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REShow: DiDi Richards/Hally Leadbetter - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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July 13, 2022 3:21 pm

REShow: DiDi Richards/Hally Leadbetter - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 13, 2022 3:21 pm

New York Liberty G/F DiDi Richards and guest host Ben Lyons discuss the rise in popularity of the WNBA and more.

Golf Digest’s Hally Leadbetter joins the show in-studio to discuss the Open Championship at St. Andrews, how LIV Golf will force the PGA Tour to change and adapt, says what Michelle Wie’s golf legacy will be once she retires, and reveals which celebrities can and can’t golf very well.

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I want to see him play in the West. Okay you guys cloudy for coming to Golden State right now we go somewhere else in the West Golden State shout cast. Now lines info rich appreciate your rocking out with us today in about 20 minutes and got Holly Ledbetter dear friend of mine in studio very excited to catch up more golf and content creation, lot influencers digital creators on the show this week so looking forward to catching up with my dear friend Hallie when the most talented people working in golf now actually really excited to welcome in our next Guess You Pl. in Newark Liberty. I'm a huge fan. She's a defensive force she's everywhere in New York City this year.

Dede Richards joins the show tough loss last night appreciate you joining us right now the Mercedes-Benz vans phone line so thank you for taking some time-one Dede know it's no fun no up-and-down season for the liberty because of just when I'm telling you guys out come back with big wins and and Sabrina has a big night and you're getting back in the lineup and get healthy. So where is the team right now on this roller coaster of the year by that build on this. It seems like this is a real camaraderie. Despite some of the challenges the group has faced this year.

Talk to me about this. The friendships you formed on the team you either some continuity with last year's roster. Just talk to me about some of this, the cultural are on the culture around the women playing on seamanship here want to talk about, but I honestly and pepper ball. I think that even paying that not nocking divided on we all think that that makes the claim you had a lot of success in college, especially defensive and defensive player of the year plane down at Baylor.

Notice from a defensive point of view is a big difference in playing the collegiate level and then plane the professional level that every day regarding my job at any time. I think that guide me in paying for it on by like clean up about it now online that you know in trying to get a baby. My fellow in the game. I love that about yourself or buy in the room chuckled she is getting scored on, it seems obvious that most players with heaping scorn on but it seems like it stings a little deeper for you that my brother would not let me live it down like the company equate walking without the now why I had a chance to see you play the other night was a tough loss overtime loss at the Barclays but the Barclays is been revived the summer. It's great to see fans back in the stands talk to me about what it's like to play in New York. In Brooklyn you never knows and be courtside at those games right here in with the call. The love that people have any pain want to play little harder for them to break even be out here and that we have been really going out lately opening the player because you're showing up because you have a real connection to them. I saw video you are calling season-ticket holders and thanking them for coming to the games and really have a connection with the fans off talk to me just about being an ambassador for the sport. In addition to being an athlete within the sport if you like WNBA players are asked to go out there and market the game. In addition to going out there playing like that. I love that Mozart but we have to do in order to put our faith out there and get the W noted the game at players that were willing to do whatever we can't get answer why everything. Yesterday, Dede. We had you became one of the south five legends on the show yesterday and of course the 55 University machines why I went to Michigan.

They are known for the iconic baggy shorts like I got so much trouble for rocking 55 shorts for my high school coaches. Now there's a movement to basketball the other direction it's going my way up the thigh like what is happening right now on your problem with being your leg terrible lonely all went to do all that, though I know I want that they love baggy. But I'm happy that time he came with the next generations me back down to the floor like that's the way goes time. Dede Richards joins Johnson the New York liberty been lines info rich on the Rich Eisen show. You have been enjoying New York City part of the did the person playing for team in New York is you get invited to cool events you at the Tribeca film Festival you been out and about some of the great things you gone to experience from living in playing in New York that my pop now had my fun time I met JD think anybody out there all the time. The web engineer and mandate and now like you said, having people courtside that you don't normally gain that you don't know. I think the guy with the bank on being my thing was when you met Jay and then there was a wave over something and Drake took a photo with Lizzie and it was always dudes were taken photos flexing that they were hanging out with WNBA stars and it was a really cool moment. I think for the sport and announcing the games are great ratings for the All-Star weekend and the sport is really taking off. Just talk to me as a fan of women's basketball being a part of it at the level you are soon grew up watching you.

