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Let God Take Care of Your Worries

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 25, 2021 12:29 pm

Let God Take Care of Your Worries

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 25, 2021 12:29 pm

Guest host Bob Young talks about his faith journey and how God has helped him through difficult times.

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The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

This is Darren Kuhn with the masculine journey podcast were research the ancient paths to find ways that God brings light into a dark world and help set men free from the struggles that we all face on a day-to-day basis. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network good morning everyone you're listening to the truth in car guys show Bob Junior Christian junkyard God Robbie is out today so I will be hosting the show. We have a lot coming at you. Today we have a special guest that I can't wait for you to me. We have gas mileage tips to help you get the best performance out of your car.

Also, the last segment of the show we have another episode of Christian car got the Ater. This is a call-in show, so please feel free to give us a call at 866-348-7884. That's 866-348-7884 Avenue/4 EFI lows in the Winston-Salem area. I was driving here today and hope for United Methodist Church.

There's a car show and fall bazaar going on. There's a lot of yard sale items.

There's a silent auction going on. But what caught my was all those Purdy shiny cars sitting right out front. I topic this morning is what's holding you back. What's keeping you or your car from achieving its maximum performance. What is keeping you from doing the things that God has planned for you.

There is so much more that I could and should be doing for the kingdom of God. But I let things hold me back. Whether it's the things in my past or my selfish plans for the future so many times I've had the opportunity to do something really positive, but I let things keep me from achieving my full potential. Take this show. For example, I have posted in the past, but because of my selfish reasons.

I passed up on many opportunities to host in recent years. Every time Robbie would asked me the host I would figure out a way for someone else to host skews me and for me to be the guest I'm just more comfortable in the guest position, but this time I had to ask myself how important it is my comfort.

Yes, I will be a little nervous yes I may mispronounce a few words, and probably will, but on the other hand, I may say something that has a positive effect and changes someone's life. When I let my personal comfort stop me from trying to do my best. My best work for the kingdom of God. I have to ask myself just how comfortable was Jesus when he hung there on that cross and died for me and when I look at it from that perspective, it's a whole lot easier to say yes to hosting today when I think back to the first time I said in the host chair I get really tickled. I was a complete train wreck. I was sure I could talk for an hour on any day under any circumstances with no problem at all.

I had prepared what I thought was plenty of material to last the whole shine I'd been a guest many times and once Robbie gracefully navigate the show and phone calls with little or no trouble, so I thought I was fully prepared to deliver a Christian car guys show for the ages. But when the shows introduction came through my headphones everything chains see when you're making commercials which I had a lot of experience with and you say something wrong or mispronounce words you just stop and start over and redo it when your own live radio is completely different. Whatever you say goes into the mic and comes out of speakers all over the country. So if you say something dialectically stupid.

You can't reach out and snatch it. He just goes right on out there. This thought nearly paralyzed me on that first show. I got so nervous I started talking extremely fast and in the first segment I used up most all of the material I had prepared for the whole show. Also, I had no guess with me in the studio so at that point I was flying solo with only fumes in the tank. Not a very good feeling, but is always God provided exactly what I need what I needed when I needed it the most. During the second segment Jerry Mathes from race body shop called in. What a blessing it was to hear a dear friend's voice in my time of need. Talking with him on their help me gather my composure and gave me a sense of calm that I needed to finish the shed.

It was not the first time Jerry had come to my rescue. But is the one that I will remember forever. I mentioned I had no guest on the first show that I hosted. But today I do. I guess today is Mr. Terrien. Terry has been a big part of my life for many years he worked for me at 109 you pull it. He was one of my sons dears friends and Terry and his family even let Rob live with them during a very difficult part of his life. Needless to say we have been very close for quite some time.

We still go to Wednesday night service nearly every week and out and out to eat afterwards. Terry has become a huge part of the Jesus labor of love, ministry, as many as many of you know this is a ministry God put on Robbie's heart.

Years ago where we are able to help widows and single moms with car repairs as the ministry grew, we began to get cars donated to help with our house. Some of the cars needed only only needed minor repairs and some were at the end of their life. Both are a blessing because the repairable cars end up with someone in need, and the end-of-life cars are sold to raise money for the ministry.

