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August 4, 2022 7:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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August 4, 2022 7:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt discusses problems with Oneness theology--2- Can a husband be held accountable for his family's actions or beliefs---3- How can I talk to people from the Churches of Christ about the issue of music in worship---3- Do people who claim that you can lose your salvation believe that you have to live a perfect, sinless life---4- Doesn't Matthew 12-32 -about blaspheming the Holy Spirit- mean you can lose your salvation---5- Do I have to be in ministry for God to bless me with a wife-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is the president thought a lot more you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a max likewise glances 77 Matt slick minutes.

Five open lines 877207227652 note: no okay so okay to start with. This lets you so the oneness Pentecostal people now a week and 1/2 ago I went to United Pentecostal Church to challenge politely challenge so perhaps the top oneness person to debate that he didn't accept me submit a discussion of the email into their tomorrow about this resort some time to get back get acclimated for being here in the state and so I'm going to do sale and make sure it is working right here.

And so it would debate with another guy and this guy is one this guy and he's claiming his claims victory building claiming victory that you hear me okay Laura is good look at claiming victory they'll do after after our debates that you couldn't answer anything and it all answering everything I've heard it all and and so one thing led to another. I started to study I'm not finished it yet.

It takes a lot of work. This is one of the longest studies have ever done on a single article is taken me five days so far what I've done is really interesting lease to me now. I've mentioned this before, less frequent over. I'm doing a study on all of the instances in the Bible where talking about Jesus and the father so a child and the father Christ and God. Jesus and Lord just depending and so because my tech skills. Let's just say I'm able to take a lot of information extracted out of a Bible program third into Excel, sorted do some stuff move it into a program for HTML cleanup the code and then I can start categorizing seek to. I enjoy connecting and hundred and five over hundred and 30 instances of that I'm examining what I'm doing is I am categorizing them into varying areas. Distinction of action of two subjects object subject relationship, possibly the implication of personhood. The action performed things like this outlining them and I'm going through these verses and as I have to read these verses. I'm figuring things out in different ways and I'm writing this article and is a table with inserted information questions in it and I'm taking a lot of what I find because I'm relating one verse of the reverse letter verse and putting it into my outline on oneness and so I have an outline and oneness with working on off and on for the violence it's on pages 20 pages, not very long and so adding stuff in and I'm discovering, and so I'll be releasing it public this week looking for me that's interesting stuff. I like doing this kind of stuff one verse at a time. Analyzes see the patterns God uses and things like that. Let me to another little study because Jesus prays to the father. I thought because that the oneness always praying to himself, so I was just curious.

I wanted North was any instance in the entire Bible of anyone praying to themselves in any way.

In Italy, an illustration exaggeration. So I did a search for prey to prayed to praise to, and the 4040 occurrences in the NASB Bible and I put every one of them together did the same thing with the table and and found stuff individuals prayed to God. Individuals who prayed to the Lord group of people to pray to the Lord a group of people to pray to God instructed to pray requested to pray on individual praise to a false God of one instance of that and a group of people pray to a false God and so is nondescript could be individual or so going through and not a single instance is ever of someone praying to himself in any way any hint.

And yet this is what the oneness assert Jesus Christ himself and not only that but there's mother stuck. So this is been interesting for me and the kind of a study that I like doing and it's been rewarding and interesting, at least for me or something else and are researching or something that I've expanded my notes quite a bit and develop some difficult questions for them to ask or to answer, stuff like that so this revenue. I did that yesterday did I do it all the time. Always work. I did however, yesterday day off. I did pretty much lays around and watch TV most about that.

People say that you, it did.

I watched watchable movies and then I watch YouTube videos of all kinds all sorts of stuff like that. Okay, alright, alright, why don't we just do this. Let's just get on the phones. Christine from South Carolina Christine welcome you earlier. I now forget, then understand you saved and held accountable right… Maybe I'm wrong. I held their family how they know how they grow up how they treat their children yells heads responsible for a lot of stuff in the family.

Yes that's right okay so if there and are forgiven for everything. What are they held accountable for responsibility. Just because you're forgiven doesn't mean you have responsibility so the father is responsible to provide for his family protect his family. Be a good father, etc. he's forgiven of his sins and set free to be able to do those things is called.

