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May 1, 2021 3:18 pm


The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 1, 2021 3:18 pm

Robby is off at boot camp so good friend of the show, Jerry Mathias "takes the wheel". 

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The road okay freedom to show good morning and welcome to Christian Car Guy radio show this morning. I'm Jerry Mathis raise body shop and wrecker service. I'm sitting in for Robbie's on the retreat this weekend so he's not with this I'm sure is having a great time and in God is probably blowing pretty pretty well to them guys and stuff it at the camp and the retreat in this morning that he what I'm excited about this show in the studio with me this morning have Junior rentals, rentals, garage upon, and Stanley Bo area also president had the West inside upside County wrecker Association, get Junior introduce himself in just a moment. Also, more plan and that name your thinking will say that name kinda sounds familiar.

But if you love hot dogs Winston-Salem area you know Pulliam's hotdogs well Mark is with us, and what will going to do this morning.

Couple things but I'm excited about is one who can talk a little bit. I would like to try to figure out a way when I'm on their that can maybe say people listening some money and maybe keep them out of getting into a situation where the cost of money or get them in trouble with their auto repairs or toe and bodywork mechanical repairs so to talk a little bit about saving money on the wrecker service side little bit in Junior which is an expert in the field, but also one of the big things that I'm excited about is you know what what the caller meant to me growing up. You know my parents as my mom and dad put me put us in the car and I can remember is going to back memories Ted to Pulliam's hotdogs and I'm just a little kid. We would ride up on the afternoon Saturday afternoon or Saturday evenings and go inside, get hotdogs and that a drink at the time they had this this truck outside and sold ice cream out of any especially if you got some ice cream but would set out there in the car and watch planes take off at Smith Reynolds airport and then if it was the weekend at the airshow and just enjoy that time as a family because I think you know with the course of time and that culture that we live in now. We just get so busy and and we don't just want to slow down and enjoy life and also spent time as a family. I think the car can still be that tool to be able to allow us to sort of shut the world off no turn your phones off not worry about being on the computer stuff and just spent time in the car. I know as a child how much I enjoyed it but also with my daughter who was a cheerleader and we traveled all over this country going to events in step just being able to get in the car, turned the radio off list was listen to truth broadcasting, but just turn the radio off and just just have conversations Myra my wife entitle my daughter. We would just do that in just the family bonding you know is just just so important as time went on and step and just think so many times we have lost that just the simpler things in life. We kind of ink.

Everything needs to be at the pace that the world tells us that it needs to be at.

I mean, it seems like you know cars always were rushing to get somewhere off. We go somewhere need to just hurry up and get finished. He don't have time to really talk get in the car and it buddies on the phones or texting. Are there laptops are there are tablet or something and nobody is communicating is think of something that that that we as adults are probably have lost with our children. What we need to come to sort of get back to that a man that is just that can be just a great toll for us and as I mentioned, this morning I want to start with Mark over here to my right.

Let them introduce himself and tell little bit because when I talked, we talked Pulliam's hotdogs man, the rich history there and I was just trying to think just how many and I don't know how many years that establishment has been there bit of law model life of the snow is been there and just the history there and if you get a chance need to go up and just go inside us like sort of taken a step back in time. Just look at the walls and stuff. Mark would introduce yourself a more plan nicely important barbecue for 400 Awoken Rd. but yet we been in business since 19 teen and a few years for his wife. It's all been in the family all at time but you notes hundred 11 years added. I think we may have perfected the hot know it's been a been a great ride with it and hope containing the daughter don't need next in line for it would just go continue to make pace with the artist will say that you're right.

