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May 23, 2022 7:21 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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May 23, 2022 7:21 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt talks about his recent outlines-references-notes on baptism that were just released on CARM.--2- As a woman, am I supposed to wear a head covering when I pray---3- Why do you have a problem with Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer---4- Matt further discusses Joyce Meyer and plays some of her heretical audio clips.--5- Matt discusses more word of faith teachings.

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Encouraging Prayer
James Banks
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is it apologetic to research what is thought a lot more questions about Bible doctrine Max what why Grimes is called responding to your questions and show going to be qualified, open lines, wide open, to be called 877-207-2276 I will hear from you. Please give me a call. We can talk to the shoulders was a Christian apologetics show that means is we have to questions do the defense of the faith, teach doctrine, refute error all that kind of stuff with the subject wealth and continue to listen, and if you have questions. Your talk with the Bible, Mormonism jewelers with a subscription site unity behind Islam and Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox UFOs, aliens, the Colts biblical theology. One of the many universals transcendental's all kind of stuff you call even evolution. If you want talk about that later. Science also kind of stuff and just let you know today I will ever work on something for a couple of days. What I do is I have outlines in word and other working outlines for years so that I don't want to lose information and things I study and things I learned and I don't convert everything into articles, but I might notice that a Greek is a passive active voice thing here middle back there and I might make a note about a particular verse when I do that put them in my outlines I have been doing this in all kinds of topics and so I've been doing it on a reformed theology, science, philosophy, Catholicism, slavery, government, Islam, all kinds of biblical apologetics, Eastern orthodoxy, atheism, the Kate objective morality oneness and baptism and what I did for the past couple three days I took my notes from my outline and I converted them to HTML or for web things that took a lot of work to go through and check everything and make sure it was all cogent and things like that and I released it today and to find that you or the Karma homepage and if you go to the Karma homepage. You can just go see there a listing of the articles that are mostly certain recently released. We have the 2023 Israel trip next attend the top and underneath that is as outline on baptism as you click that those are my notes… All of my awful lot of them and I put there.

What is relevant to much easy to understand all this is just my way of learning my way of recording information that I have discovered that when I have sent people my notes for various things that they've really enjoyed them so is not narration is just outline and references and comments and things like that under varying topics. There's even a list of verses that so people go to anyone support, baptism, and why my writing about this because there are people who teach a false gospel false false gospel is that yet you baptized to be saved and so for years I've been working on on argument against this this this false teaching that we should be baptized and go through all the verses that all lot of the first of the commonly used put references and that outline is and I plan to do some releasing and some more outlines of the next few weeks and stuff months probably got some my outlines on Roman Catholicism is over hundred 90 pages so I'm not in a conflict that would take me a month of and be one huge pilot. I'd have to to break up into groups of things like that.

Maybe could do something like that to just to help people out and is in the cut and paste section if you want to see it quickly and what these things are all you have to do is go to UT cut and it'll take you to the cut and paste section and at the bottom of that I go see the outlines tab or the like to have it outline subdivision. I just created today.

Now that reminds me something else because I was looking at the URL for that and was reminded of a conversation I had last night was in and will get the colors in a minute but I was talking to a guy who knows tech very well and I didn't know he did and we just got talking. I made a comment below so you that's because it you know stuff and so we got talking. Turns out that he works in the IT department and he has a close acquaintance to leave it at that. Who knows a lot of stuff about web Internet, etc. and what Google is doing and so I said we used to get a car Michigan about 90,000 page views a day of page views.

When someone comes and looks at one article one page you goes to another article that's two pages go to the article X3 page views and then he leaves. It's the same as one personality one page and leaving the person looking letter leaving another personal letter with her one person looks at three or three look at one each each one. Those instances of looking at a webpage is a page view. So we were getting well over 90,000 a day and now were down to 18,000 to 20,000 network staying and if you do an experiment. If you were to go to Google and type in what is the Trinity harm comes up about page 2. It used to come up number one position before five years ago. And if you go to duck duck go and do the same thing it comes up I did yesterday and the number one position and Yahoo believe it or not. is still a good search engine right now. What is the Trinity.

