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Not Beyond Reach - Let's Talk about the Hard Stuff, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram
The Cross Radio
June 21, 2024 6:00 am

Not Beyond Reach - Let's Talk about the Hard Stuff, Part 2

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram

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June 21, 2024 6:00 am

Nothing has caused more animosity between the Church and the culture than issues surrounding sexual freedom, gay rights, and transgenderism. In this program, our guest teacher Aaron Pierce winds down his series, Not Beyond Reach. Learn how we can engage people on these sensitive subjects, with unconditional love without compromising the truth.

Main Points


  • Fear and the political savior.
  • Followers of Jesus should be hope-driven not fear-driven. - 1 Peter 2:11; Philippians 3:20
  • Don’t make secondary things primary.
  • We live in an activist culture.


  • Recognize that beneath the mask of intense moral conviction, there’s deep confusion and brokenness.
  • We need to approach with empathy – understanding their reality properly.
  • We need to make a critical distinction between temptation and sinful action.
  • We need to approach with love in action.
  • The key spiritual apologetic assumption we’re challenging is related to purpose.

Jesus first; sexuality, behavior, and discipleship second.

  • Many have a legalistic view of Christianity; that actions and behavior have to change first.
  • They don’t understand that submitting sexuality and behavior is a part of discipleship and trusting that God’s ways are better than my ways.
  • Until they have an encounter with the living God made possible by Jesus’ death and resurrection, and surrender their life to Him, and invite the Holy Spirit to live in them, none of it will make sense.
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Chip Ingram’s passion is helping Christians really live like Christians. As a pastor, author, and teacher for more than three decades, Chip has helped believers around the world move from spiritual spectators to healthy, authentic disciples of Jesus by living out God’s truth in their lives and relationships in transformational ways.

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Living on the Edge exists to help Christians live like Christians. Established in 1995 as the radio ministry of pastor and author Chip Ingram, God has since grown it into a global discipleship ministry. Living on the Edge provides Biblical teaching and discipleship resources that challenge and equip spiritually hungry Christians all over the world to become mature disciples of Jesus.

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