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May 19, 2022 1:02 am

Matt Slick Live

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May 19, 2022 1:02 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Is there a place in the Bible that talks about the lion and the lamb being together---2- Where does the Old Testament say that sex before marriage is wrong- What about polygamy---3- How do I have healthy boundaries with my unbelieving parents while still being respectful---4- Do you believe there will be a rapture---5- What do you think of theonomy- Is theonomy related to post millennialism-


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network apologetics research is found online at the time you have questions about Bible doctrine why France is called in responding to your questions at 770-7276 here's Matt slick. I hope you all had a great weekend. Guess what, I know that there's a stalker and I'm smiling because we have not object if they can count on YouTube right now.

I guess I'm not allowed to speak certain things because the powers that be in the truth minister of the Ministry of truth and we have with her slave dogs that turns me on regularly so so anyway that's what YouTube right now but we do have other stuff that's working fine.

Not a big deal. So there you go.

It will give me a call. All you gotta do is dial 87772276. I want to hear from you if you want give me a call and we can talk if you're new to the show is a Christian apologetic show apologetics is that branch of Christian theology that deals with the defense and establishment of the Christian faith.

All you do is give me a call 877-207-2276 to be busy this week. Tonight I got a little good to get to do online you talk to some other apologists in a private meeting to be recorded. That's good be interesting.

Someone else is arranging that I think tomorrow that I'm free Wednesday night getting one clubhouse and teach on Roman Catholicism and then on Thursday will be teaching the Bible study. I'll be going to the stuff called with nature of God the Trinitarian nature and essence in dealing with a particular issue called one and the many I hope it's good be interesting to go that's good stuff and by the way, so that my book the influence which is on Amazon now. It's been up there for a few years and only just amendable the details, but the publishing house without a business, and so we can't do any hardcopies or something I don't understand all the details I talked to Amazon I said look, they gave me control complete control of the contract. You know, back to me and long story short, I would have to republish it and I'm going to do that but I'm doing is going through an editing the book one more time and enjoying it so I'll be done with that and probably about a month and republish the influence and I might be so motivated then to also work on the second novel in the series called the deception and so people of have enjoyed it when I read the one-page chapter of chapter 4 that I was a book about good taste of neglect nice so anyway that's what happening. I guess that's about it about it. All right, let's get to go from Raleigh, North Carolina Rudolph welcome you on here a different path in the Bible talk about their wolf and the lamb. Think of the book of NIV third 11 if it took about Wilmington with the lamp, but they only thought about the lien goal, but it never figure. I'm not sure I understand your question. Not quick. People always though I landfill together but I found their plaything about what will happen, lien, or kick there in Isaiah 6525 says the wolf and the lamb will graze together and the lion will eat straw like the ox. I think they get out of that. But I know of it. There would always fit line will Little League with the lamp of rivers. Alysia Isaiah Levens six and the Wolf will dwell with the lamb, and the leopard will lie down with the young goat in the calf and the young lion and the fatling together and the little boy will lead them.

So the wolf and the lamb the calf and the lion will be there together the leopard and young goats and the little boy will become so that's Isaiah 11 six. I think you could conclude that the finally lay down with the lamb lien. It is far more cool than wolf okay but my laying late to get that okay I think is sufficient. You know that the idea is that the wolf will dwell with the lamb that means it's not good to be predator relationship there, and the leopard will lie down with the goat predator thing is is done in the calf and the young lion and the fatling together so laying down so you know okay I didn't save the lion and the Lamb is say that, but it does say in Isaiah 6525 the wolf and the lamb will graze together and the lion will eat straw like the ox. So just just tickled a slight bit of liberty and save alignment lamb only down the gutters kind of implied that the whole thing works together the exact words Arthur okay I look you what you learn about God are not about all I know. I googled it okay what you're being critical in a good way. Being precise and then you write the exact words are not there, but I think the sentiment is by proxy think it's okay right. Thank you for your all right sounds good goblet complex. Alright alright alright alright let's let's get to Cliff from simply over Florida that now you're on the dark all right hanging anybody young men were like a couple court would allow like in the background all fixed before Mary and the old that there yeah different forms and its it's is condemned where Dan now you have the same diseases words what it does say is that nexus 28 all document adultery.

The implication is marriage and it does say this. Right there and let's see. And so, okay, I'm trying to find certain words but is not that health estimates, there are instances of people laying with one another and there's consequences I have of top my head. But there's consequences, and so then marriage was nest necessitated out of that got pregnant out of the store condemned for it. There's lots of stories like that.