What happens, and harm his number number one Lashley Tech technologist and so receipt Google and I said that this guy's a Google has altered its algorithms so that Christian ministries and such. Don't get high ratings and he just jumped and he was exactly true.

He said with confidence and knowledge. We already know that we arty know that they've altered the all algorithms to make conservatives and Christianity particular, have less dominance on the on what you find. And so it still shows up, so that's a problem. So what would I recommend if you have a question. You know what you can do is when you go to Google and you going to search for something this type in technical you can type in car and then what is the Trinity and just work hard and then it'll show up.

And so that's what that is saying this because of the powers that be don't like conservative thoughts like Christian thought and ultimately it's being punished and stuff like that. So the repetition of the same, and please River to go there and check out the site still has a lot of thought a lot of traffic 18,000 page views a day isn't too bad, and so was better a lot of sites and that is good.

So I was there you go there you go to. Let's get on there with Rudolph from Raleigh, North Carolina Rudolph, welcome here yesterday when I was on out about, not Herrick so soon and you told me about our IBM. The gravity, transcribed, and you went to Google that EE you go to Google and type in that it yeah Joe can be president cannot carry her parent but not American but she years because you want in Oakland, California okay with that.

You qualify right now. You should think so yeah so she could be in you wouldn't be bad. It will even jump at the left outgrowth I go and throw them all left the outlet opening (not know that we thought looking up.

We found out the Echo mouth you know you really will appreciate that I get in that you did not in Oakland so good. If she is loved and she is eligible she's eligible by legality, but I would say she's not eligible by mental acuity, that's for sure.

She cut out of the same cloth. Unfortunately, election and doctors encroaching senility, but it's obviously there.

And she can you imagine what happened to her when she started because the things that she says are just ludicrous. She has no competence I could do a better job than she could. That's pretty boastful but I certainly could now will scribble the condenser so that you look good with her current vice president or president or hello I think all three of them need to be brought up on charges is my opinion Jake for doing things and supporting things are against the Constitution and because they're in power.

Nobody does anything to get away with stuff but I think that Biden easily brought up on charges the very least need to be impeached.

He has destroyed our economy. He has open the border against the law and let people come in. He has promoted the idea of letting anybody vote against our laws without having identification which is with the loss, the states have said thriving understanding and promoting valid boxes which could be stopped.

So this is my opinion it it's impeachable and he should be impeached. Pelosi… A wicked witch of the West. I think has problems. I should say from the east and elected to bios on each one of them is fine at her with a sadist who they've done. I'm too busy doing theology but doesn't take much to research all of that equity 2000 accident victim rewriting my books now and the rerelease of the influence so room working on that and working on some heavy theological stuff Peninsula to be teachers, and I put any rail and I'm rambling now so I don't have any confidence in our government officials is not my blog that fell half of them will not give your organization not can do all my out if what you could do gallantly dates you will do something close as something this mail it stuff to us is the bottom of the webpage and is a PO Box in and Owego once or twice a week for the PO Box. My wife does deposits based on people just voluntarily support us and were very appreciative of it. We give them tax receipts at the end of the year and I look at of yesterday, you know, we just ask for little bit so will economy is getting tough instead has pretty hard. I think the Trinity pretty bad, but were asking for five dollars a month. I think that's not much and forget that some people thousand people even just 505 dollars month we can meet all of our bills easily. Where on the edge and let's just say we needed help. Just leave it at that. Because Loctite sometimes gets tight and we had to withdraw some of her funds and some stuff you know how it is ministering and in and businesses how it works but we want to continue to pay you for our missionaries and stuff. Go to calm down or the bottom of the website you can you comment on/donate all the information you need is there. Okay thank you all right sound good, but if you are right there. Get the breakout of valuable blood. Hey guess what five open lines.