Many of these donated cars require towing and that's where Terry is been such a huge assets to the team. It's great to have you here today to tell me how did you get started with ministry. Thank you Bob will come home years ago. It's always been more to do what I could for Jesus below the wrong form so hopeful exist whatever I could do little form that I could pay back your go from cove it hit me more for sit around and stuff mobile going to. She was put on part time. We just responding things to do in the coming of thing us at one of our rule by can move by some drunk course and will keep it rolling and then I thought about Robbie and you and Jesus labor love message and I want to be a part of it to. How can I help and I reached out young Johnson dog is given a chance is such a wonderful blessing that and in the way God put that on Robbie's heart years again and how it's grown and transformed in unit first. We just had a few mechanics and now there's mechanics all over the country helping people and when he first wrote that I did to me. I was like okay will give it a shot, but I wasn't sure and I know that I'm I just wasn't sure if it was something that that we could really really make happen and everything that what a blessing this being and how it's grown and and you and Scott been added to the team. It's been just a great thing and just really excited about where it guys. How did you and I knew you worked for me at the yard for years. I can't remember how many years, seven, eight, I started in 2011 with you and I work today you walked out the door on that where not many people know the fact that that I have walked out that I have but I still have still have a great relationship with the folks there and wish them all the best, they they sure blessed my life that we have a lot coming at you.

Today is going to be a fun show. We got some tips about keeping your cars keeping your cars fuel mileage up to them to the maximum. There I won the first tips. It is says keep your tire pressure united under inflated tires really decrease your gas mileage at the gas pump. I read this on the Internet this week and it freaked me out a little bit. I was not really expecting it to to be what it was but he said to leave the pump leave the nozzle after the pump cuts off and let it drain you can get extra quarter of a cup out of it by just letting it fully drain and reminds us to use the cruise control. Sadie the cruise control is more efficient than just your foot mashing on the gas corroded battery cables can cause your heart to work harder. We have a break coming up after the break will get this more fuel tips and some other stuff. Looking forward to a great show yell come back to you in a little bit. You're listening to the Truth Network and good morning everyone you're listening to the Christian car got show. We have a lot going on today.

Robbie is out sign your guest host ever guest Terry Inman this is Terry's first time on the show and it is a little nerve-racking the first time you do it, but the I'm so glad to have them here is been such a huge part of my life, but we have a collar and if I can make these telephones work. We have Sarah good morning Sarah and Linda, I'm sorry lot bifocals don't really reach the screen all the way up there.

Understand all my I got it I was late last Saturday get up and I got it the last minute.

Cars and God's plan. My manufacture is the perfect plan had a special purpose for the race of man. If you have a sports car or an maybe Porsche you will know that from Doris.

It's the best plan. Of course, for the plan, we can't hear where will where we will find success. Those are the plans at those plans you will blab for every perfect plan. Start with the letter followed those plans from God above, they will all start with love.

Wow, that's quite awesome you that your sales garden. Oh yeah, that built that night I had a stroke when I was 18 and I almost want to be 94 and I guess a week now. I'll be 94 bit that's been the best way for me to get things across. I started out writing poetry in high school.

Well, I guess maybe elementary school I would write a silly appointment, put it in somebody's annual and that was my introduction. The poetry in the I've written some stuff I hadn't published anything and I don't think I'll get a Pulitzer Prize for any of my points but I really enjoyed doing that is something I may need to revisit in my life with thinking for Ellen in this morning with that and I is anything you would like to add to that well well right now all right here with thing. Thank you for calling and I think for blessing us with that appointment, please call again saying God bless you.

You a man with the next thing I want to talk about is what's keeping us from achieving our maximum performance for God. What keeps me from doing the things I should be doing to keep myself close to God and performing the task.

He has prepared for me. I know he wants me to help people. I know he wants to me to tell people all he has done for me publicly, such as this, and in one-on-one situations, but sometimes I struggle with the opportunity to speak to an individual does it bother you Terry. Do you have struggles honking 101 or are you better one-on-one and then maybe struggle with all talk to you real good, but a pocketable crowd. It's I get nervous. There's nobody on the other end of the assistance of CW. I do it all clear them up. You know, but that's my as I doubt myself. I pulled my past and I think is to Satan keeping me from achieving what God's plan for me. I guess to you and 1/2 years ago. Remember why start a program three times a day and is changed her life dramatically. Everything changed our whole outlook changed want change with our kids are family members. I just see a lot of open doors you know God's got a plan and a path in the audit know how jump courses going lead with everyone, first started working for guys like hose like why Scott got me here at this junkyard. I don't know you know it just always come home last while my junkyard lineup at a business downtown, Winston work for my mom. She was so it just she couldn't figure it out.