When people just don't have. I just don't slow down enough to I do miss those days yeah that's what I buy you stoplights with hermano so you still get ice cream. Watch the airplane watched the shed. The shows of airshows and it's just been a great ride in the Staley is a menu notes and I really consider everybody that walks in the door you not a customer you're funny and you know the main land and nicely and got something else in Robinson's teenager Albany with me and with that been a lot of hot dog Mineta passed the shoe and and I can think back I know that on August probably to me was just kind of that. Just a cool experience back. I I could think the first time that me and Myron Taylor drove up and when she was younger step in the winter never got hotdogs sodas and went out and sit on the stops. I just talked about how I did that as a child and step me that was just just cool woman. I just I can't tell you how much I enjoyed that in Stefan. Not that they know sodas of what means of keeping people out to grasp it and I would just call the stone patio, pickled customers and 10 young trying to get Wafaa hooked up to little Hector outdoor dining lactate thinking of stories about our place on there's one that brings me to mind with a seatback when I was younger's is a fail after sitting with a sufficient turn I see communities of news that fell after I told him that was aces mean he just rolled out count by $3500 out of his pocket. This guy was prickly homeless, but basically I really can't believe it. He was that way that fellow was his family was in the business era tobacco warehouse business but hastily come in the door to who is that it fails that he discounted at about $3500 in front everybody I said yeah he's going get plucked and heated exchange doing it before you know that there is a time when people just just more carefree and stuff it with and then you know you talked about this walk-through there and and what things were going to do is do I want little O and share some of the stories I know one of the your biggest and favorite customer may be our lease is that the hot know their point was his favorite food I think was Bill France Senior and stuff I want just to the story about what you did for his birthday a few years ago and will been a few, but a few years ago, but it did. That's just a cool story. Also this morning. It is a call-in show, and so you know what if you had that story of get in the car spending time sitting out in the car needing going to the drive-in theater sit in your car or just get now I'm just riding around in the in the community are taken at trip to the mountains and just spending time as a family, slowing the pace down and just enjoy it and let the car be a vehicle to bring people together would love to hear their stories. If you have a story give us a call at 866-348-7884.

Guinness is a call-in show. We hope to hear your stories and also with this is Junior Reynolds this morning. Like Mark say we all go back a lot of years and Junior would introduce yourself a mate Bruce Guillory I got Paul and Obama and the day. My voice is changed, but you'd been a star 1941, of Glen Avenue.

We the only other tow truck out know that was in town at that time was doubly free-floating on my dad finally got one before placing one, but we and the fruits of the one doing the please call thou intro co-circles, but that's where my dad started of Glen Avenue with the towing business been in the doing business with the Nazis. 1941, but in 1949 I came home as a zeros Junior from the hospital and if you remember Pete's moans barbecue upon the quarter. My dad took my mom by their Ford for evening dinner. He gave my mom a new dollar bill 1941 for me.

I made my first dollar bill. It some owns only what is in the NME belt my bed, started having children, so he get me the shop and the guys would watch only arguing the tow trucks with things like that is a got bigger but then 1962, we moved everything to a location instead of the which we have a lot of acreage there.

It's our storage lot and know the total ministry to get the rest of that story just a moment. Christian cars already have.

Glad to have you to do this more don't get this: show 866-34-TRUTH 87884 love to hear your story of your trip in the car. Truth Network and are you ready are you ready for some food, a lot of truth to him and that this afternoon network this afternoon. It on Eastern time secure with any combo is a program that comes only one and Amy really gets into dives into discussion a lot of thing with there's hope for everyone in her crisis that she went there was a young lady in a young adult, to how she's able to be the cure through Jesus Christ. So Tony and 1 o'clock Truth Network on these channels and hear the cure with Amy Cabo will will back to two Junior thing Junior just moved us to Stanley Bellamy. We left him now to see where were her head now and again before going that again I want to hear your stories of everybody has a story of time they spent in the automobile and that was used as a instrument to bring couples closer together mean how many we all wish that in here looking at me and Mark Junior spent time at the drive-in theater at the day and stuff just in that time in the car with your family and staff so that love to hear your stories. It is a call-in and that number is 866-34-TRUTH 87884K Junior, who just moved to salable okay that was 19 years 1962 and my dad leased the bald-faced property there that turn it into a salvage alternate so in-service and intuitive automotive repair service.

We stayed there. My dad passed 2006 in 2012, the Beltway was the start of being built in my property was right in the middle of it.

If you arrived by where I used to be just the block north of Dario which is no longer their own University Parkway instead of you, but still close by as a standalone cyst. Jeff built real close to, but as you'll see that breach that they built out the video millisecond very carefully not sure, but the we understand some people neighborhood now start going that the junkyard breaks up when you cross it instantly.

