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The Potential Of All Things

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 12, 2021 12:38 pm

The Potential Of All Things

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 12, 2021 12:38 pm

Robby discusses your potential with both cars and Christ.

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This is Han's trial from the finishing well podcast on finishing well. We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money.

Your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just seconds. Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth. Podcast network. This is good Truth Network radio show potential of all things today on the Christian car – 04 that used car that was a diamond in the rough. You never thought it would turn out much but it turned out to be the best car ever or maybe particular day that started out some way and it just turned out to be absolutely spectacular, or even a moment in time that you were really worried about something and I'll send it all just had potential that you never had seen before.

So today show is the potential of all things, and as always Christian car – is brought to by Hebrew letters like Sesame Street on our letter today is the labor Hebrew letter pronounced half that it's spelled with a case I would always come to me, but it's pronounced half and I think you're gonna see why the half has to do with all things, so I hope you recognize Paul Simon and Garfunkel there at the beginning and in the sound of silence that I learned some really cool stuff about Paul Simon that I did not know I love that song from the time I was a kid, especially the sound of silence. But what you may not know is in 1961 when Paul Simon was writing that song he was somewhat depressed as you might imagine he would play his guitar in his bathroom in the recently played in his bathroom associate could get in the dark, and he would turn on the sink and listen to the water run I supposed to get some white noise and so the line hello darkness mild friend mine. He's in the bathroom. Plaintiff and any other good friend Art Garfunkel and and they played as a group somewhat in 1963. They actually recorded that song and they played it in a few nightclubs, but people made fun of them because they thought that the lyric was crazy but the sound of silence. You know that this make any sense and so people just laughed about the fact that this song was the sound of silence and laughed it Paul Simon Argyle Garfunkel is a saying they did get a chance to record it. 1963, which proceeded to flop it went nowhere and I did not notice that Simon and Garfunkel disbanded shortly thereafter. Paul Simon went on to England and Art Garfunkel person pursued his career elsewhere, but what they didn't know is the man who had originally produced a song that kept and he in 1965 remixed with some new electronic guitar is in the background and released it in the next thing.

Art Garfunkel saw that they were in the top 100, and he sent me a message to Paul Simon. And guess what your song and when you think about the potential of what were experiencing their okay that here right if you know Simon and Garfunkel became the Motel of legendary, but in 1963. Nobody saw the potential. So is not fascinating to just it blows my mind. In the course that was Carly Simon with anticipation.

So you know her song as well. If you're if you're looking for the stuff and then Christian Bush would say yes to the dress which you can know me well you know they probably need to play that song at my funeral because I am really looking for. Forever now, and if you're anticipating things and you see the potential of things.

It's just one of those things at that that were looking for forever now so as a car dealer you know what you might guess that I was a sales manager long before was a car dealer, and I was a sales manager for a lot a lot of years and the day of the year sees me the day that I anticipated the most every single month was the last day of the month because it would be the day that we would normally sell the most cars. The reason for that which this might be helpful for you if you want to buy a car is that the manufacturers have quotas and if you hit the quoted these days in and in in you will probably last two decades, you would get a special bonus which would amount to so many hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars per car so if you were 10, 15 cars away from the quote of the last day of the month you had to push like crazy in order to get to that last number so you know if you imagine if you sold 100 cars and all of a sudden you get not thousand dollars more per car you sold well you it's $100,000.

There's a lot of money on the line and it would certainly require the pressure on that with the sales manager dealer and trickle down from everybody that was in the organization. So, for whatever reason, is a sales manager I'd I'd like that pressure and what I what I discovered was God gifted me and part of what I guess was to extent my glory was to be able to get people to see a vision or two be able to get the idea of the excitement of what we can possibly get done today and so if we needed to sell 1520 and sometimes we would need to sell 50 cars a day. I would began at like three or 4 o'clock in the morning preparing my message for that day because we would have a sales meeting on the last day of the month and it was really one of my favorite times that I would be all pumped up and I would give all these guys all the reasons I thought we could sell these cars today and it would be just something that I would anticipate all month long and then it would it would come to that day and then all of a sudden boy God would give me you know this enthusiasm and I would get there and share it with all the salespeople and off we would go and when I was a sales manager obviously I got a reputation for bad and then that's how I ended up becoming a general manager and the dealer it is, is that God gave me a lot of success and be able to share that vision and that enthusiasm and that anticipation. So for you is you listening today.