What's it like now to see the WNBA shining all humbling that I grew up watching on TV it might be, and now that people are able think that that even if they are now in effect on it telling that there games of all the oil more and I can find the right direction so to allow for a radio audience listening right now are you driving to the whole against Diana to Rossi you're in the building other night for Sue Byrd's last game in New York. There are so many last night.

You guys go up against H. Wilson and and and the aces are so many talented legends and icons in the sport. Who are you a fan of growing up as a young girl image want to play basketball would act like that in any way followed her about the polyp. Thinking of the bond. It really happened to him and when I walked. That you had it you play poker you can bring the ball let you know that everything that you really you get watched caring and kind. I like apparently see her play lives. Thursday night you're in Los Angeles. Once the sky come to town. You guys have those that are the sparks in town for back to box in August, what can we expect from this liberty group is you had down the stretch of the second half is seasonal to make a playoff run on that one, play out talk on clearly fell and I hope that people like to think that exciting that bonnets alert help in keeping with the same see Sabrina start to get really comfortable in the leaking outlining the All-Star game and should the big 30 point triple-double the other night my first time didn't see her play live one of you on notice about her game changing over the years actually unhealthy and talk to me about your relationship with Sabrina healthier anybody helping me regulate the brain and kind of do a little bit about rebound or away from the parking logo by comparing into kind and her linking, taking care of me. He talked to me got began off the court on the corner trying to get me to know that in filling it better when you get better and honestly keeping me how to stay healthy and bail my recovery on journey so I really appreciate her everything coming in here.

It's amazing. I was thinking outside the box it always the recovery are you doing anything that sort of unconventional to get right get back on the court, like the meditations of the acupuncture. Anything different and no coming from college being Ricky and that you need to let your body you do off the court with you on the current good about he can on the younger players that because you like it that you want. In January hit a line that rarely happens on at that again and I back early, but rather being proactive and reactive when I compare body stuff Dede Richards joining the show been lines info rich on the Rich Eisen show I TJ Jefferson on the show yesterday asked to be king. What this warm-up music was like for the Fab five in the locker room during the 90s for those great Michigan teams, for you and the liberty was playing DJ in the locker room and what he does listen to before the games get fired up I'm I'm on the road and possibly home normally on playing company can always be a little baby and that everybody in playing the same location of the that's how I get one hunt, but they have to learn to get pump. Let me that's great that's your environment has been the most high high octane for you on the road where you enjoyed playing a road game of the W. All probably all the way bring in crowd always allow me clearly that I like that but I find the play, you know, it allowed crowding when you hit a big shot and analog and quiet is always enough, motivating and exciting timeout. I like to DJ here in LA does a good job as a fun atmosphere to sparks.

James you are talking about getting healthy, and I obviously want to see you on the court blots I feel like the bench sits have become a thing for DeeDee rock your own merchant on the bench. That's amazing. I never sent rock your own merchant.

You rock a sweatshirt.

This is your name on it like no one else is doing talk to me about this. The Dede Richards Murch on what better way hello way closer than your own self by My Faith on Everything That You Can Put on Possibly an Hour Here without, I'm Getting out Found Something with My Antoinette Let It Be, At Least Here, Headband Something so I'm Happy That It Was at a Theater on Mauer All the Time.