It was a Christian. That's what was going on big deal.

Okay, so God not on him or anything that might have done wrong and that will course, he will you see, God forgives us all of our sins, but it doesn't mean least we can't send it doesn't mean that we're not going to be discipline from the Lord. If we do something that's wrong just because were forgiven and God imputes all the father. All of our sin to the son on the cross past present future.

So this means that that we are forgiven does not mean we don't have responsibilities. It does not mean that there aren't any consequences to our actions as Christians. There are consequences so unforgiving of everything in my life already. Because God is done, that he's justified me Catholic said that the cross closet 214, so he's done that but I'm still responsible to treat my wife lovingly with patience and kindness and and the put up with her which he doesn't believe everything I say all the time because I'm always right after I tell her you don't just basic things okay though not doing right by family that family very well were there, well, okay, if you click however this is such a man claims to be a Christian and he's not doing right by his family, then he's in sin. If you still a Christian. It is a Christian then ultimately all the sins are forgiven. There's a theological perspective called and now the not yet because 2000 years ago is when Jesus bore our sin that was not yet for us, but that was the now for him. We were even alive. So there's this weird thing about time and how it relates to God. So now the not yet and so ultimately older sins are forgiven if were true Christians but doesn't mean we don't mess up because that's what it means our sins are forgiven that meet all of them. Even the ones that as a family father head you messed up you do wrong ultimately literal forgiven doesn't excuse you at all from being responsible doing what's right and furthermore, if someone says he's a Christian and doesn't walk that walk if he really is a Christian then got discipline after the spanking, so there consequences. There are effects and all of this. So being forgiven is one theological perspective about the. The ultimate work of Christ, but it does not excuse anybody from doing was right before God. Okay, okay, that makes sense. So you want to be more specifics or anything because I left your husband or someone you know if the person claims to be a Christian and there's some problems out that he is not some problems in the marriage and the elders of the church you get involved now know I have a really good and kind man we have, a lot, and no one can clear talking about was how that held accountable family and not when not when I started questioning. Well, if you're a and you are forgiven of all your thin, present and future. How are you held accountable to. And we cannot struggle. Okay, now I get it. So were Adam and Eve in the garden and she send first she gave the fruit to Adam and Adam ate the both send at that point and then they hid themselves in the pre-incarnate Christ came to the man and said where are you he didn't say evil to be done didn't say Adam and Eve, he went to the man where are you. Romans 512 says that sin entered the world through one man, and through one transgression. The result of condemnation to all men for Romans 518 in Adam all die first, revisiting 22. The skull federal headship.

So that's one aspect of things. So the idea is that the male is the one responsible like the captain of the ship. It doesn't mean that the other people in the ship are responsible for their own actions.

It doesn't mean that he's excuse from anything. If, in the sense of being forgiven of Christ.

So the father and the husband is obligated to act biblically and if he doesn't any sins that sins already been repeated to Christ, but it doesn't excuse him now because sin does excuse him from his responsibility of being a good, faithful of providing protecting husband and a lot of men don't know this. A lot of men don't know this protecting doesn't just mean with the hands. It also means with your words because of for a lot of women they can feel safe around you physically because they know you'll take care of them but are they feeling safe around you emotionally. Because of the trust, you jump on and on, belittle them talk down to them that inner context and that's one of the things a lot of men forgot to cure that as well.

Okay Christie is at help you okay Christie got blasé folks five open lines which you may call 877207276 will be right back, Matt slick, why call 770776 charismatic slave writable and welcome back to the show we have nobody waiting is nice.

