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Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119 - The Meaning of Word

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 3, 2021 9:39 am

Hidden Treasures of Psalms 119 - The Meaning of Word

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 3, 2021 9:39 am

Link to The Ten Words PDF

Digging into the many words that repeat time and again in the 119th Psalm today's word - Word - Dabar in Hebrew a fun word to seek understanding of it's meaning

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The treasurers of the hundred and 19 so we are going on a treasure hunt and the gold we are seeking in this treasure hunt is actually the phrase of God like and how funds are actually my mistress or with King David, a man who thought in his understanding of God's expression of the language itself might solve letter by letter giving us eight verses which Jesus teaches and eight of each letter of expression. Join us taking this deep dive mining with David in the hundred and 19 Psalm back to another hundred 19 Solomon in the still digging into these words and today of fun.

We get to dig into the word word because it is one of those that is repeated continually throughout the hundred 19 Psalm that when you think about the word word.

It's throughout the Scripture and so many different ways because it is in fact Jesus because as we talked about many times there in John chapter will you know the very first chapter where it says in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God will. This is the word to bar in Hebrew so When You Think about the Word Is to Look at the Hebrew Letters Again and Anything about As We Processed the Hundred 19 Psalm Organist Ben Eight Verses on Every Single One of These Letters and so Were to Be Taking a Deep Dive Word to Bar Starts out with This Doll and That We Talked about before the Dollar As We Said in Most of These Ends up Being a Doorway, but It Is Also the Poor Person or the Servant and It's Really Got A Lot Of Neat Meanings to It Is Going to Be a Really Neat Word As We Continue I Can Hardly Wait Actually to Do the Eight Verses on the Doll and but in This Case When It Comes to the Word Word Is Certainly It Starts off Being a Servant Because Obviously the Word Is Going to Serve You. But More Than That It's a Doorway Home. It Is a Doorway into a Way That You Can Relate to One Another, but More Importantly like How Cod Relates to Us through Words and so, Jesus Himself Is This a Doorway and and He's the Narrow Gate in and He Is the Way the Truth Alive All Those Things Have To Do with Expression, Which Have To Do with Words Which the Word to Bar When They Say the Word of the Lord Came to Me. You Hear That throughout the Prophet Say This Constantly, and What They're Saying Is That This the Bar Came to Them, What's That It's Jesus It's Thrifty Really a Beautiful Thing and I Starts off with That Doll.

It It It It Is by All Means, a Door, and by All Means, in Its Own Way. Servant and Then the Next Letter, Beautiful As It Could Be Is a Bat and That That I Again Organist Ben Eight Verses on That and Really Early on in the Psalm Is a Second Section of Eight Verses Is on the Bat but the Bat Is Very Much a Kingdom or Because It Means Home and Means House, It's Where God Hangs out and Hopefully If You're like Me, He Hangs out in Your Heart to What Extent Your Heart Is His Bet, Well, You Know That's Where You Want the Word to Be Right Is in Your Bat, so Is in the Kingdom and so When You See This Doorway to the Kingdom Is What God's Word Is Right Is to the Kingdom Where You Know You Can Hang out and Hang out with God Because It's a Whole Reason That He Will in Genesis Made the Earth and so That He Could Create a Place Where He Could Relate to Us and Have Communion with Us and Where We Can Have This Working Have This in the Kingdom Which Happens to Be Where It's inside of You Is Jesus Tells Us Right It's in Your Heart and and so after You Prepared Him Room after He's Cleansed It, You Know, through His Blood, so That Your Heart Will Be Ready to Accept It and That's Done Again through His Word. So It All Kinda It Is an Interesting Almost Circular Argument of How We Come Back to the Fact That Jesus Is the Word and the Word Is Jesus. So We Have It Valid and I Bet in the Last Letter in the Word to Bar Is a Rage. As We Talked about so Many Times Raised It Means Beginning and It Also Means Head and and You Know Much Much Much Much Much Study Goes in the Very First Words of the Torah Very First Words of the Bible Which Start with the Letter Bat Because God Wanted to Make a Place Where He Could Come Relates to That Term in Hebrew Is Bare Sheet Which Has To Do with in the Beginning and and That's What That Race Is Doing That When You Hear That Are You Here I Bet You There Right and in Bare Sheet What What You Hear Is Very Similar to the Work Word Because Guess What Jesus Spoke All These Things into Existence Right When He Was Making the Earth and All the Things He Did It with Words It so in the Beginning Was the Word and the Word Was with God, Right, and so Is Not Only the Beginning. But It Is Also the Head. So Is It Not Just Totally Surprising That the Word Word Has This Ration. It That Would Make in the Beginning of Great Medina Great Things When You Can Commune with God and and Here Is Word so I Hope You're As Excited As I Am to Continue so in in As We Search This Hundred 19 Psalm of David Was so Aware of This Right Because When He Said I've Hidden Your Word in My Heart Right That's the Word to Bar It Is He's Hidden Jesus.

There Were He Had Access to Them Right by by Memorizing Scripture Your Liniment Literally Memorizing God's Expressions to Us through His Bible and and and Being Able to Commune with Him There over His Own Inspection's Expressions to Is Just Terribly Exciting and I'm Personally so I Decided to Take You along with Us Again That We've Got These Words All in the PDF File That I'll Mention in the Show Notes Where You Can Look at the Actual Hebrew and and and See How Beautiful That Is, but Also at My Email Address Will Be a Measure Notes If There's Something More Than You Had a Question or Something. I Would Love to Take up a Discussion.

Maybe You Disagree with Me Strongly Love Her Here That Know and We Can't Learn from One Another and Must Be Challenging Sometimes and Feel Free to Be That If We Did Share Anything That You Want, It's All There in the Show Notes Again. I'm so Honored Really Time with Me This Morning and God Bless