Pretty Way Crop Way, but It Always Felt Happy That They Found a Way to Making Me and Honestly, That Would Button It Was a Great Moment, and I Hope I Don't See Dixon Once He Got the Rock New Jersey Back on the Court's on the Watch and Play Live and I'll Be There in August for the Sports Games and Shooting Some Time Appreciate It. Thank You. Thank You Dede Richards from the New York Liberty. I Love Just Does the Confidence of Saying to Make Your Own Merchandise Advise of Your Face on It and Rock It on the Pension She's a Thing in New York When the Struggle and Having a Tough Season, but It's Great to Have Have Run the Show Management. These Pits Rose, Fire Losses, Be Living in New York and New Jersey Transit W against Two Birds Living Eliza Great. It's a Great Gig in and I Am Happy Happy She's Getting Healthy Because That's Been a Big Issue for Her and the Entire Team, Honestly, All Your Heart. We Been Real Quickly Talking about Beaton Evan Turner 101 Dede the 10th Is One of the Safeco Mantra. First of All I'm Not Scoring on Dede Richard. You Might Get like a Lucky One. So I Think People Get You like 11 Ones like Michigan, Real, and They Played for Real.

I Am in Your Dental Score Couple Miracle Shot Right I Might Get My Den Self to Nothing off and Then after That, I Don't Think I'm Dribbling the Ball More Than My Three for Honestly Watching Her Play Live in the Night Reminded Me of When the Bulls Put Scottie Pippen on John Stockton and His Wingspan Was Just As so Massive She Was Doing That out There against Smaller Guards and Then She's in the Post Play against Big so She Can Play All Five Positions on the Front so Big Dede Richards Fan and How You Are Joining Us in Studio.

We Are Going to Have a Guess Joining Us in Studio. It's Very Exciting.

I Go but No Moisture. Here Are the Lines Filling in for Rich on the Rich Eisen Show Howie Ledbetter Next Calloway Didn't Just Create the Longest Irons Ever with the New Road Asked ST They Made Their Longest Irons Ever Perform at the Highest Level for Every Single Player Road ST Irons Come in Four Different Offerings Each Model Using Artificial Intelligence AI on High-Strength for 50 Steel.

The Only Irons Ever to Do so. Their Most Popular Iron of the Bunch Is Road ST Max. It's Designed for the Widest Range of Players Because of Its Refined Game Improvement Shaping That Something We All Could Use Game Improvement Shaping an Incredible Combination of Speed, Forgiveness, and All-Around Performance but for You Low to Mid Single-Digit Handicappers Road ST Pro Will Give You That Hollow Body Construction Innocently Compact Player Shape. Kelly's Best Game Improvement Model Is Max OS Which Gives Mid to High Handicappers Liked up to Folk Total Forgiveness with a High Launch Goals and Enhance Offset Is Also Max OS like That's Their Most Forgiving High Launch Iron Comes with Wider Souls and Increase Loss in a Lightweight Package for Players with Slower Swing Speeds. No Other Irons Perform like the New Road ST Irons Find You Are Road Road been lines info rich Howie Ledbetter Next.

This is the Rich Eisen show been lines going for Rich on the Rich Eisen show welcome back to our radio audience. Howie Ledbetter joining us in studio yeah what is that like we have a regular neighborhood and then you have the entire golf world descend upon this tiny little town. Oh it is, it's wild.

I mean I got to go to St. Andrews to the open camping trip.

I think when I was about 12 or 13. We have a family photo and ever watching my mom sort of tear out because Tom Watson was playing in his last open championship. And I was like mom, are you crying sold guys walking over bread like that and get it and giving deal now. Honestly I do.

But the town loves that I me I was I was watching a little documentary about Anders in the town and everybody just plays golf for fine. They have like a putting club and they just the whole town really embraces it.

Now the city of Sanders seven courses there as well, so everybody that lives in St. Andrews. It pleased offers a fan of golf.

Know what I love about you. How is that your childhood has helped like shape your experiences. Now as an adult and you're able to create content around the game of golf infused with this very unique upbringing that you had offer folks more familiar dad for the swing instructor for entire generation, so you have these great family memories of going to St. Andrews.

So how does that now sort of impacts what you do around the game of golf today. What I would say it's not weak companion.

I talk with us all the time. Golf is a mean to put it lightly not answer the most progressive game and having grown up in in the golf bubble. I mean I used to think the golf channel like morning drive show was like the morning news like I thought that's what you want and then later the second biggest issues in the world aren't backstopping and like if you know like so I think for me being glassy, Helen. I worked in the in the golf industry will not turn 30. So I'm like 30 years. I was essentially conceived into this industry and I think that it's given me a really good understanding of the ins and outs and I made a lot of friends as I get out group in Florida moved to New York.

