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SATISFACTION: You Can’t Get It But You Can Have It

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 17, 2021 12:33 pm

SATISFACTION: You Can’t Get It But You Can Have It

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 17, 2021 12:33 pm

Robby is joined by Bob to discuss Satisfaction. Also, can you GUESS THE NOISE!?

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Podcast network.

This is good Truth Network welcome card radio show satisfaction on the Christian guys show you can't get it, but you can have it.

What thing that one more time satisfaction you can't get it, but you can have it so certainly my dragger did not set it better right we all long for. We strive for but how do you get it. So it's very interesting to me.

I find this fascinating's you to study the phrase I can't get no; the good English. Doesn't Bob sounds like mine is. I've really pondered this a chance to ponder it's actually a great answer to the question. The question is everything to do with burning. Okay, so if you try to get satisfaction in your permanent right and that's why today show is brought to you by the letter. Shin so if you know the Hebrew letters and like always like her shows brought to light by Sesame Street in a letter as well. Today's show is brought to you by the letter shin because it looks like fire and is oxidizing is going on and actually drives your car so there you go in your engine right your engine is burning and you know since were talking about burning inside of an engine. What a great time to play name thattime to find my deep roar like that have a name that is all that was so much fun to play name that noise you plan noise and give you a chance to call him and in today so if you think you can identify what this noise actually is. You call us at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and if you can name this noise, you'll be able to win. So here's the here's the noise. You can begin the process.

What is is no. I scratch on alright so is often I have to verify that that is an automotive noise can sometimes people call him interesting answers. But this is a promise she is from a car and it has everything to do with the topic of today's show.

So if you can name that noise Sean. Tell them what their win.

Alright Robbie if you are able to mean that noise like you said, they are in a network like a lot of kind of neurotic monetary amount only Truth Network teacher pacifically? I T-shirt that has on the back. The Jesus labor love. So you get you get the style and profile is the Christian car dynasty.

The lines are lined up already. My people that want to play name that noise always fun, always fun.

If you think you can identify that noise you call us at 866-348-7884 so I can't get no satisfaction but you can have it.

So if you're looking for that you know Bob, I'm thinking why not ask King David Bryant since he claims to know you know that he will have it. So if you look in the 17th Psalm you know he he says something very interesting here. He says he's eased being surrounded by King David often is shamanic, geysers, people that are gnashing their teeth at him and tell him our boy is and all this other stuff to an end and essentially evil people and so not unlike him several other Psalms. All the sudden King David in verse 13 says Araiza.

Lord disappoint him casting down deliver my soul from the wicked, which is thy sword went what you did you confuse me with Alan this morning when he tell me at first says you listen carefully you'll note that that did eat any says that it not. Did you know looking at the Hebrew and studying it thoroughly. What he is saying is the wicked are his sword right in and so I just bet you in your life if you think about it, there has been a time where wickedness was the sword of the Lord to separate you surgically from something that was totally dissatisfying. Were getting down to where David Saiz can get satisfied and working to take on Mick Jagger here in a minute.

But before we get there.

I think this is absently fascinating part of the story is that if you think about it. In order for Jesus to make it to the cross some wickedness had to look like it was winning. I absolutely and I bet you have a story in your life or that work at first when a play name that noise because we got Laura who wants to play Laura you're on the Christian car guys show good morning Laura where you at Laura you in this hopefully will turn on the area we got yeah. I'm sorry if I've got good morning good morning car in a garage down blank driving in the rain.

I like driving in the rain.

You know I wasn't here when they recorded this noise and they could very easily been driving in the rain Laura where you called Raleigh all the wonderful wonderful so that is a car and and and the engine is running so it could be driving the race organization got a T-shirt. However I will say for those who want to call it. And when we we have 20 T-shirts give way that there's another thing involved with that particular noise that I would want to highlight but but I love that… I have you on the line goes through that that yeah it's okay your winter that's that's reserve clapping.

