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December 3, 2021 3:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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December 3, 2021 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Why should I convert to Christianity---2- How do you respond to Roman Catholic teaching on prayers for the dead---3- Are heaven and hell the only places people go when they die-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is thought a lot more questions about Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions. The show for two December 2, 2021 or two years, it's good to be addressing next year will be all right, so, so it would give me a call for guidelines 877-207-2276, and though okay so I want to let you guys know that it's really having a matching funds drive for the rest of this month of December and that means that if you donate $10. We have somebody who will match it under $10 and so you can become 20 or 50 becomes 100 etc. if you want to do that from now to the rest of the year. We just ask that you would go check out and/donate and you can just donate now will be there. If you have already recurring donations or something like that. That's already been going it won't count because this is normal stuff. It's new stuff. If you increase by five dollars that will be doubled for rest of the month and if you was in for something new doubled as well, just let me know that you have periodically write something else. And I can't remember happy meal was getting old thing intelligence kind of interesting because I am thinking that I know all kind stuff vinegar talking my words like brain don't work together sometimes. I love you guys are the problem. That's how it is with me slightly more and more and more just getting older but I got gracious will be used is not the tool, it's the hand that wields the tool so there you go. All right for the lines 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Nathan from Utah Nathan welcome your on their all right taken and are slowly got while you're starting off my show him I ready to have a discussion euros, a bit of a challenge. You it doesn't work when you talk to me like that.

Okay I'll let him a lot. I will then watch.

Okay you know if you want to hang up on you again to be polite in my shoulder have a conversation you want people like okay?

Oh, like clockwork, because if you don't get to go to hell for eternity.

And though you do that okay that I depend on your gut.

What a fiery torment of conscious agony in which there is no escape in which you will dwell permanently in severe pain and anguish of the presence of God, knowing that for forever. You have no hope of being out of it from and what reason do I have to believe that that is what hell is a and so there because Jesus is the one who talked about it either. Matthew, Mark 329 2546 Luke Sumit also go to Revelation 411 and 2010.

It talks about a conscious torment in varying degrees, and Jesus rose dead and he said on the way, the truth, the life nobody comes the father but by me. John 14 six he prophesied his own resurrection.

John 219 through 21.

And so Jesus said in John 824. Unless you believe that I am, you will die in your sins and what sin is breaking the law of God for something for he says don't life you ever lied. You offended God, there's a judgment to come upon you, because breaking the law of God are a lot here a lot of people out one unique with makes a Christian. One unique we talk about you. The word of God.

Lots of people have only book that by my the word of God right so so what makes the Christian claim to being the word of a God of the singular God okay you climate the only one because in the Old Testament there are prophecies of Jesus Christ and the odds of him fulfilling the prophecies are greater than the number of electrons in the entire universe as great as it was called a universal probability boundless is roughly 10 of the hundred and 50th power and so the mathematical laws of Jesus fulfilling certain things like being born a certain time walking into the city a certain day, I prophesied you mail.Zechariah 1210 little Daniel to look upon me whom they have pierced.

Zechariah 1210 is an example Micah 5 to and from you, Bethlehem ever thought too little to be among the Clans of Judah from you will go forth to be the ruler of his going forth from long ago, from days of eternity. You go to Isaiah 714 Virgin been born a son will be born of a virgin and he was born of a virgin. I go on and on and on but I'm working what I wanted that when I heard that it that word what I look at this multiple times I've added you read it to me.

The word in their young. What light is guided the Jewish then why did the Jewish translators of the Septuagint which was Greek translation done by the Hebrews by the Jews Around 250 BC when they got to Isaiah 714, they translated it into the Greek Parthenon which is virgin. Why would they do that okay no matter so I don't know because because that's the thing I didn't Greek language because that's what they did. You want informativeness so that a lot of people have profit and date they deal really lots of them have okay so this is getting what you go ahead and listen believe that Mohammed is a lot profit right with what in the Bible you said prophesied okay and Mohammed is not prophesied in the Bible to Luke 24 the Matthew 2424 were Jesus, I okay no Nathan that let me let me finish my sentences. If you keep interrupting me a minute to get rid of you that the prop the so-called prophet of of Islam. Mohammed was a pedophile false prophet is prophesied in the Bible in Matthew 2424 in the last days, many false Christ's and false prophets will arise and deceive many. That's it. I debate Muslims on this whole time.

So give me site something out. Give me some prophecies from other religions, we okay got it, the prop they believe though that but I think the people believe that they have that different and they believe that the bank have been fulfilled in profit for the live the Christian claim through a month of their profit look for first of all, the Muslims couldn't exegete their way in the wet paper bag when it comes to Scripture they don't know what you're doing. If the bad start yet and let me finish. Please.

I debated the many times Mohammed is not prophesied as they want to make it fit. You have obviously not done your homework in this area, so maybe some religious stuff with all these great prophecies go ahead other okay. All right. You're not understanding what I'm about. Oh, allow me to now I'm I'm not saying that I believe, I what I'm saying is that Muslim league and when they quote what when the Bible okay.

I know when you're reading the Koran and not by when there when they when Mohamed quote from the Bible allegedly view their quote@modern translations of the Bible right so you have floating the material okay. You are simply soundly uninformed it it's it's bad okay so when I help go on and go to other books you will say what they are. You don't understand the judicial processes of the Scriptures and if you had done your homework and you look at with a Muslim stage of you can find it very easily. They rip things out of context. For example, it'll save John 1426 John 1526 to help her when he comes, will guide you the truth I think that's Mohammed.

It is not Mohammed is the Holy Spirit. When you read the context when you tell the Muslims this they don't listen because they are indoctrinated in their false religious system. Now you said other religions have prophecy. So let's see if you can back up what you're saying or if you want to retract what your statement was like have you a lot of Buddhists believe that that food would ride in.

And regarding documentation you documentation off the top of my head. Now I don't have it off the top of my head, but you knew what you're doing it.

Can you you can. I am asking you what you need about profit and why the NY Christian your band above other people will not making that is I am now before we leave that or topic, can you email documentation. Let me run down one please let me finish and call it what harm see and email me the documentation from the Bhagavad-Gita and other places that has prophecy of Buddha and things like that. Okay I don't know. I don't believe that it barely got but that okay time to think about is what other people think, so that what you're telling me you don't know you've heard it. This is your response. You don't have anything solid and that's how you refuting all right so I'm saying it all believe that things aren't like Christian but what makes Christian claim and the make it beneath okay alright so Mrs. Rose and the dead. After three days, three days he rose from the dead fully blesses what independent evidence we have with what independent evidence what evidence I give you leaving the site independent evidence you you make so many mistakes in your thinking as many of false religious thinkers do because what your son is look, listen, you'll say the historical writings from that time written by the eyewitnesses that were collected and there is a we don't recognize that we was a big house. I recognize that you have a valid argument by saying dismiss the eyewitness accounts. You want something else is ridiculous. It is arbitrary matter fight about. You can try. Okay so when on my lap call you.

You were bringing back correct. I buy it. That had been written after certain point in time with the baby when the temple was going to the Roman that this would not thoroughly be in the book.

If I do not happen.

I did not say that. All right, what were you, I said that the inference is that if something of that great significance had occurred beforehand. In the book of acts, which is a book of history.

The early church.

Most probably it would've recorded it since it already did record the death of Stephen in acts chapter 7, but did not regard recorded death of Peter and Paul, nor the destruction of Jerusalem. Logically, it's fair to certainly apply and inferred that is because was written before the events are, but it is all logical.

I think and write you another point time Yep that's not what the Bible is you gotta stop making these mistakes used to give me some irrational thing and you impose upon the Scripture. These are the eyewitnesses who wrote the stuff they say 700 rose. Mother went about the eyewitnesses. What you do with John and Matthew who were eyewitnesses of math that want to break right you trying to come up with a good answer to explain away how to answer. Matthew and John. Let's see if you have a good flight out of your hair. Let's get back to my date. 772072276 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave an answer so you Matthew and John who were eyewitnesses and wrote about what they saw Jesus Christ.etc. right so John, I'm not familiar with Matt though Matthew is alleged to have correct you okay so there about buying a lot of crap about profession not read material that the word there being whole elect or whatever just grant that you contact. Are you familiar with well acted. At the time that I felt what matters. The quotation rendering either. What is a number how the coin and it arrived at the Denali. I thought that I know you were not percolation that there's all manner of archaeological evidence really documentation send it to me I will you do that… And where you can send it where you can send all at the ARM right and see if what you say is correct and if it isn't, then you have to repent. So what else you got. I know well allow me to part with Matt another part that is well, but when you say that Matthew gospel that that the important thing that the literacy rate in your day at the literacy rate all around the Mediterranean. I'm very low. A lot of dollars, but it had an average of percent in the different product I'm getting a lot right, and a lot of estimate by you just ramp you going on you looking to get to the point where I will get to it quickly enough to help out so that the literacy rate of the gospel of Matthew is written in ancient Greek, which would get back in line with the family like Matthew and it is written in a very violent banking that make a lot of number word cotton that subject the provider with a first language speaker rate will not hold long hold on hold. I pulled on fluoride make a statement you make a statement if you had any Greek yet really you have good can you parse for me. The verb Amy a main Amy epsilon Neil to me and you I you parse it please. Okay so you save had Greek you can even parse a simple verb and I are not part of what I'm asking you to parse the verb. Amy what okay so you don't know what it is to parse this is what you learn. Like the first week or two to start setting Greek right so I do not know. So you write no but with sophisticated Greek is an actually sophisticated reached on the book of Hebrews, Matthew and Mark and Luke are pointed Greek pretty common Greek that was written there. So what you're doing is just going with different scholars and everything you've not given me anything at all except your reasoning to deny that Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

Slowly asking did he rise from the dead did he rise and I don't have your thank you for the eyewitnesses are the reasons eyewitnesses are recess I don't have any reason the eyewitness accounts in the New Testament was art included in any reason, let let wrap for a moment that the people wrote the gospel and everything I do I will grant all of that. These people live thousand years ago that the document that been translated through a number of languages having spent long correct that's incorrect. Translated from the English into whatever language it is that it goes into. So the Greek documents are in 6009, and 20% tech identical in all the Mediterranean area and the copies of an uncovered English autostart just excuse me.

Excuse me.

Excuse me. And so when you translate from English, from Greek into English. Just go straight from Greek into English or Greek and the Spanish probably can determine.

Okay, they're ignorant about that as well.

Also, when I cried out with another like when I can't buy something from your amendment to English from German to English would not type adjournment, anguished document Greek. For example, the New Testament translate not more distantly related English and German okay good. And like you much can you focus you made a mistake and you said something wrong and I'm trying to correct you.

It's not to melt what I you said the Bible transited through multiple languages. So that's incorrect.

It goes from original language into everything with your native like into Mexico or into France from scratch. So what was your next statement condemning and correcting you left and right multiple of more than one you yeah okay.

Oh, and Greek much more distantly related English etiquette and highly name of superfamily of Indo-European.

Furthermore, ancient Greek with folk who thousand years ago there all manner contact that it locked gate gate if you don't know how to even parse a basic verb or note the differences with the nominative and the genitive that you know I would just remember nominative that nominative hot topic subject okay hold on hold on the look you work hard at damning yourself.

You work hard at calling God a liar.

My heart that's not… And so you I'm just telling you informing you.

I have everything you said I've heard 100 times before worked over decades and I just don't you do, don't you haven't studied these things. You only hear certain things and then you latch on to the things you want to hear.

Now why is it that G.I. would write out what your life is you offer line is the Nathan Bratton Nathan why is why did Jesus not rise from the dead according with the eyewitnesses at the root what is coming to rise from the same God.

He died in he rose from the Dennison body died in a receipt matter in the eye and then Nathan. He died the same body died, arose with the same in the same body died in and it still retained the crucifixion will is recorded by John and John 2528 Kelly, why are they are all wrong to me whether wrong okay I'll tell you why people that love you thoughtful are incorrect what people had an agenda. I don't know you are hidden on the branch of that live live monitoring to go in an entirely Nathan.

Let me answer that he's aware they have an agenda and what would the agenda be since there were Jews who believed in the true living God, who furthermore believe it was a great sin to lie everything you and challenge has easy answers cannot come back when you one more chance after the break lines 87720776 mass Y call 77077 pairs nicely on developing a ministry over there and also doing a end of your fundraising drive were called matching fund drive. Actually, if you donate anything new from this day out stood and Lamont Italy doubled. We have a guy who helps out doesn't want to hear. And so it really does help.

Boy does it. My wife runs all the finances is informing me that is definitely something we need to do every year.

So just give you heads up on that and on one lesson for you to Nathan as he was saying he sees is working hard to damn himself.

The thing is that they had an agenda. The agenda was truth and if you read the Gospels, they were hiding after the crucifixion, and then later when they saw the risen Lord and he became very bold. They said that they were dying for what they saw. That's not different than a Muslim who took the knife who dies what he believes this is what they said they saw and they saw the risen Lord. Of course Nathan is a deny that your back on. I had it done and it… But it possible to think that you lived a very long time ago and I don't know right so you think when okay though. So when you are you that I will be with people and bees eyewitness account and I had an interest in truth, and the one true God and on the fourth. People all over the world have limited. With their God grant so why and if people write about and the people they say they do, and it evident that I would work you were talking about a Christian will you do is you don't realize that you're doing your giving me a vague idea that is non-verifiable doesn't have any evidence, it is all exciting on Bible Don Nason Nathan it's anecdotal at best and what you don't realize you're making a mistake in doing is comparing the eyewitness historical documents very well and actually transmitted from then to now and you comparing them to stories of people they say they've seen thing had experience either singles or equal. They are not equal. You have verified them and you haven't established that they are equal.

Like you said you're working hard to to damn yourself. The eyewitnesses right they said in the Bible were the eyewitnesses wrong in the multitudinous eye witness accounts of the resurrection of Christ with a wrong.

Maybe they were okay, got it back and if they were not wrong, then what would that imply I would imply that a man rose from the dead, and is very thick.

You are God that have not implied. Even though Jesus prophesied his own resurrection and that he would perform the action of his own resurrection and that the Old Testament prophesies his resurrection and that the prophecies the Old Testament, or that it's God who is dying there God in flesh, the Old Testament and Jesus claims to be God and walked on water and raised from the dead. All of this is validation of who he was at his resurrection is the proof that what he said is true and you just go to secure 2000 years later and say no I don't want to believe it — I people all over the world have record of miracle and records of gimme some very thick with gimme some out one of the one with photo background and a lot of flowers or whatever you documents you documented. You'll find as I've done with many people show the documentation. They don't because it isn't there, or it's a legend that occurs hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years after the event. Now this is eyewitness accounts of the people who knew Jesus personally with him.

That's not the same thing as somebody wrote something down 500 years later and that's what they say is a prophecy. So why did you not rise from the dead.

If he did rise from the dead. He did so, according to what he said you should destroy this temple for days I will raise it up the speed of the temple of his body. John 219 to 21 Uniface him you can avoid late adjustment went when when you're thing that went Apple will be destroyed.

It will be. He says destroy this temple in three days I will raise it up in the juicer took 40 volunteers to build this temple you will raise up in three days, but you speak in the temple of his body. John 219 to 21 prophesied anybody else's been dead for three days and rose from the dead management out of the people. Okay, okay, what, no matter what I say you're going to continue to deny who Jesus is, what he did love that subjectivity you see the thing is, it was convincing to one person is convincing to another.

I've had many atheists in the people like you tell me or give me convincing evidence and accuracy of the what would be convincing evidence to you and then I go through and I dismantled a requirement because it's arbitrary and not based in logic or evidence or reality. I will establish that you are familiar with the fact that were in circulation entered at the time. No no no no no no no no, you ignored what I just said and you shifted a little different area and it does not say I didn't say I'm not aware of that. I asked you for the documentation is what I did. I now have so I see what you got one more minute before we take off together giving you an awful lot of time. I want people to hear and experience what it's like to argue and I mean the argument polite way with someone who is unregenerate and cannot think clearly and is irrational and has an agenda to deny the true living God as you and your judgment are you one disc well and I mean if you're going by not for the third, maybe not.

Are you on discord.

It all now I'm right I'm an old man. I am's almost 65 I use it if you want have real discussions with me will be good in the sense of over two hour.

I glad to do that and I glad to get into your presuppositions and basically undermine them because your presuppositions are either rationally based or irrationally based you have an ultimate standard in which you establish what is an ultimate standard. If you don't have a way of doing that. I'll just rip it apart like a monkey and a cupcake. You have to understand that God alone is the true and living standards of all righteousness and that if you don't have him you be lost and Jesus rose the dead fulfilled prophecies and he said he's with the truth in life and nobody come to the father but through him. He prophesied this unit to deal with that. You can't just dismiss it like you like to do and find reasons that don't hold water is pretty typical look.

But we gotta go. Email me let's get to Sarah from Raleigh, North Carolina Surrey sure working on the air format going to have a quick lap thinks you're okay. I'll give you a quick quick background. I went with some friends on Thanksgiving and on TV where looked at thinking you think, and it went Brahms Requiem and I the people that I lived with our Catholic I'm a Christian and I said what Requiem and they said at the time friended a bit of time where I forget the other went from a guy naked mole.

What is that meaning you can't bollix you know we pray for people after they died in a textile said so you I can tell you think that it can make it different if you really care how to refine and fell. I need her to come again right away because he does not path there in your mind much of the year, which is why a leveler thing. So he's good looking guy behind her will get a break to say something was talking to a lady on the hit will get to you after the break is talking to a woman couple days ago on the helpdesk and I she was really great.

She did a great job and so were talking I was feeling comfortable with her.

She's the couple were joking. I said yeah you know I try to do this that get ready for the zombie apocalypse and she chuckles and I should ask right after know right after the alien invasion and she said, to be sure you remind me of my son. I'm laughing. I said so, really, really handsome and and smart sheet. She said these four that was blessed up so loud it was hilarious. Anyway my wife killed the four-year-old thing on the radio to know. So no, I did okay sorry okay you say the one right. I wondering like you think you can, whether or not you're going to gotta have any target. I fell. I wanted a part that I know that if filing feeling the right thing. I let my mom is here now, so will you back.

That is okay messages please man's leg. Why call 77077 charismatic slave still there.

So purgatory life after death Catholic position. All that is right though you will understand that the Catholics aren't biblical in a lot of areas with a doozy hold to whatever the church tells him so the right there like a cult.

In that sense and that is really whatever the church authority tells him. I don't believe the Bible is the final authority and because of that the church is said that when people die and explain how to work really quickly. So when you get baptized on your original sin is removed, and if you die right there you go to heaven, but grace is a substance of confusion of the soul. 1990 Catholic catechism and so if you send a little venial sin, you lose some of that grace. But if you send a big sin like a mortal sin like murder adulterer, you lose all of the grace of you to die. Go to hell. So to get the grace back. You have to go to church. The church has the authority to dispense grace from heaven of the treasury of heaven earned by Jesus, the apostles, the saints, and Mary and so the church is your salvation. The church is what you have to go to the church has the authority the church has the priesthood. The church has the papacy, the church, and that you'll hear on radio shows with the Catholic Church is come home to the church is not about Jesus is the church for this is the mental position are coming from so few to say what the Bible says this to them is like what the Bible with the church. This is what you're working yet understand what the Bible says Isaiah 5511, that the word of God will not come back empty, without accomplishing what God desires right so you speak Scripture anyway. Now they teach that when a person dies that he has to go to purgatory and suffer because he doesn't have all of his sins completely removed, and the effects of so yes, every God fair part unless you're not a Catholic or you are an atheist or something like that and you just go to hell, but there were those who in the Catholic religion and some outside to put in which A group you want to go with. Then they go there and suffer for thousands of years and then they are made word.

I know them a worthy to then enter into heaven, and purgatory is as place lingo for purification things like that and so because of that you can do Requiem for the and you can have indulgent has done for the dead were certain braces are removed from the heavenly realms of the authority the priest or the ceremony that you do would apply to the people in purgatory did not quicker.

And sometimes you can put money towards this and get them out quicker so this is what's going on with them and so what I do. The Bible says in Hebrews 97 it's appointed to men to die once after this comes judgment. There is no second chance. There is no purgatory. Okay now I need to do my own research, but you would know a little bit more and I look and feel, I'm a five day week and I do believe that people that believe in our Mouth and felt Like me that they are not going to have an ongoing care. I okay Walt I okay I don't believe that they're going to have an and I have people I met in hard to understand, and I agree with everything I've heard you say for a while and your fan at that when you think I care how to respond.

Now I it's a great deal on Catholicism and how many you will over hundred articles. I love the big love teaching.

It's on the Catholicism is apostate is false is a false gospel and to all who believe in an official look at the field you the guy I believe will go to eternal damage. Okay, I will okay great call at the office and tell me why how great I am okay I need all help my okay things are. That was fearless good to Glenda from North Carolina glinted welcome around here and it not fun, but Nathan said that the careful ordinary with not used day I found something on the Internet where it I'll delete the killed name of the temple at line look at the capital. Sources record that only one type that very technology with the one called Harry and Jekyll know it. One thing you can't echo any youth counted and Mary. Also, can you send the documentation because I can put together an article and just compare the because when you get to things like this selective documentation documentation for the other side as well so right now looking up against the company and you should also thinking that if Nathan spent the night reading the Bible and asking him fail. The question you know listening to what the Bible might think that rather than government and that makes nothing really. He did not argue with the antiquity of the historical thing that other people believe it. I got a stowaway Facebook say and not even expected health right in fan every argument you gave I've heard many many many many times before, and that's not how new and to this dish.

They did everything so good news all admit that, but everything else now it's is basic stuff well and he's not done is no answer here that, when it was first interpreted by the King gang translators.

Some of the other earlier ones, even that was now considered and they were a lot harder in understanding conflict in the Greek language that we are very high standing that I mean they wouldn't nonchalantly say something that left many of the argument would be in a long time ago Mike or Nathan: so anyway you if that here I will when I got here okay sounds good thank you appreciated their thanks. He said you did. Thank you that I think all right, let's get to our last caller. If you are calling 772072276 Bert from Richmond, Virginia welcoming on the year I yes having our our now are some play flights for people that cannot in the meadow may be, and if I take a light around this only good place bad place, no in between place is no purgatory… People die and I you bring up a little hard to understand.

You only try to understand you so contrite again. Okay, you know, people sometimes meaningless job you little bit better stability here on their people. There are going to my caretaker heard it whenever I did not make it make it or not any dilator I question you believe Jesus Christ is God in flesh.

I would definitely do believe that people believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven.

No other way. So God tells you things that might like a little confused.

I thought you said about going to heaven or hell tell you the go. Now let me explain why because the people that I activated it been going on and not sure when you see God tells you what is he tell you yes or no in recent regard to make it or not.

What really make it make it or what people in oh okay right okay you father. It may 99 is that's cold, also called a word of knowledge.

So you have about that mean you will know people in hell because I had a really good week and yeah a lot, and we had like I got back together and act like Little Rock than her but she got anything about our website mainly that about her. Pat right now question the question though out and I don't understand something, I need you and what I will ever die. I had in her hand. She died yet.

I think the part that I many day and I like the really real quiet.

I mean, I like I like that and I met her father why think that maybe she might have because I don't know enough about okay you ask a question about this because they were around. Okay, that's the question another reason you having to go to hell you attend church, and you have your tensioner check I cannot get what happened you attend church.

I would recommend that you find a good church and get in there and get solid teaching. Now I have from the current down now. I like anything okay hold on a whole and not hold you to be involved in the church and you're saying a lot of things just kind of going off in different directions is difficult to follow.

You probably my problem but there is no alternate place in heaven and hell are no purgatory that's it. You trust in Christ or you don't trust in Christ there is. It's just okay thanks a lot is all right so well back on here by God's grace powered by the Truth Network