I live here in Los Angeles. I meet a lot of people that love golf, but maybe don't really understand why we do certain things are, I think so for me I'm like okay I can sort of help dismantle fee you know the game in terms of the things that maybe need to change or should change and evolve from the from the inside out.

Think about when you were growing up. There wasn't this whole scene of golf. Content can now have brands like no laying out the creators like Howie Ledbetter doing her thing south. Now you got this whole other energy around the game of golf. How do you think office change now that we have brands like Malvern and Rod and always cool stuff happening beside golf yeah I am loving just how many celebrities and just people that are just your standard just white dude playing golf and are taking up the game.

I got to play actually yesterday I played golf with Michael Pena who is obsessed with golf, picked up the company was about like 25 but loves they just played at the ACC celebrity event Tom lower Tony Romo line. I think it's really important for people to see people like Michael Pea, schoolboy Q here that the mountains that you mention Malvern golf. I think it's really important to get people you wouldn't necessarily make sure necessarily playing golf took for them to. You have sort of celebrate their love of the game aimed at a fan. Another well-known bang bang Baller. It was like a famous jeweler came in high school till you hear that, but I was texting with him yesterday. I play six days a week just had his first hole-in-one this guy is like one already started playing like months ago. He hops event will not too long ago.

You have three such a flat guy is $2 million and Instagram known for creating the craziest jewelry for rappers like you don't like Drake and he's posting about is Instagram using poles like would you rather than ugly swing and ever break 80. The single-digit handicap and have like I have a super critical culture and I can only imagine like his followers that are following him for what used to be primarily posting about is not are not like okay golf golf going to grow your own the game and just to name Baller did the change in your checking them sooner people nurturing on the mother. He was like that dollars in the chain. I was like coming here and since his mega mind off Michael Pena's texting them Baller's Hollywood person playing golf with everybody are opening up top golf with George Lopez you always cool stuff here in LA who has and has been for the best celebrity golfer were some of the Hollywood big face names that we all will see it will my first celebrity and every night on the golf course was Macklin more and talk about someone with passion for the game and the guy started his own golf clothing. I early asked about people I sent you make some great stuff. He is obsessed. I will say that this is this is new information, top-secret staff on Monday. I am very excited I get to do my celebrity interview series with the one and only Jim Nance 0V hello Fred yes hello each and honestly I'm very happy of this with only three holes I ever bring your course. Now my entire life that is so cool I golf golf world to you working off the highest level just to see the smile on your face and to see how excited you are to go do that anyway Jim, I mean he has a replica of what 12 in Augustine's backyard rent. He's got got a rapid replica of capital I what I love about Jeanette's eye I got to hit a shot on the on that little part already. He blasts the Masters theme song, music, and then commentates you as you do it like 70 yards or something like a limited fly golf bonds, but usually some weird holes over the years Janice's house. Yeah that house in Malibu.

Yes the house in Malibu is in credit.

That's a really I slid Mark Wahlberg's I know now it's 5 AM I just pray we you show deadlines and for Rich on the rich eyes and show everything going on in the world.

The golf right now centered on this holy tour thing we gotta talk about it because it is that the story of the moment Tiger spoke yesterday at the open championship. And I thought he had some really great words about the situation. What are your thoughts on live. I do think it impacts the game long term and that was a deep breath, deep threat lifting is interesting. I love the PGA Tour.

I do a lot of work for the PGA Tour. I can understand the need and want for something different now that being said do I think that Landis answered not necessarily.

I try to put myself on the egg. It's really easy to say all I would never take money from the Saudi's but have you ever had to another million dollar check like new Jetta here in LA so I mean aspirin from a moral standpoint, I'd I don't think it's late thereof as a not good people, and there you have the money does not come from a great place. I wish that it will you know that it was coming from somewhere else, but I can understand the sort of temptation for these guys that are kind of over the hill. If you well on the back end of their careers that are just like hey I'm not really going to be competing with that Justin Thomases study shufflers of the world anymore.