Monday, August 1. While his first was so 18 years ago tomorrow. I moved to Idaho. How about you know I remember from Southern California, San Diego, San Diego for the southern most cities and necessity most county in California and so were used to having winter on Tuesday were done and it was illegal to get below 60°, I can a thing in San Diego next to the ocean, which is a good tempered, thanks, and we moved up here to Idaho and lead to because of the wackiness of the Republic's People's Republic of California you back then and we could afford a home down there on ministers salary and stuff will differ to Idaho. It's been a blessing. I remember we first got here to the court to surprises for the one was this thing called snow snow was interesting concept. I'd heard about it on TV and all of a sudden were outside the Winter Park part of the department for little bit before he got home and wait weeks on the stuff falling from the sky like look at what is that the snow outside was with his bizarre thing in the river that was a lot of smiles. The kids love it and two things that oh yeah and so I was working at a big corporation and is walking between buildings and I called my wife and I said hey hon, I just figured out what they call it fall for her. It wasn't a big deal like the leaves are falling all over the place that I get it. And so, so those are some of the smiles that I look back on and stuff just amazed you know.

And then there's this winter came was weird but I sure I sure learned. I sure learned to appreciate the seasons are really like it either was a great place a lot of freedom appear and you know what the problem is because the leftist of just messed up.

Somebody states with her leftist policies people are leaving and coming here and everything.

Everything is getting more expensive in the road you getting more packed it turning into you and just also get this, the Internet, manageable the Internet.

Now, I think, is because the DSL is being shared by more more partners are going up all around us. And so that's why we had a couple problems, like if you've noticed but on the Harrelson nothing. I called the company numerous times. In fact, yesterday the Internet without twice on Sunday and so hopefully they'll be fine today and we continue to have a good time to give me a call forth in lines 877-207-2276 us get to Kent for North Carolina can welcome your on the air right now but thought I was very much about why she sent you okay cannot allow them teach that there maybe music and worship their tics what they say only premise that we hadn't know it's not the question come up with. It was an Old Testament right course is not.

When I asked him if you ever visit so my logic is variance in music you don't play in the Christ. You're not yet sure it is weighted to deal with the church.

Christ is a non-Christian cult so you know and the headworks of salvation you be saved in their church. There's only true church. Blah blah blah another only true church. Colossians 316 John 316, Colossians 316 let the word of Christ quickly dwell in you with all wisdom, teaching, admonition one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God, so that when we do it, except in church course we sing in church with thankfulness and says with psalms.

That means your to sing psalms in the church in the Psalms, tell us to use musical instruments. We do okay not coming out of Kurt got have a lot of friends and relatives are more) how about how to deal with future scriptures say they have with the Bible. Certain things we can talk what real gracious but will greatly help others right right into the other works of faith right thing. The headworks old and working out on my Bible study for Thursday night. James chapter 214, 226 and will be going through the issue of faith and works in the relationship and putting the notes upon Carmen everything before Thursday but to as far as musical instruments, things goes with the church of Christ does Colossians 316 is just where I go to look this is what it says manager was Psalms. If you're singing the song that says the Psalms is do you worship the Lord with the liar with the tier with the symbol are you venting with the buttressing or not. It doesn't make any sense for the position on nothing in baptism is in a big talk with it, really fast. I give you something to work with okay okay so what you have to do is memorize this address. Romans 41 through five Romans: 25 okay Romans 41 through five and reason you do that is because it speaks of justification and what you do is you go through this with some Church of Christ people leaving listing Mormons, Catholics, any bloodless supplies all of this would assess what then shall we say that Abraham her forefather court of the flesh is found.

For if Abraham was justified. What justification justified by works you something to boast about, but not before God for what is a Scripture say Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness. So you ask him what was credited as righteousness. I have to say is faith belief believed God is credited as righteousness to okay so Abraham before the law was righteous by faith right that would that's what it says in the you have to go to the point agree with that because it they say anything else. It is not read the text will you do words you did this.

He riveted that is a was a texture site just focus was in sight and we believe God is credits him as righteousness. Now to the one who works, his wages, not credit as a favor. But what is due, but to the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly, his face is credited as righteousness. So justification is the crediting of righteousness right from the text right there when I am not like not yellow Holland like old uncle to look, focus, focus.

One thing I was to focus his focus don't jump don't jump around one have one for the time okay.

I'll never jump around.

You never build a win a battle that like old only right back after these messages, folks, please select why call 770776 is Matt slick all right back to Kent for North Carolina you still there all right right now enrollment or two 521-2610 Christmas good break with six but so it's a good point. Always focus on one thing at a time. Don't jump around. All right what you want to do is define from what the Scripture says justification is justification right.