There's the junkyard bridge in that will keep in what was the site at one time read what the junkyard. It was a salvage yard, but he could call it what you called but on the towing part was told that while you I'm scone. Instruct your short little message here about towing you have an accident and hear how intro city police serve public when you're involved is called when your car to be towed a nonconsent tow unless you have someone that you prefer. That is a legitimate business tow your car.

What I would do that car is still your valuable piece of property.

No matter.

Habit is torpid.

Still your valuable piece of property you have stuff in there that you want to get out of the car. You don't have all this time to do that on the scene of accident.

Most also year in trauma.

You don't want to date. My suggestion would be this wherever your registration card is put a company that does towing there so we pull that out you will know who to call.

Tell Elsa who to go. Part of that Junior's what's the purpose and that I mean as always will say that you're better off having a you know somebody that you know and then step for multiple reasons and one just with location where it's going and also you've already built a relationship a lot of house with those people you have in place they can direct you have HRC go approach you rather go to say what your car salvaged or pure carbon parable You get relocates over proper place.

If it's not already there. That's a good thing for you to remember to if you have an accident Tony to place it can restore the vehicle back to its proper use of just need to be prepared because this in your mind is not going to happen to me that's what is going to happen. So just be prepared in just 50 a.m. and if you haven't the same take it to the place to be repaired and that this going body damage. Just make sure that you put raised by this shall not affect along with that registration telemarketing is a breach of Francie but yeah you you know that thing is not always say that it if it's any mechanical repairs, upholstery work, you know, even anything with your vehicle kind of go ahead and get a relationship built up. I mean if it's somebody that you kind of already know and it'll help you in a lot of ways. In this Junior mentioned the rotation calls when it's out law enforcement does it. They have a a a listen you just randomly get called out on that list in and that's a good thing because most of that most no matter where you had an inside the United States. The way this operates is those facilities have been inspected and make sure they have the proper equipment and training to do the job. Because law enforcement is one just send somebody out that is not capable to to retrieve the vehicle or could damage it, or even damage unit physical damage to that to up to two people around her that or whatever it may be just give thing done safely and so is important to know that those people qualified but also their sword. They don't know you so is sort of a set fee because there's a lot of things they have to have to be on the rotation. One is the insurance and strain in his equipment and all that stuff so you kinda pay for all of that when you're getting a call to the rotation where if you call it somebody direct or as a request is more of doing it because you are that person's customer Marais don't have Junior right we have a structured price chart for the Police Department. How intro your apartment. What's your cold cars in need of that service your chart for the services rendered so that you won't be ripped off or whatever, but if you have a company that your very familiar with legal behavior. Structured price also. Happy a lot yeah and then just another piece of that is the location of your car going to because as you say you're in a large county. Your vehicle could be tow you could be on the south end of the county and the record.

This dispatch could be from the north end of town and it could be you note 20 miles, 15, 20 miles that you have to drive to get to your vehicle to to retrieve your staff and dig to to just negotiate what needs to be done next wherever somebody that you called. His request was a time is somebody you're familiar with is usually in your community and that's also at that big relief in a hassle you don't have to go to through because I Junior Sager in a crisis when you been in an accident or if you've your cars broke down the side of the road.

You got a flat tire.

Are you all right you ran out of gas. Sorry you went in there to to go if Williams get hotdogs and you locked the keys in the car is not you know you're in a crisis so to make it easier on yourself again will be right back. He was the Christian Car Guy radio, I'm Jerry Mathis raise bodyshop wrecker service without markup Williams and Junior from that was is a direct association with us this morning. See you on the backside of this break you're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back Christian Car Guy radio show this morning market here. One of the things I wanted that take time if your NASCAR fan and you really want to see some of the history of NASCAR's home of the pictures you need go by a boy just go inside and see the rich history and the connection would NASCAR with that that that restaurant and stuff when the neat stories is Bill France.