Let me sort of get my you know, 70, 80 million and sail off the sunset like I can really understand how and I watch the broadcast. It's not like it's pretty good it's it's it's quick, I mean I originally was like shock and start that's, weird, and then I watched and I went on.

This is actually nice because you disclaim boom boom boom boom from one player to another, but I feel the PGA Tour is in a tough spot. You know they cannot force them to to evolve and I think which they already have sort of put in that new new series for next year with eight tournaments are going to have like insane person is almost the same amount as a live tour so if anything, I think it's you I'm I'm not sure about the longevity of it and I think it will be also. I mean really what it comes down to is will the live golf tour be granted official golf ranking points because right now all official golf ranking tournaments are four rounds and there a lot of that are a lot smaller and have less stacked field, then live golf events by therefore, rounds, and there are no tournaments at her shop and starts so live is kind delighted they put in their application is on Twitter yesterday that they are now reviewing the application, but the part of that if they grant them points then all those players will be allowed to potentially carry out points to play in the majors but if they don't grant them points and some of those players have not won majors yet to be forced to choose between going the lab taking their millions of dollars or saying no, I want to play majors and I think majors are really the thing that is.

Maybe if you're in it for the money is really the thing that can make you potentially stop and think about a second to actually want to do about such an interesting moment in the game and the fact that it's the hundred and 50th open championship. While this is all going on is has all eyes on golf Holly Ledbetter joining us deadlines in for Rich on the rich eyes and show I learned from working with the PGA Tour that the PGA Tour PGA and LPGA all separate right yeah yeah yeah and I had a chance to go the LPG event here in Los Angeles, which is so much fun I ever hope everybody gets a chance to go to LPGA events in their local city gets a chance to do that. Talk to me about the LPGA tour.

As we head into this not there yet, but almost as post-Michelle we ever yeah so the LPGA's and really exciting time right now. Nelly court is back she was.

She had a blood clot in her arm so were so happy to see that she's healthy. I'm actually heading to Michigan tomorrow Ellum to be doing fine right interviews for CBS for the LPGA team event. Yes, here is how you like yeah you should be fine. It's the Dow event in Michigan with God. I just got Nelly teaming up. They call themselves team jelly so look out for that Marine Alex teaming up with the legend that is Kari Webb so I think that there are a lots of a lot of really talented women on the LPGA can be really interesting to see who sort of steps up and you never fail Michelle, we issues I think she's just such an icon, and such a unique incredible person but I'm hoping that we get some some women that sort of step up and and a sort of I guess Michelle passes baton in terms of being the face of the LPGA continuing to push the sport forward. You talk to me a little bit about Michelle's impact on the sport.

Obviously she is an icon. She is known as one of the great players in the game got to know her little bit to you over the last little bit toward when she does walk away for good wishes and yet does do that you think her legacy is as a golf and she won US women's open 15 times in the LPGA. Obviously an incredible player. I think something that is as it is a friend of hers, and as a golf and as well I think a lot of people what they don't realize that Michelle does her like retire already. People realize that Michelle essentially has been a professional athlete since she was 10 years old. You know she's been keeping her first LBJ that when she was like 12 so she's been grinding for her entire life and so her when you think about they stress that can put on her body like she has pretty bad arthritis in her rest though she's had it as she had a baby think she's there. They're looking to expand their family, she's at the point now where in a she's not in pain.

She doesn't play, so she wants to be able to tell you now enjoy your life and be able to to play golf casually and and the occasional summons open NSU entity at the Pebble Beach next year which is going to be amazing, but I think the legacy far beyond her actual actual play on the golf course is getting the things that she has done to push the women's game for him as she is an incredible partnership with LA golf that even I name she's incredibly blessed and even now she semiretired.

She still on the LPGA players board. I mean their day.