But anyway is ever been a point in your life where it seem like something really evil was happening to you and everything was going bad. But then all of a sudden you realize it was the sword of the Lord God was delivering you from something that would've really yeah do you have a story like that all okay yeah like 108 28 several times in my life… I yeah I link to hard times that I are on solid ground now but definitely looking back on it. It was a lot of looking back, it looks like it always meant a good night and deal here in the Lord just like the Joseph story right. His brother's room and the kid that looked really, really mad, but it turned out, it is sort of the Lord because what they meant for evil God and God meant for goods of my bird. Her wonderful yes yes warming not standing on the highway and he shall direct iPad yeah thinking, oh thank you Lord God bless, I appreciate your first calling today and play how thinking I appreciate and appreciate what you do. I really do.

I think a great deal on 24,000 that I'm not here that It's good to hear you Lawrence God bless. I bet I so Sean can you play that noise one more time so people can hear maybe what I'm talking about. So that's an engine running noise in there that I'm wondering if you can identify besides the engine running at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH if you think you know what I'm get mad.

I would love for you to do that but Bob, that's opposer, not 100%.

I didn't find out what it was before the shed because I wanted to play along with everybody else and I'm not 100% sure I've got it. I've got a guess, but I want to keep it under my hat for a moment. It's kind of an interesting one, because the I've heard a lot the noise that I'm going after. As I've heard a lot more than domestic car that I have heard in a foreign car needs you might hear that sound bite that that is actually a foreign car engine that is that that's that's happening with.

So this sounds a little bit more higher pitched than would be on domestic car. When we get to all this work. I see.

How do we get satisfaction then might have to do the sword Lord. Well, we got all that stuff got also to lines F's are very anxious to take your calls and name that noise so much more efficient car guys show coming up. You're listening to the truth and satisfaction today on the Christian car guys show you can't get it, but you can have it that a little bit more. As I mentioned the day show is brought you by the letters and we have been laying name that noise which has a little bit to do with this idea that what David was getting at in the 17th Psalm which is absolutely a wonderful place if you're in search of satisfaction is David here shares how we got there. You really confuse me this morning when you first said that he can't get it but you can have it and I was in my head a little bit with a little further elaboration.

I was able to keep pickup which is button down there which would put that weapon down.

I would you not to some extent it's interesting to me how David tracks us there. From the standpoint of this sort of the Lord. So we've got Orlando is in High Point he wants to play name that noise Orlando you're on the Christian car guys show good morning good morning I'm doing wonderful. I'm a play that noise one more time for listers get a chance to see what you are trying to identify going down to me like a rolled break in the road would not truly using the letter named dummy also. I love that I love that immigrants again Orlando because I wasn't there when they recorded as possible. It is possible that the brakes were scrubbing and like you say, turn up the rotors as horrible and that that's a good noise like when you hear something and you think it might be if you put your foot on the break and you hear that noise you that brought you but letter that they were going to work to give you is and yet because if anybody needs Christian car guy T-shirt it's Orlando on the same day so by all means, make sure to tell him up. I have them put you back on hold so you can tell in a minute. What size that that that you wanted to send you out but Orlando if you had that situation where you felt the sword Lord was separating you from something that was dissatisfying year so yeah yeah it's it's sharp in it. Yet when you read the word of the really get your heart, I'm not doing right a bit to get back into the right thing is a pruning share banners like click click where you go.

So thank you Orlando appreciate your plan today and for I'm I'm excited to know that you're out there. When a Christian car Teacher.

God bless you and God bless you, thank you Orlando.

All right, we got Sarah in North Orchard, Washington. I think this may be actually Sir Linda so Sarah Linda you're on a Christian I will my daughter and we will wait and we were a little late so but when she told me to click but he told me they were like fire you know and I will I be how I feel about the higher octane because you know it when they start you know you could get guidance. A great Christian sermon just absolutely right on topic. By the way I like what she told me it sounds like you know I like the octane question because that's the closest anybody has come to what that noise might be and certainly is in the wrong octane will lead to this noise that I'm describing.

