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The Stone The Builder’s Rejected Is On A Roll

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 16, 2022 1:34 pm

The Stone The Builder’s Rejected Is On A Roll

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 16, 2022 1:34 pm

Join Robby and Jerry as they continue their Journey to get close to God. Listen as Robby discusses his thoughts on Passover. Also Listen to a story of a man named Rodney Carrying a cross across the United states. Jim Owens from "Mustangs" comes to tell us about their special anniversary.


This is Rodney from the masculine journey podcast. We explored manhood within Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just a few seconds.

Sit back and enjoy it, share it, most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network and radio show rejected is on a roll like that the stone the builders rejected is on a roll today on the Christian Car Guy showing. We like to roll here in the car world only Jerry deftly was rolling and so it's always is. It is really always my prayer that the opening of the show, creates this essence where we can get in there and get together with God. You know that whole idea of going to that holy place, whatever that may be where we can meet with God meet which with each other and you know that's that's kinda what I create in my mind as I put these things together. So what I did was that's freedom from Braveheart that you might heard Mel Gibson screaming merit the very beginning followed by if you really good if you know what that is. I'm proud of you that is the hundred 19 Psalm sung by cantors in the original Davidic safe.

It's really amazing. I mean if you listen only thing that most people can't do that so I displayed a couple of verses for you there that Psalm 118 and that was followed and see since those were cantors measurements on the old diamonds America but he he was a Cantor in that movie and and and then he's things you know freedom which is so much to do at Passover was really really cool this week and I should know, that Passover lines up with Easter.

It does not always do that.

And so you know it's kind of neat that we can talk about same things in the same week and then you heard arise, my love, of course, by new song, which again has everything to do with the stone the builders rejected is our role so that line the stone the builders rejected the stone the builders rejected is from the hundred 19 Psalm is verse 22 and so as you might guess, Jerry, today show is brought to you by the Hebrew letter ma'am, which is the letter that begins the word machine docket. It begins Messiah you know it is actually the word the bit where to get into the has to do with freedom. That's talked about in the hundred 19 Psalm which you know that's kind of like man, God just had me in the hundred 18 Psalm because it is so much the Easter story talk about that some today and then very very cool. We have mustangs get its 58th birthday this month and so we have Jim Owens Mustang marketing manager with us from Ford up in Detroit is can be talking to us right in the second segment and got a special call coming up in the last segment from a man by the name of Rodney who is literally traveling the country with the cross right Dragon across across the country and have to be in North Carolina and so he's gonna be calling him again to get update on where he is and what he's been doing all you know all all wrong. So if you ever been to a Passover Seder and actually very fun. I get to do one in snowcapped and slow missionary homes today actually after I leave here I'm going to do that but if you've ever be busy this weekend as we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Yeah, it's his Mike. I got them all on and I got them all up. He's on number three was just switch Mike's see if arise any better. Yeah I can hear you can hear.

I'm sorry we got this new studio that we had a little technical difficulty so we got Jerry is going to be on the southern mind that he's trundling a habit here and now I can hear you now so that I forgot the question got answers that would say I will go to the Seder later today in snowcapped North Carolina can be really fun. And if you've ever been the one they're all about freedom.

I then did the just, that's the idea is coming out of slavery.

You know and and I don't know if you've ever thought about it, but I think it's a great question to ask, since you know Jesus died to set us free from our sin right so that we could live with him for eternity. And so it's very much the similar story.

But why in the world did God tell Abraham when he first made a covenant with them.

Look, I'm in a have your kids spend 400 years in Egypt. Everything about that why we what's up with that well is a little bit of a hit in if you know the Hebrew and you get a chance to study it. The word Egypt at the root of it is the word crucible like you would take gold and refine it okay and so what God was telling Abraham in his own way because Abraham would've known that idea of Egypt being a crucible were going to purify your kids and it's gonna take a little while, but interestingly, if you really do the math on the thing out of you've ever done it, but they didn't spend 400 years in Egypt he cut of the little bit short because the Egyptians got kinda cruel and so God moved into the story and he cut it short and he set them free and so in Exodus 6 he tells you, you know it's it's really cool say to the children little Israel. I am the Lord. I will bring you out from under the burden of I decide about me I'm to bring you out from underneath the burden of the Egyptians and I will rid you of their bondage.

I will redeem you with a stretched out arm don't miss that.

Just stretch out your arm and backstretch up two of my new gonna get the picture and with great judgments right to take you to be my people. He goes on to say in Exodus 60 hear God moved into the story because the crucible got a little different than what he had thought because Pharaoh was actually really really mean that there is another interesting little things were talked about freedom and so here's where were headed right on today show.

