration. This is really powerful to word picture of upward picture person so somebody figured out the odds of that if you say 300 prophecies all being fulfilled by one person at one time in history and one place setting Bethlehem and then everywhere.

Jesus did his ministry take the state of Texas covered in silver dollars to 50 mark one silver dollar. The red X higher helicopter to take a flight flying all over Texas and at some random time say stop park. The helicopter landed get out with your eyes close reach down and grab one coin. If you pick up the going with the next that's basically what the odds are of one man begin to fulfill all of prophecies in one place and that's exactly what God which is psychotic.

Yes, it is psychotic unless it's true Trent, absolutely, which again is why you never get tired of reading the stories you never get tired of singing the carols. You never get tired of this season of the year. I guess the one sad thing is the secular world that has so missed it sure and now have a misted in terms of its truth and misted in terms of its joint all my goodness you and that's what sad and heartbreaking so and then I would check on that note, I would challenge everybody all of do not spend a lot of time talking about the over commercialization of Christmas was former they also mix a Merry Christmas.

What do you expect, don't worry about that use everybody else's mishandling of this holiday to excuse yourself from going there with locking of the joint to rob you of the joy of all that you quit looking to the outside and look at what's Artie been done for you and for me introductory great scene he thinks of me and really really proud of.

This is the mill of the stimulus bill will be back tomorrow. Hopefully some of you all see in the north Christmas thing tonight here in Raleigh will be back tomorrow I will hopefully have some good radios with the Lord as a this is the noblest ignoble sale, God willing will talk to you again real soon. Like my dad always used to say never for