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How Long Til We Get There?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 10, 2021 12:58 pm

How Long Til We Get There?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 10, 2021 12:58 pm

Robby discusses his favorite songs he sung with his family. Listeners also call in to share songs they used to sing with their family growing up.

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This is Chris shoes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris use what we encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds. So enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network and a and and and radio show.

There day on the Christian card I show how long will we get there anyone who's ever been on a long trip with kids or maybe when you're a kid and serve those over thousand times when we get there. My bed still.

Jim is worse them when you get there.

Will get there when we get there. So after that they show I'm hoping God will teach all of us exactly what to do when we hear this phrase either in our hearts or in the car with your kids have ever that works.

So in the intro. You may have heard something you'd never heard before in Christian front Christian radio that was gorilla funk monster that was singing my GP could smile. It was it was guerrilla funk monster.

How long till we get there, and later on, you heard Allie Roger singing.

How long till we get there in a course Graham Kendrick states shine, Jesus, shine, who could forget that song and it all comes together to understand all that shortly what I had put those together. So today show is here recently we've always done is brought to by the Hebrew letter like in Sesame Street tonight got a have a letter that you brought to you brings you this shows that today's show is brought to Bobby Hebrew U hood and you may know that the unit is just a little. It's the smallest of letters is just adopt and the little that means a lot. It's actually the spark of God and so we're in its beginning in Jesus's name, by the way its first letter in the word Jesus is a good so when you hear that you have show that's that.

You know that your picture here and so the last segment I need to tell you there's really here's a spoiler alert. The last segment today show is Christian card I theater episode 16 write programs progress and I might give you further spoiler alert didn't. It features my 12-year-old granddaughter Lila is the voice of piety, but I do have to so many when you listen to the episode in the four segment today. I know you and enjoy this so Lila had come in. My 12-year-old daughter, and as you might know I get to write these lines for the episodes and essentially I'm just plagiarizing Pilgrim's progress and I just take what John Bunyan wrote and just put it into this format for Christian card I theater and so one of tidies lines was talking about how Jesus takes people just ordinary people and turns them into princes in the they were born in in a lower place as well. One of the things words that that John Bunyan used was they were born in the dunghill, which for 12-year-old little girl. She doesn't very familiar with the term dunghill and so as I was trying to explain to her I said Lila when you're famous line you have to realize that back in those days there were a lot of horses and those horses they left some exhaust all over the road and so they had to scoop up that stuff and I put it in a hill okay and that was a dunghill.

And so, wait till you hear her deliver the line because we laughed all the way home, talking about people that were born in the dunghill so he got to come up in the last the very last segment is absolutely hilarious. So for me I just never cease to be amazed at the sense of humor that Jesus has a meaning. His sense of humor. Is it and he especially likes to play with me. So Monday as I was spending time with Jesus our little ask him where he wanted to go this week. You know what what is it that that where we could go, what adventures could we do, and I heard them say what I felt like you said was he wanted me to memorize the 13 song. The 13th song and so you know I don't know about you but that I didn't have any idea what that Psalm was my immediate thought was boy hope it's not a long one right because every residence is to do.

I'm open is not a long song and I am literally still laughing because he must've known that was good to be my thought because you know it, the first words of the 13s all more. How long you can't make this stuff up is true, absolutely true. So you remember those long rides as a kid when we may get their daddy, you know for the thousandth time and ends nice to know actually in King David's time.

They suffered with the same malady. I mean clearly God the father knows where were headed and as David was saying how long till we get there. Essentially, how long well it would really take me an hour to explain all the reasons why you know God wanted me to memorize the 13 Psalm but where I was striving to do was in the 16th Psalm which we we talked about a few shows ago in a David said I place the Lord always before me and so I have been striving, striving in order to get that done to place. Lord always before me. And as I've been striving. Apparently Jesus knew what I needed.

The answer for my striving, and how long till I get there. How long till I get there. How long till I get there was a 13 Psalm because in the 13 Psalm we see that David put the weight of the problem on God rather than on himself. In other words, when you listen to this song minimum to redo the verses here. Second but think about was who David is put in the. The pressure on you know he's not putting the pressure on himself to place God always before me is putting the pressure on Jesus. The reasons how long will you forget me oh Lord forever. How long will you hide your face from you.