I want you to be thinking about. What is your Egypt. What is your crucible. Where is it that that that God has you in the refining process right now and in the what can we do to allow God to get us out right because it they didn't get out of Egypt on their own. Okay am just saying good that obviously God moved in and and pulled him out of the crucible you know when the time is right when he could see his reflection in the mirror so to speak. Although there you know they say that you can take a Jew out of Egypt but didn't Egypt of the Jews. Another story, and so he got about 40 more years in the wilderness after you get out of crucible just set it but along those lines. You know the main thing is is you know we've we've spent our lives getting to where we are and so for you like that, you know, for me, let me just tell you ice.

I struggle constantly with my temper. I really do.

For those people you know me well and in fact I have his good friend Harold and never seem to get mad until some happened in the studio one day a couple weeks ago and he said I size face. Now I'm a believer and so really my whole life, then you know it's bad is been my my crucible that that that God is purify me with right that the blessing as you can see it, you know what I'm saying I will talk about this at you and it makes me just giving thank you how many times we don't see another people see it in us. You know, and I think until we view human nature, we don't see what's right in front of some we don't see her own faults or own things that hold us back our or divide us in an pull us away from our Lord and Savior sometimes are the people see it in us before we ever recognize it and now Rowan and certainly in on forks very fortunate to have around me. A lot of people with you mind telling me Robbie with my wife being number one on the list of you know of of of given me. That kind of feedback real feedback that you know faithful are the wounds of a friend so you know is where looking at the freedom that Jesus gave us your suit this journal and then for you to know what is your crucible, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH personally come back and I have Jim Owens with Ford, but in the meantime be thinking about your cruise will be like a you're listening to the Truth Network and all this stone the builders rejected the builders rejected is on a roll today on the Christian Car Guy ship you love that the stone the builders rejected this honor roll and speaking on the role of the Mustang is on a roll. We have Jim Owens with Ford with this Jim warrior: from today from your born the home of the Mustang where hopefully a lot of the month" urine around the country celebrate the birthday of the month ending in Vail and that's quite a birthday so what you got planned so bunch of things going on down in North Carolina. The Mustang ordered that these are owners who put together their own collection of Mustang historical stuff that makes Mustang payments for all the movies that it been in I'm right down there in the Charlotte area not depart that actually is going to have over 300 Mustang more than 500 people who are out there celebrating your birthday.

Wow, do you know the date on are you going on. Actually, all weekend, so if it went on yesterday. They started coming in and then not today throughout the day at the museum and then tomorrow or Sunday. I think a little bit less the plan, but the big day down there wow so easy about you love mustangs and you're in North Carolina today. You know how cool I've been to that museum. It's it's pretty spectacular. Jerry so and then they have a job with a good job with it may put together at all you know who really care about it and you note down near the Charlotte motor Speedway. There where we have the home of the Ford performance racing school so I have a chance to go see it in a collector form and the music important and then literally merely just across the street directly to the Charlotte motor Speedway and drive those mustangs on the inside rollable the drag and the outside of wow that sounds good. You know you know until just Robbie noses and agendas about my first car was a 68 Mustang convertible really yeah I did not know that six years old and I think you were about yeah is now that I felt so here we talked about that been a been a couple you remember what you do in that convertible that open air freedom that you embody the Mustang right when you feel like you're having a bad day and weatherwise probably downward you guys are. You can pick the top down more. In a word 35 today that everything that today local, but you can drop at top down and feel the wind through your hair, and in a lot of the stresses of your workday. You can kind of disappear when you take that down especially beautiful about how you love the lines only my first car was a 1960 Rambler American look like an upside down bathtub three on the tree.

I've been a little jealous. Jerry told one and it would be old pushbutton transmission that beats the clutch that I was only right now.

I was man flathead for it would it would get out of its only good thing you know that I'm back in the day right when you had the javelin in the Camaro in the calendar today you talk about that four-cylinder Mustang that four-cylinder is now over 300 miles per gallon and it anything how the technology evolved and now it's nice that the passionate men and women afford in the Mustang team like engineer those product attributes into the vehicle that we can enjoy safely and I do think Jen five and he wants but then five back in 054 point be eight had 300 hp and her all excited and now the Mark 121, Mark 122 170 hp amazing.

If your Mustang fan or sports car fan and there's no better day to be a fan of those cars than today? I know that when you unveiled the new Mustang after a solid clip of it on the road all you know papered up and covered up or you could really see the body of best, looking at John see the lines the paper.