I'd worked in printing for years and years and years in the printing industry, and that some really nice places of work first started out at Western electric, and they became AT&T. And then after that I went R.J. Reynolds and had some really good printing jobs. Then I worked for private printing industry for a while and it really serve me well but then I started doing the car Christian thing. I work for Mike Pugh and we were a mobile car crushing outfit she's like son. Why are you doing this, work since printing's been so good to you for so long. I fish you know me, mom, I'm following up and I can step in something and come out smelling like a lazy day and she never got it. But you know and I know she can see it now that it work it doing the hard work and learn how to trust the cars with the guy turned into something really awesome. You mentioned a second ago your past. I wrote down some notes are passed as one of the best tools in Satan's toolbox. I feel my past is one of the biggest hurdles I have to deal with. I have let the Richard life and once live. Rob me of so many blessings. I used it as an excuse not to do the things that God placed in my path. I convinced myself.

There was no way I could do anything positive for God because of all the negatives. Although I still struggle with the past and smaller ways God revealed to me that he could use me and my past to be a blessing to others. He led me to the youth of our church and encourage me to share some of the pitfalls of my life with them. God use me in my shortcomings to wave a warning flag for the young people at our church who better than warn them of the obstacles of life than someone who tripped over most of them I've said it many times before God took the things that I thought disqualified me from working with the youth and let me know these things uniquely qualified me to work with them and it's just such a structure to persuade you to use the holders back think we can do things because Prohaska coming up on another break will be back shortly with Kristin Clark I say member is a call in 866-348-7884. You're listening to the Truth Network and good morning everyone you're listening to the christening card I show, I'm Bob Young with my guess Terry Inman and today we been talking about things that can help your performance and I things that hurt your performance. The performance of the car and or the performance of us personally today.

The last segment of the show will be the Christian car got the Ater so this'll be the last segment we have today but one of the other things I wanted to talk about that is robbed by performance in life. Another key tool in Satan's toolbox is doubt the seeds of doubt or one of the fastest growing things that exist. How many great ideas have been completely crushed but just small amounts of doubt and it's very contagious. If one person starts to doubt it can infect everyone in the whole room and I can't count the times that I let doubt rob me a blessing recently to guys from the church approached me with an idea about having an outdoor music event at Oak Forest. Apparently, Satan did not want this to happen because he instantly began pelting me with doubts of all kinds. What the weather's bad. What about Cove. It will people come. What about parking will be able get enough help and that age-old day out. Probably the most used doubt there ever was. We've never done this before all these downspout up on me and really held me back from fully supporting the event even when I was announcing our intentions to the congregation. I was so filled with doubt that I did one of my worst presentations ever will. God is made it clear to me that I need to get over my day out and get fully on board with this event since he is removed by doubt. I feel great about announcing today to the audience that on October 16 at eight force United Methodist Church and Midway from 11 o'clock to around 5 o'clock 5B-ish there will be the first annual outdoor singing event.

I think were calling it singing at the X.

I'm really excited about this boat is just a key thing in my life. I let doubt rob me a blessings ever happened to you, rather yeah Bob all time.

I mean how how doubt myself more than I can watch like stop pray stop pray you know and then it hits me. I like comes on Lawrence on Friday and then you know it works himself out, but that's the thing is, I think this is not me and you. It's everybody we always doubt is like. While both are rolled back I doubted myself about a bunch of things and September 28 will be a year we had this rollback and we can run and we've been blessed free. I mean everything is been free. We've been blessed with going to help people and that was a fine of seeing that smile on semi's face when you show up and they've been having a bad day. In the course broke down and I loaded up and how you want. We went right to you know I'll give him a ride word I need to go when you go to work and it's just a blessing in the net sponsored light shines like all you doubted yourself and then you turn around and your heart feels good and warm again. You know that's it's amazing how that works. I want to switch over to some of the things that has a chip help be achieved by maximum performance got for God instead of things that have held me back. What is help me achieve my maximum performance to God, I'm much closer to God. In times of tragedy and chaos. When I look back at my life. It's easy to see a pattern when everything is going smoothly and there's no chaos in my life.