I was having coffee with her got ago I got a board meeting so she is still very invested in the LPGA and let her in LA golf that was put out this initiative for the player LPGA players that Simon LA golf there can pay for maternity leave and all of these incredible things that as a woman, a place in the LPGA that's essentially an independent contractor doesn't really have access to so she has made a really big commitment. Even though she's stepping away from the game to continue to put her energy and actions to to making sure the women's game is in a good place. From here on out on incredible career and if you're just getting started in so many ways needs to work on the Mariel carpet is doing to you.

I Ledbetter in studio deadlines filling in for Rich on the rich eyes and show LA now for hell. About a year year. You know, Michael, yes you know so you surely have been everybody here, but I feel like basically only probably been here for like seven month I got a golf tournament here very much but it's been it's been great. Got to meet some cool people and and and play some cool golf courses in LA golf seem like seeing that's a great that's a great question on its strong young dry after I go here and to go to Redondo Beach show minimal golf they make really you are hanging out there yesterday. Are you there yesterday was go to their some really cool like each other. We talk about the evolution of the game and how it she's getting cooler. You got rained like minimal golf and number 33 Macon like cool flavored toothpicks that look like tea using entity actually did something I really want to find out today, but then also you got a place out like metal would studio is a really neat golf.

Brandon just opened a store in La Brea really.

Oh yeah that's cool you going in and I was talking to call the owner there and he's like no this isn't a pop up. This is likely a day can have a simulator and feel like the LA golf scene is strong and it's only getting stronger. I mean, I know you go to the Penn marshals are called events. I've never been to one of those that looking to get out there and and make some new friends. So yeah, I mean my Instagram hey anybody in LA golf looking to play in people that replies so as to create the strangest celebrity you've ever played with in LA are just weird encounter, chance encounter. Not that they were weird, which is that you played with them.

Oh my gosh, well Joe Pesci story that has to be told all fair. Marty Fisher recently played ACC former winner. He won me a free travel golf bag and I was I got the opportunity to to play Bel Air a couple weeks ago we had to let Dennis Quaid through nice. It was so bizarre it was like every week so that I can play with took for ever and then leave got up in the next tee box and left it there on purpose, but I had to think he did.

There is a ball on the tee boxes.

Dennis Quaid was here.

I take sitting on my leg on my mantle to be just as likely to let me play through them to leave this bald space around the golf with Stephen Bishop was an actor is becoming studio here on Friday. Just David Justice in Moneyball. He's very good friends with Jim Brown, legendary football player Mr. payment during the round and I'm really good friends with Tom Felton who played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter's of introducing Jim Brown to Tom Felton on a golf course was deftly a cool moment that any idea of the other one was to start telling stories reporting in London of that golf I mean come from so many different walks of life like I was paired today with like Quentin Tarantino's lawyer like our thinking my brain is one of the guys out there that are like really fun to work with him again what world I have anything in common with Quentin Tarantino's lawyer for five dollars and that's just like you. How you game right now pretty then I last week didn't play practice round. I have aspirations of calling qualifying for the US met him last week I was again what I meant playing the Southern California amber qualifiers getaway Nantes no practice round and just see where my game is acts have not played a competitive rounded six. As he approached Chris and I do every time you don't think I was game as part of that for no practice round wing it. One under not showing it's very cool. My boyfriend got it for me love that was just shut up when we got another segment here would like to close out the show celebrity birthdays and just show, goes off the rails of your wing and hang out for the undo that Hallie Ledbetter joining us in studio final segment of the day deadlines in rich. This is the rich eyes and showed ongoing work all right. Welcome back to the show deadlines in for Rich on the rich eyes and show fund show today with moments of positive energy, supportive, inclusive. I like to today nice dark energy around the show.