So the understanding in the Jewish understanding the Jewish culture was that they got married very early and was not committing the adultery and there was no messing around. It just wasn't done. You didn't do that normal speaking, as were few people who did conduct the that's basically Celexa 20 adultery which means no and is brought in to mean no sexual immorality from the new route through pretty good objects or words were and where would you didn't have anything at the moment it's only a question know it's a good question and I would you have homosexuality being condemned in Genesis 19 with lot and the and homosexuality. Leviticus 1822 is condemned and let's see all firemen together as a verse when a man lies with a woman there's a verse that goes like that and also look at this in due number 22 five. Woman shall not wear man's closing or Chile man problems coping so child is a transvestite-ism is condemned as is prostitution. So there's a lot of sexual morality was got out, and no equipped with multiple while waiting.

Not that I'm advocating for the market with multiple while where there like damn door is permitted. Jets permitted the way God set things up as one man and one woman.

Adam and Eve and then in the fall and then started gathering to themselves. Wives know a lot of people don't put flesh and blood on this am I saying this justifies it. But men were the ones who got to battle men were the ones who go out into the field they were working very hard and so men's lifespans was lower than that of women, and so because of that there are more women than men, and I think this is part reason part of the reason why they allowed God permitted people to marry more women multiple and nothing was.

It was was advocated. It was not but in the consequence of sin as well as the imposition of other cultures that were polygamist, then that upon the Jews. God permitted them to do it, though he never advocated her after okay I will recommend that through Davin Bates good so I get frequent but have to be so why now or in now is more people while okay now would know no in the tightest three Titus 1527 infertility 31 through five believe it is it talks about the elders and the bishops and the deacons also must be husband's one watercraft. If husband One Life so the with her doing was Paul. He went back to the created order is not to teach or exercise authority over men but remain silent for Adam was first created.

So he's tying all of this stuff in the created order is looking at what God set up and sing. This is how to base this was supposed to be with what we doing as Christians and so that's how it okay to play devil grab you and try to enter the great comeback right I would think he would say that talking about elders and practiced in the church. I don't see that referring to everybody here in case Lynch refers to say refers to a guy named Bob. I just got five wives and becomes a Christian and that he wants to become an elder. I get to camp now County does apply to him doesn't because if it's if it only applies to the elders, who are the example of what it means to be biblical to the sheep and why is it the sheep can do it, but the elders can't and would not make any sense okay alright alright Cliff are at oblast guy.

We had a break to open lines 877-207-2276 right back after these messages I call 77077 air with its welcome your mad.

I really your format. But what really relates to my other question situation where the whole world is turning against Israel, and I'm having a hard time finding scriptures show people that is against their creators will win against the Scriptures, and that relates to my other question about some of the churches teaching that you can kill yourself and go to heaven family. I have been trying to send you some evidence of this end somebody has been like not letting my emails get through to you on the charm website and being hostile to me because I was showing that what's his name, the founder of cavalry Chapel was promoting this idea that you can kill yourself and go to heaven and I use it a lot is getting into it saying so one thing at a time.

Okay so look at your first question will my question.

I was trying to present the evidence of Chuck Smith saying that you could kill yourself and go to heaven. My emails relating to intercept it was decided to question what's your question. One of the question is can I present the evidence and the other thing you where you okay Walt. I mean, in their own books. Chuck Smith, Ellen McCalla within time you see seem to me just want to preach this, and I don't want that to happen. No, I haven't been able to have them enabled and initially finish please. So I'm always cautious when people do that okay is telling so you need to email me at

I did that would let me how you cut my statements.

Okay. All right.

So you email them when you ask to have it be sent to me. I have cited in that idea that a member I have this thing when I repeatedly ask. Let me finish my sentences and they continue to step over me that I get rid of our just leave. This is something I do on chat rooms I do it quite up quite frequently.

If I'm in answering a question someone to search continuing to interrupt it just doesn't work with my autism and I just say I'm done and we can move on.

If I asked him repeatedly in the continue to make that same goof.

I just can't deal with them that's on my end but that's how it has to be. So if you want to call back and ask a question, let me answer without interrupting. That's okay.

I don't like let's get to Zach market saw Zach walking on air.

I met my call. My question today is about foundries with birds in my situation occurs in my immediate family. Actually, just working on little anyway because of abuse drugs and alcohol.

