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Song of Solomon 3:10 - Heart of Gold

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 25, 2022 8:12 am

Song of Solomon 3:10 - Heart of Gold

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 25, 2022 8:12 am

Song of Songs 3:10 He made the pillars thereof of silver, the bottom thereof of gold, the covering of it of purple, the midst thereof being paved with love, for the daughters of Jerusalem.

Considering the Arc of The Covenant being covered in Gold and our Hearts being the Holy of Holies of our temples, here we have the concept of a heart of Gold. The word GOLD in Hebrew unlocks so much more described in this episode.

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is part building for us, which is jocular as we are still in the 10th verse or the universe of the third chapter of the song of songs you know, following verse nine which King Solomon made himself a chariot of the wood of Lebanon and again were getting into the bow hold Solomon's bed in this chariot. This sedan couch that went through the wilderness, which is a picture from the allegory of Ark of the covenant that went through the desert but in so many different ways.

We talked about so many times in my podcast is the holy of holies the ark of the covenant is a picture of her heart. And here were going to get into great detail and things that I can just cherish as I see the things that Jesus is prepared in our hearts and prepare them, certainly in advance and it says that he made it for himself a major heart is a chariot and here are the elements so we knew that was what developed of of Lebanon, from verse nine and verse 10 he made the pillars thereof of silver, which we talked about in our last episode and the bottom thereof, of gold, the covering of it purple the midst of thereof being paved with love for the daughters of Jerusalem were to get a lot, and all those other things.

But today we get to get to the bottom of gold, and I think that all my goodness, I just this one concept is enough for me to just rest on for a long long time. This idea of gold is in Hebrew, a beautiful beautiful thing and I am hoping I can get it said the way that I see it is that the first letter in the word gold is as I and as I am. If you remember in the hundred 19 Psalm has everything to do with being mindful of God or remembering God in certain circumstances, and so when you get your mind you note or all of a sudden you go oh yeah, God's here or whatever when you have this reflection of God in your mind and you turned towards him like in the product case. The prodigal know that's the idea of the Zion is as you might recall we remembered my name in the Nido Lord and By law or you know, I remembered that I these are certain these are verses from the Zion section of the hundred 19 Psalm some of my favorites.

I remember the judgment involved in and comforted myself and Edwards. It even begins with remember thy word on that. I serve upon which that has caused me to hope in other words, when you think about the letter Zion. It has to do with this. This mindfulness of of being aware of God and how beautiful is that when you think about, you know, most of the time you see images of God, the gold will be mentioned right and there's this golden light that is so spectacular and so we can see that this has everything to do with our minds eye.

As we see gold and it's so valuable right. There's nothing more valuable than the presence of God so you know that it's really really cool and it's forged in so many different ways, and the second letter in the word gold is a hey and that idea of you know gold expressed that idea of our memory expressed so the unit was absolutely spectacular to me that the second letter would be a hey and the word gold because that whole idea of God in my mind if that could be expressed in some way are obviously physically is going look like gold.

So it's really really really spectacular, but the third letter as I processed it for the first time, really.

I got this as I was thinking about my heart and thinking about how Jesus had built it for his throne you get this picture like of course, so the last letter in the word gold is a bet and and and you may know the that quite often has to do with house, but it also has to do with then you know the idea of the sun, and it also has to do with understanding, but mostly in my view, it has to do with both the word of God and our identity okay and I just realized as I was thinking about this being mindful of God expressed in this golden like in my identity, which is in his word, hate, and so as we can. If you can picture this, the times that you were in situations where where you are trying to find God and all of a sudden your mind went like prodigal son like oh, wait a minute, there's a steak dinner waiting on me if I could go there and then there was this like oh my goodness, it's like you know the way, is paved by gold minute just is and and and so literally when were especially when we think of his word were spinning gold and and that was the thought that I had like oh my goodness. If I can get the Scriptures like oh, remember thy name in the night when I when those things hit me after I've had a dream or something. I'm spinning gold rush, and those things layup in the foundation of my heart and and so you know I don't want anybody to miss one of the things it's really interesting about the word gold or about the concept of gold is again in Revelation. When Jesus is talking to the church and Leah Sabia. He cautions them to buy from me right arraignment of light and gold and so how do we get gold will obviously we get it from Jesus and how can we get it. Well, to me, the more we study his word. The more we study our relationship with him because when I thought about you know, really since the bottom of this is the foundation and actually the word of of what is referred to as the bottom here might be considered the frame and so as I really pondered this idea. What is the bedrock what is the frame for which my faith exists. You know when I but you know when I've got to where the rubber meets the road to what I really believe it has to do with the truth and the truth is God's word, which is gospel and I mean just is and thinking about you know how my heart is in line with this, that in the. The actual mercy seat. Of course, as you know, the two cherubim were gold on the top of the mercy seat and this is a picture of this bed that we lie on and beautifully. By the way, if you look at the best book of Esther in the first chapter where the describing this unbelievably lush royal palace of Artaxerxes that all my goodness they have these couches of gold. And therein lay the description of them is almost exactly like this description we have of King Solomon or Jesus is bed here and so it's really cool that this idea of golden couches like can you imagine resting on this golden countering it tomorrow with its is involved with this, as we talk about the other parts of this, but I don't want anybody to miss that. Like when you really I and I really enjoyed today just pondering where is the foundation you know what do I really rest because the idea of the bed right as you're going to rest in Christ and where. Where do I really really really rest in the wet. Where does site where does my heart rest, and the more I thought about it whenever I'm really feeling lost or II feel like I can't find God the place where high. Always go as to his word. I just do. And as I begin to study whatever passage all the sudden he'll quicken me in his word and I'll understand something in his word and and it just confirms in my heart that I can just rest right there and I can't tell you the mornings in prayer when I'm sitting there looking for God looking for God looking for you, and I wake up groggy and all that goes on and then all of a sudden there will be something in his word that just ignites me just quickens me and and so you know, as we think about meeting with him and these precepts and and we get a chance to spin this gold and I pray I really really do that that you can see what I'm seeing.

As far as this bed and the place where we rest with Jesus and that you two can experience life those golden moments as we rest in Jesus