Yeah, we don't talk about product and I know there's a complete cottage industry out there people trying to take pictures and they're interested product right now. On the 22 revealed I knew right so for the 22 model year you Mustang and yet you have but know I the convertible in it, but Mustang is like. Make it your own right, but different packages. This year we came out within yelp. One is the Mustang ice white edition and for those of your listeners were not fans of the box body like an extension of that triple bite box body that we clear tail lamp, which is really unique down watching the cars go by and identify what they are, by seeing the tail lamp and have the clear ones that we actually use in Europe, but it really ties the package from the white pony on the front light feel like interior.

It harkens back to that purple light 93 box body with the coastal edition get a pretty darn close to the ocean over there where you kind of think that open air freedom right not eco-boost with a nice design and style, and then draft up the convertible and you know whether you're on Route one on the East Coast or Route one on the West Coast and enjoy it.

We continue to make those packages that we talk about stuff we have new or 22 including my favorite Shelby GT 500 that heritage edition and it is done and that the blue which is just so cool like Carol and his merry band product launch colors semi-hey were at a time. I was to you got you this loaded for bear with mustangs. Are we so appreciate you guys are doing absurd. Gordon dear Mona Dearborn and keep up the great work.

Thank you and I think there was the fact that I happy birthday will be right back. Take your calls. You're listening to the Truth Network and is on a roll today on the Christian car guys show.

We would love to hear from you what your Egypt might be what your crucible might be the judge that that you feel like he's given you the freedom to to be go through that kind of thing, 866-348-7884 the number to call in and join us. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and love always laments the Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms and widows last week due to our renewal of the studio we were unable to do the show and we had all these people lined up for the Jesus labor. Love that we have just a desperate need to put it out of the man I know if I was one of those moms at the meter car we've never had the need for cars that we have right now. So if you know anybody really especially in in North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina somewhere that is not want to trade that car.

Do whatever you know that there are some people out there that are really really struggling with transportation and the only way out form. Really Jerry is is to get another car and in fact you know some of them. These cars have been wrecked and oh my goodness you had a chance to look at some of those lately yeah you know when you think about that. It just don't realize it just just put yourself in campus steps, but this place, but just think about what that car means to you. As far as just your everyday how much you depend on a vehicle and then think about some of these somebody specialties mothers who are having children and you have to it just breaks my heart because I get the doctor's office is an end and doing things with that kiss by some kids that are need extra help in step, and even where you're trying to you know single moms out there trying to make a living and be able to provide for family is hard to do unless you have transportation to get to work. I mean it's it's it's tough mess of yeah good place for beaded through them because you've been working on one of these that I've been working on and I've been working on it with the insurance Commissioner North Carolina course I'm sure these laws are similar in all states but what happened here was a young lady lent her car to her friend right and her friend was not named on her policy and so this other lady wrecked her car and in North Carolina right the insurances with the car and since this lady was listed on the policy and with this particular insurance company there like or sorry were not covered in this claim, and so here this for single mom is right. She's got no transportation and no insurance and she let somebody borrow her car.

You know, and I immediately got to tell you, Jerry. I called my daughter message you now you let your boyfriend drive your car sometime you have choice a get him on the policy. Your choice be stopped that what what you know him and stuff like that.

You don't really you don't think about it until it happens to you in the middle of it and then all the said you start all these regulations, laws and policies that you had no uterus.

There is no reason that to even think that you needed to know any. Then you just think, oh, it'll be all right got insurance on it, but it doesn't work that way. That's why I've always said in an multiple times and Robbie knows that much.

A priestess is the what. There's a lot of lot of value and have an agent that you sit down and you know what, there's never a stupid question to ask an insurance agent when your your your renewing a policy or when you're looking to make sure you have the right coverage, and you understand what your coverage is because our union situation with his is this this lady who's having the note really had nowhere to turn. Basically eyes made phone rang three phone calls to the insurance Commissioner trying to find some way that we could possibly get some her some relief of some kind and I mean that's just know that's the way that that is fallen, and that you know there are restrictions on certain policies and boy I mean you just call one 800 number and you get some policy and you don't know what you got, you know, those are that's the newness we run this a lot also is where I would get up own insurance but you know now Huber and and and delivering pizzas RR dark Graham have all these different things out there. You know you a policy doesn't miss. If you are working in that vehicle was used for business you don't have a rider on your policy. They could not claim and something very few people know so the first thing the OS is well what happened Nancy and you tell him why was delivering face in the next thing you know that claim denied right right and so this is it. Again one of those things it to me, it's you know it's one of those reasons why need an agent, but also you need to be a little bit aware of the different things and get you in trouble and sore gradualist of the show and obviously forgotten questions along these lines, you know, we get Bill Mixon that our numbers 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH, but back to the thing you there. There's a need out there on a blue side of yeah if you have a car vehicle or some you just sit Nice and you know I don't crank anything up every six or seven months. It is really in the way is a good car is not don't have much value, but it's a dependable car and we have a place for us and we really, really do, and some of these folks owe the needs that it could meet and it doesn't need to be a nice most of the cars that we've ever had. I mean, not anybody's idea of a nice car but to the person that got the car all my goodness it was transportation. It was reliable and it made a huge need in their life.