Our relationship is been quite strange. So my question is if you have any I guess wisdom of how the Bible can articulate to effectively love Ben as a as your neighbor per se, but at the same time have healthy boundaries because they failed to keep their word that you might be trying to get background in your life you have a good point, but the trust isn't there. So anyway yeah how do you have healthy boundaries while still in the right way loving and being loving being respectful, especially that of being a parent real tough one.

Let me just say cautiously.

I can kind of relate okay, not exactly the same way but enough so what you do is what I did is I set those boundaries. According to Scripture, and I would still be involved with my parents and they say they weren't walking with Christ as they should and with the Savior of the seas is an example of some foul language for use in our house and so this is representative idea. So I did what I said dad love you very much, but we don't allow that in our home and just asking you to abide by, and okay they were respectful and okay ask us how the hell they were raised, etc. that was in the service enough so what I did was the principal was just biblically set the standard. My wife and I came to agreement and then when it came time to to be noticed.

I brought it up very carefully with respect my parents and then set that boundary as that still encourage them to oversee the grandkids. You know our daughters. My five dollars on sickle. We want you over here. We want you to just don't want that part so it the missing is exactly your situation but you know the idea of taking control of what you can in the world environment you can in your home and setting a boundary corridor. Scripture and encouraging them with fellowship and things like that.

While working in particular, just a very general thing that I recommend specific task right thing. I struggle with. Even in my own my own heart and mind just giving you my parent date. Just because I think there because trust is broken so many times so maybe even at by their word. Their lives to be going well director Michael very distrustful, not just not wanting to even give them on a day because I'm already thought of, well, true you do you find that prayer is something that alleviates that the giving and about four trying to yet where is the wisdom that you have with God so that your judgment upon them is one of truth and not one of resentment because resentment brings anger. Anger brings judgment and condemnation, and self-righteousness, etc. when we are wrong when something really is wrong, then we can take it upon ourselves and justify our actions justify resentment. If we remember these wrongs as the Bible says not to do it first 2013. Then they shape us, and it can affect our relationships is when you forget things you don't because you're supposed to be as loving as you can as kind as you can. But you have to do it within the biblical not in the problem is you to guard your own heart.

In this process, you don't want to become guilty when I counsel people take a lot to get very I know exactly what she was dressed where I had a break want to go ahead, but hate lines 877207 is why call 77077 back to the show.

Thanks and let's go back to Zach's going all right hey for ecological to give me a call 877-207-2276 with Dave from Selleck city Dave welcome Rainier by Matt to go about trying to clarify that you talk about the wicked again to clarify you not believe that the rapture of the second coming of the tribulation. There's only one go about assuring us and rushing ahead that only one docket, good rapture. We need to be caught up cracked yes okay so you talk about how you know that 1/3 to 30,000 feet and out that I just bet our rapture. You know that and not the end of the tribulation and that Christ will return to the earth about the near global that bad and I what I've been caught going to church a year though you may save you the only one return of Dr. Weller caught up Bob rapture versus one is for work on his class with a sentence rapture. The question is, is when does rapture occur. Some say it is. Some say it's so we do this we go someplace before the simulation. In some say mid midpoint of insensate at the end of the tradition. That'll start to confuse and and based on talk about writing that I understanding you. I'm sorry, never clear, could you, I yeah I remember the other birth that you hear what that Shepherd separating that that the tears we the tears. Yes, that's right, and the harvest according Matthew 1333 and 42 and the first ones taken when Jesus returns to the wicked queen of Jesus on the words so and you think that that what many people misinterpret the within us and does rapture is usually that of Matthew 24, 36 and Luke 1737.

I believe it is when it says to mentor field one is taken, one is left that Mrs. Wright and that his direction is not the rapture, the wicked were taken her for the context that's very program occurred. What we that immediately come down and now that I'm done.

I am not come down and what error where the earth and restored the valve in your goal and may cry out so there's that. At that, there's the view that there's a literal thousand years reign to come. I don't hold tight.

