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Psalms 119:81 - God's Good Fire In Our Hearts

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 21, 2021 9:21 am

Psalms 119:81 - God's Good Fire In Our Hearts

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 21, 2021 9:21 am

Psalms 119:91 They continue this day according to thine ordinances: for all are thy servants.

The fire of Judgement or ordinances as translated here are to refine our hearts for the Good that God's faith in us comes to life as from verse 90's Faithfulness.... PUS -Robby's story to illustrate

Psalms 119:91

Updated:  Ten Common Words Dictionary - "New Piqqudim"

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Treasurers help from around in the 91st verse of the hundred 19 Psalm we get to dig counsel in the heart section of the midsection of the hundred 19 Psalm how fun is that an actually when you look at these verses you have to kinda combine verse 90 with verse 91 in order to see where the psalmist is going Psalm and read 90 and then 91 which is today's verse as they dude go together. Most certainly, so verse 90 we talked about yesterday by faithfulness is on to all generations, thou has established the earth and it abide 91 they continue this day according to thine ordinances for all are thy servants so they continue obviously refers back to the faithfulness is of God, which is a really good thing to know that they continue as that's just absolutely critical and says according to thine ordinances is the way it's translated to English but that word ordinances is that Ms. fight that idea of judgments that we talked about is one of the 10 words which by the way have updated the PDF with my new understanding of the precluded and so that's there in the show notes it.

If you go to Christian car

By the way, I've added the new link where you can look at the verse at the episodes with the show notes so you might see that Christian car but anyway those 10 words one of those is the misfit and and the idea of these mitzvot is critical to understanding this verse in my view, so it says all are thy servants, meaning that in all the ordinances are a servant, but in some ways, all I mean literally all are thy servants and said oh you know the way I thought about this is interesting when you look at this idea of judgment. We talked about it before that it's it's literally a pay unit right next to a tap.

In other words, the idea of the presence of God looking for goodness but when you think about the presence of God and especially when you look at the idea of mitzvot you have this idea of a man which means, in this case more fire because that addresses the shin and so you got like this fire that's God's judgment, but that is turning things to good. That's the way that fireworks right that it that it is going to refine and us for good. So you know II think is no coincidence when I think about my own conversion right III didn't come to Christ until I was 36 years old and I was in the car business and I found myself as I think most new believers do with a target on their back. They didn't have before.

Another words you you didn't have an enemy because Satan is not your enemy. When you're on his side panel. Hence you come into Christ. All of a sudden you have a target on your back, you didn't necessarily have before, but this is actually part of God's judgment.

He is in the business of refining us right in heating things up just like you are body heats up to get a fever to kill the virus as well current.

Remember, wasn't long after I came to Christ. I got fired in a really strange way. I mean, it was just too bizarre to even think about how it happened. I was the general manager of the most profitable store and the crown organization and had gone really well but unfortunately the owner who owned the whole chain son-in-law had an affair on his wife which cause this huge shift in all the management because he couldn't have a son-in-law who he now despised in the same city with them, but he didn't have much choice because a son-in-law owned all the stock and in his Honda store. There, in Greensboro, so I had the other Honda store course the most profitable one so his move was to put his son-in-law into the store that I had and move me and and the where he moved me was under somebody that didn't just came into the organization, and he was extremely I don't know he would even admit to this. David was extremely worried about how strong that I was and that if he kept me around.

He wasn't to be able to be my boss anymore and so essentially part. Although you know that may sound a bit vain I did know the God just gave me a blessing to be able to sell our cars existed and I am really thankful for that and and I kind when I look back at that situation. I remember just saying God I don't understand you know I'm going to church and get in line now is all this happening to me. You know, and interestingly on the way it worked in my life was that me almost immediately I wasn't without a job for two or three days and I got a call to come to Winston-Salem to even better position. It was more money and the president of what became about mill oppression, Jeep Eagle, which are told that story a mere many times but there were several things just right off the bat right that I mean here came this losing my job and having to move in going through all this turmoil that moving does and then it wasn't long thereafter that you know I had cancer and several other things that were clearly just heating up my fever in order to get rid of the viruses right into purify us in judgment. But the point still gets back to that what God is after. In all this judgment is goodness right because at the end of the of the idea of misfit. The reason why it's for its it's ends with that T the right member. We did the whole section on the Tet and its goodness right teach me good judgment and knowledge all those verses. It had to do with goodness and the idea of all this stuff is working together for good, right. And so, although it appears to be going on that are shenanigans are actually working together for good to purify everything is a fire that's burning in.

That's what his judgments are in.

And interestingly, the Psalms clearly knew that and so you know I love this verse that part of God's faithfulness is he's faithful to discipline as he's faithful to allow fires and trials in our lives in order to bring out the goodness that there that he knows is there. He has faith in you that you can undergo the things that you are struggling with and and so in this idea of counsel. I mean, how much do our hearts need to know that that God is faithful like like we just talked about, but that our hearts need the Council of look as you go through these judgments. God is bringing out the good look for the good. It's in there like Prego spaghetti sauce should view that God is after something every all are his services way. This is this verse reads, and I think it couldn't be more as we look more into the law midsection. The heart section of the hundred 19 Psalm thank you so much for visiting with me today