At the time so you know, one of the questions that the today show is you know what will you do with that freedom right got Jesus died that we would have this freedom and you know is interesting thing is you look at the hundred 19 Psalm and I do this podcast every day and so I did a podcast this week as I love the wonder about stuff I just do.

So I was wondering in a what is hosanna mean well guess what, it's in the hundred 19 Psalm it out. Did you know that that's that's where you find that hosanna what is it you know this whole idea of he who comes in the name of the Lord where where is where you find that once again in the hundred 18 Psalm did did some stuff on that what about the donkey you know who was the original person to come into Jerusalem on as you thought about this Jerry but I did a podcast on this is their first on who was the original triumphal entry came in on a donkey was going to be obedient to his father to be a sacrifice, who would that be, it wasn't Jesus. It was Isaac write you anything about where Mount Moriah is located in. Guess what, he came into that area and they set the donkey aside and and went up. You know that's that's part of that story.

But then there's another whole thing that is was there one donkey or two donkeys and so I have a whole podcast on that and so if you like to wonder about that stuff you want to wonder about the hundred and 18 Psalm you know it's it's out of an outcast and wonder with Robbie. It wonder, in fact it's called Bible wonders that's why God revealed it. The verse I want to talk about that really just I've been illuminated for me this year is in the hundred 18 Psalm right after that, you know there's several of these all give thanks to the Lord for he is good, right where the Jews know and and and it's very clear for them that when it says his love endures forever. Anything that is forever means Messiah. Okay, it's like one equals the other when something is forever. That's eternity. When you get the Messiah so they knew when they were quoting these things from the hundred 18 Psalm this is the guy. This is the king is common and so when it gets down to the fifth verse it says I called to the Lord in distress. The Lord answered me and set me in a broad place. Well, right here we have a very interesting thing that number one the Jews in a blow the shofar every Rosh Hashanah right conflict and the idea is that you start in the narrow place and you're going to a wide place right that you're in a tight spot in your you're going to a wide spot but see when you're in that tight spot. That's when you're in the crucible that does that distress that this right there that's the root word of the word Egypt okay just to tell you.

So when I was in Egypt I cried out to the Lord. I was it that visible right because only times you find yourself in the crucible and you don't have what it takes to get yourself straight here so that's where he called on the Lord and when he put them in that wide place it actually the wide place is your heart okay that your heart is meant to hold the whole kingdom is meant to hold all of God's is like it says in the hundred 19 Psalm right that I will run in the path of your commandments when you enlarge my heart because when Jesus comes into their that's the freedom you get this large heart is the proposed this tight spot will very interestingly I've discovered this week that the word Pharaoh has to do with throat and you know the journey between your head and your heart you have to go through your nose and guess what, there's this tight spot is right there between your head and your heart is in your throat and the Pharaoh is there waiting to say let my people go, you know that I gave Moses all is when we come back 866-34-TRUTH you're listening to the Truth Network and the stone the builders rejected is on a roll against on the Christian car guy so so excited because Rodney has been traveling the country with the cross and now we have them on the phone to give us an update to Rodney tell his shirt a little what you're doing you know about it. Everyone to build a deeper boarded relationship with our Savior, though. What about your doing bodywork is so cool something you gonna give us a picture sensor listeners probably haven't seen you are you.

You literally have across your Dragon. How does it work.

I carry it all shoulder probably about 7 foot tall I get little taller than I am. So you've been dragging you do drag part of the league.

No. To get up and toted over the shoulder while it goes away. Lightweight colored I am somehow so they go about her a lot but overhead again. So where did you start now, all this journey started in central Florida and where you headed, heading up to the belt right now with Alvin about the Virginia about to go out there.

Pray, fast and see where dad want me to go to Nick really so you don't have the necessary my company go to Maine or Pennsylvania or some your you. You're gonna work out since it will learn if we get out the way with the father. Do you want to do.