I tend to be less close to God when it seems that that there is calm in order. I tend to drift away as if I don't need God. In those times. That is the part of my life and relationship with God that needs the most work just because there is not a fire burning out of control does not mean that we need to close the fire department if I think if I would stay in touch with him or it would help opening my Bible and getting on my knees and praying more would be the best thing I could do to help with this issue.

Miss Betty Hughes said it best when she said if you don't feel close to God, guess who moved to write about it is it's just been a constant thing for me.

There's a pattern in my life when things are out of control and and I can't. I can't possibly do things myself are preacher said it one time use. If the church never moved you to get us a very good point is very, very, very good point, but the another one of the things that that is help me. I mean, that has not helped me one of the things that the pride from me was worry, and I should've thoroughness in before I did the positive things but I can't.

I can't you know leave this one out where he is one of the worst performance in robbers there is for a person is like having bad gas in your tank, it just messes up everything God gave us the ability to anticipate the future but if we miss use it, it can become a go at a dark cloud of unbelief. We need to trust that God is in control, and if we will follow his direction that everything will work out. I'm as guilty as anyone of having short-term memory about letting God lead the way. After all the things he is led me three I still catch myself worrying from time to time about things I have no control over.

My mom was found out I was wearing about something out of my control. One day, and she asked me, is there anything you can do about it. I said no ma'am. She said them. Why are you wasting your time worrying about it. If there's nothing you can do and this I wasted through the years I wasted so much time worrying about stuff I can do absolutely nothing about. But getting back to the positives in the end the times when I felt really close is what God one of the times I felt closest with God was with my business barn. It was so easy to turn to God. During this period. Because it was crystal clear to me that I could never recover from this without without following his direction. There was no way I could figure out all the things it had to be figured out without massive amounts of divine intervention and boy do we get help. God showed up every day, even before the flames were out, he made his presence known. He guided me through the whole event and we came out on the other side bigger than bigger and better than ever. I can remember that I started working for you and one of the biggest things that come out of went home after the first day date how I started with Bob Schiff security. Then I went home first.

The first shift about three months later in that first day home first shift was a blessing when home to wife us it. The man prayed just one pray to sin and pray to sell. So this is it audit showed me run a debate that started Flint at right after the fire. That's when we began to the day of the fire.

We prayed before we went home the next morning we prayed before work and we prayed afterward.

And from that point on every morning before work. We pretty prayed that afternoon prayer got got kinda messed up a little bit.

It kinda fell to the wayside. Thereafter, wild but that changed a lot of money you know that the port was a steppingstone to God. Late in my life.

That's it. I will put this man here and will keep her prayer present in your life and that's what you need to do is keep. Things will change and it's been it's been a blessing. It's been a blessing. Well, we we didn't have much choice at that time. I mean, there was no way that we could figure it out by herself so we had it just was crystal clear that we had to have some help. Another tragedy in my life that brought me closer to death brought me closer to God and God brought me through. It was my son's death I was lost. My son was my best friend my business partner.

My retirement plan my racecar driver and it been the center of my universe for 26 years.

Now he was gone. So many people have to completely shut down after something like this, looking for answers, but God convinced me there was no answers available at this time and that I just had to push forward but I did have the Blessed assurance that just four months before Rob's death. He was saved and baptized another day. That bull was baptized it was important. It was so important to me and I was so excited and and just super thrilled about it but today he died. His baptism meant so much more. It just became the ground I could stand on it gave me everything I needed to to get through to and I'm I saying Blessed assurance in church so many years, but I never fully understood it to the day that boy died and I had the Blessed assurance that he was in heaven, whom I can whales were coming to the end of the third segment. This will be the end of the show for us want to thank everybody for being with us today Terry, thank you for being here Bob, thank you very much I really appreciate his publicity will help you almost 18 for the Christian card I see Ater and I hope you enjoy your listening to the Truth Network and now time for Christian card.