So that's a great question and I would love to spend a minimum, it's because I think all of us could learn will somehow never forget when I learned about because I when they started to raise the compression and gasoline entrance so clear back in the 40s when they figured out to get more horsepower by raising the compression which means how much more pressure was in the engine they need to raise the octane in the gas because what octane actually lowers the flashpoint of the gas. In other words, gasoline without any octane and it will ignite just when it begins to be compressed and if it ignites before the cylinder gets to talk to the center before the piston does then you get what they call preadmission and you hear this Ping Ping Ping, which does have to be today's noise but it will lead to the noise that we have in today ruin your engine so when they started to make higher compression engines in the 50s and 60s that octane became the thing about today's engines because we have computers to drive them they can actually adjust when the spark fires when they detect that there is enough octane in the fuel that's really interesting thing, but it cost you gas mileage when it starts to do that so when you're buying gasoline is not a bad idea to try some different octane levels to see where you spend that we get the best gas mileage and where your engine runs the best because it could be that you're buying too low octane for your car and it's costing you gas mileage which is more expensive than paying extra for the octane sooner than I thought, but one I had my and and I've been running on. I had the wrong octane bedroom, but now never got really real problem and now I've got a meeting.

I'm doing it right now and I'm going to click and I was absolutely in order to have fire there right and nobody is a little lame going on so you gotta have that air from the CPAP machine on the floor. More on this whole idea of satisfaction was injured. Anyway, you're so close I will put you on old size and you call it what you think that noise is 866-34-TRUTH 878-4868.

You're listening to the Truth Network and satisfaction today on the Christian car guys show you can't get it, but you can have it and we've got also to folks plan name that noise today to get to in just a minute, but I need to tell you that coming up at 1 o'clock Amy Carbo has to show the cure and she's can be doing a show on divorce with an attorney.

Wow, it's a live show you call in at 1 o'clock today in the Truth Network that definitely be which you know well I don't know there's a lot of satisfaction in divorce, one where they could be in a while so that's going to be coming on at 1 o'clock. But getting back to what King David shares in the 17 Psalm and I think it's absolutely amazing when you get to the last verse in this may help you out. Mick if you been wondering all these years and you happen to be listed in the day Jager that is. Anyway 15th versus 17 Psalm it says. As for me here.

King David says I will behold thy face in righteousness, and I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness and in that word satisfied as we describe does have a shin and at that that fire of satisfaction, but I want you to think about something with me for a minute that when you were born when your little bitty baby and your parents were dying to see you in one of the first things you experienced was a face that absolutely was delighted that you on this email.

Not for everybody and I understand everybody's parents weren't what God designed them to be. However, for a lot of us are parents were dying for us to show up and wait nine months. They were more than delighted and we sense this absolute love and acceptance because at this point in time you have done absolutely nothing you can do nothing.

You're Gotten in any trouble. Yet, in other words, you just have total love and acceptance for who you are, Bob and the like.

Say you haven't done the knuckle headed things that tell them displeasure after and this got a new granddaughter and you know it's just sheer delight in to see her every time she had hurt my feelings she hadn't have you been here looking at her and she sensed that love and acceptance and in the beauty of that is when you think about it is you're looking matter isn't something she can get. She can't strive to make you want to look at her sheet you just look at her because you love her and oh by the way, and can't take my eyes off of.

Right whether she's awake or asleep or whatever you know you just mesmerized this little son, you are doing. We were born, Jesus was dying to look at you, but unfortunately we are born in sin right and so the sword that that God is talk about Lord of the evil he came in and killed him so that we could be buried in his blood so that he could in fact love us and for those of us who've ever even begun to get a glimpse of his face maybe got through reading the word. Or maybe you got it through somebody that you news, love and acceptance, whatever that looks like for you got begin to get a glimpse of it and when David knew there is something that God showed me years ago that all my goodness when you think you're gonna see his face. There will be a fire that lights in you that you have no ideas there that will just just burn like crazy him and see his face more hot when we get to see it bothers me to be a satisfaction unlike anything we've ever experienced before the show we count were talking about some I'm guilty of it. I've, suppress that desire to see Jesus's face because I thought I had a picture of Jesus in my house and I would look at that with areas. I know what he looks like and and and so it, suppress that desire to see the face of Jesus and you pretty quick to enlighten me that the criminal almost – you should let anyway yeah yeah I mean it is.

