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NRB Chronicles 2020 (last Year) In His Image - Declaration Of Life

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
The Cross Radio
July 20, 2021 5:00 am

NRB Chronicles 2020 (last Year) In His Image - Declaration Of Life

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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So how to be a banner before 2020 and final day and we have all sorts of fun stuff lined up for you today, and kingdom pursuits. How does God take your passionate users to build the kingdom about save a life, one voice at a time saving lives there so many different ways God has if that's especially precious to him have Kendra Martin with us and she is as is beautiful.

She's been having hemming out all over them. It's a it's a wall you describe okay. It is the traditional colors for baby boy baby girl, as well as waits for purity and silver feet are the exact size of the 20-year-old, 20 we think she's a 20 week old baby and is not a 20 week 20 week old. From the point of conception writing.

I was so excited here NRB. I learned so much and why not the mind blowing things was busy spark that when scientists have proven that when an egg is fertilized. There is a chemical reaction generated by generate light.

So at the first moment of conception.

First, there is God's light truth resides in light by and I was so blessed I mean God is just. He has exceedingly and abundantly above everything I could ask or think overwhelms me here. I just I started out with being really just fed up with how far humanity has devalued life in the womb, and with it taken down that nurturing mother instinct has taken down by not offering a right to the birth father to protect his child, which is the way men are wired to meeting the snowflake baby family cannot meeting this 21-year-old beautiful girl who was frozen at conception along with it a million other babies on here family. This is a phenomenal story about your tummy. Actually, my missed that what you're saying is that the embryos have a longer shelf life just correct 24 year old frozen embryo with just given birth to buy a 25-year-old young lady. It was high because you know growing up.

It's kind of sci-fi but not how God takes half or even makes it good.

And God values life name of our ministries.

His image website is in his image, because we want people to come back to that place of value. We have intrinsic value. We have temporary value were not dog were not a cat not a horse were not a bird were not insect when I started this guy we are formed by his hand, we take his breath within our lungs are very very valuable were very very bestial in all of creation and the only way we can get back to that I believe I heard John MacArthur with Ben Shapiro and John MacArthur set for those of us who have the moral authority God's living word. We have the moral responsibility in any society to make sure that moral authorities heard and not the power behind what I'm doing. I'm making these shorts very short vignettes, 30 seconds to one minute vignettes that speak truth as I interviewed pro-life speakers, pro-life doctors, parents of aborted children.

I take that interview and I pull out the moments of profound truth and I make it out of it and I am now distributing internationally and hopes that as people here truth because that's what gets the head and the heart truth when they hear these trip statements, it begins to work on hot parts get a hold of your discovered over the years of doing figure out chapter 1 would like to point out a million different ways like God is comfortable so I'm guessing there's a reason behind your passion, absolutely, absolutely. When I was a very young woman very insecure woman very much in need of love and affection. I met a gentleman and I wasn't walking with the Lord. Though I had received alert at 12 but I had walked away because of massive trials in life, and I got pregnant and I remember I still remember that moment stealing and I want to my baby so much, but I needed support I needed arms around me to hold me up because I was isolated in a sea of lies. Even my own family. Unfortunately, my father counseled me not to keep the child because I needed to be in a relationship. I knew I was loved. Not because of the burden of a child and though I really wanted this child. Unfortunately, I did succumb to the pressure and I and I'll never forget it. It's, you know, I think it's there in printed thankfully no later in life. God came along and I had just by studying his word, not just knowing God's word. I read and I learned that life is valuable and he has a reason for absolutely everything. And so yes I am a mother of actually aborted children because the second pregnancy with the same gentleman Dr. told me I could not keep the child because the child would have cerebral damage because it knighted argue with the doctor.

I didn't know and then I actually have three children in heaven and the third one is a miscarriage and that was when I married my husband we got pregnant I lost my child so just as I grow in the Lord just as I understand, value, and with my husband again intrinsic that you had asked him what years ago and he take a piece of paper any rundown intrinsic is eternal value paper. My because it's such an important message we need to understand how valuable we are, because with that knowledge we always can intended this is going, but your promises. You will work it for good for those that love you, which means trust you and believing and are called according to your purpose and that's just transfer my life so when you didn't, did what he did when Virginia has done done what what the Senate just did we need to voice the church to rise up, we really do not. In a vicious way because girls going to Planned Parenthood will find sanctuary in that lobby, Abby Johnson says more than they'll find sanctuary in those people standing around telling them don't do it you're a murderer they need to hear. They need to hear how valuable they are. They need to hear how much I love the sound in the word valuable and he wants to use me in ways I can't even imagine such as this ministry I have. He's blowing my mind if I just MM give myself enough.

He comes through and I get to touch lives comes from our mind screws. Unfortunately, many, many, many years.

I think that I would say that you know Isaiah 61 so I came up The wine prisoners. I may declare this year. Kendra Martin is my favorite, but all are our grace.

Really when you think about it. What the reason somebody feels acceptably feel loved when you truly godly person favorite. You have the sense like that love me not to go something up Don Mott, Don, and so here's this you don't need to tell her she's messed up that no words about what she needs this great fortune is love and acceptance. I love you made in his image, this baby doll like this to be beautiful. This is going to be amazing 20 or so but so many different ways what they need is what it says Jesus is full of right love, forgiveness and mercy, grace yeah I will before truth truth, but I don't care about your true love except you notice just how that worked and were all built that way.

We all want to be accepted.

We may deny it, but we all want to be accepted. We want to be valued. It all gets down to the fact that we are already beautiful title for the website in his image. What you're doing you know clearly loving on people uncomfortable to comfort God full with a heart that you come for you to