Nobody waiting once you give me a call 877-207-2276 there's a break perfect chance for you to call good line. I want to hear from you would say right back after these messages, 877072277 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show we have for open lines. What you call 877-207-2276.

Let's to Latosha from North Carolina. Welcome your on on years when you are doing well. How are you my right by God's grace.

You think you so we got home we cool dry know I was reasonably had glad Lucy. I will wrap up of how you talk about something first 2011 about a woman playing with her head covered every woman who has her head uncovered, look, praying or prophesying, disgraces her head for she's wincing with a woman whose head is shaved, the woman whose head was shaved was a woman who's caught in sexual immorality, and he would shave her head as a public demonstration of her shame.

Usually it was to be with prostitutes and adulterers and other things. And so it was a thing of shame because a woman's hair or her long hair was a beautiful thing and it took a long time for it to grow back out so that's what's going on when he says primp your hair uncut with her head uncovered because what's it's talking about in that culture. Sure is a cultural thing's head is shaved was talking about is the issue of authority so what were what they they think is going on here Paul is talking about in the Corinthian church is in that context. At that time since God is the head of Christ to the head of man whose ahead of woman. Therefore, in the church gathering there in Corinth. In light of the culture demonstrating authority for the woman should display her position of being under the authority of her husband. Not that she's already superior is just an authority thing. It was very important in that culture. And so women who went out in in the culture with her hair exposed could sometimes be divorced by their husbands. Depending on where they were on my training area so yeah because it was a sensuous thing and so women would let their hair down in the home and so when incidentally and Luke when the woman went to Jesus when he was at this the house of Simon the Pharisee and she let down her hair in public that that's like to grab the chested, and homework took an oath and note this is all good and so then she started touching him at his feet, which were filthy and then she started kissing his feet and use the oil that was used most probably for her to cover body odor for her business. If you get the Jeff just she is pointing pouring down his feet and kissing them and wiping them with her hair. Every single one of these was a humongous taboo and she was doing all of and Jesus praised as a great start to my favorite source of the Bible, but nevertheless all it is right when I teach on it and I go through verse by verse and I show I preached it before.

I don't really ginger but I preached it before, a few times and I've had to. Each time, tell the congregation look, I'm not a real emotional person but this story often wells up the oceans when you see you know what was happening and all yeah I've been times when I broken you might by voices cracked it all and wiping away the tears could do such a beautiful start.

Okay, so in the good it looks like was happening at percentage 11 is all of this kind of thing is that if she's praying without her head covered what she is saying in the context of the culture as I don't need authority over me. It was a rebellion but it's not the case anymore. So you don't have to have your head covered in church or outside of church if you want to cover hair cover it. They don't count. No big deal like you said something I forgot it wasn't what wasn't sure what you said but guide not Never signed was it something I now will 000 grades rated here.

You can do that do not coerce now anymore when it's okay. I think that we did first look look so in first Timothy first Timothy 29 is likewise a lot limited doing themselves with proper clothing, modestly discrete braided hair and gold or pearls or costly garments rented by means of good works. Is it proper for a woman making a claim to godliness what he was saying was not to be ostentatious about your dress because in that culture golden pearls that cost money. The average person didn't have stuff like that we can do that today because were so prosperous here. So to have goals and pearls in your hair and on your person was a sign and public and purposeful display of your wealth and stature, and Paul think don't do that it would parade their hair to have people whose profession with particular hair and braided that gold so is talking about the Kardashians you don't don't don't act like them, don't act like the Joneses did follow him around. That is going on if you want to braided hair have a gold ring or were gold necklace is not a big deal because it's not in that context, something ostentatious as long as is its modest and the remind me of my me is my wife. He's a good-looking woman and a people still to the starlets you marry me, but she when she go she was out. She will sometimes ask me, as is appropriate is that because he has my permission. She wants a man's new perspective you think this is okay and I said yeah that looks good and all the boys that look good woman yeah you get close and secure as well. But most of time it out shall say good at looking to get a good and only couple three times I said I think you might want to change this so that Endo and she has no problem with that because she's she's not saying that she's most sexy woman on the planet but she understands that you just trying to display proper modesty. So I think she's the most sexy will not write it all.