How long will I take counsel in my soul that's a beautiful line right because he doesn't say how long you know what he's talking about is if I'm listening to my own voice I'm in trouble here so how long will I take counsel in my own soul having sorrow in my heart daily.

How long shall my enemy be exalted overnight.

Now, as you it's only got six verses so it didn't take me does the whole of the memorize it, but I do want to get to the end of the Psalm because it has to do with the show today so the last line after David goes through this idea of how long he says I will sing on the Lord because he stepped bountifully he is dealt bountifully with me.

In other words, here's David solution to how long till we get there and it is to sing okay sings specifically to the Lord shine, Jesus, shine in the whole 13 Psalm by the way you shine, Jesus, shine. I think if you read it and spend some time there, you can see that that's the idea.

Now remember in all about you but I know my mother was the had magic of making a long car trip short because she would begin to sing the songs and I don't know what your favorite was, but that's what we want today. He wants to call in and share 866-34-TRUTH 87884. What was the song that made your long trip short or was it I've been working on the railroad map. My mother used to love that one or shall become around the mountain when she comes. Remember that she'll be riding six letters all used to love to sing that and actually my granddaughter Lila. She had memorize.

We we worked on on the good ship lollipop and we even did some of the lines ourselves.

Me Lila one time took a trip to Tennessee together and she had a dog she has adopted the state named Jake so you know that line in the good ship lollipop. Are you a low awake with a tummy ache. Will we change that you will awake with a dog named Jake.

I know that there was a song or two songs or three songs, it was your favorite that major long trip shorter and we would love to hear it today, 866348788486634 I have to tell you that one of my favorite stories involve my granddaughter and my father and that we had driven, I think is so cool. My father was 86 years old at this time he was 86 years old and we had driven from North Carolina to Colorado on the way back. It was late at night and we been driving driving driving driving and Lila says we start need to sing songs all my father.

I had not heard them sing sincere kids and he was sitting in and out shall become around the mountain you know is he was clapping and singing them, you know. Here he was 86 years old. Made the trip so short because she was coming around the mountain you call us at 8663 foray 7884 main and and praying that we can all think that next time that I'm thinking, how long till I get there that while King David saying under those circumstances, and what did he sitting in the in no doubt it had everything to do with today's letter you write because I don't. As we talked about beginning a show the U. It is the little that means a lot. It's the beginning of the word Israel at the beginning award you show a very importantly, and you hope it's little bitty spark. That's the kind that got sparked and you might not be surprised to find it is the second letter of the word sink the first letter of the word saying is the second letter of Jesus's name, which is his shin so it's kind interesting that Jesus's name spelled forward would be you would shin and Jesus is first two letters go backwards with the first beginning of the word sing and has everything to do.

It has everything to do with God's presence and wow if you sense his presence along Triplett way to go.

So I am so excited this people are calling them of their favorite song from you know their youth or where even now with their kids on what makes your long trip shorter and we got Virginia is in North Carolina, not Virginia. Then she made up a child in the song as a child's originator on the Christian progression of the morning so man were all dying to know about your song Virginia are you there okay 100 don't worry about the speaker. We don't want to speak with anyway. We just want you so can you sing it for one day. Outbound Parkway and yeah I hear you great now and I will say I full boy right near the angle when I shadowed Lord you and I know Shannon Lord your main estate. When I got a little bit me while I was old or around the curve.

Different things like that, some from the 23rd Psalm interest to Virginia's song that's awesome, that's just wonderful.

I love it Virginia thank you so much for calling and sharing them have the courage to sing with us possess the whole.

I tell my granddaughter she's gone over the dark side did she want sing with me anymore thank you Virginia. God bless appreciate you calling so much about right-wing next up we have Jacqueline is in Greensboro North Carolina and Jacqueline.

What was your favorite when you were young: Mike yeah if you turn the radio off. You won't hear the echo, probably because there's a delay that's the challenge.

If you turn the radio on while you're but you can list the podcast later in here yourself. You be great yeah I hear you great.

So okay what was your favorite. I am wonderful you want to only think I'm liking and come on in the room, and yet come on in a room.