As I said really likes Pulliam's hot really liked Williams hotdogs and you'll get something for one of his birthdays and going to explain this if your NASCAR fan you will love this story is back in the day bail. All we really because he ate up after member him beaten up there and in Lisa and Brian just be not like being my just kids and his dad losing him thoroughly and that stand over and quantities send is no telling what kind of rules made rentals and the twisting stuff up back at the day made in that corner was a board room right by drive vehicles he would deal Junior he would just pop in the plane file appearing get hot now you know that yet lately got in touch with me.

It was coming up on his 65th birthday and they wanted to do some special with them and they what they did was I went down third Marina became a fair measure to size the room pictures and they built in one inside that marina down there where he kept his yacht where would he go down there to see hang around down there to Marina, but always call the guys it was building it so you need to leave neatly meals only lay down or gallantly be spotted granite coming in and out down there so make a long story short, they built that they flew appeared got me. Let me back down there and we surprised me over the hotdogs, which turned out to be a really great that you know and in oatmeal was a real farm type guy when it comes to business.

He was strong arm, but he had a lot of funding until you cozied it love singing karaoke me and him and might help saying back then.

Elvira was popular when I don't type you have any that now I can't let you know recite adenoviral lockout but down there track that weakness come up on Martin Flores. I called down there and atop Beijing sick. I salute you. Make sure Taylor body to come on the mark. Vehicles isolated me and Beale and Mike sang a virus good nobleness to sing the national anthem/that take up on the debt. But yeah, it's you know it's a lot of history there were that NASCAR stuff.

Our drivers come in mean had Harry Gant Dale Earnhardt you had Davey Allison, Christine Spencer. He still comes now Walter Stevie course, I mean it. It goes on and on.

We back in the day when Reynolds involved in ration of the law, but he did heat you just fly by me made a recipe book on timely recipes NASCAR race please and I put a recipe in there from my heart not by having a poster bun and I'll let you know teacher was in there. They took a picture of some hotdog somewhere in the hotel consists lighting you go apart marks and take a picture his hotdogs that don't look like is hotdog only that I dived that got see some of those pictures of that summit that with a re-created restaurant to Hunter for music was amazing. Just saying it was out mean, how pathetic it looked and stuff and I you know you and it goes back to Ovitz talking about the causes they would come in even the end, the executives are commands a record of just sort of get and unplug and from everything stand in the corner like he said no telling what kind of deals were remade. It goes back to that all of us have stories of what the car and being in the car means as far as a just just going to a restaurant enough if you don't live near Pulliam summing. Go there's that there's a hot dog or hamburger place where you can go in your community go inside or go to the go to Addario and get a drive through and and and just pull up beside the road and just sit with your family is always a meal and enjoy it always pushed people. It's like. Yet several different other dolls is not that the PB's but they're all great people always got go see your local people and the franchise that's okay but support your local mom and I don't care if you get a hot dog at their place of your support in a local person and you know the thing is that the community and to their nose communities, a step that the community history just so rich and stuff and are so many memories and when you go especially if you going back in time a little bit you know that I know every time I go to Pulliam's for one, I can always think back of doing it as a child I can think back the first time I took Myron Taylor up and we set out on the stump and and and just reminisced and step I have time I go down 158 hours of going to the shop on S. Main St. right by the more the old locations of the drive-in theaters, spent just sit in the car and just just enjoy and the company of whoever was with you and Stefan Junior I know you probably had some of those experiences also and I and like I said I know that listening audience is mourners also had that soon if you don't call in and share it as encourage you to step back in time because those opportunities are still there yelling I like to say one store but Junior to it is really good layout will go back up to the Sabbath junkyard Marianne symbolical.

She passed away. Now that she was janitorial mutilated when it did, the need for for them while she went up her deceased ACs that he was interviewing him and course each cheek. She could Strafford everything to do many people got a story about cruise in Strafford with all the hot rod all of the colors I did that. Also that you know what I mean. But anyway get back to her. She had talking ACs deity. She called her to junkyard he can land this is not to junkyard says this is a savage orchard if you want to junkyard you just right right down here Hank Miller Road take a right. Go crossbreed you write down the right EA DAC data Heatley catbird tubal that he didn't like you didn't color to junkyard.