Romans 4126 is being declared legally righteous okay now you want to go to Philippians 39 right on Philippians 39 which says we have a righteousness. It's not our own. Okay Christ is a come from God, then you want to go to Romans 51 real simple since having therefore been justified by faith.

So ask them does the Bible's tell us that justification is credited to us by faith. Romans 41 through six okay you get the signal – what it says and is the righteousness, not our own, but is comes from God. Yet yes that's flipping 39 in Romans five once was. Having therefore been justified by faith right to say yes they may argue just when you're done. Those would assess focus on what it says was the site was that say was a sight to see were justified by faith. Yes, then here's the question you want to ask are we justified by faith. When we have faith because the Church of Christ will say no Church of Christ will so you're not justified by faith. You see, if you are justified by faith than when you have faith or justify. That's what it means. It is just not my thing, because those what it says. Abram believed God is credited as righteousness does not work but believes his faith is reckoned as righteousness is when you have faith, but they say no. It's when you get baptized, so they say 20 baptized. They do not justified when you have faith. Are you they violate the Scriptures real simple. Okay okay I recall mother thanked out and I we got love one make the articles re-capital yes and let me tell you. Also on car with that section. Baptism didn't go through. And I would strongly recommend you read of the articles of written on baptism on what they mean and also I got something that I show them that absolutely floors them all the time and it's not very well known or even agreed upon within Christianity, but I can make the case from Scripture that Jesus when he was baptized was sprinkled and you can look up an article why was Jesus baptized but was to fulfill the Old Testament law and the only place in the Old Testament. Rick talks about a man entering the priesthood because Jesus is the high priest go through all this, the only place it mentions water in regard to that is in sprinkling part of the requirement for entrance of the priesthood was being sprinkled with water and of verbal blessing and anointing with oil that the Holy Spirit and being third years of age. Jesus was 30, he entered into the priesthood so I show this to them.

But this Jesus makes brittle admit I'll tell you the wheels come off the cart right there and you patiently show them this all you and you will show them that I show them this essay but look at his house.

You should answer. You shall be any other place and then I go into the issue. Baptism of the Spirit being poured, and it did not know it has to be by immersion and I start showing them out of the Scriptures were sprinkling immersion and pouring are all acceptable as words used baptism and not legal notice that I teach okay so there's a lot of stuff there on car you one thing you will realize how gracious and merciful are bothering Scripture all the okay thank you Matt that if you don't mind that later a mere list. Pray for me that I do with them in patients studied without pray and report in the love and mercy of God will let me tell you that we have a prayer ministry run by Juliann.

You just email and she's a blessing and she's just got a great heart and she works with people when they pray and she's a sweetie. So you notice, ask to go to print the sake prayer at Condit organ and just ask a canoe preferred the situation and people do okay.

I think you are right published okay all right well you forfeit lines if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 Russell from North Carolina matter a hey has gone (Scullin men's gold swig of light. Okay, call me at no tally and your feelings only if people are saying you can lose your salvation. Don't you, that people that believe that you have to Leo in a state of similar perfection cleaning 473 Hatters and they year well to their different kinases who hold different views regarding the gamble Lucia salvation, the Lutherans LC MS Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has live a perfect life but the way to lose your salvation is to openly reject Christ and openly denounced him then say that's how you do that, then there are those who will on the far end of the spectrum owe you you with the saw an R-rated movie you lost your salvation is.

So there's a spectrum of things and so you did identify which group so one of things Alaska people they teach like a loser salvation is okay so you what you do to keep it. Give me a list. How good are you doing in a civil continue to believe they took an inability okay and that is that it that's it. So they'll say to that's it hurt so no problem.

Just continue to believe so is completely up to you to do right case. Living a good thing yes okay so that I'm asking are you being re-keeping yourself right to the goodness of your belief that I want to see whether to go with oneself.

Farthing taken when asking so that I even asked about the you take credit for your own believing that's a trick question that I wanted to think as God grants.