That's where we get the most fruit from you so but joy comes from pleading in the lower to be directed by give all way that acknowledge the Lord all your weight will direct your path. So that's what I do.

If you get an encounter you can share with us and somebody came up and said man.

Oh that that's that's everyday I don't right now I'm at this place called the hotel, the Lord led me. They here to fight with some of the gentlemen itself felt in the ghetto understand the where did you don't build a relationship with the word so that they could have direction in their lives with all the things they do.

This is the story that comes to your mind and somebody that walked up to some that you dislike man God.

How cool is that mean something that really jumps out at you. Well let's see every day I get divine appointments so if I don't play with this plate most recent went across this guy named Duane brother in Christ Dan. He actually passed me last year will commit their independent and grieved it hard that he didn't stop and talk to me.

The Lord put a bright next to me. I guess Bell for five days ago and he was just so excited to be able to speak to me because you date a grieved heart. Though validated the class which led me to hear that. I believe there is no good thing with the kingdom it every day it happened exactly as it will once it be so yeah yeah though that I have. I've been accounted like that many encounters just like with Larry.

You know have a brother named dominated thinking out.

David and I met Larry and he directed me to you to be you know of the show slow missionary homes. Many of these to know his radio show was a place missionaries call me met Rodney so surrounding how you support yourself or I mean I guess God supports you like these sports. All of us, but I was at work practically for you.

I don't I don't worry about those things the Lord give me everything that I need what I needed that work more than all the birds so I did go for a do what he tells me people come in they give me food or what ever I need in that moment is really cool to first time I talked to Rodney was about three weeks ago Jerry and I was like, will you know how I get up with you because he doesn't have a phone like of course guys just I may need it really is kinda cool but you know how many of us these days that now if somebody doesn't. And so you know is we need to coordinate this if you know so that God could get the glory for what for what's going on in Ronnie's life in the assembly so forgiving like me because I got up at about everything you could do wrong. It never fully extended, my life changed me at that those who been forgiven, but loved much though my heart for the people I want them to know the one who loved me, you don't love them as well so I just take each and every day I give it all though that you know people will know that Christ loved the good that will were supposed to be worse. Both beat expressions of him that the definition of a Christian it be Christlike.

You know, sometimes the only Jesus by might be like this through one of the thought like to, you know, really did demonstrate. You know the love of God in their lives. Clearly that you have brothers and listening now just thinking of how many people that don't stop our speak to you on when you down the road we making this that journey, but the questions that it brings happen, you know that that that's powerful when you Inc. about a this puppy. How many families probably go by with the kid in the car and say what is he doing who that man was was going on there is apparent opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ or somebody across the airport like all absolutely took that Scripture a lot more literally the most was how drizzly you pick it up every day and someone near Eastern plans. Rodney will make it out here out the mountain, but Bob got a little bit different, so he put me here to hang out here and leveled it. Tell them about the goodness of the Lord to help them grow it was all about about the relationship at all. God wants from the relationship had a goal is to have a relationship with you. It's interesting you say that because yesterday I really went through an example of this because we were literally slaughtering a Passover lamb for the Passover, they were doing tonight and so we thought that it would be appropriate since it was Good Friday to slaughter this lamb and I had this friend you got the lamb for me and he was supposed to call me from the mountains where peas up Ashbrook bring this lamb down so that we can slaughter name supposed to call me when he got on the road and then I got a call from a family member who was really really really in a crisis and and in the faith crisis and it was unbelievable what God did, and then in the next hour between eight and 9 o'clock will I was expecting to go meet him to do this right between eight and nine. God did some amazing stuff for the family member absolutely blows my mind what God did with that and so immediately when I got off the phone I was texted by mother from Robbie need to get over because corns over here with this lamb and I was like, I'm on my way when I got there Quonset well I didn't call you because God told me you had an important mission that you and he was serious like he'd gone that were just like you get Rodney that that I he'd gotten word not to call me because I was doing something important and it blew me away that that God early, you know, told corn in the know he was obedient to not call me because of what was going on. I mean how cool is that journey as his running said sometimes get out of his way around the eye. Hey were out of time, but man, buddy. I appreciate you calling so much and when will be praying.

How could. What's a good prayer request for you while you're out there hearing the trial continue to give me 100 though that I know how to every person both for me to speak, as I think that I would add, let's just pray that right now as we had often these two Jesus, thank you for Rodney and we do pray that you would give them boldness at the same time on discernment given the words and given the wisdom to know how to say them when the same that he would bear much fruit for you that people would come to the freedom that were talking about today and we ask this in Jesus name, amen and this is the Truth Network