You know where where what do you anticipate let's see, what's the thing that that for you. You can just hardly wait or where do you see potential in somewhere that you get this don't normally see potential so yesterday morning as I like to do and I still am every single day. Get up really early and I ask God to give me a vision for what he's got in mind for this day just like I used to do for the salespeople I know God has a vision for this day and so I get up early and I begin to pray and I go in the Bible and I often ask God where do you want to go today wet what's your vision for how we can study the word today and so yesterday morning, I immediately heard Romans 828 and I thought now that can be. I know Romans 828. It couldn't that can be the verse that I wanted study know it's not anything I've been studying all week. This is doesn't make any sense to write that must be some I just put my mind. I didn't really hear that from God. Maybe get that feeling sometimes to and about that time Jesus is so kind, phenomenally kind to me on this patient with me. He says no Robbie, I really mean it that I really want you to take a fresh look at Romans 828 and and you may know that it Romans 828 as the verse reads is in all things, you know now that my mind is given much write this first section, God works all things, all things together for good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose should written it down my notes but that's the way Romans 828 goes and you may know that what I had been studying Ephesians 46 and an instant. Ephesians 46 talks about God is in all things. He's in the know the father and he's in. It is essentially the same thing all things.

So as I looked at those two verses.

Realizing this is what I've been studying. I went oh my goodness, all must be a really significant word, so I need to go look at that word in Hebrew and see what God is trying to teach me about the word all and and when I looked at that word in Hebrew, you might guess, because the date show was brought to by the letter half that the first letter, there is 1/2 and if you didn't know this really is really beautiful.

As I began to think about it. I had never really put all this together my mind that this is the palm of your hand or in the case of the palm of God's hand will think of the potential of what God has in the palm of his you know all things right and so is it really strange that Huff would be the first letter so we can talk about the potential of things today on the Christian card. I show some car safety potential in all sources of your listening to the Truth Network and's see it potential of all today on the Christian card as shown when I should tell you this is a live shows that we would really appreciate your calls if you can think of the potential of something that you haven't seen it came alive for you and you want to share that it would encourage lots so call us at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a number to call in 866-348-7884 so if you listen those lyrics.

There the Paul Simon wrote after he said hello darkness mild friend. He says something really beautifully.

He says the vision that was softly enough speaking, left its seeds. That was the him of the vision. It was softly creeping left its seeds and those seeds. Interestingly, when I looked up the foundations of the world this week. Earlier I was studying that and and he knows that really there is a big correlation between the word foundations and seeds and and almost had a sense like oh my goodness.

When God gives you that vision, whatever that may be. He's planning seeds and end as they take root in good soil right that's faith and and so as we begin to anticipate our day or anticipate a discussion between somebody of important sort anticipate intimacy or whatever it is that you're anticipating their seeds involved in those seeds. If there like in Romans 828 right gathers God's can bring all things together for good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose.

So you know in your life.

Was there something like where you didn't see much potential in all the sudden God did, and he brought all things together for good and and and the mother's encouragement and that I give a good example for me and and you may have heard me tell this story before but it's so relevant.

My wife Tammy ball easy to complain to me that you know you hear from God that I never hear from God.

One day we heard, I think driving to tell and and she was talking about that we teach special needs adults at Calvary Baptist Church and have for years and years and years and and she said and were just driving along. She goes you know God told me that special-needs was going to be in our ministry and I was like what what I just hear you saying she goes well. I was I went to church on the one Wednesday night and you went there with me and in and Dell, a good friend of ours was up there speaking and he talked about what a different special-needs had made in his life since they have Adam as a special-needs adult is just absolutely spectacular individual. If you get to know him and talk about potential and something that you wouldn't necessarily see is a diamond in the rough. Oh my goodness, have the potential that is in special-needs folks so but my wife said she heard from God that day I was like, wait a minute you always tell me remember it well. You never hear from God and she said more yeah I that day, God told me this was gonna be our ministry.

While I did not go into that ministry expecting there to be a lot of potential, and honestly, it scared me. I'd never been around those kind of folks in and so the first few times I taught that I was. I saw little to no potential and I didn't actually teach. I was just observing and I thought what the world is Tammy got me into and then the first week I was supposed to teach.