That view is that is figurative, it doesn't mean that it's that the position is true. I just don't hold to it and the rapture generally was taught in most churches is the preacher listen rapture Savior tribulation and then the thousand year reign of Christ and then he comes back again to someone other stuff is a general view. I don't hold to let II appreciate not. If you don't have another give another call waiting, no, I don't like it got okay modify out yet another question. Sure, go ahead, though I'm an educator I'm actually help them education teacher at typical formative public charter but very liberal view of modify administration student kept the other day and out might think that you know that more than two gender, though I do think that the great conversation out with your parents will mean part of me obviously a as a Christian I want to scan for my faith that an de-balled up you well and part of me wants to stay employed and met. I question the you know how much I want to be an educator because I think that you are diametrically by now we only did I not need Christians in a location we need U-verse and a lot of the believers we lose a lot of younger people citizens really say there's two genders in several key defined gender is just define it right was the standard of of the definition.

How does a right definition because of SSO we need to find us and if you will, is identify the will to sing just because they they say it that makes it a reality. I understand that you please teach me about this house is work. I may make of it. Go back and plop online and overclocked dictionary look at the strict definition of gender.

It was synonymous with biological right will now cause by the side of the change the definition of gender and so what justifies him definition change is just a majority but the majority says it doesn't make us true and so I just take will I need an authoritative source, not just a bunch of people who say it's different.

I'm I'm sorry that please help me out. How does this work you have to ask them. Please help me understand this because I and I thought that was just this way because that's the dictionary of science is taught and now all of a sudden people just saying they're different.

I do understand how to make a true see how the question has a a good, apologetic, and it asked him to please hold on.

Good approach. Appreciate not having class right to description teach Christian teachers how to do stuff how to ask the right questions how to get around things because you can do it by simply can actually ask a question with a statement embedded in the question like, I don't believe in multiple genders. I believe it's a lot of crud. I do believe it is because they say it. This is true, why did outlays. After that we identify makes a true light so's there's an ontological hiding enterprises in my article is identify not now. I know you have a court you think you should start I was saying is that I would like to be able to teach a bunch of people how to work think that be great hiding out there thing I think that the off you teach people how to do it, how to go through how to ask what questions and stuff, absolutely not be very at the much needed future. I would love to fill in for me on not get it so I know things are a part of me to want to catch the Football because that that something in the course wicked will misconstrue it go all that was found and out of that blob Loblaw completely out of contact and not what I thought.

Now, unfortunately, often times get a cake. This is what you do you carry recorder. I don't trust the left. I trust the media. I trust him.

If I were you I would be having 1/4 of my person at all times and in California and Idaho, for example, I can take a recorder everywhere ago. No one has to know what I can record any conversation I want. That's a state law, one party consent. You find out whatever state you run if it's that's permissible and then going. Campus at his discussions and you just record it and you you backup you month tonight whenever what's a week have this recorder back him up on the cloud you put the Ottoman things like that is one thing for covering your rear because they will often as the left often does is it uses lies they want to get Christians out of the schools so they'll take whatever they can to get rid of Christians so they can put in your leftist wacko morons and their detached left to teach leftist agenda stuff.

The Chris of the defined Christian need to stay in.

So what you do if you train yourself to ask questions don't make statements right now Kate, I'm a big believer in education, not indoctrination and Maui night you hearing me when you're when someone asks you or the Mrs. statement dear in the teachers lounge ice to be a substitute teacher so I noticed you going to the teachers out on the seat if someone were to say in order to genders, ominous restaurant, questions of civil please can you then show me the logic behind it never is fine, no notes on them to to back it up at him to do and how and if a student asked me the same thing depending on what I know I can or can't say are doing this in the school.

I know how that works I will just work within that rule system and in the safe. Like you said that about a school link to much about feel like a good survey where you have five open lines of what you call 877207). Mass Y. Call 7707 with get back on the air here with Mark was life after death video call for open lines 877-207-2276 is good to measure the name of my will. From Missouri welcoming running or a little girl okay yes I can see all the words because of the arrangement of something on the screen next, go ahead toward God.

Thank you McCall you actually knew me out and I don't for little while.

We had met him anyway. My tenant in regard to downstairs into the well became yet both. They go out of their anniversary party, and I think something a member you yeah my sissy looking guy kind a big sissy but will you go if you ever so as you know I joke around a lot so radical anomaly whole world. The weight situation and them typically very the movement that within the church that about the human the one who believe in God, law here and I see on yes you want to be honest, thank you for your take on that obviously our against abortion. I am I think it's wrong when I think we should persuade that. But I don't know how far they take it you know, intent on the left pocket rocket? Well you take general talk. So what should we do some levels of the on AC kill those who had abortions because her killing human life to be tried and executed accordingly.

