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June 9, 2021 7:25 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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June 9, 2021 7:25 am

On a special episode of Matt Slick LIVE, Matt interviews Micah Wilder from -Adam's Road.- Micah is a former Mormon who came to Christ while reading the New Testament on his LDS mission and now serves with other ex-Mormons in an outreach ministry reaching the LDS people with the true, biblical gospel. Topics discussed include Micah's conversion from a staunchly LDS background, his new book -Passport to Heaven-, and ways to witness to Mormons.

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research what is written found online at car board you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a max likewise glances goals in responding to your questions at 87707276 is Matt slick show maps would live podcast June 4, 2021 now.

I was not alive yesterday was because he got into trouble in the day before that had Internet trouble my phone died a good new phone.

It was just one of those so this kind of thing happens. And because of it. I forgot to mention something you didn't have the opportunity yesterday, but today you have a special guest on the year ago his name was Mike Michael.

While there I met Michael a few times with Adams Road.

He's an X Mormon and was a Christian now for the book we got him on the air do is talk to him for a while and so if you have questions about the Romanism.

Maybe it was like when he was in on his mission and things like that. Then the get in line to give us a copy of the open lines 877-207-2276. Again I apologize for the short notice but hey, that's what happens when tech goes bad. All right hey Micah are you there yeah now here all right Mike you hear somebody so okay I got this book in my hand right now passport to heaven and you wrote this.

Would you like this thing so I wrote it. Over the last 15 years I began writing it immediately after coming to faith in Christ following my Mormon mission and it is a labor of love, the last decade and 1/2 brings us to this this whole bit of well who are you, means you can write a book on Mormonism. You did a mission. So what you tell us about yourselves. We know why this book is here in this interview so Phyllis Olin, Micah Wilder and I am one of the founders of Adam Road. We are pubic ministry dedicated to sharing the gospel with either I might fill in the form of Mormon was raised in a very devout Mormon home that my high school years in the state of Utah.

My father was a tenured professor at Brigham Young University in 19 years old.

I served a Mormon mission at countered the life-changing gospel of Jesus and was saved well on my part stuff you might like to confess that my wife is read the book and I haven't had time, because I've been so busy it's only things going on and you forgive me for that was nice.

You interviewed Bill with Bill McKeever today for the minor be seeing him tomorrow and he's a great guy so you making the rounds and I'm so grateful for you and your family. Mom and your dad we've all had dinner together. We've all eaten together and stuff and you guys have such a great testimony of what you do get to that later in the show. I want to thank you for your dedication to Christ and your desire to put him first in your life and to speak of him your blessing to the body. Christ noticed Wanda to say that and want to follow up with this note I get questions your was your whole family, Mormons, or you will convert to Mormonism. My parents were convert Mormonism when they were in their early 20s. They were called the Salt Lake University and to latter-day thing missionaries knocked on the door at a month later they were baptized in the church. So my family and I were ready in a very active and faithful woman home and your mom is she she said she was a tenured professor BYU what you teach special education and multicultural area is widely talking to her because I have autism and so neatly tucked little about that stuff. So all right, so your you you were raised a Mormon, your mom and dad were converts and how many brothers and sisters do you have the Mormons also yes I got two older brothers and one younger sister, and both of my older brother served Elliott's brother went to Moscow, Russia, and my other brother went to Copenhagen Denmark that we were very very work on the quick central Mormon family and that every aspect of our lives with was rooted in our faith to the church so see here what did you do your mission.

So I went on my mission to Orlando, Florida, Exotic Pl., Denmark, Russia, and you went to Florida and so your Mormon electric trying to convert people to question here. I'm just curious where you very busy with a lot of appointments you had that was ethically stern in Florida. It was yeah there were times that will work all that other, but I was a very hard-working missionary and and I really worked hard to delegate people you try to love people and then convert them until we were pretty active and pretty busy in successful and obviously not Mormon anymore so and praise God for that is Lotta Mormons were listening to this in Salt Lake City and that you understand neither Michael or I hate Mormons and were not here to ridicule you or your sincerity, but that there is an issue.

The truth of who God is in Christ is like an event later so see on your mission and it was on your mission that you are converted to Christianity right yeah yeah so I had an encounter with the back preacher about four months into my two-year commitment and I went to the Baptist pastors, church, with the intent of trying to convert him to the church, believing wholeheartedly that was everything that I claim to be the only true and living church on the face of the earth, and I believe that only through laws in order to orient Mormonism. This man anybody have right standing with God and live forever in the presence of God went there with the intent of reasoning with panel of opening up the Bible.

The Mormon scripture early to him that the church was true at the as a result of this encounter. I heard the gospel of Christ for the first time in my life. I don't want to hear that goal that particular year of the gospel all the time. But the gospel that I heard they think brought up. I now know not the gospel that is revealed and so the gospel that was presented to me that day divided the Baptist pastor was the goal, but profound message of efficient offering of G on the cross of Calvary that he created all measure the penalty that I owed God because of my sin and that by grace through faith to be given a free gift of righteousness imputed to me by Christ and that my good standing with God was not based on my working on my righteousness, my goodness or my parents, but it was based on the American cry only by trusting in the loan that I have that right in God and the courts that gospel message was was radical to the message that I had grown up believing I believe that Jesus was essential for my salvation.

I believe guide for my but I also believe that there were that needed to be done that that owner fell upon my shoulders in order to add to what Christ did on the cross in order to ultimately find myself worthy before God. This is the first to meet her. This was pastor talking about. This is the first time right.

I'm not. So when you listen to him.

I mean was dislike shocking, or were you repulsed or reluctantly what is going on here.

What was your reaction when you think so, I would simultaneously. The multiple motion one I would. I would always angry.

I was frustrated because he was contradicting the fundamental principles of my faith is important, but I was also enamored by this message of love God, love Grady did cry. It was honestly something that I had been climbing for my higher life and so we only needed that that forgiveness and eternal life and salvation and right with God all he knew what Jesus did on my behalf as my substitute. I was enamored by that idea but I think ultimately I would convicted by the word of God, and it really actually baby lashed out his pastor and I remember opening up the book of Mormon and I think the second Nephi and it basically said that if you don't believe that the work of the book of Mormon are the work that cry that you will and in condemnation for this… Barb God black that he read that to him basically told him that if you rejected the method and accommodation. And that's kind of where I left thing pastor after you get that I was frustrated that out convicted, he very lovingly gave me a challenge in this challenge really set my life on a new trajectory and not that he invited me to go straight to the word of God go to the source, the Bible and to read it like a child through the eyes of a child. I think what he meant by that was to remove my religious lenses to remove my preconceived notion. Allow God's word to reveal the truth to me of the gospel and so that was the invitation that I was given very devout Dallas Mormon missionary and ultimately that invitation change my life is awesome to hear the question for you because I can. I'm visualizing myself. This was you sitting in the office with pastor talking.

He's giving you this information and about the freedom of forgiveness. And Jesus says Mormon when you hear this, you said you were conflicted. But as a Mormon. Did you feel you are righteous with God already works righteousness based system. So how did you feel. And then when he was telling you this is been quite a contrast right.

It really must've Mike is upset you. Yeah so Mormon. I think I really vacillated between times of my life I felt very confident sure about my relationship with God and other times I felt fearful of not knowing if I would good enough for I had done enough so I think that depending on what I was asked like personal level of righteousness right might experience to the commandments would come to depend on how I felt, but I don't get ultimately had a sense of lasting forgiveness right because in Mormon theology and think that the perpetual process in which the visual must undergo throughout their entire life and there are certain things in transgressions that are beyond your ability to know make right with God outside of the authority of Mormon leadership itself. You know it's been a constant process of trying to keep yourself in good standing with God and felt I never really had Col. Assurant of knowing that I stood right with God and and the pastor share this with me. It it it did it did peak my interest because it was something that I would searching for my entire life. With this forgiveness. But the thing I simultaneously marked it because the idea of great to me as a Mormon. It was foolishness right. It was probably because it feels like the easy way out and I'm sure that in all your many engagement good morning Vermont heard them say that that will grace the easy way out and they kind of mock that idea that we could simply receive by faith what Christ did and that that is what justifies this was God and I think that I was feeling that way well because it didn't make any sense that I see something is forgiveness simply like a hold on you right back after these messages, you talking with Micah Wilder right after mass Y call 770-7276. Here is Matt's link align with Wilder is naturally missionary Baptist pastor to Mormonism. The pastor encouraged him to read the New Testament that led him to to salvation and Micah welcome back after the break. Thank you and I'm holding my hand on your book passport to have no conceit online for watching the show we have ways of doing that. And of course it really was well passport to heaven and doing ex parte are you and Alyssa before him read it because at seven at the time my wife is what she really enjoyed it.

She really did and Bill McKeever for the mind is an expert Mormonism in Salt Lake City. He read it and he said was really good. Soma took their word for it, and I do apologize not having read it. I went through and looked at some of the stuff in her left eye working hard so long. We talk about how to get that book and if you folks want to call and you have any questions for Micah regarding Mormonism's mission. You know you cannot call 877-207-2276 so I'm intrigued by the request for the pastor to you to read wasn't the New Testament the eyes of a child. Could you talk more about that, there would have yeah so I thought a lot about doctors invitation to me and I think that it was profound and mature in his wisdom to point me to the word of God, and I think that a lot of time witnessing when were ministering.

We we leave it in our own hands.

Too often, and we forget the power of God's word to transform parking lot that God works through his word that faith comes through hearing and hearing through the work cry, and so I think you realize that it and miss it. And that engagement with me, especially based my reaction of anger and frustration. He knew that he wasn't going to change me in that moment, he was never going to be excellent by transformation, but the word of God could be.

And until he pointed me right to the source and challenge me to to read it to approach it through the eyes of a child to just remove my my lenses of religiosity and allow God through his word to teach me and soak when I heard this challenge.

I was uncertain as to what to do about it and I eventually accepted it, but not with the caveat of radio like a child.

I began reading the Bible as a missionary because I believe that reading the Bible was going to prove Mormonism truth and show up to that point in my life. I had read the book Mormon doubletime. I read the doctrine and covenants.

Several times I'd never read even the New Testament all the way through. I Charlie read parts of both the old and have made a commitment to read the New Testament entirely for the first time in my life believing that reading it was only going to show me what I already knew and to further solidify my testimony of church and approaching it this way. Looking back at it is so evident that stopper to the sovereignty of God in my life that I wasn't going through this process I wasn't reading the Bible looking for anything outside of what I already had. I would wanting to change I wasn't seeking to lose my faith in the religion to which I have dedicated my life, but yet God was there loving me and pursuing me and drawing me and for himself in silk. I started reading the Bible with my heart in the wrong place. But the more that I read the word of God, the more my heart to get the change in the water of the word of God begins to pour over the wash me and and open my eyes to something that I had never before seen and that was of course