They wanted me to teach the fifth commandment which is honor your father and mother and I civil my eye candy would teach my own kids to do that of the minor teach these folks to do that because a lot of them don't speak they that they're not verbal note and and severe artistic to Down syndrome in these kind of folks and I was trying to figure out so you know, God kinda had me exactly where he wanted me in order to catch his vision for how to teach that I was can have to really bright and so I was like God. How do I do this and he said will have you show honor and I thought well I guess you could kneel so I did my best to day through flannel grass and all sorts of different ways to show the parents and what it meant to honor and I got down on my need to show you know the idea of honor and these folks it appeared to me. I made no impact whatsoever because some of them were punching the air.

They were looking out the window. They don't look straight at you. You really don't have a sense of whether or not your connecting and clearly since you know I speak a lot at night get a chance to see feedback. I didn't see any. And so I thought that I done absolutely nothing. Well, when the parents showed up that day and the kids came up and they began to kneel at their parents. Then the tears came right in the parents will like what is this what Robbie taught the fifth commandment. Honor your father and mother and like oh my goodness. God look what you look at the potential that was there that that you just didn't know was there and in an and happens all the time. I mean it almost every week I get the experiences I just can't tell you how cool it is that there's all kinds of potential there that you don't know, but there's young man there that is been, and probably the last six or seven weeks, and honestly, he had never said anything. He seemed totally distracted and and in he even wore headphones so that you thought that he wasn't listening to anything that you said so you know he sitting in any any enemies got two or three things he's playing with Vinnie's guppies headphones on and the whole time that I'm speaking like that particular day I was talking about, in the 16 Psalm how David King David said, your glory would rejoice and I was talking about, you know that your glory is like your halo and so you your shine rejoices in, and all of a sudden this young man from nowhere.

Never heard him speak before in my life. All the sudden he goes my glory shines sweetie. You had to see this David experience it like are you kidding me he's got headphones on anything but you know you for the last 20 minutes you you thought there was nothing going on there. But then all my goodness, was there something going on there.

Oh yeah oh yeah and I often wonder what it's gonna be like in heaven would when we see with this class. The things that that people were learning that you have no idea God was teaching him because essentially it's his message and this gives us glimpses now and again of how all things really do have phenomenal potential so we come back with talk about that but I need your calls, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH you're listening to the Truth Network and days Christian know the potential of all things, and you may wonder, Robbie, what claimant there. Well what my bliss blows me away is that is Adrienne and Emma Jean galliard in an she is only actually 11 years old and in their 201 YouTube. That's her and her father and here's the item if you heard that voice on the 11-year-old that you dislike oh my goodness, got the potential the glory talk about somebody who had their shine on. I mean where you feel God's pleasure when you're when you're doing that thing you need to feel God's pleasure pouring down is his glorious shining through you and and that's all things, and so as we talked about the word, all in Hebrew. It starts with that letter hoofed it has to do with the palm of God hit God's hand and has to do with. Again, the potential of think about what's in God's hand, will the second and last letter is a lament and that is the letter that means your heart okay and so if you have an understanding heart.

If you can understand the potential of things like that that 11-year-old could sing like that or Paul Simon could write.

Hello darkness my old friend, you know, in the sound of silence actually is a phenomenal concept that people laughed at, but they because they didn't see the potential like an understanding heart.

We can see that diamond in the rough and so I've asked folks to call in with their stories and I'm so glad it 866-34-TRUTH 878847 recall in 866-34-TRUTH 87884. I am so glad that my friend Sarah Linda and Port Orchard, Washington is calling in this morning and talk to you a couple weeks early know how I will write out if you turn off the radio in the background thoroughly. Yeah, I meant now okay yeah tell us your poem.

We are God's new creation/so they only had French planning grant that good hungry to change their heart to fill. They would ever absolutely have sent. I love your poems and it is fresh like he gave us this day and and if we can catch the vision for what all of the potential of it is we could just have like every day could be just absolutely spectacular right. Amen.

Well, I am always so grateful that you listen for your call and in you listen a KCI ass up there in Seattle right on where we aren't Port Orchard that is so wonderful and we appreciate you, and some of Sarah Linda God bless amen so you talk about some potential if you knew Sarah Linda story to some extent in her.

She had trouble communicating and she learned that through an and that did she learn to writing poems and that kind of stuff that she can speak more clearly and so and she feels God's pleasure. Obviously, I'm sure you sense that when when she is sharing her poem. So how does it work out in your life and where do you see potential. 8663 for 878-848-6634 truths where you get a chance to actually see what it looks like to reflect God.