It is really something that I hope all of us get a chance to spend what David is talking about right here in order to do that. Unfortunately, sometimes guys can have to surgically remove us from something that was totally dissatisfying like he surgically removed me through a lot of internal theft and things from the car business or otherwise I wouldn't be here in an anti-Christian Car Guy show. I know that and oh my goodness is satisfaction.

I've had of all these years with being with you, audience, and with Bob and Jerry think about all that it's is you had me process and stuff all morning long and been surgically removed from a lot of things mouth my first building at the place that was removed and I was removed from a marriage. I was there's just to several things that I gotta say my son and you just get to my hand and I and I'm not sure where I am on this United because it's a little confusing. It's a little heart wrenching that he sure has got the wheels turning in my brain and mind all week. I can assure you I got a need. I want to play. She's in Silverdale, Washington, and maybe you're on the Christian car guys show the morning good morning I'm so glad you called in. Thank you.

Interesting. Do you want to hear the noise again. Sure, okay so can you name and while I'm not sure but maybe hiring like it correctly in their engine. You're exactly right. There's crackling them in and in the course. There may be a spark plug must find some I can take that away from you.

Certainly when organ send you T-shirt there some else and I'm actually going. But I love that you try and and and she did hear the crackling and there's crackling so beautiful as I'm guessing that that maybe the Lord is is done some pruning in your life to it's important I like this time years ago and when I need a large state that it going to light a fire like no other in annual yield to hell yesterday and I also like to avoid me, let me offer many years ago they faded when you lose a child really takes a toll on the marriage and I don't I don't blame that delight on that. I it hard to hold back the Lord Mayor and proven to me that he has been and with both of us who are indeed borrowing and things that through an get that drink some to the form really is needed. Makes my day. Thank you for sharing some unit was interesting.

I I am interviewed a lady from Columbia a few weeks ago and she called herself and forget her first name, but I know she went by whatever lysate was Anita. She went by Anita Christ because she said Christ is my husband all and you know it struck me and she she meant that she had since that cover that comfort that love and acceptance that that sense of I love you just because I love you that that that you know he has to offer and it's it's a beautiful thing. It's going to be interesting to see you know what all God has in mind but II know that what you shared today. Anita Skinner certainly I think encourage many people, don't you, Bob encouraged me and if you've never lost the child. There's no words to describe the pain and anguish from that that no and I hope you were able to push forward and up in a timely fashion because so many folks just completely shut down and looking for an answer and I just decided there was no answer. Available at that time and chose to go forward. The best I could and realizing I will give me my answer and and that we would be back together and it's already been 7 1/2 years and said before I know it.

He and I'll be back together and doing are things true to the brokenhearted, you never get over it that you do regularly to the strength of the Lord. Thank you Nina for listing to KCI is something I know that's a wonderful station. I'm so grateful that they carry my show and noting to you. I love your show. I have a great mechanic here in Silverdale and the Christian I just gave him knowledge from your show and then I go to him by Haley. Gotta run the thank you need so much God bless. We got Larry and Lawrence and Jones how we have allies as they met nicely and so much more to show on tap for you. You're listening to the truth and satisfaction in the Christian car – so you can have can't get it.

I have yet it you know I can't get no right here. You can't make it, but you can have it so I don't want to miss our lives are going to listen this conversation with Bob so we're talking about it during the break and he said so are you saying that David said because he does say it. He says as for me, I will hold my face in righteousness since it was David saying he was righteous, and for me that was. I don't think I can ever say that and Robbie was like explaining little here and a little there and I would just never I'm a sinner I'm going to do some wrong before I get to the house.

Maybe before I get out the door here in Abaco's.

I'm just I don't consider myself a righteous person. I don't live righteously. I don't I do things wrong but I try to do that. The most I can for God in spite of my wicked ways and then Robbie just explained to me that I'm not righteous because of my actions, but I can be righteous through the blood of Christ and it was just such a and David knew that to because he was a shamanic geyser over me and you what I have Tiffany and I said David knew Jesus was given time across, always coming in here have been somebody in the audience. Somebody out there listening on the radio get something from it and some days I get more out of it that anybody possibly get out anybody else possibly could.