Another said Junior early on when interest is it's about a junkyard that wouldn't his daddy will you better not call it agenda who, with daily had a banner and it was in the office for office burn up 1978 and all that banner he received it from someone he says welcome to the 16th largest industry in the world auto recycler salvage the at that time and recycling the 16th largest industry in the world and that trip history are safe when I'm, I'm, I'm a CEO of a industry here for you nose been ever Taft now in month did only one time.

He said when these days you will be the CEO here and he said do you really know what that is an acid will shortly.

He said I don't think you big a civil what is the said CEO come early and open so that's what I had to do. I could be out on the record at four, 5 o'clock in the morning.

He told me on a radio piece will yet New York today athlete. Yet the work. He said I'm at the certain place.

Having breakfast will buy and buy you breakfast. So things like that in the EE was a character in IT. I used to live. I give him some common idea about something today will do this any wouldn't answer it right away. He civil and think about and I always loved to hear him say I think it'll work that maybe two months later, but he would say if he felt like he was going think Edward that's jubilee for me.

God knew that was going to work but that he was a character in when my wife first made him so we went to Town & Country for dinner. We rode back to that link and what he drove noses to Lincoln that you bought matching ones significantly. We had met Lincoln's day was a big car lever. He lived and people would fuss and say really belted because it's a carful easy cozy good cohorts we run the bank see that Lincoln bomber would be talking to Glenn data be talking late crossfire and she looked at me with Winston next and can you dress so will Nancy take care my dear for Bassi.

They love go the bank force, and I don't care how much money or how little money I was bitten in the bank that day, he would actually count back at the bees and that this is what we put in the right you you you know that you hate when you come back.

We went over the same story, but he did.

He just wanted to know that he was doing the right thing until he got sick can be there anymore, but I T7 mouth.

He was a good guy. I'm setting here looking at two guys myself and there's a bunch of others. After you look at your background, your family if you been in business with your parents. You probably still there with a male they drain your right leg late in the slowly ski back in a moment Christian Car Guy radio show again. If you got your story of the times for the automobile live with family are growing up. Give us a call 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Listening to the Truth Network and will welcome back Christian Car Guy radio. It is worth talking, though I think about it due to break markers you talking about just the Kovic 19 which is not not spending as much time you know just in conversation and and and just just the fellowship and Stefan you know I think back, you know how important you note us as human beings have been at community and that that there's relationships how important days off for SME. Think back about it in the Bible and and and Jesus you know Christ was all about that that community and and you know all through the Bible we see all those examples of that. And even that in acts. It talks about the church and I want a big purposes of the church is to bring the fellowship of believers together and stuff because God knew that that's the way we're wired.

And we really need that and now not even just the Kovic but as we talked about you just the way in and spending time unplugging from the world a little bit and just you know when you're in the call with your kids, you know, don't don't have your phone zone, don't. Don't be the Texan back and forth don't have your tablet on just just try to have some conversation because anymore it seems like you know we have opportunities to to spend time together with the people really really like you can learn a lot from and grow closer to we allow these little things that I got sit on his desk overhearing telephones and that text messaging and the tablets to get in the way of that. And that's what I think you know when I said this unit, start the show this morning was you I think back to those memories when it wasn't like that and we took advantage of it because I know as a child part of my childhood was growing up and and those events will be go to goat up Williamson and sit there and drive up here and sit in the car even if it just watching the traffic go by and then as I got older head has more mentioned cruises Stratford Road and Winston-Salem Aryan staff doing that just been a time in the car and and and the date nights going to the drive-in theater and you didn't know that that never had a phone own flares about effective health is an easy phone that I can settle down. Take with you, so that made that part really easy, but just just spending time and stuff and then the later you want to talk about driving and whatnot quickly making a comeback with those things now, but you know the Winston driving went far from seeing like members. Mom and dad back in the cistern I was in the third of the Winston driving which we didn't care about watching movies because Faber had a negated underhanded will trying after we want to ride the train. Small size train. He had went it thought you after don't really anything back but the train would come in the through the parking lot and go up underneath the screen and you go back at Orchard Street and you go right back in just ride that will be training at will. I will a lot of fun vectoring the swings in the sea sells the that round thing that you would get only makes many a ramp there that will make all the noise good to you only will he put the unconscious. If it or if you just get all that you live in a big heart is easy.