Why was I was also thinking about something that we probably talk about like the potential of driving safely, and I've often thought well God gave me diesel ideas years ago that I could share with you that might save your life and sell or maybe you know one that might save somebody's life and again we would love for you: do that.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 but one of the ones that that I mentioned quite often is. Some folks have a tendency to get anxious at an intersection and turn their wheels ahead of time so I come in to make a U-turn and I'm in the left turn lane so I go ahead and turn my late wheels all the way the left before the light turns with that little idea might get you killed. Okay. And here's why. It's not unusual at all.

It intersection and I can tell you because I've had this happen to me that the person behind you, doesn't stop there. Brakes failed. They're not paying attention or whatever in the world happens. So now watch the picture that the traffic is coming the other way at full speed and you got your wheels turn and now this car coming in behind you your stopped.

It hits your car in your lurched into the intersection right into the oncoming traffic and I can tell you there are a number of fatalities and number of fatalities.

As a result of the potential of of that decision. Oh interestingly, I'll have you know when it comes to potential you got potential for good and potential for for bad and and so you you gotta think about some of the things that that you're gonna do, and since I'm on the subject of car safety. You know I'm not done a number shows on this over the years and I could probably not do enough shows of this is just simply where you sleep. I can't tell you the number of record or a mean of of ambulance drivers that have called in and where said this and I bet you if you talk to an English driver will tell you the same thing they never unbuckled the dead man. You know they can tell you story after story assembly went through the windshield or what.

Whatever the situation is and and so you know as you get into the car. That's just something that that would be a normal habit and I can also tell you from having the initial longtime gods blessed me to ask that question. I've had lots of people call in and say that they heard an angel or somebody tell them, or God, tell them to put on their seatbelt and within minutes they got in the accident were that seatbelts save their life and and so maybe you just think it it's an angel every time to get my car and once you get in the habit of not just put on your seatbelt and is just absolutely simple thing to do. Another thing that is really helpful and it it may not save your life. But I bet you will save your fender bender is your rearview mirrors on the outside of the car. Okay, it is worth every second use of time to spend the make sure that you've got those set out the most outside vision that you can get another words, those blind spots that come up can be caught by it. By adjusting the mirrors out so the angles away from the car okay so the further you can get the angle of the mirror away from the car and still be able see the traffic behind you. That's where you're gonna catch that car that would be in your blind spot so the. The further you have those mirrors adjusted out the angle away from the car, the better chance you have both on right and left side of seeing that car that would be coming up in your blind side and and again I can't tell you the number times, but because my wife is significantly shorter than me on 6 foot five. My wife is 5 feet tall.

Like if I get in the car you can imagine where those mirrors are and I you know it's worth every second that you spend to make sure, because when you does make the decision on the highway to go out into the left lane yelling yes you should need to look behind you, but that the mirrors are absolutely critical where Jacqueline is in greens for North Carolina and Jaclyn. You're on the Christian card I show good morning Jacqueline, you're on the air, you have a nearly ideal and I'm excited about your poem.

Thank you. When I was younger and in yet every time I've had to do something… Like a great legal failure and down backdating of: hello, I get like a late morning to write. I got what you can cut. I am I can't tell you how excited I am simply wind if you believe Jaclyn I stop you, Jaclyn. That's about music that means. Can you hang on, I pray, and you can hand through the braces. We want to hear the whole probably don't want to get an elective were so excited about it and while moral weight on the brake youth of the colonists. 866 with your story.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH you're listening to the Truth Network and ever now that is was actually the theme song. At one point in time to say yes to the dress okay and and the reason why I say that is is it when you look at Romans 828 it says you know again for those called according to his all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose.

That word called means invited and in the Greek it means it's in, you're invited to the banquet.

Okay, so what you've been invited to forever.

Now you really have but you gotta say yes to the dress and in the reason I say that is is Mike Minner was a defensive back for the Carolina Panthers when you're they they made it to the Super Bowl. They made they lost to the Patriots you may know, and he said he worked his whole life to get to the Super Bowl can imagine all the practices all his years of trying to get to the Super Bowl. He gets there and they lost in the final seconds because of the field will mistake if you remember the game and he said before you knew what happened you looked up at the scoreboard and you had lost and they were literally taking a rope and pulling you off the field. I wrote that to get everybody off the field that didn't have on the right uniform while our lives are to be like that and so we gotta say yes to the drought, we can say yes to Jesus washing our robes in the blood away him so that we can start forever now and when we do that all over the unit we get a chance to experience that on earth by writing poems. We had Jaclyn in Greensboro. It started her poem, and by all means I want to hear it so Jacqueline can you finish it now for artist didn't do it all again we hear you, great count anymore… Getting on the last lot how I happen is that my like that get one up okay.