I still I still think she's got it going on. Oh, absolutely no goblins. All right, a false for the line to give me a call 877-207-2276 the right back please stay tuned man's leg.

Why call 77077 back to the show bottom of the article and give me a call for lines 877-207-2276 with get on here with Beth from Winston-Salem, North Carolina near not on bad last night about Miguel and Joyce Meyer something that fact. Vacationing did not agree well.

Joel O'Steen does not teach the true gospel and he teaches namby-pamby theology. She's made such mistakes is saying that that's Mormons are Christians should never say that he didn't know was designed talking about, etc. Joyce Meyer blatantly teaches heresy flat-out heresy with our gangway and have not That That You Know I May Not Have Pecking at Exactly What You Mean Here. Tell You What I Asked Going to Break I Got It Set up to See Your Call to See If I Can Pull This off Going to Go to Play Some Audio from Birth to My Headset off and Put It Next to the Speaker Pretty Mickey Mouse Little Work Okay so Hold on and Listen to This. I Know Did You Hear He Was Soon He Was Known As the Son of God Right Now That's Heresy. When I Got Several so This Is Another Heresy. Yeah, Yeah, Want to Hear More. Well I Guess I Will Not Wait Her Anymore. She Also Says This He Became. This Is in the Book the Most Important Decision You'll Ever Make. By Joyce Meyer Second Printing May 1993, Page 35. Quote He Became Our Sacrifice and Died on the Cross. He Did Not Stay Dead. He Was in the Grave Three Days during That Time He Entered Hell Where You and I Deserve to Go Legally Because of Our Sin, He Paid the Price. There," That's Damnable Heresy Not Not Saying It Because I'm Trying to Be to Sensationalistic Damnable Means It Is a Such a Bad Teaching That It Violates One of the Essentials of the Christian Faith Is Central to Christian Faith Is in Jesus Christ on the Cross for Our Sins and That You Told It Was Made. There on the Cross, When He Said It Is Finished.

John 1930 Which She Is Denying the Sufficiency of the Cross and Saying He Paid the Price in Hell.

She Also Says This That That's Heresy Is Damnable Because It Is That What It Means Is That Those Who Hold to It Cannot Be Considered True Christians Because They Are Advocating Something That Denies Any Central of the Christian Faith Is Not What This Is from the Same Book of Page 36 Jesus Paid on the Cross and Went to Hell in My Place.

Now She's Inconsistent How We Pay the Price on the Cross and Also Help.

She's Not a Good Think of the Comes a Stuff like This If She Was on Then, As God Had Promised on the Third Day Jesus Rose in the Dead.

The Scene in the Spirit Realm.

When Something like This.

God Rose up from His Throne Is Said to Demon Powers Tormenting the Sinless Son of God Let Him Go, Then the Resurrection Power of Almighty God with through Hell and Filled It. Jesus on Earth Is Grave with a Very He Was Filled with Light. As the Power of God Filled His Body Was Resurrected from the Dead, the First Born-Again Man Makes up Nothing like Us in Scripture and Yeah Yeah Here's the Next Page of the Same Book Page 37 Quote His Spirit Went to Hell Because That Is Where We Deserve to Go There Is No Hope of Anyone Going to Heaven Unless They Believe This Truth" so Now What She's Done Is Redefine the Gospel and Saying If You Don't Believe What She's Teaching about Jesus Going to Hell and Finish the Atonement. There Then You Can't Be a Christian to Go to Heaven. So She Has Now Taught a Dan Will Heresy As an Essential Doctrine and Said That If You Don't Believe What She's Saying Here That You're Going to Help Bring Her by Mark Yeah I Style That I'm the Car Again Night and That Went down and Not Clarifying That I Employ You Welcome so Much.

All Right.