I think I may want to hear little bit of both. But I want my first question is when you did that when the Saints are coming March. And did you have any particular arm motion whether things that went with that. You know where I liking and I was a little girl looking at everybody laughing, ending up and down clapping. That's that's the language that's what you wrote, and will and you will also that you can hear that that's in there, then fly office little girl.

Oh yeah, and much of the thing with when you think I'm liking my probably a good all will come knocking ON my mom oh mama agreement to give you for this. This performance jump clapping to me that this would make the trip shorter. I mean of course it does course at the so beautiful Jack that I can. You made my day at Caldwell program. All thank you Jacqueline this is my son. God bless you and I'll be sing that later today. I promise by so we have in Huntersville have another. This might be cell and I know you would have songs that you would love to sing or hide active and is well and it is time to give you some time to dig and we got to go to break and come back to work and have more of you know how long till we get there. Well is the perfect time to sing and David pointed out the 13th Psalm will be right back was so much more engine calls, 866-348-7884 main and how long till we get there. Car guys show that's the question David was asking 13 Psalm and at the end he says he is going to sing about how God is dealt with him bountifully and that is so much our case and so we get to talk about wow the next time you're on that long road trip and everything. How long till we get there.

How about singing in the black and imagine you know some of what I've heard already, today is just blessed. I cannot wait for more without an alt actually in Huntersville, North Carolina, and you're on the car guy again and so I know you have a marvelous voice. We get to hear it all the time. In Christian car guy theater. But why were very curious when you're a kid. What did you guys saying what I went to church and dad have been in England went there and when I moved to California that I she would like to live near me in Burbank and Burbank that she would like a second mother to me at and what she currently is executed in England. She taught me to monitor the thought and you A few years before he passed the 94 but we get in the car man and I take it that then they would think I thank God there's nothing to worry about.

Nothing could make enough a nap and then make remember that they are filled by not trust that much all I love the sun doesn't have the shouted because that's when you got a little slow. And you know this is so much fun and I you know that's the young at heart. Right you can actually sing like the top your lungs and in the end all that you know I can. Oh, I was thinking about John Jacob jingle Heimer Schmidt my kids were used to let you know you sent reply to Jacob Mindy Beebe get louder so you just absolutely scream it and my youngest are my second daughter, Tess, the mother of Lila by the way she used to love to sing it. John Jang jingle Heimer Pitts. Thank you and your boy.

You got so much, that this episode of Christian car guy theater, which will feature and is the part of security.

You did such an amazing job. Jesse did and I think it's it's really a treatises can be one of my all-time favorite episodes and lateral reason.

So yeah, next thanks and great, so yes, God bless the next up we have another friend Nancy is in Washington state, Samantha, you're on the Christian car guys show good morning my name I can't take my arm.

On every time my mom great involved in any way, where my musical family and we all left anyway on. I remember the murder. It caught green ground eventually fell all and while you were talking and dealing with other people and Natalie looking up on the Internet. Meaning I found out that at the time when England converted to Christianity and thing a little bit for you. Please continue buying your plan and the wine and not good all the way up on 12 like that, which was also in the disciples and tells a very biblical but also I think that's, you know, I've heard that song. But I never knew that about it. But how precious is it because I was just trying to get back together here but think to give my parents and how they sloped to do that. It was so much fun.

It still is our green and interacting… Harmony after Don there any all yeah yeah there were four of us in the course and so you know my father worked for Buicks.

We always had good station wagons and we would load up those that allow just had a blast so those of Nancy got you for sharing your memory so that is brings back so much for me. Okay, they are in is our job as grandparents and great-grandparents of baby to bring that back, and I appreciate that because now I'm going to be one grant we listen to music in the carpet out this one.

Thanks again and thank you God bless. Well, you know, I just come off yes thank you Betsy. I cut off the next collar we just got Barton which is with our Jesus labor.

Love is something I gotta get to because it had so many requests you might know a good Christian car guy so we have the Jesus labor love which is car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis and often as we try to repair these cars. We do not have the funds actually to get them to the point where they need to be, or is that necessarily good financial decision. It's actually a better financial decision to go ahead and get a car for them and a lot of people donate cars you know that they would've otherwise traded in the you know cars that are to $3000 value whenever they bit the cars that that that are like that.