There are some who hold to that level II don't dinner. Those who hold to varying degrees of the position of Old Testament law, and where adulterers are dealt with severely. So this with the economy means that awesome God non-loss law, God's law, the on the and it is not as simple as that. Either there's a lot of grace a lot of people who thought these things through and want and think it's a good idea to have the law of God and screw in the left fatherland, and I believe that that's a good idea in some areas and potentially not another snow. I recall it out.

I don't know when I look at history, I see that history says that whenever a religious group gets in power and becomes corrupt when every secular group gets in power. It becomes corrupt. We Christians are not exempt from corruption over a period of time. Christians will regenerate born-again will do us good dinner predecessors or their successors may not, and then gradually things get worse and were seeing that in the case of our country, but we do have a lot of God's laws already woven into our society. The death penalty. For example, private property rights. The right of self-defense representational government. These are all things are biblical so that sense there's a bit of God's law already worked as a society. The question becomes how far we take it for ago, and that's the question I can answer I got started per se. I'm not an expert on it.

There are those who have studied a great deal across to me as written on it and Greg Johnson is written on, and so I just defer to them and leave the Christians to judge for themselves if they present a good and biblical and balanced argument clarification on on but appreciate you know you pretty ways we can talk about this little bit of how far the question how far should we as Christians seek to impose biblical law and society and I think we should we should impose through voting for example, I think it should be illegal to have a drug listed drug use make drugs legal marijuana and heroin's are moving towards do all those things to make it up presence. We don't see the idea of prisons in the Scripture as a scriptural role wasn't supported by Scripture is the right thing to do in the Old Testament when someone did something wrong. They were computer stoned capital punishment or they were forced into a position where they had to restore what was the damage that done about the stolen up to four times as much that they stole a TV to get provide for them back that might be good idea to have people assume just put them away in a jail derived is to have a system where they have to work and and pay back what it is they've done so ideas like this that are biblical. I think this makes sense. We have the right of self-defense GP to settle 2236 by a sword, and I think we should have the right of caring. Since everyone I was a problem with stuff like that at a point to be of high quality will be more than you believe that the gospel in the kingdom here on earth you believe that, but necessary, like coming just kind of out working on their of their faith by the will. I don't know why there related but they are minimal to connect all the dots. Medicare a few but when you say that you remind me of the research have been doing on the new apostolic Reformation and they believe not in see on the me but they do believe in the seven mountain mandate. The seven mountains mandamus argument is 75 and its the seven categories of verse of our world government, business, education, things like this and this and have written on it on my website and so they believe in taking control of them. It's a type of the economy and where they say we need to raise up people to get Christians in all offices in all areas of bring them all in subjection to God that's with the Army also teaches the enemies of more harsher version of that. I would say restrict, but they the NAR are also post-millennial, which I think is interesting and I iced I don't multiples millennialism at all. I got arguments I think refuted but that's just me and my pride. In their arrogance and ignorance probably think that the post-millennial's progress in command. As noted, don't with what I've seen that II just can't convinced of. I don't think things would get better by the ushering in of the kingdom of God through making the world better through proclamations and stuff that's what the only does that's what the NAR wants to do. I think there's admirable goals in their I just see them as being realistic, pessimistic, when you list in direction. I appreciate you thinking that particular method of question and I'll probably have to look forward to spending a little bit more of you if I were you I would study the issue of this age and the age to come, and what happens at the end of this age, you'll find that one thing leads another lease on the release of another trumpet in the last trumpet in the resurrection and the judgment and the rapture and you'll find. I believe wants to believe that when you study the heart, finding that the Scriptures definitively start teaching things like the middle of the gathering of the body. Prices at the harvest called harvest right you know that right with right when it when we talk about that when Jesus talks about it. He says the first was gathered at the harvest of the wicked before the Christians in Matthew 13 and so I reset the ethical who has his work and also I for I don't know it yet eschatology is just a sometimes confusing thing love people think they got it all figured out that I don't I just lean we are due because what I doing I hope I'm wrong I don't. I do not want my position to be right posterior browser pessimistic all millennialism are you kidding, that's horrible want to be right, even historic premillennialism from our post-Littles will be better and always get out here to school. Rapture should rapture thing and be so much nicer was right. Right click thing that was there okay couplets we have nobody waiting if you want to give me call you to do is dial 877-207-2276 page let you know that we stay on the air by your supports and the economy is… I getting more difficult.

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