You Have Five Lines Going to Give You Call 877-207-2276 Faculty Do Is Play Some More Clips from Joyce Meyer Listen to This One Explained It like This People Has Such Effect. About God Calling His Creation, His Creation, Little Gods, but Humankind Has Countless She's Saying It's Okay for Us to Be Called Little Gods.

Is This Is Insane and Here. This Is Good to Listen. Those Are so Enjoyable and Why I She's Incapable Apparently Understanding Biblical Theology and the Logic That Goes with She's Untrained and Unmanned in This Area and She Does Not Know What She's Teaching Here.

This Is a Serious Error. Furthermore, When People Tell Me That They're Not a Sinner Anymore. I Say so You Don't Send Correct That's Correct Is Jesus, the Standard of Righteousness. They Say Yes, He's a Standard of Righteousness Is Jesus in No Are You Keeping the Law on the Same Level As Jesus, Now That's the Question with a Sinner Not Sending Anymore.

Others Think They Are Keeping the Law. Just As Jesus Did As Perfectly As He Did As Efforts Are Doing or Elevating Themselves to That Level. I Don't Send Any More. And yet She Teaches Heresy. There's Another One in My Back Here That's Another One Bites the Saying Is That She Is She's a Heretic. I Had to Say It Know What She Needs to Do Is Recant from All of These Things from All of These These False Teachings.

She Has Exceeded the Word of God Which Violates First Continuance of 4664 and She Has Said Things That Are Not in Scripture.

She Has Can't. She's Contradicted the True Gospel.

She Has Alluded to the Ideal Thing Called God's She Doesn't Sin Anymore. You Can't Be Saved Unless You Believe What She Teaches about Jesus Finishing the Sacrifice Everything in Hell Where He Was When We Were Supposed to Go and That Demons Were Literally on Jesus. This Is Insanity. She Is Not a Good Teachers Bible Says a Little Leaven Leavens the Whole Though. Galatians 5959 per 11 Heresy Go Get a Call from Five Open Lines 877207 Max Y Call 77077 Charismatic Slave Back to the Show so We Have Nobody Waiting Right Now I'm Contemplating What to Do Much to Talk about Here on the Issue.

These Teachers and There Are There Are Problems with A Lot Of People and I Want You to Understand It. I Don't Just Go Looking for Heresy: Heresy Hunters Look for Anything to Be Negative about the Fact I Was Just Looking at My Research, I Never Finished It. But Looking at the Research Entre Los to Not Release an Article on but for Example, Is a Certain Quotes, Reference, Where He Said Homosexuality Is a Sin Good Is a Civil Partnerships Are Wrong. That's Good. Also Says That's What the Scripture Says I Can't Fault Them for That and Something Public. This What He Says That That's Good, but He Also Says He Doesn't Understand All the Issues on Homosexuality, but in Response to the Question Is Whether or Not Mormons Are Christians. Joel Said in My Mind That Your Quote He Admits He Has a Studied Issue Mormon Doctrine, Now Mormonism Teaches. For Example, the God People Are Plenitude Is a Goddess Wife, and They Have Relations in Heaven Make Spirit Babies and at the Trinity As Three Separate Gods and You Have Potential Becoming Gods of Your Own Planet. If You Follow the Laws and Ordinances of the Mormon Church and There's A Lot More about This. It Is Bad News so He Shouldn't Say Things like That and Any Pastor Worth His Salt Would Know That Not Another's Mormons Listening to Be in Salt Lake City Right Now You Understand I Almost Beat up by a Mormon.