Well I got Scott back on the line and Scott deals with these folks every time I thought it would be good for me to hear from the actual volunteers talking to the applicants now days. Scott is with me. Scott Barton and Scott so you can you share a story or two of these people in the needs that they have for these cars probably go all art people that I've talked with their cars were such bad shape that we had the car donation. You know that there is no way to predict when we got to get car and you don't start yet.

Wait usually get out five people ahead of you will not two people, a lady and a gentleman that we were miracles every day and both of called me back within a week, and that that they hurt or something God provides, in that that's always been to me. How awesome is it that we get a chance to pray with these funds but really got about a minute left is to share some of the needs we have in the town specifically where we need when we need people to donate cars well.

We're always looking for our weekly one diaper to get them ready and I would just encourage anybody to partner with it, but there are everything so I'm sure we've got needs in Winston-Salem, Greensboro area and we got needs in the Raleigh area is another one in Richmond. We have needs up there I'm not any in the Richmond area but down in the Eastern Arctic state that a few people but mainly triangle Raleigh Durham outer life is warm and Christian car to go ahead and and and let us know if you got a car, maybe no somebody or we can pray or just you know as you see the deeds you could be praying for the Jesus labor leavening that's all that stuff. That's what makes it all happen. As we talked about so grateful for the songs today Christian car guy theater, Christian Jimmy's on his dream that the three stainless daughters in Plymouth valiant sent talking together until supper was ready. When they'd made ready.

They sat down the meat table and with wine that was refined themselves. The Lord of the hill. Do you know why he had his house at the top of this hill of difficulty. Oh yes, he was a great warrior and fought with and slew him that had the power of death, but not without great danger to himself, which made us love him even more cheekily with the sauce and not most glorious and gracious enough to this country across my say he's he might do for the poor, yes, saying that he would not dwell in the 19 on his name on their learning. This was the topic of their fellowship and conversation as they discoursed together till late at night and after they've committed themselves to their Lord's protection. They all rest Plymouth a garage to the large upper chamber window open toward the sun rising in the name of the chamber was piece where he slept till break of day and then you will say where am I now is the love and care of Jesus for the sedans. I should be forgiven and well already.

The next door to heaven that morning. They all gathered together, and that he was not sure you send the place. So first they took him into the study where they showed him records of the greatest antiquity valiant for your faith is the ancestry of the Lord and that he was the son of the ancient of days and became that generation also going to start in the names of many such ancient language contains no decay be read to ask me. They conquered kingdoms, justice, obtained promises, stops them out. Sometimes quince the violence of fire escape the edge of sword, out of weakness were made strong became more and put foreign armies to flight laying on the time off great eating here also were several other histories of many other famous things of which valiant had a few things, both ancient and modern sense prophecies and diction existing suit will come to pass processes me until I can come in silence for pilgrims, who do you use the dance.

What this does for my faith before spent the rest of that day reading the next day they all drove into the armory where they showed valiant all manner of accessories which the Lord provided for Plymouth sword Shield helmet breastplate all prayer and tires that we were around and there was here enough of this furnace out as many sedans for the service of the Lord is, there be stars in the heavens for multiple engines which some of the Lord's servants have done wonderful things here is most shy. You armies should see such that my faith is choice me me DOS 600 John here is mine very soon with maternal Madison shall rise up to the praying sex tonight. I spent some time to think this morning that such an honorarium exists after a long time and the joy of study. They went to the rest again and Jimmy's on and on the morrow, he got up to drive on damsels desired him to stay till the next day also show you how to which Teal comes at you when you will hello dear yes I will take your counsel and go see this hot outside. When the morning was up.

They took him to the top of the garage and bit and look south so we bid and behold a great distance he saw most pleasant mountainous country beautiful woods vineyard all sorts of flowers also with springs and fountains. What is that country.

It is in non-US land like this. It is for all the payments go there with the assistance of the sentence you will see the semester valiantly found himself sitting forward and they were willing, you should first day go again in the armory so they did while they were there to protect less perhaps meet with us all for another exciting now and ran a radiator to my story begins dated slew can kill the Philistines that the job done. Donkey and Deborah put Peg through the skull like online that gave God's strength and strength came by a thief I had fell on the Bible come to life. The delectable Mountains one damnation. These peak of the armor will be critical to what is going to faith in the next episode that the highly humiliating removal new mail. This is the Truth Network