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Song of Solomon 2:12 - The Wonder of Spring

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 28, 2022 8:31 am

Song of Solomon 2:12 - The Wonder of Spring

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 28, 2022 8:31 am

Song of Songs 2:12 The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land;


From death to life - Spring is a wonder and oh the depth of that wonder spiritually and in Love - what a fun episode

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This is good Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is today 12 of the second chapter. Winter is gone and now. Oh boy. We get to verse 12 and verse 12 says in English. The flowers appear on the earth, the time of the singing of birds is come in the voice of the turtle is heard in our land a whole can we hardly wait for that one gets the idea of biblical spring is like here comes Jesus in a meme in in is it any surprise that I don't know if I've ever really put all this together quite as much as I thought about it this morning is that Jesus you know Easter comes in the month of Nissan okay in the month of Nissan and in Hebrew. You may know that, but beautifully beautifully beautifully. The word flour in Hebrew is also pronounced Nissan seat might have it on. I know I they went from Dotson Nissan that anyway completely different spelling of Nissan. They both start with a nun which you know is is by word is a lamp unto our feet is the first verse in the nun section, but that it has to do with the light. It has to do a lot with faith and so in that beautiful debt that we bloom like flowers and we give all that light is Jesus comes and I thought about the whole idea of spring and blooming and you know how when you know in movies everywhere where the girl falls in love.

That was kind of haggard or whatever and all of a sudden she starts to make yourself pretty and beautiful and all the beauty comes out as we begin to fall in love, which always seems to speak back to remember when we were talking about, you know back in verse seven that we charge the daughters of Jerusalem don't awaken love before it's time. Well it's time and you see these flowers coming up and you can see this whole idea of the person now has faith that that somebody is going to love them is going to beautify themselves and come up in the and is really neat that the lid of the word flour is in no and as we talked about and then is Addie which has to do with righteousness and and so when we feel like were in the right faith like we just flour like crazy and it ends in a nun as well meaning once again it's all kinds of light that that is is happening as a result of love and that flour idea, of course, is a way that we bake fruit so you know we need the pollen all that stuff to happen and then that's the way that the lilies do what they're doing in the Rose of Sharon, and all that stuff comes together as we are definitely in this season as as we are in this verse 12 talking about Jesus is saying become way selling us on the idea that it's time it's time and we need to know and oh when he showed up. You know, if they'd only known the time of his coming at just this is heartbreaking verse in some ways, but it's absolutely spectacular when you think about it and then it says the voice of the turtle is heard in our land. It said the thing I'm sorry the singing of the birds is come in the voice of the turtle is heard in our land and the word singing is a little different than the word song like the song of songs and it hasn't, as I and in it which you might remember from the verses 919 Psalm that Zion has to do with remember and when you think about the idea of a lover song right this, they're playing our song and the whole idea of remembering that that point of first love is in and singing is is part of the rejoicing that goes along with oh boy, he's here and you can't help but note, as I noticed others often people make reference to when you see birds in the Bible is speaking of heavenly beings be the good angels are bad angels. In this case, you know, you might just think about who sang like crazy with when Jesus came, in Bethlehem, right, and they were singing about highest you know the whole idea was the birds were singing and I want everybody to miss that it did you know the flowering was going on and the birds were singing if if we make that connection between angels and birds. It's a spectacular thing to think that old did the angels sing that particular day and they sang the day that you fell in love to buy the way in which it sets you know there's no doubt that singing has everything to do with that and then he makes note of one more thing in this verse, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land and that word turtle.

I don't know when they translated that way that that's not a turtle Lake and swimming in the water that is a turtledove. In fact, that is, that the very animal that is mentioned out of many times in the book of Leviticus and Numbers the death of someone that they sacrificed right which is very much a dove energy think it's fascinating. I think it's fascinating that the two animals that we hear throughout the Bible are sheep and doves sheep and doves. They sacrificed sheep and doves sheep and doves are prayed almost everything.

However, when you think of innocence. When you think of beauty and certainly you know, godly. These both these animals have all these qualities it's it's it's just really really cool and then you know the whole idea of there was a dog that descended a course on Jesus when he was baptized coming out of water. So here we have this picture of Devon sheep, even in Jesus's baptism and so when we hear the voice of the turtle and of course we can hear a lot about dove in a couple verses coming up and doves used throughout this you know the biblical you can help just note the symbolism is always sheep was grapes. You know it's all here in in in the way that the Holy Spirit expressed this to Solomon that we could see that these would be things that Jesus would Jesus would talk about time and time and time again so you know as you picture this, and this whole idea of spring and how much you know, the winter is over and it's time to go with Jesus, you know, think about what is that look like in your life you know what is it look like when you began to bloom when you begin to blossom when you came out of the winter and saw what I was think about everything and I remembered that you know I haven't talked a lot about this in recent podcast, but I had a what was called a brain abscess and that happened as a result of a brain biopsy which they thought of the lymphoma had come back to my brain and so you don't ever want one of these buccal they literally: your head and and that's what they you know through your skull and they went in on. Unfortunately, when they did that they put plate titanium plate in there that had a staff infection which led to this horrible infection in my brain that really is pretty life-threatening, extremely life-threatening but nonetheless you know I survived it and God came through and a lot of miraculous ways.

But what I want to point out it was certainly another winter season that I experienced my left and as result I look like a freak coming off of this because they'd shaved off, you know, a lot of my hair so my head look pretty but things are covered in bandages and then you know when I got out of the hospital because this is was so severe I had this pump that was pumping this vancomycin through me that I walked around I had this thing. I was carrying all sorts of tubes coming in the anatomy and you know is pretty freaky looking well at the same time.

For whatever reason, it was my turn to give my testimony at the Rotary club and mozzarella, so I gave my testimony, which obviously I was blooming because I come through that winter, and I was more in love with Jesus than ever and I know look like Epicurus's got that look so strange I guess and talk in the way that that I was so in love with Christ as he had come through for me in so many different ways and talk about my testimony will they were so excited about what I said the Rotary club that they asked me to speak to the whole city of Montral at the walk for life, which is a big event back then and they had it at the Davie high school, you know football field, which was huge which is where you know most everybody in Montral could all gather and so it was a huge crowd that day and it was on the first time ever spoke to that larger hemp here. I shared Jesus because I was in full bloom. You know I just I was like man I'd come out of the winter and I could not of been more in love with God as as as he come through for me in so many ways. But you know it was his love that made that blossom you see that light was all you're doing is you been in the presence of God and so your faith reflects that light and why you're blooming you know is a wonderful time to to share with people like oh my goodness like God is given me this beautiful time with him so that we could share that because every one of those fruits that were given as the seed for more fruit, which is again that letter none has very much to do with seeds.

When you think about that blossom of the flower. It starts with the non-it ends with, and then, and we plant so many seeds when we share our testimonies of how the blossom in our lives. I hope you take that light incoherent today. Thank you for listening