It just can't get righteous, but you can have righteousness.

It's insistent that you know that's the only way you get to see his face and that love and acceptance of my goodness, what, what a treasure it is unfortunately sometimes naturally be removed from things that are dissatisfying so got Larry is in Winston-Salem. He thinks he can make that noise Larry are on the Christian car guys show what's think Larry you want to hear it again okay were in play one more time here that actually is a great answer. Although not exactly what I had in mind. Nor is it a diesel engine but that is the noise a diesel makes an RPMs are up a little bit on this noise is not a battle. Would you say oh it's not. They rented up in order to hear another word they wanted to hear what is it were trying to describe but I love your answer.

Larry and and I get that completely working again. He should by all means we were going call your winter because at that thing could be diesel and little bit we know now that I had to ask my head against and I was wrong, and one lady while a guy pretty much describe what I was talking about.

I thought it was a spark knock that the unit may be set on the next color will get the right answer. Thank you very appreciate it so much. God bless thank you all right have got to Lorraine is in North Carolina. Lorraine good morning, with what noise is all that you all now is talk again great answer absolutely.

And I love that you had a Datsun. Was it a two channel 310. What was also man I love the women I work for Datsun like 1979 back from that it was not Jamie some so crying once again where your winter Lorraine because it just like a stark spark knock, and it might be.

So thank you for calling in today got and last up we got Jones. He is in Greenville, South Carolina.

Jones year on the Christian Car Guy sugar morning so I count on you Jonesy. The pressures on you. You gotta get it wonderful. I meant to tell you that that's a great answer me majesties because here's what's actually going on since Mr. Beals: I don't want to spoil anybody's magic. What's actually going on is what we in the car business would call that the death knock like when engine right right so the death knock so you have spark knock in a spark knock you to death knock are very similar in that they both are the sounds of the rod clanking up against the piston because what's happened in the case of a spark knock which is what happening with your throttle body or when you don't have enough octane in the fuels lady was a Datsun was talking about. Is it the Pistons trying to get up to the top in the spark plug goes off before exposed to and so the pressure of the fuel expanding causes the piston to push down on the rod and you get this not well went up when when you when unit develops a death knock. What's happened due to low oil pressure or just wear and tear.

The bearing services between the rod and the crankshaft where, to the point that there's too much clearance there and so every time the engine comes up, it knocks like that on its way to breaking the crankshaft and not blocking fluids is not funny by anybody's imagination, but yeah so and so sometimes the Lord is surgically removing this engine for my car because it's not getting any traction. Okay I mean it just, you know you've gone as far as you go, perhaps with this car.

Or, perhaps, with this engine and I can tell you time and time again where people they threw a rod and then you know six months later with their new car.

They got an accident. This car had an airbag save their life right. I mean it's it's it's we don't know what God's up to. When things happen that just really like man. What the heck right but again I know it's a complicated thing but I thought it was a perfect example of what David is getting at here is you know where we can't know all the things that we've become attached to it are drawing our attention away from the phase that would actually give us satisfaction and so I am so grateful for your call. And of course your winter and will send out a T-shirt to smoke thank you for calling. Thank you for listing today. Got bless you to. So now I want to think about okay with me that what we call the ironic blessing okay because even think about this ever since you were born and you got that love and acceptance from you parents when your child and now you're going to hear this right where it says may the Lord bless you and keep you. May he make his face shine upon you and drive. May he lift up his countenance as his face. By the way upon you and give you shalom will that shalom starts with the shin because it's a burning right and, like Moses, he got lit up for a long time. You got blind… I way got it, for those of us that can receive his righteousness, we can't get it, but we can have it right.

Clarity is everything better. Thank you for my God did it all showed it to me first thank you for the card.

I remember slowdown.

Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done in 33 years. Another program powered by the Truth Network. This is the Truth Network