We believe put down 29 but yet we do believe solar know to what degree to the old yeah on the wanted my wisdom. I figured it out. That's arrogance or to signal God granted tell you I'm gonna continue to believe. Well you know what we can say at this point, you know, I just disagree that you think you can lose it, but if you're just justified by faith you think is an effort you going to do and that's how you do it is between you and got at that point got his motor not adding works out well.

I just know that I all about it.

So Scriptures and I can't find anywhere for any body that can lose their salvation. I know if you know continue and are now saying in and you just live ages. Latter-day scope don't feel convicted and you're involved in the sand yet. Well, chances are you're really not Sunday right if you know first John 24 if you say you know do not keep his commandments to truth is not in you and your liar to run a and if you say in God will convict you and the very fact that what you're doing is bothering you in your speaking hello and seeking deliverance from certain's it again. Send managerially off-site struggle against coming will land you know various people that cry out to God everyday for deliverance. Something only no graphic here that you know I mean every night, yet say Lord help me to live consecrated site and help me this I negative thing and spirits well in the place, usually in we are. We people God's grace Lee Lee. I can't and thank God for his conviction. I think God heard Ian at & any and then you can keep doing this is wrong. I thank you and if we didn't have it, then you know it is that in and out of the basket. I'm innocent looking that is not it.

Yeah I miss that in our favor as I live. Notice Said he knew this girl said she didn't say 16 I have that baby yeah it's a regular okay navigation: Rosabeth all right hey folks for the light of what you may call 772-0776 max Y call 770776\back lines 877-207-2276 Martin from Virginia you're on here got you to the previous caller brought up a subject that note, you know you and I've got everybody had to type up and are cut off all but deserted and always. I pretty patient with people so Goya I was running with that one gallon sound like I haven't told you that was weeks ago. I remember that was a very patient outcome I will have five hours sleep and I remember that I know you studied I went back that you get on the phone the next day to apologize.

But it happened I wouldn't blame him.

It shouldn't be you regardless of the sleeper, not just your character is regularly missing make mistakes and you and this is what it is and other blood pressure in whatever but then went to okay so we got what it and in Matt Matthew instructed ticket. The got it is possible that it about losing.

I'm going to read a little bit but condemn okay. You do not know what I can condemn the chocolate. Yet we can do that attract okay and and now if you instruct me off of already calling it possible one, others not displaying their feces informing the Pharisees. They're the ones who say that Jesus or did say that Jesus was performing his miracles by the power of the devil and he said lastly, the Holy Spirit will be forgiven. In this age of niche to come. So the Pharisees are the ones who are saying that they didn't believe in Christ, nothing in Scripture even hints at the idea of a Christian, never being able to say that now I don't know. I think that one way so then what you do with Jesus in the will. The father's if you lose none. 639 that all human all the context. The context of John 637 is all of the father gives me will come to me so there's a group given by the father to the Sunbelt. Forgive me will come to me when it comes to master it will not cast out in verse 39.

This is the will of him was sent me that all that is given me. I lose nothing, so could Jesus lose any right under the group. The other group but not correct.

As a group not a given writer and is a group given, so the group given to him. Can he lose any of them that I would. I would expect not that why would you also not to go. He would know know know he wasn't instructing his apostles. It was the Pharisees the Jews who were saying he was doing.

This is just recorded by Matthew and that he pronounced the judgment… The audio… It was also not he was casting out demons and if you Matthew 1222.demon possessed man was there and the Pharisees heard this and Something by buildable little demons. That's what they're saying and that's when Jesus said you any correction I got an article on this article. Check it out are my question I were rather newer of the work of the time they wanted and is there record is there any reporting of a note that the fake money in many of the Jewish state were converted.

We have a specific record that Pharisees were safe. Yeah, we do are converted all the possible Nicodemus to install okay perfect perfect and and other.

I'm sure many of them were Jewish you think you are Nicodemus in John three looks like he was saved and we don't know for sure Texan say he was, but he's inquiring and and there's some stuff there, it could be implied that way, but deftly Paul the apostle jumped all over him. I'm confident about the Dr. Rev. I forget her name Brown and her late Rev. woman pastor and see how you just say women are. Exercise and watch it hit the fan.

I want to. I didn't want to shake that the but what yeah that was you.