I fear today's episode of Plumas episode 19 on his dream that after Plymouth valiant battle with will call you there came to valiant what appeared to be a flying hand with some of the lease is for life, which valiant talking apply to the ones that you received the battle will call you and he was healed immediately. He also sat down in that place to eat bread in the bottle that was given to him a little before my prudence, piety, immaturity after Christian, refreshed himself.

He began his journey again with the sword drawn in hand for he said get the enemy has had valiant met with no other attack from a volume through this valley of affiliation out of the end of this was another family that was called the Valley. Since there was no other way to the celestial city valiant was obliged to go through this valley is a very solid base. I recalled the prophet Jeremiah just described to get this does. It's a land of the shadow of death, that no man but a Christian past and would know men loved to hear valiant will to be afflicted more than it is flight with upon you as a following adventure will show Jimmy thence on his dream that when volume arrived at the borders of the shadow of death, there met him two sedans children the worst timbers in Malibu. They brought up an evil report of the Lamb of quickly retreating when values stop and ask where they were going going and we would have so like he's is you. Why, what's the matter we were going going to go and almost went past continued. We would be to what have you met with why we were almost Valley of the good work we we have you seen seen itself dog is peach also sold that golden dragons of the P we also in that valley continual housing yelling is about people I don't misery sat down in affliction and clients discouraging clouds of illusion. Also, don't always spread his wings every week being all these terrors. The site, nothing that you have said so far convinces me that this is anything but the way to the celestial city way we will not choose it.

So the three-part valiant one on his way with his sword drawn him fear lest you should be assault plant looked ahead on the road and set whom I want to know the way this is the worst of construction resumes now going to a single main on the right hand of every deep ditch that ditch looks as though it is where the blind man that the blood to Middle Ages have both been miserably perished again. Hold on the left hand that was a very dangerous quagmire into which even a glimpse of dense slides he can find no tires to get traction into that quagmire. King David once did full no doubt would have been smothered had not he who is out of the quagmire roadway here was exceedingly narrow darkness set in, and therefore valiant was tested was limited in the dark trying to avoid one here over the fire. On the other. Also, when he sought to escape the Myron was very careful also driving to the ditch. Bessie went on here. He sighed bitterly.

This roadway construction zone is so dark and foggy that I have TM which way to steer what I in the middle of the Valley valiant's all hundred slashes out of the pit the flames and smoke come out such beauty is as I swing in and they cried and use a more effective weapon on me weapon that the said damsels told me about weapon of prayer on. I beseeched deliver my soul went on a great while yet still the flames would be reaching.

Also he heard voices sometimes regarded as retort of these rotten downward. Myron mistreats this rightful site was even these dreadful voices were heard from him for several miles and coming to a place where he thought he heard a company coming in this I have already vanquished menu danger the danger of going back might be much was to go forward. Somehow I must go on yet valiant since the fiendish fiends who seem to come here and when they were, even almost cried out with the most vehement voice.

I will walk in strength a little dog so the fiends came no further turned back.

Jimmy now took notice that for valiant was so confounded that he did not know his own voice and thus Jimmy proceeded just one valiant near the mouth of the burning pit.

One of the wicked ones stepped up softly behind valiant and whispered many previous blasphemies to which read valiant when he thought he had blasphemed him valiant love going truth, yet not done my demons voice sounded just like valiant the celestial cities and you know they slanted his request in this Jesus is the way all right.

The way to have value on these very words of proceeded from his own mind. This put valiant more to it than anything he had met with before even to think that he should now blaspheme him that he loved so much before get if you codeveloped it would've not done it but he did not have the discretion either to stop his years, or to know where these evil thoughts came from two men soon for another exciting venture in the Plumas progress. Now here's Danny dipstick and Randy radiator to review today's episode one Auckland Gov. goes to silence just like me, that's Dave all over again. Narrow construction zones so much quick on me when I slow down understand either construction connection soil is only found in the you can find a soil that will take office high sale of mine, so my seed can take root port. I think he will be a whole new set Dan after he died me for being confused by the voice of the even sounded like a dumb voice.

Well, what process lasted all of us. If you think it needs God's way and hit you. You will know why I thought my good what 314 20 no, we need a good have a life in the wild. This is the Truth Network