I Don't Have the Testimony That You Do It It's All That's Irrelevant to the Bible Say If Your Testimony Contradicts Scripture. Your Testimony Is Wrong, but Then I Saw the Bible's Been Corrupted to See the Only Way in Mormonism to Know Mormonism Is True Is If You Believe Mormonism Because There's No Way to Find out If It's False, so Therefore It Has To Be True and You Get a Feeling and That's That You're a That Your Verification and It Won't Work in the Ditch. Nevertheless, There Are A Lot Of of Teachers out There Who Are Teaching False Things and Unfortunately It Is Alive and Well and I Have on My Preachers and Teachers Section on Car. I've Quotes from John and Been Seen Enough People Know Who He Was. Charles's More People Know Who He Was. Kenneth Copeland and Kenneth Copeland Says Heaven Is a Planet through That Faith Is a Conductive Force That Earth Is a Copy of the Mother Planet That Adam Had the Same Size Body As God That Adam Is a Reproduction of God That Adam Was As Much Male As Female, for God to Work on Earth. He Has To Be in Agreement with a Man and Then Got He List God's Biggest Failures. Paul Crouch, Baby Know Who He Was. Says Where God's Claim to Be a Little God Kenneth Hagan Said Adam Was the God of This World and That Satan Became the God of This World Due To Adam's Sin and That Adam Became Sick to Panic When He Sent the Jesus Physical Death Did Not Remove Sin GA Said Jesus Went to Hell That Every Believer Is an Incarnation of Jesus and That We Are in the Same Class As God, Then He Can.

He Said Adam Used To Fly Eve Was Supposed to Bring Children Out Of Her Side. Don't Say to God, If It Be Your Will Say to Say You're a Christian Is to Say You're a Little Messiah, God Touched a Piece of Dust and Turn It into a God, You Are Divine and You Are Jesus Touching Somebody Joyce Meyer Have Already Gone through and Stuff. Joel O'Steen Talks about Self-Esteem and Mormons Are Christians. Fred Price, God Can't Do Anything Unless We Allow Him to Do It, and for God to Get Back into Earth He Needed an Invitation and He Said the Disciples Had Lots of Money Are Just Some of the Things That These People Are Teaching and There's so Much More and so We As Christians Need to Be Aware of What These Teachers Are Saying and We Need to Call Them on the Carpet and Need to Be Exposed. But Unfortunately so Many Sheep Don't Listen to the Voice of Christ, and They Follow These People and I Think Their Legitimate and They're Not Flat out There and Not the Christian Church Should Not Be Supporting Them Because They Teach Heresies.

This Is Biblical Admonition to Expose the False Teachers Have Nothing to Do with Them but They Are Doing so Well. A Real Problem. Let's Get to a and We Lost Him J for a Call Back Please Please Do and I Was Thinking about Doing Is See There's a Prophecy Is in First Timothy Four and It Talks about This a Little Bit in the Says This Infertility for Starting Verse One with the Spirit Express Explicitly Says That in the Latter Times Some Will Fall Away from the Faith, Paying Attention to Deceitful Spirits and Doctrines of Demons by Hypocrisy of the Scooby by Means of the Hypocrisy of Liars Seared in Their Own Conscience As with a Branding Iron Men Who Forbid Marriage and Advocate Abstaining from Foods Which Goddess Created to Be Gratefully Shared in by Those Who Believe the Truth so He Says This Can Be a Time When People Can Fall Away and It's Going to Happen in the Latter Times. This Is a Problem Is Unfortunately It's the Case of in a Second Peter Three Starting Verse Three. Knowing Know This. First of All, That in the Last Days Mockers Will Come with Their Mocking, Following after Their Own Lusts and Saying Where's the Promise of His Coming. Ever since the Fathers Fell Asleep at All Continues Just As It Was the Beginning of Creation.

It Goes on a Tuckahoe People Mock God That's in the Secular Realm Are Doing A Lot and inside the Christian Church. There Are People Who Are so Successful, Millions of Dollars.

Multiple Homes and Are Teaching Demonic Doctrine. That's a Huge Thing for Me to Say but the Question Is, Is It True in Answers Yes It Is True As I Played with Joyce Meyer Actually Said and You Heard It, Then You Can Recognize and You Should Be Able to Recognize the Damnable Heresy in the Words That She Spoke No I Have Not Heard Just to Be Fair.

