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Psalms 119:68 Good Good Father

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 15, 2021 9:00 am

Psalms 119:68 Good Good Father

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 15, 2021 9:00 am

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God is Good, we know that but to see the Larger Story behind all the other stuff takes some prayer, this is the Psalmist's Robby illustrates

Psalms 119:68

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The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

Hidden treasures of the hundred and 19, well we have some good lying today section and studying this whole idea of good the top of and as we get to today's verse which is verse 69 I worked.

I know it will hardly challenging to think of a lie is good, but hopefully you'll see with me that since it was good that he was afflicted as I've read ahead in the Psalms is lies in being good, although at the time clearly lying is not good. Don't get me wrong on that, but it it's good that were afflicted sometimes lies as the case may be. So reading verse 69 it says in the King James version. The proud have forged a lie against me, but I will keep thy precepts with my whole heart.

As we been talking about throughout the Psalms that the psalmist, the Holy Spirit gave the psalmist the idea of what's in Isaiah 11 about the seven anointing's and singe.

Each of these letters in the letter Tet is one of those letters and it has to do with the top of goodness, and in so many different ways that would have these anointing's and and again today we get to the fifth verse which would be the anointing of knowledge and knowledge from Hebrew standpoint is beautiful there.

Inside of that word is this idea of seeing truth okay and so seeing the truth in these verses is substantial and significant because in and it's also I find it absolutely fascinating that King David the psalmist clearly is quoting a Job with this passage because that that that whole idea of forged a lie that those words only used in the Scriptures, except right here which are there in here inherent with Job and and so he is. He's quoting something that you remember Job's counselors. They did the same thing and he made reference to it and and so it makes you ponder since we know that the whole concept here is there's gotta be something good going on because that's what the psalmist is teaching us and and so here we have the proud that in forged lie against them and I'm sure there were tons and tons of places that that happened to King David. It certainly happened to Job, but the interesting thing is, where is it happened to you and then he follows it with. But I will keep thy precepts with my whole heart and and we talked about these precepts being these ideas that that we cherish in our heart and so those are like love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and your neighbor as yourself, and so loving these people that are lying against you is it's an interesting situation and so how do you do that with your whole heart. Under this situation in less you understand that if you come down a couple verses from, but let me just read the next two verses.

You can kinda see where he goes it says the proud of forged lie against me, but I will keep thy precepts with my whole heart. There heart is as fat as grease but I delight in the law, then he comes up with 471 it is good for me that I have been afflicted that I might learn my statutes.

In other words, this affliction is talking about is these people that are lying in these people who were abusing him that our hearts is that his grace but he said he is good. It's good because as it turned out he learned these statutes as a result of all this going on and I think if you look back in order to augment the idea of the hidden goodness and the situations are all things come together for good for those who know the whole Romans, you know, a 28 idea so as we think about this and I couldn't help but think about the story in my own life as he could call this part of the West side story because the cargo ship I had was Westside Chrysler Dodge Jeep anyway. You may have heard me talk about it before that we had a situation or office manager had embezzled some money and then then pay the payroll taxes and this thing started to collapse in the whole city of Marksville where the dealership was rumors started flying. And some people forge some life that might've been proud people to write, you can't help but note that a lot of times these people think they're better than you. You know they they know what really happened. And even though they didn't know what happened and so since a lot of money was gone and a lot of things were going on as you might guess people were saying that Robbie took it and and it was almost unbelievable. Some of the rumors that that came back to me at the time it would crush me because a lot of these people like you know I thought were my friends and a lot of things were going on, but I not remember this little story here. You know how this is going on on crush them I'm on, there's a hill is called Depot Hiller as you as you come in in the Marksville and I'm going up this hill in my car and I'm praying of the time and I'm seeing God.

Are you aware of all that these people are saying is that you need to do something to protect your name because there will well know that I'm a Christian. He made it really clear in my soul that is like Robbie, I can take care of my reputation. Don't worry about you worry about what you're doing and in the situation was as good as the place was collapsing around us and it was because the money was gone and we were having the come in for a landing.

Somehow, without people hurting people and and so it was critical at that point in time. The precepts that we that we brought the dealership in Ezell for landing.

In other words, I'd you know God put on my heart that I was not to leave customers hanging with cars that needed be paid off her taxes it needed to be paid for the customers and whatever another was, I knew I was gonna end up having to burn somebody because of the money wasn't on at and so we worked very, very, very hard that that would end up being the government, and it would end up being Chrysler who had a lot. Both of those people that whole lot to do the mess that we are in any way but anyway since it we are here you are in is very very difficult situation and and I was always so thankful that God gave us the wisdom to be able to walk out of there with the place collapsing without hurting any of the customers without hurting any of the smaller suppliers and and and thinking of of trying to think of you know, do the best we can with a very horrible situation.

As a result, you know, God used all these things to teach me a lot of statutes things that I did not understand or never would've understood had I not been through these things and like it says you know in second Corinthians 1. You know you the God of all comfort. I've used many of the things I've been through for years and years and with people that were in horrible situations. Financially I'm I'm I can relate until you die know what that's like and and kind of you know what a wonderful time to sit down and figure out what are the precepts here. How can I do this as ethically as I can. Considering that somebody's going to have to lose out on this thing big time so you know I again a lot of people are probably still second-guess all that what happened at the end of Westside but I know that that from my standpoint, there's a certain amount of peace that I really felt God was with me and that and that was really good for me as it turned out that these people forge lies against me because as a result of all those things going on. I had no place to hide, but in God. I mean there was just nowhere to go, because a lot of those that our my friend, you know, things are just fall apart all around you, so it's really beautiful thing that that week when you know you're in these situations is is a place where God really really teaches statutes like nothing else. So I don't know if you would agree that there were good lies but think about today. As were talking about the section of hundred 19 Psalm thank you so much for studying this today