What was murdered because of religion. She said it was an atheist one will will will call you murder because of religion. That's a stupid statement to say I know it I get this limited. Haven't heard anything that is technically what the fair or not they got charged up but government or earth that look look look a little religions don't kill anybody. Religions don't do any thing it's people who holds our lives that do it and so to say religion and is a reason. That's just people are you know it's like I knew quite what this woman wasn't it wasn't they were ask her ask her what she is due to be saved.

So she says okay well I cried after what Bibles agree that O'Connor and just understand what is coming from the dummy. Next the second Chronicles.

Ask her ask her what is to be saved. Ever since forgiven for what I have to do to have your sins forgiven. Just leave it to see what happens and if she gets in heretical answer and hopefully a bunch of people will jump on it like a monkey and a cupcake drifted up okay or are important for crowd against it. I like the library whenever I look and pray for your and looked and I got this asked a million times. Okay they jump up to focus on one thing. Skip point this ignore with Elsa who can I do okay good I go Christmas colored light, but I did get a good okay you try a reveille okay all right it's good to Justin from New Hampshire New Hampshire. I don't are you doing the writing and Internet with you buddy. I today and thinking that all you little bit but in Marion, but then throughout getting from him was that somehow Mary has to do with the trainee in some regard though. My question is in the Nicene Creed. It is that there Are down. There is no frost man and for our salvation came down from heaven and was incarnate by the fully.

The Virgin Mary, I'm wondering one. There's something in contact those going on back then that I'm reading it for like another you know Catholic dogma.

The redactor side effect that I'm not. The question is, what's to understand the insurance question okay. Thanks.

So I guess is in her contact her. What would you make of that exactly on what statement he been incarnate by the holy bearer of the Virgin Mary. I say all God sakes he became incarnate for the Virgin Mary was for you so okay thank you Lord that it will what what I'm having trouble understanding the problem by the power the Holy Spirit, he became incarnate for the Virgin Mary was made man yeah yeah I sent to Catholics thinking. So what about it in whatever they tell you. See if it is in and with with your sander rail.

I make sense but he also knew what was it again. I would think by the wording little bit at all.

While I wouldn't worry about it. Ask always ask clarifying questions were the mean and what was going on okay right on Park Arena callbacks are about lots more stuff and I will love talk about Catholicism. My favorite topics okay okay go faking it going for our okay down for the anatomy and her baby will be praise God praise God. Good kayak and there all right good.

I'll call again.

Certainly I all right called, okay, sounds good.

Alright, let's move on with Chris from North Carolina, Chris, welcome all right. Hang in there man, would you get about three minutes what's up there but okay.

My I will. I want to be married and you know about when the big thing in and out after the negative father and not that work for me on before you have a girlfriend and and on my sister that yeah if he had, he was thinking that maybe that I will have to be in the ministry in order to ghetto of the America and as I get up there and I'm trying to see if it is derived in the ministry God to bless new with life and I'm here's a question you need to suggest one time some to go to this more quickly than I would what you think I'm impolite or not caring. Okay so but were just set a time for so what you need to do is pray and ask God visit his will that you get married because if he's not yet open the door, then, is not yet and so in the meantime, the thing that you should be asking is for God to make you a better man and a better husband and the singer bad guy dissents make your ass got make me a good husband make me into a man.

It will be a good husband for the woman that you would trust with me and in that time, you look to God, keep your eyes on God, you would you treat me with with respect and you serve God and you do your work well in your society. Roger neighborhood all that stuff and you ask God to provide.

When he wants you to be married. Lotta touchable. They said I would get marijuana, get married, may not be what God has for you blessing it is or isn't in the meantime, you need to ask God to prepare you to be a good husband for the wife that he would entrust to you if it has to happen first. Okay and the single get married. I suggest Lessig is in line to get married. Once all the time which we talk about the call back tomorrow meant we should talk more. I want to encourage you if it's on your heart to give Mary it's probably from God. So there's something else going on just a matter working things out, go back tomorrow okay there that I sorry about that erratic title wish I did not have to rush through that talk hey everybody, with the Lord bless you by his grace for clear tomorrow another program powered by the Truth Network