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Psalms 119:89 - The Heart That Goes On

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 17, 2021 8:50 am

Psalms 119:89 - The Heart That Goes On

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 17, 2021 8:50 am

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Psalms 119:89 For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven.

Starting The Verses of Lamed - First Robby discusses the relationship of the Kaf to the Lamed, the The Wisdom of The Lamed - The Heart That Goes On.

Psalms 119:89


Treasurers of team know I'm day on Psalm verse 89 is the first verse and the allotment section. So it's a good time to think about my role. Apparently the hood is is in some way settings up your building allotment and know we talked about the hood of being this idea and we just studied all eight verses of desire. You know is you cup your hand and you asked for a blessing and this idea of the Hanukkah which is over your head, which is given you this super consciousness of these desires that drive your intelligence to some extent and in the whole idea when they would say that there had had to be covered in order to pray the main thing that this is gets back to this concept again of the hook. I one thing I have failed to mention about the hood of his it's a crown okay so it's got a critical when you think about this crown is necessary to make the king right and so interestingly if you think about what would tell you more about King David and anything is seems like you would describe him as a king who love God with his whole heart and so after you get this crown this idea that you know it. As we began the with the unit section. We talked about that being the hand of God, but is also the sparkle once it spark you know sets fire to these desires that were talking about.

It builds whole heartedness and so allotment is the letter that means heart in so many ways is also a very absolutely gorgeous, well are all gorgeous, but in some way. I've just always been one of my favorite letters because it has so many different wonderful aspects to it, one of which is it's the tallest letter and it's the only letter in the Hebrew alphabet that goes above the line and the idea is is that a heart that is wholehearted. That is, is reaching for God that is standing at the standing letter reaching for God which you would do if you had a whole heart, but it also is is a letter that means to teach and to learn. So when you look at the idea of learning. When you learn something you then best able to teach it, but by the same token if you want to learn it. If you are tasked with teaching it.

That's a great waited to learn it.

Just like what were doing today and so it's interesting that you would think you would learn in your head but to some extent you learn with your heart because heart is where you get this understanding of the brain and and so here we have after we get the stuff the desire of the head comes this whole hearted idea, and this is settings up for the next letter, which is the members unbelievable so you know before we began our just wanted to talk about the La med at, and these ideas these concepts that would be so clearly so critical to King David and you know this whole idea of 119 Solomon looking at these eight faces of the law met in and so the beautiful thing is today. Isn't this the first first we get the wisdom of the La med and it is one of these fundamental verses in the hundred 19 Solomon to many people had memorized and it almost seems critical to the kingdom of God that that we understand this concept. So the verse reads in English verse 89 forever. The Lord thy word is settled in the heaven. That's in the King James version. I would probably translate that more forever old Lord thy word is standing in heaven because that word that is used translated several is way more times referred to as standing but also it's also a pillar and so it's kind of neat to think that God's word is a pillar in heaven, but we do know he standing right there at the right hand of God as Jesus is the work did. And so it's gonna need to think that his word is standing in heaven.

In the course. You know, King David understood this concept. It's, it's more than amazing, but obviously you know how does this fit into allotment well.

You might remember that back when we were studying the vav versus it there was a verse that it was the fourth person from that mistake or said after you take not the word of truth utterly out of my mouth and says, and so I shall keep thy law continually forever and ever.

Will that forever there is this an interestingly he spelled that forever, which is not normally spelled allotment of the begin beginning, but he did when he when he penned that verse in the five section any did it again here where he puts a allotment in in front of this concept of forever. And so you know you can't help but think of the song from Titanic, which Celine Dion did not did not write the lyrics but will Jennings did and will Jennings and also be the person that did the lyrics for tears in heaven that Eric Clapton sang in and cowrote with him actually, but it's clear it's clear to me that will Jennings understand some things deeply because when you look at the lyrics for the heart that goes on it's it's a fascinating idea that your heart goes on forever, especially if it has his word in it, or if you know this is the place were we meet with God and so the attorney the eternal part of your heart is just absolutely spectacular and I don't think it's any coincidence at all that that song you know was number one in such a huge hit the heart. The goes on and and and if you look in the lyrics of that you know there's some absolutely beautiful stuff that's written. That also goes along with this idea of forever old Lord and and and it's a neat thing to think that forever you know those who love to learn, and those who love to teach. We are going to be learning in our hearts, and were going to be teaching in our hearts. And there's this other beautiful aspect of allotment. It also means to love and so if you love to learn that doesn't just coincidentally start with that left left that L sounds because the La med.

This sound is used for love, and in so many different ways and so you say. Well, Robbie, how does this apply to my life. Well you know this is a critical first understand from my perspective that God's story is eternal and and that what was written in Revelation was written at the very beginning what was written in the Gospels was written from the very beginning.

In other words, his word has been established in heaven, and his plan is coming true. And it is going to work out and when you understand really the larger story.

The bigger picture that's being played out in this verse the wisdom of God has this all under control. It's all part of the plan and all things work together for good for those who love them are called according to his purpose. No reserves. No doubt my mind that Jesus is coming back. There's no doubt in my mind that his thousand year reign going in all these things are happening and and I get to play whatever role it is in helping people to to be quickened in his word.

Based on all these verses that we've been learning and praying and thinking about Ryan and so where where does this come, you know where the rubber meets the road, so to speak well for me it you know when I lose my father or when a new one lost my father two years ago I lost my mother three years ago. You know all the sudden forever has a really you know, and in and the aspect of those that I love her in my heart and in they do go on right like my father is there and he is going to be there and in my mother's there and she's going to be there and we are all going to be and so you know when you're at your point of like wow this just isn't that just looks like all is bleak. All is going. You know how the world can this all work out was pretty cool to look back in our heart and think how important it is that that we have this foundational verse in the heart right forever old Lord thy word stands in the heavens forever. And with that we know that that this is all coming together in the really neat thing.

From our perspective and those of your listening and loving and learning this right now in the Sunday will be in heaven will talk about how cool it is that there is right there instead of meeting and we knew it we knew it all along beautiful thing and got quickened right as it is in the last verse. We talked about in loving kindness we can get this point.

I of of truly having of learning loving and loving start out of these verses are so absolutely beautiful and allotment section of the hundred nine