Do you remember the first car you ever got that Welty met my first Monday giving my first your any deletion you need. This release rule that is the only was in the lead go to church every grade be good. Take care my brothers make sure they're safe and just up be there to help him. And even when I got to school all that and he said that I started to walk out the office and he said way meant that one more thing I said was happy. Let me see if you tear that car up Walkin a crowded town remind me that my dad taught by him to my first car was a 69 travail Super Sport big block 396 automatic are and he told me said Nancy ever get a speeding ticket in this thing is will grant so I never forget my birthday was on a Sunday license.

I got him on Monday with Matt Sunday two weeks from that Sunday. I will let Stratford Road and I want to go race another surveilled just like mom but it was a fortunately not know that I had lost when the front wheels come off a ring when you get sick. Should she cut, but we pulled over by the police.

Look, I'll let you know that he got a lazy fat hero after me that he placement amulet ticket for speeding. So you know you but I can take your call for prearranged drag race.

Remember that having all you know if you would drag race next bowl you elect to take your call, but I'm not going to glance out at home and that was and then walked in and I give him a licensed ticket station where they gotta be at school at eight in the morning and not know school gets out 330. You better be home between Cornel Ford obtained a full set that happen he said he did attend how longer, but two weeks later in the back. But yet that he was back in that day we have a lot of respect his followers. You know it, especially from the Lord Jesus and God was when know what you know and love respect. We didn't have all this turmoil's going all right. It's a bunch of boat you need to make sure that your heart then apparently the change in the train this right front that the put the program out there that they felt comfortable with instructions and felt comfortable with and prayed that we would stay on it and by what Mitch is the child which you know not depart from it didn't say might go down live Avenue for a while but it does say it will not depart in a T. So my dad was an instructor, Terry was give me some more advice over many times as you want me be sit in church and the mama pia colada as I heart it is the hardest things on monopolies like to pinch me today that hard it would be that hard. My day my daily notice borders through both old and I was the oldest and would like to go out together and he looked as he said the medieval setting. I don't get in trouble out there know about, particularly, but now always remember this summer sailing on the wick is look at him in and say report need a 50-50 chance at a gold happen the night he sees hope it goes away. He's a bit if you go out there and start something before you do look around and make sure that somebody can bully up Monday morning go. They asked the site assaying designated East always say not taken home and walk away from the fight than it does to find them, but that just let just didn't happen. You know nothing.

Part of that is were talking stuff and thinking is just back to goes back to that that spending time alone with him.

I wanted we actually think about the lessons we learn from appearances because it they spent the time to teach us is lessons in this thing that I think is just kind of drifted away. You know so many times I get off talk on the subject at at at at Pinedale dorsum a Sunday school class is a step how you know and have had people speak up and go you know I don't want to brainwash my child. I do note that well you know what I guarantee somebody's and bring out so I hope that you know we need his parents take the initiative and in the way you do the same thing Christ wants from us is to be in relationship you want us to have a relationship with the people that we care about. Also, then that's where I say to take the opportunity to to just get in the car and spent some time trying to turn off your devices turn off the radio, eat dinner together, eat dinner together. Yeah. And it doesn't have to be where it just all the hustle and bustle. Ms. Mark mentioned, you know that this times with people just stand in the corner and just to spend time need a hot dog and just just have conversation when we learn a lot from this day and time to remind no cartoon or so years ago were you know you spend a lot of time outside playing with your friends this karting showed located in there playing his video game on the couch. His mother said once you go outside and play.

He said okay. Next frame of the little boy sitting outside the window with the corner and in the end run back over to the television. Explain videogame from outside all right great morning this morning. I tell you. Thank you. Junior thank you Mark for being in the studio with me think morning and and it is been a great morning and tell you what, take time this week to slow down loaded the family lived wife up in the car just get you hot dog and enjoy yourself sitting beside the road was traffic go by tomorrow morning. Load up your car and go to church somewhere. Have a blessed day and we'll talk you next weekend again. Hope Rob is having a great weekend Christian Car Guy radio at the last one. This is the Truth Network