You may not be that you want. If you believe you to be the start of God, you die right and you may not be the brain. The brain that you could indent them by down and you may not be that scholar Danko called Kraut. All I ask you on my very active, even if you believe you believe and in the very best for you to think that you are the mayor called the people of the you are the mayor called the people of goodwill. I wonder if I don't want to let my goodness, Jacqueline, I can see he did he gave you against you at that potential and you know in that wonderful when you're obedient and and you do for God I'm in a is a you know I the reason I'm doing this shows us in.

My God said I want to do this, unlike now you understand how memo voice radio law, but because you do that, then you sense his pleasure writing bringing me I would let evil anymore. What great doubt on the bringing of my life that gathering so grateful I really am. I feel like that's a price I'm going to Jackson and I thank you for Jaclyn I thank you for the courage she had to call today and for her obedience and faith. I thank you for the gift you've given her the shine so brightly on the today show and and I pray that you would continue to free her to share her gifts with others that people would see you shine brightly through the gifts that you given her and that she would be encouraged by all listening and by you, especially in Seattle and actually was the one that sees us in Jesus name I pray.

Amen thank you Jaclyn, that's absolutely wow they that makes my day in so many ways you Sarah. Linda is just amazing. Thank you, Jaclyn and so you know I can. You have something everybody does. He gave you a picture of the gave him he gave each of us a little piece of himself and that piece reflects him absolutely brightly and I have a sense that you know that when you do that you feel his pleasure, like the guy from chariots of fire.

He felt his pleasure went when he ran he felt God's pleasure. Where do you feel God's pleasure. When you do that and and and and and be courageous and step out in and risk right going on and didn't and using that potential for the day. For the time of of what he's given you, whether that's in poetry or fixing cars or whatever it is that that that God you gave you to be able to do so. One of the ways that he gave us to do that here the Christian Car Guy show is with the Jesus labor love which you may know his car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis.

So she go to Christian Car you'll see a whole section on the Jesus labor love. And if you're not familiar with it because I know you have a lot of new stations to just come on recently. We offer this to single moms widows across the across the country if they'll fill out that application. We have a wonderful volunteer Scott Barton will call them and we are going to try to help them but in response to that is your listing we we would ask that you pray for that ministry and that if you feel led, then obviously we used your donations to help these people across the country weave in our donated cars quite often.

As a matter fact I think working to get a car this week for another lady. The people you know they bought a new car or whatever and they don't want to just trade in that car. The they feel like it would go to some a person, it really needs it. Will we have a holistic waiting list of people for cars across the country. So where we live, we would be interested in.

There's a form there a Christian Car or you can say I've got a car or there's a form you know where if you need help right and it it's it's a courageous thing to say you need help, but I'm always so thrilled that people will have the courage because right. We talked about it many shows ago being needy out loud what God really really wants to help, but we can help if we don't ask and and so if there is a need. That's with the Jesus labor. Love is, therefore, he's granted us here at the Christian Car Guy should be kind of the middleman right because we have the people who are praying the people that have donated and were disconnecting those with the people that have the deed and you know it's just it's it's a beautiful thing to see God at work in and it all is came is just as a result of doing what God asked so we know when we think about this potential right potential. We want to get pulled off the field without the right clothes, rioting, and so as you get up in the morning. You know that with the potential of the darkness, mild friend that that that that that darkness can be your friend if you're preparing a listening for God's vision for what you're going to do in the new day, especially right if you want to find God.

Let me tell you where he is all in the Bible right in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the word was gone so the Bible is Jesus, and Jesus is the Bible. As you study that you get to spend time with him.

I promise I and then through prayer and asking the Holy Spirit for understanding you can see potentials that will be absolutely spectacular likely heard today from Jacqueline Sheridan. I'm so grateful that you are listing today, for those are called in the member is always slow down. Jesus walked everywhere. He got plan income everywhere he went, got it all done in 33 years. Thank you for listening to the Christian Car Guy ship