Well it was dark when you talk about Joker you are not as broad as they do not go to twitter is to celebrate today right somebody somebody famous was born today think so. We got proper and everyone I know you just throw up the graphic to let the person change on that was June 13, not July. No joy is messed up in June 13, oh Lord, we got Cody Belanger Belanger handsome man at first base there on cheekbone Slavic MF doing shot out. RIP Kim Jong Dr. James is an amazing life because you know she was leaving his job tells like baby Dr. I like Leslie Mann and John L really like their doctor right and then John thought all you really good at delivering babies. Does your baby. Dr. you should deliver a baby in my movie and that's how he got his start. Not edible. And now he's had like an amazing career is Stewart Patrick 81's only so that each time a professor and I love the new SWAT salad Scott Walker weird pairing. I got a new age hip as I got all the stars and Sartre was never put that on the nose.

Never put the work in advertising? Exports. While others go to the SP's ladies and gentlemen, first time going to the SP lateral sealer, veteran who has particular the event several times working how you expect. I've never been know what I'm doing is writing on it. So to go after party 1 okay and see a lot of large people in very tight clothing that is for sure, it's very hot and it is a sobering reminder of just how you always affect your Anthony Edwards and his like I just started shaving well is it We theater with the LA live, but they moved it to Hollywood Boulevard and stuff will be fun, like today going to imagine Harrison Ford got a favorite at hairs. Are you a Indiana Jones or Wu Han Solo guy. I am in Han Solo out of the two out of those two guys at the movies. I love you like to see another one.

I think they left some of the dance floor. The Crystal skull, but their support once in Montana for the movie Cowboys and aliens and I had to write us in an interview with Olivia Wilde and I hope the tape is burned for because I grew up in New York City to see me ride a horse to get a Cheech Maryland 76 she's a golfer know she's been a golfer. Obviously the most famous caddy ever right.

Once on the red carpet for cars is a voice and car WebCam or chrome web didn't shout out from from Jimmy Ching yesterday on some tech stuff and Joe came across your fair care microfilmed almost famous protects one of my favorite movies were some of your favorite movies who my favorite okay. Why just on top.

Then to top of the other relays again you for sure someone die die so I thought you know when they're going to Little River with the planes obviously for sure now if someone is knocking out has been out for two months so it's on you if you haven't seen it is on you know my job as a film critic concentrator. Also, I heard a crazy crazy theory about a two that it's one giant maverick fever dream like death dream like the whole movie like he actually boiler like dies in the beginning and then the whole thing is just his dream of what is life should have happened like there you can watch it differently now and will key on crazy Lockton is also national Delaware day national French Friday.

No shadow torn from the something about Mary national beans wow is not a day. Sorry it is a winding road ride might be crashing a plane at Penn mar golf course and what how humans are social club which is his little golf course on the west side of Los Angeles, a nine-hole executive and his group of guys, led by Garrett light sunglass designer started the Penn mar social club, and when you win the events you get for a month iced out chain of a plane that looks like the one Harrison Ford crashed into the evil which is a really prideful thing to walk around Los Angeles with an mar and Shane over there.

You know University. The release of ghost never seen a ghost.

Finding yourself in a mood in 2022. Watch go to my ghost washer from start to great shirts. I have never years but I haven't no big plans say over and watch ghost only gross chicken pottery. I'm in no usually the pottery who I'd like to see in ghost to Seth Rogen change a little bit but God loves ceramic is really missing the great turn by Whoopi Goldberg's odor may be great to me was great. You know you only be one character in my ICJ came to save the next year when Jill rode a horse in the movie down the stairs and that the CGI love how that I love how Mark Jackson's not film wing snoozes a late really silly since if I don't do autographs boxed on Sally friend of the show 3430 on Eddie know the only one what is right, no company Baller is a hole in one course to be tell you this is a good debate. It was on a par three course doesn't count doesn't count conviction. I think it 60 yards ago was it like most people have not. On one essay par threes don't count. And then if you had one you just a hater for hanging out with this crew today for classing up the show really appreciated that.

We got Haley Jones from Stanford on the show tomorrow. Very excited to catch up from Alan Burke. I think I can get Jean Slater siding on the account, is your only phones lines filled in for it since rocking out on the rich eyes and show the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson to all, much of the conversation wears on a motion was number one is not even going before you Holcombe was a baby face Holt and Andres were able to go in headline the New Orleans Superdome Shea Stadium in Japan reverently went.

That was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcast