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Song of Song 2:11 - The Purpose of Winter

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 27, 2022 8:51 am

Song of Song 2:11 - The Purpose of Winter

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 27, 2022 8:51 am

Song of Solomon 2:11 For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone;

So maybe you have wondered about dark seasons, I share some thoughts and understanding of the Hebrew word for Winter used in this verse.


This is the Truth Network treasures of the song of songs, which is Solomon's but you know, the bigger you deep, the richer it may be, and I think it's meant to be so you know, the last verse, verse 10 and 11 definitely go together because the in of the beloved Jesus is asking us to come away with him and now is going to begin to give us reasons for that. So in verse 11 it says for low, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone so short and sweet and again these telling us why it's time to go because the rainy season is over and it's gonna be easier to travel. But there's more to it than that for you know it makes you just ponder what is the purpose of winter. You know there obviously have four seasons and each has a very specific purpose and so I just you know winter and rain. You know those are things that all have their you pretty much rainy season in life.

I'm sure you've experienced that and so it's really neat if you study and I did and I went and did all the reasons for winter.

One that shocked me. One time we had a doctor that was came and spoke to her class and in our Sunday school class and he was talking about how he was really hoping for really cold winter because really cold winters kill germs and actually out there. Farmers live really cold winters because they kill the certain bugs in certain bacteria in a tour that won't invade the crops and so you know is the youth growing season in a continues. Things continue to grow that are bad and so the winners are partially designed in order to kill off some of the baddies, as is the idea would meet be and if you think about that in your own spiritual life. You know I think as we know, grow in Christ or we feel like his favorite.

He shows us some really cool stuff.

The natural result of that is pride and the South. Sometimes things go a little darker, you know, as that's an idea of winter, there's less light and there's a colder weather and so as you get less light that is actually what leads it to be in colder obviously you know you're less crowded which which makes you do some things and so in the case of plants. When winter comes to actually go dormant and it's interesting thing I guess most gardeners would tell you that you know you plant like if you live in North Carolina, I guarantee you you plant your grass seed in the fall so that it will grow roots that won't necessarily go up, but it will grow roots all winter long.

So I can take the heat when the season finally comes for the heat right and so when we come into these darker times and were not receiving as much light, it does kinda force those roots to grow. I think it's really neat that unless the ground is frozen lien of the roots and those most plants are growing deeper into the soil so that when the know season comes to grow their deeper end, but there's other things that go on is there is less light and rain and snow and all those things are hitting the ground, but since the plans are dormant during this time, they're not using the energies of the ground are storing up nitrogen and stirring up the things that it needs in order to produce the plants during in of the growing season, especially snow which, if you live in one of those climates you noticed that most people love the snow is great for the plants as they absorb these different energies in whatever and so you know, such as that the case with our lives spiritually is that were not about able to absorb all the light that were get at times because of the. The season is just the season that were in. And it's another interesting thing that I would note you know, being that I'm in my later 60s.

I realize that I entered into winter.

To some extent and I and I heard this once Morgan Snyder talked about that but the beauty of the sage stage, which is what you once you had been passed, 55, you kinda go from the king stage in your journey into the sage and the idea of the sages that there internal life becomes more than their external life enough words once again were sending our roots down the imperfect has in the end there's a lot alike that's fallen honest storing up energy because we got a really cool spring that is coming our way. So all these things point to the fact that winter is really a critical part of our growth.

And one other note that I would make on on it is the word winter in Hebrew is is really one of those words. It just makes me go man dislike Blackwell so to describe that to you as best I can and I know for some of you are lazy here, but I don't want to lose you because it does want you to see what I see with this.

So the first letter in winter is a sonic and you might remember in the sonic section of the hundred 19 Psalm that it has much to do with the idea of cycles and so yeah winter is definitely a cycle and has great power. As you may note that winners generally have great power and a power over judgment. In other words, a lot of folks died during the winter of their lives affect everybody that and and winter in all kills off some things that just does and it's it's part of the judgment process of of what's going on with winter and so that the fact that that starts with a sonic and and you can see in the sonic section of the hundred 19 Psalm you spent some time there that you know it says that I was trodden down the midline enemy info for they there there deceit is falsehood and all these things that that there are talked about with the sonic and even said my flesh tremble for fear they from afraid of the judgment zest that the last verse in the sonic section and so you get this idea of like oh my goodness there's something to be reckoned with. Here the power that's really really cool. The other thing is that it's it is a circle and the idea of cycles being in circles, but also a wedding ring is that it goes on and on and in other words, this season is coming, but there's more to come to the last.

I sees me. The second letter and the letter sonic is a top and that Todd you might remember is the last letter in the Hebrew alphabet, and it is also generally interconnected to the idea of the end and it is the last season, so that makes perfect sense at the top would be the one for the winter, but it also means that you know at the end of the story will know you know what the truth is, and so the top is quite often related to the truth and and so you know, again, was we see what springs up in the spring with its icky what the truth actually was, you know, so to speak.

So the child is the second letter in the word winter with the third letter is whether this kind of shocked me, but is just like oh my goodness, I'm so glad that letters that the last letter in the letter in the word winter is of love and and you might remember that the vav is just a beautiful idea of the continuation and and it's like Jacob's ladder.

In other words, Jesus is common in the that the light is still coming down from heaven, but it means that this is going to go on and on writing because every verse. If you look to move the subset vav section of the hundred 19 Psalm every verse is a continuation on the previous verse even the first verse says left by mercies, also unto me oh Lord, even my salvation.

According to thy word with you if you're in winter you kinda want Matt, but notice the word also because it's saying there's going to be more in your mighty remember it's in the hundred 19 Psalm involve section.

It says, and so I she shall keep bylaw continually forever and ever, and this idea of the vav is so much of this idea of continual so it's kind of neat to know that there is an end coming to winter and here we have it right because here Jesus is coming like he will at the end of the winter of my life right he's gonna say come away and really looking forward to that.

So you never hear it. Here Jesus is coming and is telling us the rain is over and the winter is past, and so here we go.

Well, I don't know if you've had enough. Obviously the winter of our lives come, but but other seasons that you may have entered in that you clearly knew were winter and it just seems like a darker time and and one were you not getting as much light, however, that works. I certainly remember 1996 in my life was the year that I first got cancer and that happens to be the same year that I got crushed by the Jeep right after I finish my chemotherapy and there's no doubt it was a dark dark time in many of those times.

I wasn't able to keep my normal precepts of the times that I spend with the Lord. I was too sick and just simply know in a bad way. I was able to work much which really affected my career. In other words, it was the season in all sorts of ways that there is no doubt in the whole whole whole doubt in my mind that during that time he killed awesome pride during that time he sent my roots deep not only into his word and into my relationship with him but into my relationship with my wife and my family and my true friends like the ones that that came alongside me as I was really going through some difficult things and so there's no doubt that God had that winter for me in 1996 in my life that that that he knew I needed to send my roots deeper and store up some energy because there were great great great growing seasons headed my way. So maybe you're in a winner or something this that this lately, you know, it's a season and Jesus is coming into NSA come away, it's time to go again. But in the meantime, you know, keep sending your roots down deep and realize that there is a vav at the end of that word winter.

That means it's common.

If Jesus is common as we can see is the winter here was 400 years in silence before Jesus came, you know, in the New Testament and we don't know how many more years in silence we have, but we've got some winter, as our war growing our roots deeper and then all my goodness. These comments can be spectacular. Thanks for list