If She Has or Has Not Recounted Those False Statements. If There's Someone out There Who Knows of the A/V or Book Authored by Her Were She Says. I Said These Things, and They Were Wrong in Every Candidate. Okay, Got People Make Mistakes. However, Even If She Does Recount the Fact That She's Saying These Things and Has Taught Them and Doesn't Didn't Even Know the Basics Is a Serious Warning Because We Are Called by God As Preachers and Teachers to Know the Truth and This Is What It Says in the Bible and so It Says That the Elders in the City. This Is Titus Chapter 1 Says the Elder, and It Also Says That the the Overseer Okay Pointing Elders.

In Verse Five and Overseers in Verse Seven.

This Was Assessed by People Who Were Supposed to Be in the Church Are Teaching, Who Have a Position of Authority of Teaching the Word of God and He Says This Pulse Is to Titus. For This Reason I Left You in Crete, That You Should Set in Order What Remains and Appoint Elders in Every City, As I Directed You, Namely, If a Man Is above Reproach, the Husband of One Wife, Having Children Who Believe Not Accused of Dissipation or Rebellion for the Overseer Must Be above Reproach As God's Steward, Not Self-Willed, Not Quick-Tempered, Not to Do Wine, Not Pugnacious, Not Fond of Sordid Gain, but Hospitable, Loving What Is Good, Sensible, Just, Devout, Self-Controlled, Holding Fast the Faithful Word Which Is in Accordance with the Teaching so That He Will Be Able to Both Exhort in Sound Doctrine and Refute Those Who Contradict Are Joseph Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland and That Them Joel Posted Are They Exempt from These Words. Are They Exempt from the Requirements of the Character Issues As Well As the Ability and the Command to Be Able to Exhort in Sound Doctrine and Refute Those Who Contradict the Joyce Meyer Said That Jesus Went to Hell and Paid the Price. There Does the Bible Say That He Became Sin Encourages 521 and It Says in Colossians 214 That He Canceled the Sin Debt, Having Miller to the Cross in First Peter 224.

It Says He Bore Our Sins in His Body on the Cross in John 1930s on the Cross. He Said It's Finished, It's Done.

So We Know from Scripture That the Atoning Sacrifice of Christ Was Finished on the Cross When He Died. That Was It. That Is the Atonement That Is the Sacrifice of Christ That Is Unessential Part of the Christian Faith.

It Was Finished on the Cross. John 1930 Where He Bore Our Sin. First Peter 224 Were He Canceled the Certificate of Debt on the Cross for a Colossians 214. That's What the Scriptures Teach and Then to Say for Anybody to Say No, No, No, No, He Finished He Told Them How When He Suffered in Our Place. That Is a Direct Contradiction to the Most Important Aspects of All of Christian Theology so This Example Joyce Meyer Has Proven That She Is on Able to Exhort in Sound Doctrine.

I Can Tell You with the Sound Doctrine Is Because Just Go to the Bible. It's Not Just Me. You Don't Have To Have the Degrees like I Do You Have To Have All the Experience Read the Scriptures. Compare What She Says to the Word of God. Why Is It That the Elders All Use Her Words. Example Code Applies under the Fields around Her. Don't Call Her on This. The Elders Who Were Supposed to Be Men, Not Women, Are They Not Calling around Saying You to Repent, You Can't Say This Because Fields around Her Not Doing Their Job. She Promotes Heresy to Say That Everything She Says Is False. There's A Lot Of Good Things She Says but Galatians 59 a Little Leaven Leavens the Whole Lump Sum Now If People Are Believing She's That Good. They Read Other Books by Her Letters That Were She Says She Is a Sin Anymore. When Jesus Finished the Atonement and Hell and They Believe That Those Lies That We Can Call Them Christians. This Is How Serious This Is Just a False Teacher Because of This, and We Know It Because We Examine It from the Foundation of God's Word.

We Believe God's Work and That Will Be Needed to Christian to Not Just Some Guy Slip You to Documentations out There to Learn Some All Right There Is the Music I Gotta Get Going with the Lord Bless You and by His Grace, Powered by the Truth Network